Why Is Islam the Fastest-Growing Religion in the World?

Thank you very much Randy, and let’s go right back
to our phone callers. Next up is Tony, he is listening in Leavenworth, Kansas,
Sirius XM 131. Hi Tony. Hi Hank, thanks for taking my call. I just have a question, and you had mentioned it in regard to Islam and I heard and read the
same thing that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, even though it’s a false religion. Why do you think that is? Yeah well a couple of things. Number one – what are you comparing it to? You’re comparing it to Christianity because
Christianity used to be the largest religion, still is, but it is on decline
in terms of numbers, and the reason for that is if you go into many previously
Christian cultures, you’ll find that within those cultures, the
native populations are self-aborting. In other words, birth control, abortion,
euthanasia, same-sex sexuality, gender fluidity, transgenderism – all of these
core values that have replaced the Christian ethic are leading to a rapid
decline in the native population. Well you have exactly the opposite going on
in Islam. In Islam, you have polygamy. So a Muslim can marry up to 4 women, and
really many, many more than that, because it’s easy to get a divorce.
So you have to say, “I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you,” three times or or text it to
one of your many wives, and so you can having that many
wives have many, many children as well, and you can grow demographically. And of course as I point out in my book, a cultures that become Islamic demographically ultimately will become Islamic politically as well. So this is one of
the reasons, you know obviously there are other reasons that Islam is advancing. It
is advancing by the sword. You’ve got two things going on there –
number one, you take over other cultures and therefore you grow and advance,
because many of those cultures that you take over end up having its populace
become Islamic because really you’re given three choices. You either surrender,
or you face the sword, or you say the Shahada. And if you say the Shahada
you’re saying there’s no god but Allah and Muhammad is apostle, or his prophet,
and now you’re a Muslim. So the Muslim numbers have just grown once again. The
other part of that– or the other side of the sword so to speak is that
Christians are being killed in mass in the Middle East in particular. But in
many other regions of the world as well. I mean you think about regions in Africa
in which there’s mass genocide against Christians. So Christian again in terms
of a community or a populace of declining because they’re being killed.
And Muslims are taking their place again. They’re polygamists, and therefore they
grow rapidly in terms of numbers.

  1. Whether it's in the U.S or not, if Christianity is the true religion (to the Christian at least:), well, it's for everywhere (every land).
    So (of what is said in the clip), if we compare Islam to the Old Testament, well, is there a comparison here? Polygamy- it was ok in the O.T. Deu 13:9?
    Also, not all… movements (ISIS, maybe the Crusades of Christians; etc)… that claim to a religion acts 100% of that religion, ISIS is one (I believe it claims to be Islamic).

    However, whether it's in the U.S or not, well, on the issue of Jesus and whether or not he was crucified, Islam uplifts him, he was not crucified and I believe that it's a crime if he was.
    To Judaism, he was killed but not for an Atonement. To Christianity he was killed for the reason that Judaism rejects but Islam rejects both- crucifixtion and killing.

    Islam IS the Truth!

  2. Hank, thank you an understandable answer.
    Many Eastern Orthodox Saints were murdered by Muhammadans because they would rather receive the Crown of Glory than become a follower of a false god; the recent Coptic Saints come to mind.
    I pray these Saints intercede for those whose faith wasn't strong enough to resist the threat of death. I pray these Saints intercede for me should I ever be faced with that choice, that my faith remains strong in the one True Triune Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  3. There are more muslims killed each year than christians. Polygamy is not widespread whithin muslims. In the early conquests our christian brothers were left alone and their churches were safe. the whole sword thing is a half truth. The caliphate spread through the sword but islam spread through trade.

  4. Dude Islam can marry more than 4 are u serious..that wrong Islam can marry 4 woman but if u follow the rule Islam..

  5. Islam is fastest growing religion in europe
    Because islam will dominate world not by sword not by force
    many Americans Christians converted to islam by knowing islam
    u give wrong info. to ur viewers

  6. Thousands of Muslims are being killed everyday in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar, Palestine, and some other bombs in Cairo and Lebanon. So who come Islam is increasing ?!!! Islam must be true a religion. i cannot accept this answer anymore.

  7. "Enter through the narrow gate, because the spacious gate and the wide road that leads to ruin, and many who enter through it." 14 How narrow a gate and a narrow road leading to life! There are few who find it "(Mt 7.6, 12-14)

  8. Brainwashed by beating from childhood….It works.
    There is a scripture in the Quran, which clearly says "DECEIVE THE INFIDELS" !!!!!
    There is also Quran scripture which details how to beat Muslim women into submission.
    This is how Islam out-breeds the West. Islam is nothing more than a forced enslavement….out-breeder cult.
    And this cult creates Muslim No-Go zones……then Breeds an army by forcing Muslim women at all ages to remain pregnant.
    By doing this, Islam can take over any city in the world !!!!!! Islam has murdered millions who refuse to submit.

