Why Is A Socialist Begging Corporate America?

President Obama speaking to the business
roundtable these are CEOs who actually secretly control our government and
press above a pretty much admit said as he
tries to get them to her rain in the people that work for them I
E the republicans his party’s it is going to be important
for all of you I think over the next several weeks to
understand what’s at stake and to make sure that you are using your
influence whatever or you can too get back to what’s what used to be called regular order
doing things in a way that reflect the genuine messy negotiations and
democracy up but did not promise apocalypse every three months isn’t that
amazing here’s a present in the United States
basically going above the heads the republicans going to the real bosses I think it these guys back in line use
your influence yes they’ve got a lotta
influence who have all the money that they give the republican party and by the way also the Democratic Party
we’ll get to that at the end a and he says let’s get back to regular
order regular order being you give us the orders and we follow the
here’s more from the president you have never seen in the history of the United States
the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt
ceiling being used to extort a a president or a governing party and and trying to
force issues that have nothing to do with
budget and have nothing to do with the basically tell the business roundtable
come on guys this is unfair let’s go back to doing things the way we
were doing where you guys would demand something I would give it to you that was good enough it back you asking
for so much more and the realities they probably aren’t I
think these are the guys who think that the the Tea Party guys like the Koch
brothers the center I’ve gotten greedy like look man we had a good thing going
on we got the democrats in our pockets to so let’s just go back to doing the way
things they were the we were doing I think this group
with CEOs are is actually very open to President Obama’s message
because it’s not like you represents us or change he represents them and the
regular order of things and that’s what he’s trying to remind
them in this speech is really extraordinary swatch more as time I was here in the
summer I told you once the lights were working that but I’m usually invested in your
success when you succeed when you’re doing well
when you’re competitive a global scale then American do well
also and so we want to be a consistent for with you on a whole range of issues and
we have well now that’s the God’s honest truth president Obama has been a consistent
partner with corporate America as as the entire Democratic Party and he
says we are quote invested in your success well vice versa
as well they invested in you and they’re getting
exactly what they wanted the status quo you have the big science
a change %um delivered any of that and they
generally love it now they will get the Republican Party under hero and they whilst the
republicans zealots who got even greedy year thing
Obama will give them everything they wanted well the come
back around to taking is john bainer said the last set in negotiations
ninety-eight percent know what they wanted so yes that business round table in the
republican party will get ninety-eight percent and
they’ll love it as they whine and complain about Obama all along but
understand that’s part of their strategy strategy is all my God look at socialist
Obama it did you give us 98 percent likely
intended all along and by the way I appreciate you coming
in front of us and groveling

  1. a man chooses a slave obeys, i choose libertarianism, fuck communism just imo not forcing it down your throught just thought youd like to know

  2. Well, I heard that "fat shaming" is bigotry. Shame on you, bigot.

    By the way, in this day and age (which is, in fact, not the day and age of Henry the VIII) in industrialized countries, it tends to be the privileged who are LESS fat. According to some, studies show that fat people are paid less for the same work, etc. Doesn't sound like "privilege" to me, but the opposite. Considering that, your view of reality seems kind of strange.

  3. George Soros in the bag for Obama far outspends the Koch brothers! Wallstreet representation in Obama's cabinet and government positions given to Monsanto and other big corporations and cronyism swindles for fake fake energy projects at tax payer expense so Obama contributors cash in and leave taxpayers holding the bag. TYT credibility is going down hill fast telling only the partisan talking points and not researching the whole story of Rich Democrat Corporatism.

  4. So president Obama wants to send assault rifles to Syrian rebels to fight a government that does not represent them. On the other hand Obama says Americans have no use for even the semiautomatic versions of said weapons. And even Cenk agrees that Obama does not represent the American people……………….connect the dots.

  5. 2:39 "When you succeed……." That in a nut pulls the curtain back and exposes two things, that they have that much political power and that they are only out for themselves first and foremost, not American interest, THEIR interest…..

