Why is the German Economy so Powerful??

from the Middle Ages Germans have influenced the history of Europe being an important act during economic and cultural lives of Europeans but after the Prussians beti the French in 1870 and the German state was born in 1871 the country was declared as a major power on the continent the first world war is happening in the 1940s Germans allied with Austrians are fighting against beyond times they lost after some time Hitler came to power boom World War two happening Poland is divided France is gone Germany so strong they almost got Russia but shiza busted up and they lost again well here is the part I wanted to talk from the start so Germans were disunited they were United they were strong they fought in a war they lost the war they began so strong they lost the war again and now they are strong again how is this possible after the Second World War finished the reconstruction begins in all the world the Germans were divided a part was in the Western influence and the smaller part in the Communists won the United States wanted a more secure Europe and they created a Marshall Plan this means that many countries received money to reconstruct their homeland this was the beginning just for the West Germany because the East one was on the common sport the German people are rebuilding their homeland and because they couldn't grow their army they once had they need to focus on other things more economic and social aspects for sure instead of rebuilding that military power Germans love towards and they worked hard to boost their economic power brands like mercedes-benz Audrey and Porsche groaned due to very good Kochi and their hard work well as you can see this Porsche was in World War two Germany quality manpower means a lot for country where Germany had sixty million people more than France or Italy but applause a Germany the total population is more than 80 million people the most populated country in Europe after Russia with solid institutions Germany managed to focus on massive exports of cars and products Jeremy became the biggest economic power of Europe due to their massive production as you can see here these states have Germany as the primer import source [Applause] [Applause] Oh

  1. A nation – with 2000 years history that has destroyed the Roman Empire, the British Empire and the USSR and that has made two worldwars – is of course a superpower – why? This special geo postion of a middle european region has people with a common language, history and a common culture so strong that this nation is always on the top even if Germany would lose a world war Germany can always recover very fast and after that Germany is in the end always the winner and dominates Europe and the world until today.

  2. The migrants(Muslims) will change their luck. I've heard they're lazy. Here in the States we have people coming from Mexico(Christians) and Central America, but they're extremely hard working.

  3. After Germany gave up the German Mark and embraced the EU & EURO currency they are now not the richest country anymore and get poorer by the day ! I am from Germany and i lived there before the EU and muslim invasion ! Just about every German made good money then it was a whole different way of living ! I have to say thank you to America they rebuild Germany even though it makes a lot of people mad when i say that bu, its true ! Now i see my Homeland totally destroyed by the EU allowing evi l Invaders to ruin Germany !

  4. It actually honestly annoys me that Germany can just go off and do whatever and recovers while other countries go into the shit after what Germany does.

  5. What a shit funny vid ✌ …… but honestly : We don´t need this Africans here … 🙈 🙈

  6. This song made my day! You definitely rock in animations, musics and humour 🙂
    If there is one thing you could improve it is to speak faster (I had to pu video on 1/5 speed xD)
    But you still make good videos 🙂 Good job man!

  7. Nice Video. I think you have to remember the boost that Germany gets from being in a great place to bring in migrant workers from the former eastern block. Also NewTubers unite woo!!

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