Why I'm Not An Anarchist (Defense of Marxist-Leninism Part 1)

hello dankey kahng gang in this video i wanted to talk a little bit about anarchism because it's kind of a hot new thing a lot of leftists especially new leftist find themselves attracted to anarchism i don't blame them it gets a lot of popularity especially in the west folks like Noam Chomsky even get big media appearances Noam Chomsky of course being a prominent anarchist thinker he pretty much exposed me to the ideas of leftist anarchism I had already been exposed to the ideas anarcho-capitalism which is sort of an oxymoron here in the US we call it libertarianism but you know it's anarcho-capitalism nevertheless I was also sort of introduced to anarchist thought do a narco pacifism which was a philosophy I held back when I was a Christian back when I was still religious it was sort of me hanging on to the last vestiges of my spiritualism trying to incorporate that into a sort of political philosophy that I felt Jesus would agree with and of course was a political philosophy with no organized state and also non-violence so needless to say I didn't really continue on with that philosophy I started I went through like a brief period of liberalism and like a lot of people and the rising up of Bernie Sanders in 2016 I found myself introduced to the concept of democratic socialism for the first time I decided to look at what the heck socialism was and what it wasn't I learned that socialism was when the workers controlled the means of production and so I didn't know what the means of production was that's kind of a strange term we don't really use that term very much here in the West outside of like Marxist thought so my big goal at that point was trying to understand all this leftist lingo the proletariat the bourgeoisie the means of production class struggle all of these concepts I didn't really know what they meant and so I had to do a little bit of digging and look up just what people thought about all this so I looked up a bunch of different things about Marxism Marx and the USSR and I think like a lot of people I heard a lot of stuff about how the USSR abandoned true socialism and how they turned to this authoritarian dictatorship that was really no better than fascism in that Stalin was this evil butcher of millions and millions of people he was essentially just a horrible cruel dictator with a vicious Society of worship built up around him and so there is this sort of narrative among Western leftists that any sort of socialism that follows the tradition of Marx and Lenin is one that is not really socialism its authoritarian socialism which of course to anybody who reads Lenin laughs at that because or anyone who reads marks or Engels would laugh at that because of course I think it was Engels that first used the term dictatorship of the proletariat and that's exactly what a Marxist revolution calls for is a dictatorship of the proletariat so yeah I mean if you call if you call a society in which you have a dictatorship of the proletariat authoritarian society then you might you should just as well consider the society in which we currently live a dictatorship of the bloosh huazi to be just as authoritarian if not much much more so so you know it's really splitting hairs and this is an issue that I have with a lot of anarchists when they criticize the Soviet Union they dismiss most of its achievements outright as being the accomplishments of just this autocratic authoritarian regime that was just brutally repressive and they in doing so they find themselves repeating common Western propaganda points that really don't serve the true history Soviet Union and of socialism and if we're going to be an enlightened movement of socialist revolutionaries we need to understand the entire pic and I feel like a lot of an artist by not ignoring the achievements of Lenin Stalin ow and the rest of Marxist linen ISM that they are ignoring just the greatest accomplishments of communism because after all an anarchist society they they have been established in the past you can look at things like the C and T FA in Catalonia you can look at the current movement in rahova and don't get me wrong I supported that I support those two movements I you know I think that they were good in principle I just think that they are poor in practice and so this gets down to really the crux of my argument against anarchism is that you know you may be able to have a revolution in which you go to a form of socialism in which you have this sort of horizontally organized society but without this sort of central apparatus of the state and the sort of division of labor and organization that comes along with that you won't have the kind of military capacity to defend your holdings you won't have any way to secure your borders from capitalist intrusion so you know you won't have any sort of means to repel the inevitable onslaught of capitalist imperialism that will just come barreling towards you the second that they catch a whiff of your socialist revolution so all that is to say I think in the in history when when we have seen anarchist movements come about they've been very poor and their ability to really fight back against imperialism let's just look at the C and T Fey for example I mean they had a natural ally in Republican Spain what they should have done is ally themselves with the Republicans and then after they had defeated the fascist work out their differences maybe they could have maintained some form of autonomy in Catalonia but they didn't get a chance to do that ladies and gentlemen because they decided that the Republicans were stayed as scum just like the Nationalists and that's the kind of foolish thinking that I think really cements anarchism as being ultimately and not a constructive philosophy when it comes to the left how are you going to stop imperialism with an anarchist Society another big problem with it I have is how without a state apparatus how are you going to develop the industrial sector enough to produce the super abundance of commodities needed for true communism for the you know because if you actually read Marxist theory you have to have that socialist development of industry that socialist development of an enormous a stockpile of resources from which everyone can draw freely to each according to their need that is the core of Marxism and then once you have that once everyone's material needs can be met and they want for nothing you will see a natural withering away of the class system and the state which arena which it reinforces so ultimately the goal of anarchism and Marxist Lenin ISM is the same the end goal is the same a stateless classless society anarchist just think we can jump the gun around the entire dictatorship of the proletariat development of the socialist state phase and just skip straight to the communism but I'm sorry friends it doesn't work that way history has shown it to be so but let me know what you think that these are just my humble thoughts I will remind everybody though that people who are called tanki's have often done the greatest accomplishments for communism internationally I mean look at people like Che Guevara Fidel Castro Lenin Stalin Ho Chi Minh all these people are called tanki's and if and when people call me a tanky I guess I'm proud I'm proud to be counted among uh folks likes of Che Guevara if that makes me a tanky for wanting to implement Marxist Leninist practices to overthrow capitalism then I guess I'm a tanky dang it consider this video like part 1 in a defense of being a tanky yeah so come at me an turkey bros i dare you i do like talking to people you know I'm not not one of those tanki's that absolutely despises anarchist I mean I'm perfectly willing to have a reasonable discussion with somebody so yeah I mean you know hit me up in the comments like subscribe all that stuff

  1. 5:47 – that's more an issue with how Americans engage with the narrative of the Soviet world. I'd imagine that if a person with lived experience walked in on that debate they would call you both morons.

  2. 4:12 – I'm going to correct you a bit here. The reason anarchist are distrustful of MLs and MLMs isn't the anti-communist narrative. We are smart enough to know that that's mostly bs, but we are also aware that there were plenty of problems in the Soviet world. It didn't just disintegrate out of thin air. So, what are the problems and how do we prevent them from arising in the future? This is the point where the conversation ends, usually with the "we're better than anarchists, gotcha".

    There are a lot of other things we find disconcerting about our comrades, but I'll save that for another rant.

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