  6. This is true capitalism not socialism. Capitalism works only for rich, but socialism works both rich and poor. We are capitalistic social country, not socialistic capitalist country.

  7. This is the dumbest comment I've seen in awhile. Please explain how what we have is "true capitalism." With massive regulations, licensing and IP laws, bailouts to businesses, redistribution programs, price controls, free trade limitations, it is difficult for me to fathom how someone could describe the situation as "true capitalism."

  8. THANK YOU. Its so damn annoying to hear people talk about Socialism and have no idea what in the hell they are fucking talk about.

  9. ya i never understood how everyone sat there and thought that was capitalism. i was a fool and i thought the stimulis package would help them turn things around and it would work out for the employees, man i feel so dumb.

  10. well they spend a fair amount of time ripping on obama, and because his competitor was a lunatic…. well i supported obama too but only because the other option was impossibly horrible. I don't know what you would expect to replace their coverage because mainstream tv is just a bunch of lies, there are other websites but i'd like to hear it from you since you seem to have a solution.

  11. Tax breaks for rich, profits for rich, policies for rich. What ever regulations currently we have is not enough. we don't have any restrictions for the rich class. Our politicians created by corporations not other way. Go and read about ALEC, banks. The derivative market is not regulated one. we did not implemented Glass Stegal act again, no MSRP on Oil and gas and many more. What i said was absolutely true.

  12. slightly wrong with each of those. there is no huge government regulation of corporations because that would imply that there is a corporation to regulate. they dont support nationalizing corporations. they DO nationalize the economy and regulate it themselves similarly to communism. and in socialism, yeah the whole government takes care of its people through welfare thing varies.

  13. Damn you are right
    I thought that this man would make things different butttttt
    well ok at least he is the first half black president

  14. Being a socialist in merica you will get 2 responses from libs and conservs. Libs say "Ya socialism like sweden right? public things and private!" No Mr. lib private property=/= socialism. cons say "SOCIALISM IS USSCCCP AND GO TO CUBA WITH ALL STATE CONTROL LOL CAPITALISM GOOD" No Mr. con socialism means working class control over property and production. Cuba is state capitalist. Instead of capitalists they have Bureaucrats. Massive exploitation and hierarchy still exist.

  15. He is admitting it to cause press to the fact that there is a inequality. He says so in his speech. He is begging those people to make some sort of positive change.

  16. Corporatism is when corporations get welfare, tax cuts, and bailouts from the govt…and they purposely put regulations on business, that destroy mom and pop small middle-class business owners, that they can go around with lawyers.

    Ask Obama who bailed out the big union bosses and "saved the auto industry"(he didn't)

  17. Obama is not a socialist.
    Obama is a Fascist.
    The merger of state and corporate power is FASCISM.
    Ralph Nader called Obama a potential "Uncle Tom" on Democracy Now before he was elected.
    Nader was 100% correct in his assessment of the man.
    Uncle Tom Obama is a tyrant and his rhetoric is a steaming pile of shit.
    Give that man a Top hat and a coat with tails.
    Print on the back of the coat four letters, NDAA.
    Paint the US flag with black stripes instead of white, add skulls for stars.

  18. I still don't understand why that is considered an achievement. You don't get a medal for showing up at work and looking good, not any job I have had anyways.









  21. But I would think what Obama was saying is what TYT would be saying… you know the businesses run the Republican party (and some Dems). I know the influence corporate America has on the gov't but where is John and Michael when you need a reasonable analysis. Cenk is a little too extreme and he should listen to the other TYT members.

  22. I'm not as harsh on Obama as he is in this video but I get his point. I think Obama is a good man and I think he has tried to do a lot but in face of a lot of opposition it has been almost impossible. It's amazing he was even able to get the Affordable Care Act through. So I give him a lot more credit then cenk does

  23. While I agree with everything you just said, the way you said it makes me wanna give you the proverbial punch to the nose for being an uptight, all high and mighty, smug piece of shit.

