Why I Oppose Communism, Marxism, and All Related Blanket Terms

all right YouTube it's time for a video that I had intended to make for some time and I had never bothered to upload it but because I've been talking to some self-proclaimed Marxists or communists or collectivists or communalist or whatever they're calling themselves nowadays I figured it was finally time to explain specifically at that depth in a video why I oppose communism and all of the umbrella terms associated with it why I oppose it as an economic ideology of political and social ideology whatever form it happens to take and it boils down to six basic rudimentary observations about communism that are fairly straightforward you could boil it down even further and just say well communism didn't work because it was never properly implemented but that's just one part of it I wanted to go a little bit deeper so the first point is that communism as an ideology whether you're talking about the economics underlying the philosophy itself or whether you're talking in more social terms the idea of Marxism itself as per Karl Marx in his own statements on communism our based off of his armchair anthropologist understanding at the time in the 1800's of the human condition in antiquity that is sort of before the the Roman period back then their their timescales were off and they didn't have much of an idea really about what primitive man was like and the idea that he had was primitive communism the idea that mankind before sort of that jet the Empire's period lived in a condition that was communal in nature they they shared and shared alike they had no concept of specifically self ownership anything they had a concept maybe of group ownership they had the concept of reciprocity which is true but it was sort of a selfless reciprocity sort of you know just across you know trading across from one another and that was basically all they had there their idea of personal ownership of goods or anything else was limited at best and they were essentially what he defined as communists this has been completely and utterly totally disproven by modern archaeology alone if not by basically every field of science if we look back at mankind's early history we're not seeing communalism we see they had a great deal of understanding about personal ownership you see this even 9,000 years ago in the ruins in Syria for instance while you have a communal style living structure although it's sort of arranged into a self-contained single building city of sorts each individual dwelling has certain goods and things in it that obviously had personal importance and personal ownership attached to them the hearth for cooking the the washing basin or whatever and even the remains of ancestors which also also shows as opposed to his beliefs on religion of these primitive people already had some sort of spiritual views they they disinterred the dead regularly and drew all over these bones and washed the bones and did all sorts of things with the bones now they had a a structure which exhibits features of lineage based tribalism that is their their bloodline their descendants and ancestors were of importance to them in some way we see this with the Neanderthal burials the the idea if these people had no concept of personal ownership why do we find Neanderthal burials from over 10,000 years ago in which belongings presumably of a personal nature are buried along with these skeletons of these Neanderthals and this isn't even we're not talking about modern humans we're talking about what is generally considered I have my own feelings on this but a proto human hominid the fact is if Marx had waited about forty years before publishing his nonsense he would have realized that his theory was completely and utterly wrong and because the underlying basis of the rest of his theoretical works is flawed it takes on the aspect of ridiculousness to even take them seriously the underlying basis upon which he himself created and manufactured his ideology was incorrect we know it to be incorrect we can prove that it's incorrect by looking back at primitive man and find the central underlying facet which led him to the rest of his theories is not true another problem that I have with communism is that there's no seemingly solid definition of communism it's sort of and I have this same problem with religious zealots I'll point out something that religious zealots of a certain type have done wrong for instance I'll say well you know Christianity killed millions and millions of people back during the dark ages there the Crusades and then they were Christian colonialists and Native Americans died and the enslaved people did all these horrible things and the Christians what they typically tell me the Muslims do this to when I point out their wars in butchery and imperialism and expansionism oh well those weren't that's not correct Christianity it's not true doctrinal Christianity you see they've simply interpreted it differently I get the same feeling from communists when I try to talk about communism many times you will point out something that has been done in a self-proclaimed communist regime and they will say well that wasn't really communism because X Y & Z and it all becomes a bit nutty because you you have various regimes throughout history which have turned themselves communist which have more or less acted in a communalist effort which devolved mostly into totalitarianism Tito's Yugoslavia is about the best example of a sort of a far left regime that actually worked for a while and apparently he assassinated Joseph Stalin himself after he got tired of Stalin trying to assassinate him which is pretty fucking funny yuichi try to point these failed regimes out and say well you know Stalin you know he proclaimed himself to be communist all of these different mouths was a communist Pol Pot's a communist and they'll say well they weren't really communists because and then they'll go on to a laundry list of reasons why it doesn't fulfill their version I guess of legitimate doctrinal communism it begins not to make sense when you point this