Why Is Socialism 'Cool' Again? Russell Brand The Trews (E371)

hello I'm Russell Brand this is the truth do you ever want to hear an unbiased perspective on socialism because you're sick and tired of nonsense so do I that's what I watched Bill O'Reilly on Fox News to get a proper breakdown of socialists instead of the crebbil coups with a group are called victims of communism Memorial Foundation has released a report on American attitudes toward socialism and communism study found at 32 percent of Millennials a third of them believe more people were killed under george w bush then the russian tyrant joseph stalin is that amazing in well i think he's in advance for my own spirituality when I see Bill O'Reilly now the first thing I do is love only 42 percent of Millennials have a favorable view of capitalism 46 percent they vote for a socialist like Bernie Sanders joining us from Washington Mary Ann Smith from the foundation let's get into George W Bush and Stalin if you don't know who Joseph Stalin is he was a solo artist at the same time is Bill Haley in the commets so Joel Stalin and the Bolsheviks and their first single was called goon egg he was a dictator in Russia Soviet Union during World War two he killed millions of people so many people that they can't count them because there was no reporting on it yeah bloody media information like you've got fox news to send stream and it was just mass slaughters that stalin undertook so as you can see what Bill O'Reilly is doing is they've cognitivism and mass murder are the same thing but what I would say is dictatorship and mass murder are the same thing and what a pretty Cod and simplistic analysis of capitalism and the kind of capitalism that we have now is that is really good at masking disguising and managing the problems that it creates I don't know very much about Marxism but what I do know is he predicted that it was cyclical self-destructive would lead to an idli a benefiting at the expense of workers primarily because it comes from an idea of ilysm some fellow called mapped beaver says that capitalism that isn't isn't primarily an economic idea he says it's a religious idea income from prostitution the idea that your personal striving here on this earth leads to being looked upon favorably by God Cataclysm was able to use as a kind of jet fuel through that economic ideology because you as an individual responsible for yourself and your own relationship with God the idea of communities diminished and even the idea of family spelling was as bad as Hitler are the same thing he just killed different groups of people who really was been described area still dictatorship and mass murder and genocide if you look at DES capital and I don't recommend you do because a bloody hard read it doesn't go kill everyone that's not in their sharing thing at more leisure time I think people don't think about that bad Marxism because he looks just like an angry father Christmas when every set picture ooh but I'm Karl Marx I'm pretty bloody serious about economics but like when you read it it's like you should be getting a lot more time off you know who among us doesn't feel that you're trapped in a sense the cycle of working for no real reason and a detached from personal joy and he'll will give us an unbiased perspective on communism in its goals the victims of communism Memorial Foundation let's turn to them well we have a sort of withering critique of the American free enterprise system and of our own US history and at the same time Millennials and I don't want to be too hard on them I am one I am a millennial so what I started coming around my busines millennial it's one of the first ways that starts to make me feel old like documentaries on Euro 96 no aces I don't like this Millennials thing because it tells me that I'm basically now some old granddad what's that backing outside it's all got their Millennials what are you doing they're destroying an effigy of George Bush and putting one of the Joe's in started your idiots are finding sort of a difficult job environment as they graduate from college and enter the workforce our poll also found that there were more people my age the millennial generation who fought our economic system worked against them Mary Ann Smith the Millennial I believe he is as just described exactly why people would be interested in socialism because they are experiencing what they're living in and seeing that it doesn't work so we're ready for an alternative and Bernie Sanders obviously changed the landscape of politics one generation younger than us those were in high school now half of them would vote for a socialist and one in five would vote for it you don't even know what socialism is they don't even know where it is they don't know what socialism is all right let's break it down a little bit control banking have a steeply gradating taxation system and control public amenities those of us of the main things and those things would benefit the life of loads and loads of people that's why you have to go yeah but mainly communism kills 100 million people but what I want to get back to my question about not knowing who Stalin is affecting my question this is funny me it's like he's at picnic in his own mind we've just wandered away from the picnic no I better go back to my questionnaire it was to compare him to Bush the younger is so absurd it's painful it's not a strike choice is it both of those people are irrelevant now why don't we try to have something just a bit better so that tells me that the US educational system the public school system it's just that they're not teaching anything what's just a question they weren't doing it who killed more people George every Bushra Joseph Stalin not maybe one go well I think it's absurd that you've even asked me that question good right answer you walk down and people your age they don't know stone in a world war two they don't know anything so how can they make responsible decisions about any economic system now yeah you're right actually young people are ideas so we'll be at the point of this piece I now understand these young people are interested in socialism Blatz because they don't know enough about Joseph Stalin and they're not me it's not because they can't get jobs because they haven't senseless pointless education that aren't leading to fulfilment of work that they feel alienated and detached men when they work the presidential elections it looks like a ludicrous mad surrealist puppy show it was they don't know about Joseph Stalin and what a bastard he was well it's right I mean what you see is a willingness to almost blow up our own system rather than try to perfect it and refine it let's just try and perfect and refine this a little bit yeah it is perfect and refined it's doing what it's supposed to do is doing the only thing and you protect the interests of the powerful and so it would require idea is taken from socialism that's the reality and those ideas are starting to appeal and I suppose what an astonishing thing that Bernie Sanders in the face of this kind of media got as far as he did in favor of something that we don't understand which is socialist systems the ideas of Marxism all we're talking about is is it possible to have fairer systems of government that need to complicate it we've found many people Hitler murdered versus Joseph Stalin it's not like a dictator World Cup just is it possible that there could be more sharing a more leisure time or are we already at maximum sharing a maximum leisure time if it's not already at it it's the possibility for more of it it's the only thing we need to think about it is a dangerous thing especially because there's a sort of whitewashing of the term socialism which really historically and intellectually is intertwined with communist short it's the same kind of government runs the show backgrounds the shell the only brain techniques going wrong again communism is more they confiscate more like the Castro brothers in the Castro brothers we hit the confiscate oh you've already come skating we want to come as game on as opposed to some socialist nations that don't confiscate property but they confiscate income tax confiscate you come still get taxed now just gets said spent on public communities instead of great big daft weapons and breaks the financial industry so it's rather a fascinating study thank you everything you need to know about socialism their fire the mind of Bill O'Reilly sharing and more leisure time they're the only things that you need to consider anyone that talks about those things give them a little bit of a break drew you subscribe here nose is a tool that is abused to folio and Tlingit scared and confused chose is like the nose if the nose went oh I want some trolls let's have some trolls