  24. Come on, use your head. It's important he got elected, because it shows America is improving on race relations. Hopefully sometime in the future, it won't even be news that a Back guy, or Asian, or Latino, or woman, was elected. But Obama shows that progress is being made, and his presence will show young black kids that if they work hard they can also succeed. Positive role model and all that…

  25. The solution is to question and fact check everything. When you find institutions like TYT that lie constantly, call them out.

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  27. This is pretty much how the capitalist system has worked since it emerged from the feudal system. The world economic system is a direct descendant of mercantilism for heaven's sake. You can add "crony" or whatever adjective you like, but defining capitalism as the unknown ideal isn't very helpful.

  28. They do if theres no regulations preventing the buying of the political system, the whole crony capitalism is not capitalism argument is a no true scottsman fallacy. There can only be non-crony capitalism thru regulation.

  29. I am so sick and tired of his threats. threats. threats. threats. who in the hell is putting that man up to giving so many threats to us. be glad that you aren't targeted like I am. I get the threats several times a day….gotta go feed my birds, they are waiting…what Obama wants to do is backslide…backslide into the old coot ways of lies deception and very very much….unruliness behind closed doors…no we will not backslide into his crappy hidden visions.telling the truth kills vampires.

  30. If the business roundtable really had that much power, there wouldn't be any Obamacare, an out of control / misguided EPA, and businesses wouldn't be overregulated. But then again, if a company like GE gets away with paying $0 in taxes, maybe he's got a point.

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  32. If he was really socialist he'd be dead, or there would be a massive and constant uproar and upheavel like you've never seen. Instead he's decided to be a pathetic president not standing up for the poor but giving the rich and immoral almost everything they want. He's just as bad as Bush.

  33. A socialist is begging corporate America because that's what socialists do, Cenk. Socialism does not CREATE wealth it LEACHES wealth from wealth creators (Corporate America). Read a book, Cenk; you may find answers to some of your stupid questions therein.

  34. Socialism is how you distribute wealth and resources of the people to ensure the maximal benefits to the people. So yes! Socialism dont 'create' wealth..it regulates resources to get the best prosperity for society. Isn't that what civilisation and society is all about..or should be about?

    But if you want a system that leaches wealth from the wealth creators (ie the working man) to those who makes profit of them…Just have unregulated work and capitalism.

  35. In an Ideal world socialism would present a viable alternative to capitalism, but here in the real world it simply makes no sense whatsoever. Humans are by nature selfish (like all living organisms) who will always seek to maximize their individual potential irrespective of social concerns. Socialism offers no opportunity for upward mobility. Perhaps sadly, only capitalism offers this opportunity.

    If you're butthurt about "workers rights", maybe work isn't for you. I wouldn't hire you 🙂

  36. All this discussion about socialism is a moot point anyway. By his deeds, Obama is a hardcore neocon, who only dabbles in socialist theory for the purpose of dazzling his fawning, guileless sycophants.

  37. you want professional journalism watch Breaking The Set with Abby Martin. This is like something that my uncle is doing in my grandmas basement.

  38. Okay, I give President Obama credit, he fought most corporate interest his first 4 terms, then drastically changed his position in his 2nd term. These banksters and corporations own Washington, but now they are trying to get Washington to strip Americans of their rights further. Which gets us into the FEMA camps actually. If you have been wondering where the police and schooling budget went, lol. People need to wake up to whats going on!!!!!

  39. Show me one socialist country that is a 1st world country and is not broke.

    And then I'll tell you about Chile, a country that just turned to capitalism and has the fastest growing economy in the world.

  40. Europe is just as corporatist as America. Difference between socialism and corporatism is that in socialism people actually have a say in how money is spent by the government, in corporatism only companies have a say by buying out politicians.

  41. Q:Why Is A Socialist Begging Corporate America?

    A: because he is a Fascist and the mixing of government power and the market is fascism.

    progressives have always been fascist, deal with it.