out number three would be simply that same sort of feeling like that communists act an awful lot like religious zealots and it goes beyond by the way it goes beyond merely sort of moving the goal posts and saying oh well that wasn't real communism this is real communism as we interpret it now today and you know learn from your mistakes and communism can work it just hasn't been given a chance and it goes beyond all of that and goes into almost a religious realm on the basis of the obsessive behavior of communists to engage in certain types of political debate and drag their balls across everybody's face whether they are or not wanted in that debate in the first place which isn't I mean I do that too with religious individuals so I'm not going to be a hypocrite on that per se but at the same time the views which they concoct sometimes you'll talk to two different communists from I guess two different slightly different groups and they'll come to a completely different conclusion on a topic one group might say well guns shouldn't be allowed you know eventually imperialists will use the guns and they'll take back over so a communist régime can't have firearms and another will say no there everyone should have them because communal whatever and and you get all these different weird opinions it makes it somewhat difficult to have an intelligent conversation with someone that proclaims themselves a Marxist or a communist when you can't actually get a straight answer on these issues there are other political movements that are relatively straightforward at least on many of the issues which they involve themselves with communism does not appear to share this fastened the communists are guilty by the way of the same thing they whine about others doing you try to talk to a communist about libertarianism and they will immediately Straw minute and construe it as though you're advocating rule by corporations which is not the case it has nothing to do with the actual definition of libertarianism as use now or in the past they're thinking of Objectivism which is not exactly the same and then they will go completely apeshit if you point out but actual communists in the vein of marx himself said X Y & Z and there was this failure in this policy was a bunch of bullshit and they'll say no that's not real communism it's very confusing number four simply look at history it failed all of these communist regimes failed now importantly the new wave of communists are so fond of claiming oh but real communism was never actually implemented okay then let me for a second indulge you and say that I agree with you okay real communism has never actually existed in the world real all sorts of other things have but real communism never did okay let's indulge you for a moment why is it that if communism is such a self-evident philosophy if it's so good and positive and it works fairly well and it's desirable and it's an it's innate even to human nature as Marx believed if all of these things are true why is it that communism is never even proper implemented it's such a failure that it doesn't even get a chance to fail on its own it never even gets implemented before it turns into some bastardized form of totalitarianism then then we have to observe the difference between pragmatism and idealism the Communists are idealists they want this system to work they believe it will lead to utopia okay maybe so but from a pragmatic viewpoint does it work is it actually possible to implement such a system so far in many many decades it hasn't been the case that it has you look at states which still proclaim themselves communistic they all appear to be relatively isolated you know States they're not doing too hot those that open up to the Western world often suddenly they start to improve well I wonder why number five would be simply the Communists themselves I'll even go ad hominem here most communists that I've ever talked to have been Apple using trust fund hypocrites that is that people will so people will buy their Che Guevara shirt at Walmart people are using a two thousand dollar Apple laptop to complain about capitalism it doesn't how does this make any sense at all you're actually participating in the same system that you are telling others you believe is cancerous vile imperialistic hateful bigoted and everything wrong with the world well why would you want to participate in such a system there are self-proclaimed communist nations you can go to if you're into that sort of thing short of that you don't need to engage in active commerce in a capitalistic sense go and go and get your acre of land and make your own sunflower oil in your own clothes on your own loom and so forth if you obtain the skills to do that it is by the way possible to do so beyond you know paying your taxes or whatever I guess you can be a communist if you want you don't have to buy anything from any store nobody has compelled you to do you can own the means of production on your own to see the problem is your products that you create other than a few like organic foods grade organic so made soap is great other than that you're probably gonna end up with a substandard product that you yourself will not like try designing your own computer without using any capitalistic made components I think you'll run into a little bit of a problem which explains again these people I call them Starbucks Marxists that is they sit in Starbucks and they swill their capitalist coffee and they use their capitalist iPhone to rant about capitalism while they wear their capitalist Che Guevara shirt from Walmart built by a manufactured in India using products that were originally sourced from Africa by a bunch of child slaves it's hypocrisy at its finest and so I tend not to even take them seriously on their face I mean it doesn't make any sense your your communist flag was probably made in a capitalistic country well there's the ultimate irony for you all of your commie paraphernalia from your shoes on up was made by capitalism and you'd appear unable to comprehend this simple fact and number six it overlooks human nature as I said