Why I, a Socialist, support Andrew Yang and not Bernie Sanders?

hello world today I'm going to talk about what would I a socialist vote for an Joo yang instead of Bernie Sanders for those that don't know I am a socialist just like Bernie Sanders I believe in the state only the means of production upholding social justice and guiding the population towards a better future I know the literature well enough to know that socialism throughout history has never worked and had killed more people than most Wars but I think there is one thing that socialism excels at and capitalism could not match and Dyess capitalism is great as solving the problem that's our dollar here and now but it cannot see beyond the horizon however socialism is designed to plan for the future dies to come obviously planning for the future didn't always pan now for the Socialists for example in the former USSR Soviet economists set prices for everything traded under the Sun because they didn't they didn't believe that the free market could possibly set a fair price on their own and they wanted to make sure that everyone could survive the winter obviously the USSR was wrong a free market was able to set prices and set it quite efficiently however the Soviets economists hearts were in the right place they were just in way over their heads today it is the capitalist star having problems like what Eric Weinstein has said technology is killing capitalism capitalism striving ever towards more efficiency are phasing out humans for more efficient AI M machines and any human who can leverage machines can amplify his productivity to replace even larger a number of workers and the day will come when the chasm between people who commence AI and the people that can't become so large that it cannot be crossed socialism stop this divide between mankind no capitalism has beaten socialism many times throughout history with this economic prowess and these failed socialist states had devolved into chaos however socialism can bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots of course the devil is in the detail but just imagine if the nations directive is to improve the quality of life for its citizens and everyone works for the nation's the top producers would be held as heroes and as greedy corporate overlords again the day the devil is in the detail but in capitalism greed and selfishness is what makes it work and is also what device it is strength is also its weakness now there are many more details on capitalism and socialism which I will dive into in the future but let's talk about Andrew yang so why would I vote for Andrew a capitalist and not Bernie a socialist is because Bernie does now recognize the problem that we are facing today calling for higher higher corporate tax taxing the rich and redistributing the loot do not work even if you forcefully redistribute the wealth of the richest people in America everyone would just get a one-time payment of couple hundred dollars and that's it and also calling for free college is useless because so few people benefit from college also fewer and fewer people will benefit from colleges in the future due to the development of highly specialized field five furthermore price and wage controls never work and had only made things worse even Karl Marx knew these fundamental laws of economics better than Bernie Marx knew that mark economic works he just entrusted the capitalist wouldn't exploit the system every chance that they got like raising the price of an anti-seizure drug from $40 to thirty eight thousand nine hundred – so why ain't you yang instead of any other candidate in the Democratic field well Andrews freedom dividends offer a chance to win Americans off of the legacy entitlement programs that has hurt so many people in fact Milton Freeman did an excellent job of breaking down how each entitlement program has destroyed the fabric of American society also Andrews understanding of Technology and its development could help heal the divide the automation is bringing and Andrews plan for a single healthcare system is not as heavy stood as Pernice furthermore his plan to offer education towards jobs that cannot be replaced by automation is better than free colleges that gives out useless degrees and Joo yang is nice socialist by capitalists dies competent in fact more competent than anyone else on the Democratic field and even a socialist like me can appreciate competence because I rather be led by a competent leader that has different opinions then an incompetent fool that shares my ideology in fact identity politics and tribalism is for the weak and the intellectually lazy to feel safe in numbers the strong stands alone and everyone else follows him or her towards the same goal irregardless of intersectionality so that's why that's why I support and Julian and I saw a world


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