  1. Biggest hypocrite in the world. I fled Venezuela and this guy doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about. Socialism is meant to fail long term. He sounds like the Dictators before they won the presidential race. Then everybody noticed they fucked up, but the regime was already established. I just think he is not a critical thinker, but an idealist. Be careful with ideas, sometimes they sound too good to be true.

  2. Why do people believe communism works?
    On paper it sounds great to give the people the power but as history as proven it is never that simple, capitalism isn’t amazing but it’s fucking revolutionary in comparison to anything else we have.

  3. Tune in just to hear what he had to say instead , I was watching the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

  4. I am from a socialist country and I can say with confidence that the goal of socialism is not to lift people out of poverty or to empower anybody. On the contrary in socialism poverty and misery is a state policy and a controlling mechanism because when people are miserable they are easier to manipulate. Russell you are way to kind and I'm certain your intentions are noble, but when you give power to a group of people, does people are going to use it to their advantage regardless of how angelic we which them to be. The collectivist experience already happened in the Soviet Union, and Cuba, but also in Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Venezuela. All the leftist intellectuals ensured us one more that time this time was going to be different, and it was a disaster. The report on torture in Venezuela is over a feet thick, and includes rape electroshock, beatings mutilation, and a long long etc. The problem with capitalism is not capitalism, its, the problem with capitalism is socialism because monopoly and socialism are the same thing and leftist politics do not takle monopolies, they have and will continue to reinforce them. If you want a healthier society you need to aloud competence not strangle it. Candace is a very very wise lady and I believe you should seriously consider her very consistent arguments, and question some of your blurry Brazilian inspired and already failed utopian collectivist hopes. The road to hell is made out of good intentions.

  5. The poverty rate in the world has been cut in half since 1994 due to increased capitalism e.g. 97% of companies in China today are privately owned, meanwhile socialism in Venezuela is working so well people are eating their pets. Drugs and cultural Marxist nonsense has fried your brain. Why not redistribute your own wealth and then vow to live on no more than what the the average income is in England. You know what you call a man who tells everyone that they must give 10% of their income to the church but who himself doesnt tithe at all? A virtue signalling hypocrite. Which is what you are.

  6. Based on the title….I didn’t know socialism was ever “cool.” It’s forced redistribution of wealth and government backed thievery.

  7. You are annoying as hell and stupid as can be. Just Sing because Your Brain wasn’t meant for more than that you dumbass!

  8. Natural selection. The evolution of man, is mostly in our brains at this point. We dont have to adapt to the envirnment because we make our envirnment the way we want it. The only way up is through getting smarter as a species. Smart people makes money and are successful. Stupid people dont survive. They cant keep up. Natural selection in here to stay. Forever.

  9. Look, he could be right about everything he said, he could have the facts and flash them across the screen but, the fact he is who he is … it’s bullshit.

  10. Socialism……well look, I ll put it this way…..When the Queen gives me a castle, if you come and try to socialize it..I ll have your heads on the stake….hypocritical monkeys.

  11. Good on you Russell. However I would appreciate you sharing your wealth a bit more with the lowest classes.

  12. Socialism is a trick of ruling class for purposes of control. All you need is to have leader over a barrel (an oil barrel) and you're in business–Big Business. Socialism violates categorical imperative–"Do Unto Others….." How would you like to be the one who is robbed by Socialists. Socialists already steal enough–if you work less, college tuition drops dramatically–here you see the fallacy of removing work ethic under socialism. Evolves out of feudalism but is only tried in pre-feudal societies, China and Russia. Socialism/Communism seems to be the way in which pre-feudal societies justify their pre-feudal autocratic governments. Marx claimed socialism naturally evolves out of capitalism. Then he said it requires a revolution–a gross contradiction. Communism assumes that man is good and leaders of Soviets can be trusted with all the wealth of society. Actually, in Russia, the ruling elements or nomenclatura became corrupt after the revolution faster than John McEnroe's return of service. Anarchist Bakhunin knew this would happen and destroyed Marx in debate–the Soviets would be corrupted because of corrupted human nature. Also, economist Menger destroyed Marx's theory and Marx apparently actually accepted Menger's critique–Marx stopped writing and just studied, gambled, drank, and goofed off for most of his adult life after starting 'Das Capital'–he was writing about a false, disproven theory and he knew it.

  13. Mabe the participation trophy generation cannot Handel the real world and free stuff looks appealing.
    Greed and power will always cause subjugation of humanbeings in every culture and economic models.
    Didnt Carl Marx cause his own children to starve to death because he refused to work?

  14. “I have never understood why it is "greed" to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else's money.”

    ― Thomas Sowell

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