humanity strives for wealth but it goes beyond wealth wealth money and wealth and all these things are just modern-day extensions of the same general principle of value it's not it's not about wealth it's not about wealth you can hoard and paper money you can exchange for goods and services we've got to leave behind that when we're talking about proto-human ancestors of modern man there is an intrinsic value to certain things in this world even apes understand the intrinsic value of a stick capable of fitting inside a termite mound so that they're capable of getting a protein rich tasty snack and if you try to take the termite stick from them they're probably going to rip your arms off they have an intrinsic view to the value of that object why do they think they can trade it for money do they comprehend the notion of trading it for a banana no but they know that it has some intrinsic value and use and they use it for themselves they may get around in a group and cooperate to get the termites but at the end of that stick those termites are largely theirs unless they're I don't know giving it to the the monkey they happen to be mating with it's an intrinsic value system apes show this other animals shows dolphins use puffer fishes to get hide they understand that there's some value that goes beyond I've got to eat it or I've got to have sex with it which is often I think how we think of animals the idea of betting among some of the great apes well they you know if the other ape comes along and tries to sleep in the bigger gorillas little nest do you think that he's gonna tolerate it no he's gonna grab the other grille and hurl him out of the tree and probably crack his skull on a rock this is innate to the hominid branch of our lineage and it's even more potent among humans we we developed a larger mental capacity fairly early on and increased cranial capacity the ability to reason and understand the concept of increasing one's standing is innate to the human race and even the idea of trading our stature or our wealth in some way for goods or services is also an 8 communism has failed specifically because it is antithetical to human nature above all else if you ignore everything else about communism the only observation you need to make is simply because it is antithetical to human nature it cannot work it will degrade corruption will seep in people will skim something off the top officials and peasants and everybody will be corrupt they will seek to hold back just a little bit more for themselves and this is how the system falls in on itself when times are good in communist land everything's fine the second that a low ouka lies famine hits the system begins to break down and it is not pot in order for communism to succeed it would have to remove from humankind not just the facets of wealth that we use today like that you could eliminate the concept of currency and go back to direct trading you could eliminate the concept of stockpiling goods and live on a yearly basis you could eliminate machining you could eliminate you could go back to living like how the Amish live or even before the arms you can go back to living like cavemen and have a communist society it still wouldn't work you would have to remove the deeply ingrained concept of value which is a survival mechanism from the human gene pool from the human volition from our psyche it's not possible to do so you would literally have to turn yourself into hominids that would mentally resemble ants in order to get it to work it won't work it's not possible to do communism barely even needs to be refuted because it's self refuting both by its membership which tend to be hypocrites on the one hand and also the fact that anyone with a rudimentary understanding of anthropology in biology understands the way that evolution works upon culture so communism can actually function it's incapable of working human beings strive to compete competition is the driving force behind capitalism I've tried to explain this to people and people who are self-proclaimed communists often think that capitalism is a corporate rule the same as they think for libertarianism to them anything other than communism is ruled by corporations or a dictator for some reason despite the fact that dictators and their business partners typically ruled communist regimes more effectively than those that were not and the greater deal of wealth was maintained by the way by those that were either elites or usually in the military because those are the ones that you have to appease to control the 90% of the population that is considered the the little guys the peasants you know and so forth but now communism failed look at history it fails for a very specific set of reasons communists in the modern era are no different they are largely hypocrites the real Communists are people like the Amish the Amish are more communistic than most self-proclaimed communist movements they actually do manufacture their own goods they actually do share and share alike to a great degree they're they're more communistic and they're a bunch of zealots they're a bunch of fundamentalists and they're more communistic than the average Che Guevara shirt wearing hippie that you see on your local college campus which I find slightly amusing but yeah a little bit about communism and why I reject it I don't reject it because the the idea behind the Communist goals is itself any more horrible than a million other political ideologies however those other political ideologies at some times even like nause ISM nause ISM briefly worked of course then Hitler went nuts and of course Germany got cluster fucked on several fronts which didn't work out too well but even that worked better than communism did what does this say about communism you know Stalin also had a much higher kill count than Adolf Hitler did and Mao tops them all so yeah if you want to talk about butchery communism is where it's at because it probably killed several hundred million people throughout the span of a fairly brief history of existence so it doesn't bode well for communism that's about all Pisa

