Why I Am A Socialist (35 Subscriber Special)

hello boys and girls and those who bounce in between its comrade dinky here and in this video I thought I would talk a little bit about why I'm a socialist it's an interesting little tale because when dankey was a little bitty baby monkey just growing up in the jungle he was a libertarian that was sort of the first philosophy he was introduced to my parents were conservative but they didn't know any better I would say they're pretty fairly socially Democrats or something along those lines now but at the time they were conservative and that's because the church we went to was big a very conservative one so they felt a lot of pressure to conform and so through the church and through just listening to sort of the adults around me I was sort of informed of a lot of my early political opinions like Oh George Bush is just a great president and we got to support our troops and on this patriotic a lot of alarmists about Islam and all that crap so and then combine that with just a bunch of racism like you know black people are just naturally lazy and I wish they would get jobs and Democrats just want to give everybody a welfare check and just all the standard right-wing you hear and so you know I was sort of conditioned to hate the Democratic Party like most kids growing up and the Southern Baptist Church are but I was introduced to a guy named Richard Mayberry which I featured in my video passed about libertarianism Richard Mayberry is a libertarian author and he wrote a series of books towards grade school children geared towards them where he explains like economics and global geopolitics and his interpretations of World War one and two from a libertarian standpoint he gives sort of a fair shake to in terms of criticizing American imperialism and foreign policy in the past so with that I can give him some respect but you know like a lot of libertarians though their criticism of the left is severely lacking and Richard Mayberry's critiques of the left were very laughable in retrospect but he was sort of like the first like real political author I ever read I was exposed sort of the ideas of you know libertarianism I was exposed to the ideas of like anarchism and stuff like that but some of the guys that really helped shaped my political view for these boys system of a down ladies and gentlemen a new metal band from the early to mid-2000s sadly have gone on hiatus for a long time and remains so to this day but these guys preached a and their songs doctrine of opposition to the u.s. imperial machine opposition to the war machine and ended and the military industrial complex they preached rebelling against the system not trusting the police basically laid out a sort of revolutionary politic for me you know and as a young kid it's cool also these guys Rage Against the Machine for another kind of big pivotal band shaping my sort of class consciousness these guys are truly I believe Marxist or at least sympathetic to Marxist ideas but their songs combined with system of a down really sort of help waken me up to sort some of the problems introduced me to just a lot of the plight that that capitalism sort of inflicts and the military-industrial complex and flicks on this earth and so with that I sort of became I sort of grew out of libertarianism because I realized it just made too many concessions to capitalism I grew very hateful of capitalism what I would call corporatism at the time just greed monopolies all that crap and how it just influenced our elections our electoral system our government and just how corrupt it was and how the corporate system was just such a shitty system I watch folks like my dad grow up and he works in IT and he works his ass off for a company that literally doesn't give a about him you know he he was a workaholic ladies and gents he he pretty much gave his whole life to the company and they would fire him just like that if it would mean a few percentage points increase in their profits or some stupid like that so you know my dad showed me a valuable lesson that you can live your entire life and be loyal to a company give it every ounce of your blood sweat and tears but at the end of the day they don't give a flying about you you're just you're just disposable and to make matters worse when your dad gets sick and it's his liver and he requires a transplant well then you have to worry about expenses you have to worry about whether or not he's gonna survive and worry about whether or not he will find a donor and here's the sick thing about this whole capitalist system that we live in folks when you're on the organ donors transplant list you get a priority if you work so if you're too sick and you're disabled then your priorities bump down it doesn't matter how sick you are folks it's it's all about your capacity to make money for your capitalist bosses so in the very end what rewards you get for being loyal to a company jack-shit what rewards you get for working your ass off for some big capitalist jack um 2008 was a big scare to a lot of people my family included there were times we didn't know if we were gonna be able to you know keep keep living in our house we might have had to move somewhere else times were tough and times were tough on a lot of people and times are still tough on a lot of people and capitalist system is a wishy-washy system that crashes constantly and is so destructive I mean you look around I went to school and studied earth science I studied geology and I studied an impact of climate change on earth throughout the Earth's history and let me tell you this folks humanity is not ready for the kind of heat that the earth experienced at a time of the Carboniferous we just can't handle that old people and children just can't handle that climate change is going ladies and gentlemen and it's going fast and it is entirely not entirely but it's man-made folks it's largely a man-made phenomenon we've exacerbated it with our carbon emissions and our future generations are gonna pay a hell of a price and so from a purely environmental standpoint capitalism has ultimately failed to address the dire changes needed to address climate change capitalism and its global structure is only one economic crisis away from a complete global collapse so I'm hopeful when that time actually happens we will see a sort of proletarian revival socialist revival that will sweep throughout the world where especially some countries where capitalism is weakest and the machinations of the imperialist machine are least developed but you know either way from a sight from a purely scientific standpoint there is no way that capitalism can sustain itself we have to move towards socialism in this coming age of climate change if we want to have a functioning a functioning economy that doesn't exclude most of the people in the world and condemn them to a a harsh life of pain and heat and suffering so you know you can talk about from a moral standpoint why socialism why I'm a socialist you can talk about why from an environmental standpoint I'm a socialist why you can even talk about from an economic standpoint why I'm a socialist all this ties into one simple fact that I want as many people to live as happy as lives as they can here on this earth I don't think that we have an afterlife I think this life is all we get and so I want to try to make life on this earth is good for as many people as possible the only way for that to happen is for the liberation of the working class to take place installment of a dictatorship the proletariat and complete overthrow this oppressive hierarchical capitalist system that rules our world and pushes man to a state of barbarism instead of elevating him to a new state of being a self actualized state of being and that's really all I want for people I don't wish even necessarily death on the capitalists I just want them to go away I just wanted their power to go away and so for the future of the earth for the future of humanity for the future of all the species that dwell on this earth we need a socialist revolution this is why I'm a socialist in the future I might make a video on why socialism in the South in southern United States is particularly challenging so stay tuned for that dankey kahng out

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