    I have no doubt that there are many good brainwashed, but forcefully enslaved Muslim children who have no choice to submit….often under the threat of death.

    But in the West, we do not threaten our children with death when they do not accept our religions.

    But Islam does. And Islam is using children to build an army around the world.

    Europe, USA, Autralia….. Each has better outlaw Islam now, or see your US Constitution and ALL other Freedom document burned in the next few generations.

    It is the corporate greed that is responsible for the future over-through of many European countries, and soon the USA.

    Migrant labor is low wage labor…..And these greedy corporations (who own the news medias, which attack Trump)
    Are now bribing ALL the Democrat Politicians to KEEP THE BORDERS OPEN…………Follow the Money…….Again.

  9. Nobody need this thing called religion , really , what is it good for ? , It enslaves the whole human race , it is only good for those in power that use it to control humankind , people is executed by beheading every day in Saudi Arabia for some reason , and this a way of controlling people into submission . Do the European people take this in consideration while they commit while converting to this barbaric sect of Islam ? , the worse of all of them ? . To me this is sheer ignorance or stupidity . Poor Europe , the cradle of civilization !

  10. God says 'be fruitful and multiply'.
    Wester Christians have not listened to God's directive and now we are paying the price.

  11. Jesus says in the in the bible i have came with a sword and you say we force people bible have been changed and has mistakes
    islam non of the read about the religion before you speak

  12. Islam is growing, mostly, by the huge number of new converters. In France, for example, handrend of people converting to Islam yearly. Many Americans and Australians are converting to Islam, too. In addition, the huge numbers of immarants and refugees from Muslims countries to the U.S and Europe could be another reason as those Muslims will be survived the killing that happening in their Muslim countries. Yes, sir, there are thousands and thousands of Muslims, including children and women, are killed in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen while you are sitting here and talking about how Muslims can marry more than four wives and have many Muslim children.

  13. Every one asking how Islam is growning this fast I think because they are straight and they love to have many kids others marry in the age of 35 or 36 and having one kid (gay one😂) and a girl

  14. Sorry! Divorce in Islam is not so easy like he said say 3 times divorced, divorced, divorced and that's it! that is in Movies to speed up the process. Islam was not spread by the sword I can't think of any Islamic conquest of Indonesia, the Largest Islamic country. Unlike democracy spread in our times. Vietnam war, Korea War, Afghanistan, Iraq and much more.
    Islam is The greatest Religion It's Fastest Growing By birth, and conversion, despite the efforts to save lives in Syria 500000 Muslims already dead, This is how the west is controlling the growth of Muslims.

  15. The Crusades were a response to the typical Muslims massing an army – then murdering all diverse cultures (especially Christians) with the goal to take cities, and all resources within….including little children….which Mohammad craved !!! By the way, the crusades were not successful. Muslims killed the crusaders. ingorant Muslim woman….who is not allowed to crack a book……only ask stupid questions in the Mosque…..Like how to wear a hijab.

  16. PEW research report 2018: The UK’s Muslim population was 3.09 million at the 2011 census, but was estimated last year to be 4.29 million, or 6.36% of the population. Almost half are under the age of 24 and one-third are under 15, making them the fastest-growing group among young Britons.
    Religious identity is extremely or very important to 94%, and more than half pray at least five times a day or engage in worship of some kind.

    Muslims tend to have more conservative social attitudes than the general population, the report said. 79.65% of Muslim men and two-third of women believe wives should obey their husbands, and 79.3% of men said it is acceptable for a British Muslim to have more than one wife. A 86% said homosexuality should not be legal.

    English are lost in 50yrs.

  17. Sir, you tell the viewers the surface only. Islam is not that simple and it is not spread by the sword. Sir, l believe religion tells us to avoid any fabrications.

  18. a muslim cant remain muslim once a understand why jesus was crusified. a christian cant become a muslim if he understand why jesus was crusfied. it's as simple as that…

  19. Islam is the fastest growing religion by CONVERSION. Not just by if people are born Muslim. Islam was not spread by the sword, there’s no truth to this and there’s no proof

  20. If Islam were spread by the sword, what do you have to say about the more than 50,000 Coptic Christians who are arab citizens ???

  21. Ha ha..Fastest growing religion through polygamy, high birth rate and low birth control. While the world population needs to be reduced as Earth is reaching it's carrying capacity, instead of reducing population, they try to make the world overpopulated as they religion says to do so.

  22. Turkey is Muslim country and Istanbul has been orthodox christian center for thousands years, how about Spain, what happened to Endulus Muslim and mosques ,

  23. The only reason a man can marry four wives is so he can protect them not because he just wants to and he can't just divorce and say I want four more wives one of the things that god hates is divorce and if a man marries four women and doesn't do his duty of protecting them then that is where it is bad and not allowed

  24. Well, I'm from Azerbaijan, but I'm neither a christian nor a muslim, I label myself as an agnostic theist.
    But I think that Islam is the most toxic religion

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