  1. I became a quasi communist or socialist for about two years in early adulthood. Then I read about history, economics, politics, human nature etc and now I am a libertarian ever since.

  2. Modern discoveries in psychology disprove his assumption that communist thought is something innate in humans. Humans need drives and rewards, and communism strips that away.

  3. Sometimes I feel like we're on the verge of a communist revolution just so people won't have to pay for Xbox DLCs.

  4. When someone says that communism has never been tried they just mean that it would've worked if they were the dictator.

  5. .
    I am proud to announce that I was the first person (I believe?) to hit the dislike on a new Styx666 Exposed Youtube video! There weren't any likes either. I may watch it in a year or so, but I'm busy watching Styx's Occult videos (I have chosen to become non political,) which is better for my health, and now I get to focus on his Devil Worshiping shit (I just really, really happy and excited when I said that just now…YEY!


  6. I don´t get it…why people take this bunch of strawmen arguments and empty frases like "muh human nature" seriously ?

  7. From my Venezuelan point of view , a country can suffer natural disasters and prosper at some point. But when a country like mine suffers from a communist socialist, evil, destructive ideology ,to dream that someday it would become a prosperous country with enough food, good education , justice and great opportunities for Venezuelans and immigrants alike like 20 years ago is just that…a dream. 💔

  8. Styx i think your conflating personal ownership and private ownership, the things you described in the begging wore personal possessions, not private property like private(one person or small group in society owned) forests, farms, food making, shelter building etc. aka means of production, which is what Marx said was absent in hunter gathered societies and for a while in settled agrarian societies like Iroquois.
    Things like bows, spears, shelters, clothes would be personal property, in case your wondering what makes the distinction between private v personal property i can explain that later if you want.

    Syria in 9000 BCE might have been past the stage of being a hunter gatherer society and thus not be a counter example to Marx's thesis that primitive hunter gatherer societies didn't have private property.

    Also it seems that anthropologists agree with Marx and Engels

    "Egalitarian and communist-like hunter gatherer societies have been studied and described by many well-known social anthropologists including James Woodburn,[9] Richard Lee,[10] Alan Barnard[11] and, more recently, Jerome Lewis.[12] Anthropologists such as Christopher Boehm,[13] Chris Knight[14] and Jerome Lewis[15] offer theoretical accounts to explain how communistic, assertively egalitarian social arrangements might have emerged in the prehistoric past. Despite differences in emphasis, these and other anthropologists follow Engels in arguing that evolutionary change—resistance to primate-style sexual and political dominance—culminated eventually in a revolutionary transition. Richard Borshay Lee criticizes the mainstream and dominant culture's long-time bias against the possible existence of primitive communism, deriding "Bourgeois ideology [that] would have us believe that primitive communism doesn't exist. In popular consciousness it is lumped with romanticism, exoticism: the noble savage."[16]"

    Definitions for ideologies change, for example capitalism has been defined in many ways: Private property, Free Markets, Freedom, Trade, Democracy etc. Some people think that capitalism is when you just make stuff.
    Generally Communism is defined as: which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money[3][4] and the state.[5]

    Styx North Korea is a self proclaimed democratic state, so all of thous atrocities and failures in DPRK are the fault of democracy?

