1. By the way, I'm always super grateful when I get to fly business class. I just made this video to show that BUSINESS class is not always BETTER class 😛 Hope you have an amazing weekend guys❤️

  2. When you started out using travel cards did you charge the amount to get the sign up and pay the minimum or did you pay it in full? I find it hard to go from one card to another spending 1k-3k and paying it all off within 3 months (Yes with a job) how did you do it when you first started out the channel?

  3. Yeah honestly if you get practically a whole row to yourself in economy and weirdly sometimes business is more crowded then there’s no point. I actually am totally fine with flying economy on an intra-Europe flight but economy in Europe to America is an absolute disaster so I always get premium economy at the bare minimum

  4. Totally agree!!! Not worth it…short flights are economy but living in Sydney we have NO short flights!! I did fly from Iceland to Paris in economy though….that was a bit too long!!! Xx Kerrin and Leia xx

  5. Even American Airlines domestic first class is better than what Lufthansa short haul business class looks like. And I’ve gotten some lucky prices with American too!

  6. Dan I love how you tell it to people straight! European business class is a nightmare. I'll happily use BA when I need to get enough tier point at the end of my membership year to retain status or if I'm doing the 777 route to Madrid, but any other time – Economy is just as good!

  7. I beg to differ try business class with ibera between Madrid and Heathrow and FRA Madrid with latam uff amazing !

  8. On flights through Europe I rather fly with Eurowings, Norwegian an co. than Lufthansa and the other premium carriers

  9. For Biz travellers mainly the only reason to book Bizclass is because of "Flex" Option. And maybe priority boarding.
    Anything else makes for flights <2h no sense.
    But, many of them didn't know eco flex ;o)
    OK miles, priority and thats it (y)

  10. The best way to fly Ryanair is to Get in a bag and be in The gargo compartment. They trear you so much better there😂🤣🤣🤣

  11. I’m about to fly 2 flights today Manchester New Hampshire to Chicago Illinois, Chicago to Las Vegas
    On Southwest

  12. Service on Lufthansa flights in Europe seems to be hit or miss. From perfect to nearly no service, I had it all and I don't fly that often… But it can actually be quite nice.
    We just flew from Madrid to Frankfurt, booked a rather cheap economy class ticket and upgraded to business for 80€. Still wasn't that expensive and the Business Class check in really helped, since the economy check in already had a huge line at 5 in the morning. Fast track was nice to have but security seemed fast anyway. The partner lounge was crap but we only had 20 mins to boarding anyway. Service on board was very good, super friendly and the meal choices where good for a 2 hour flight. And since the business cabin had 12(!!!) rows, we snagged the unlimited legroom emergency exit row (11 A + C) on the A321.

    You´re right with your reasons for skipping intra European business class, but it sometimes can be worth a little upcharge (not what the airlines usually ask for it), especially if you don't fly that often and don't have Priority Pass or any airline status.

  13. Very nice video Dan, thank you! I totally agree, inter-European businesses class is generally a wast of money. The trick I use to get some value, is to drink as much champagne as possible when flying. On one flight with Swiss, the flight attendant handed me a whole (750 ml) bottle, I was quite satisfied with that 😄👍🥂

  14. Lufthansa for infernale european fly have One realy bad business classs, in the end they are the same seats as the economy class only with the free central seat, so it's not worth the money you spend (in fact I often see it empty)

  15. You are way too picky, traveling in europe is at max 3 hours and its no point paying a fortune, save miles and money for transcontinental flights.

  16. Step 1: Placing business class cover on economy class
    Step 2: Repeat the same thing on every flights

    Result: European business class

  17. So agree Dan, BA as bad as any, but! Please try Aegean. You might be surprised! Happy days from Terence in Crete

  18. Lufthansa is very interesting airline in Europe routes.. they have one of the best economy class & one of the worst onboard business class experience in the business 😉

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