  42. I guess you don't understand sarcasm in titles? Not to mention, the ACA is not actually socialist. You may want to define exactly what type of system you had before as to not to confuse the transferable components of both. Let's see the ACA, still able to go out and purchase from a private insurer. Not exclusively covered by the state (as the state provides a basic option). Universal HC is socialist, NHS is socialist, the ACA is not socialist. You might want to know what Socialism actually is.

  43. So whats the Republican excuse? Let's review the Nolan chart, Pournelle political model or Hans Slomp political model It would appear progressives do not fall into your silly little paradigm. Being an idiot doesn't give you the right to be incorrect.

  44. Based on your definition Canada would also be socialist. Want to compare economies? Unemployment rates?etc. You truly are an idiot.

  45. You speak as though like its easy to be President, you go there the first day with your agenda, the next day, you are using their agenda, what happened to your agenda, guess what, its a nonentity …

  46. I understand that Obama didn't fulfill his word when he was inaugurated into office, up to now he has not, but its sad to see that people rather use hateful disrespectful remarks instead of pragmatism and decorum befitting of which humans are best known for.

  47. dady FDR says you are wrong, also i am not a republican and i do not apologize for them. the neo-cons are really open with their theft and war, but so are the progressives, go review the 2008debates, mccain and obama were indistinguishable then, just as they are now. the words may differ but the ends and means are the same, and that was super progressive candidate OB who was put on high by wanna be intellectuals that just happen to have the vocabulary of a fish out of water.

  48. Which socialist countries? Germany, the Scandinavians? Its not about a particular system working better than another. It is about how it is governed. In the US, anything that is slightly left leaning is looked as communism. It's ridiculous, and honestly I am tired of idiots saying as such.

  49. Only in America would your democrats or in particular Obama be considered progressive. He is not that left leaning. What you are comparing is the political axis, there is also the economic axis and social axis. Your statement progressives have always been fascist is what, built on some preconceived notion of what is considered to be left leaning in America? Please.

  50. Well with the standard lines I hear about Murrica being the best, it's not hard to get all that tv and news that tends to flood the airways for one. Next, when talking to the arrogant and usually ignorant American, it's good to have some understanding of their history and political landscape if nothing else, to watch them squirm when you bring up fact. But let's use a comparative model. If we list all the western democracies where does the US fall in relation to its peers? Base it off of policy

  51. The fucking irony is that conservatives hate government. The government is run by corporations/capitalists/billionaires. And guess whobthey want to run things ibstead? CORPORATIONS/CAPITALISTS AND BILLIONAIRES. They are STUNNINGLY fucking ignorant. Just as ALL tge current fuckups are because of free markets yet they are SO fucking ignorant they think tge fycking solution is free markets. And icing on the cake the facts show Obama is a right wing capitalist toady and the batty cunts think he aint

  52. Do you want example countries or exact definitions from Merriam-Webster and other such sources or perhaps both? Do you want studies and analyses or does some scribble simply do? Btw, I understand suicide may be an issue for some, especially in the US with, well, you know how things are going but try not to be so offended if you can help it 😉

  53. You know I cant show you even one socialist country. Because there are none. Some that have mixed modell economy, but that are leaning hard into socialism is Norway, Sweden, Iceland etc.

    Socialism dont equal communism. It isn't the same thing.

  54. Capitalism is freedom, eagle riding jesus shooting an M40 and such. Socialism is the homosexual lovechild of Stalin and Satan. I think. I mean, probably.

  55. FDR did the exact same thing in appealing to the more reasoned heads in the business community- he sold them the welfare state appealing to their fears of a populist rebellion. Read Frances Fox Piven's 'Regulating the Poor: The Functions of Public Welfare'.

    FDR established one of the greatest liberal projects this country ever saw, and President Obama is closing in on recovering FDR's legacy for us. This video simply shows Obama reflecting lessons he learned from FDR's tactics.

  56. welfare, tax cuts and bailouts paid for by corporations themselves through monetary influence a.k.a legal corruption. Boundless use of capital, blurred boundaries on what is corruption and what isn't.

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