    So your refutation of communism is:
    Well they disagree with me on what i think communists societies are and there is a lot of people who claim to be communists but they have different views on what communism is?

    Hey are there capitalists who have different views on what capitalism is? Are there capitalists who disagree with communists on what a capitalist society is?

    You know i was willing to address all of your points you made in the video up until i literally heard your using a fallacy as an argument and even seem recognize it and yet still use it.
    Let me know when you have arguments against communism and not self admired fallacies and a level of ignorance on a topic Sargon of Akkad would be ashamed of.

  9. I oppose all exclusively dialectical materially convinced economical financial systems. If a material system isn't in service of anything beyond the mere fancies of men then it's bound for corruption, knowing humans.

  10. Elo love, have I told you, that you tingle my mitten? Wish I could share my first pink potatoes, that I've grown this summer, with you. But sadly I'm stuck in Sthlm, Sweden, so I'll have to eat all of them myself! Would be great with some intelligent company though 🙂 That's about all. Peas and cookies x

  11. Communism by definition is letting the government have more control(at least in business,but it also shows in a political matter as well).That already tells you that it’s open for corruption and just worse for shmucks like me and you.Why on Hitler’s Germany would want to happen?


  13. Bridges are amazing really so strong n last so long when not bein blown to bits by retreatin commies — thank Gosh they spared the last one

  14. I couldn't be a commie because I don't like most people and don't want to share my stuff with losers and freeloaders. Brutal honesty.

  15. Ask a communist LARPer to explain their revolutionary Utopia. Be patient and listen and let them finish uninterrupted. Then ask politely what happens to the people that don't want to play or have anything to do with that Utopia. Offer them a copy of Solzhenitsin's Gulag Archipelago and walk away.

    That's called a surgical strike btw.

  16. Truth is so simple…but in saying that.. I'm pretty sure the Amish have their challenges which of course are never available for public airing..like Polygamy sounds great..but is another pyramid Ponzi scheme that only benefit those on TOP… stupid sad women who DESTROY on most occassion their children's lives.. great post

  17. About your second point: Yes, you can dismiss country as not really a communist country if it does not follow simple rules of communism. Like today's China, for example. Your example about Christians is wrong, because you can point out the tenets in Bible and say "see, they are doing as they were told to do by this book". Can you point me an order from Marx to exile children of rich people to cold Siberia?
    And you can dismiss an argument against communism about, for example, the totalitarian part, because tyranny IS NOT property of communism. It is a flaw of humanity in general. For example gays where hospitalized in Soviet Union to be cured of their gayness. But that was common in capitalist countries too. USA supported capitalist dictatorship all over the World and interfered in democratic processes. These are facts.

  18. About your first point: Communism does not oppose owning stuff. And it never had opposed that. You personal PC, smartphone, flat, house, tooth brush, car etc. is yours and communism does not threaten to take it from you. Communism OPPOSES private means of MASS PRODUCTION, like agriculture land, lakes, forests, factories, power plants or what have you.

  19. He makes another excellent point t! For communism to work you you have to convince people to essentially work for nothing, just so you can give stuff to people who won't or can't produce.
    It goes against all common sense. I wonder how many of these marxist would work 80 hours a week and get paid for ten, just for the good of "society".

  20. He makes an excellent point. Communism always turns into some bastardized form go totalitarianism. Seems to me that communism is just an excuse for some people who think they or their group is oppressed, to get on top so they can oppress others.

  21. I dunno your key arguement send to be well they find items in the grave and "presumably they were personal items"… So the whole thing is based on presumption… Not a great base to build an arguement to dismiss something lol. For all we know they may be personal items… Or they may have been communal items… Or some other possibility like ceremonial items made purely to be buried with the dead. Pretty arrogant to throw out the work of someone who without doubt is one of the greatest intellectual thinkers of his day based off of personal feelings towards it… We should stick to cold solid known facts… And speculating about what people did 100,000years ago can never be truly known. I couldn't tell you truly what society was like or people thought 50 years ago…. Because I wasn't there, I never spoke to any of them let alone all of them… And even if I did, my view would still be skewed by my personal bias

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