Why Greece And Turkey Are Fighting Over Cyprus

Since 1974 Cyprus has been unofficially divided
in two.  While both sides identify as Cypriots, one part is ethnically Greek, while the other
is Turkish. And both sides obey separate governments. However, there are signs that the Turkish
military occupation on the island is dwindling, and the two sides may reunite soon. So why
is Cyprus divided? Well, ownership of Cyprus has changed hands
several times. Originally, Cyprus was populated mainly by Greeks. But around 1570, the Ottoman
Empire, which later became Turkey, conquered the island, and many Turks migrated there.
In the late 19th century about three quarters of Cypriots were ethnically Greek, while just
a quarter were ethnically Turkish. For much of their history, Greek and Turkish-Cypriots
lived together in ethnically-diverse neighborhoods. After being under British rule since 1878,
and following both World Wars, the two communities split based on nationalistic and religious
loyalties. Radical political organizations became responsible for the assassinations
of hundreds of people along ethnic lines. In 1960, Cyprus gained independence from Britain,
which relieved some colonial tensions. But after years of infighting their unity as a
nation was tainted. In 1974, Greece’s military junta backed
a coup d’etat of the new Cyprus government to assert more influence over the island.
In response, five days later, Turkey invaded Cyprus, and captured about a third of its
territory. In subsequent battles over dominance, thousands of Cypriots died and were displaced.
The United Nations stepped in to broker a cease-fire deal soon after, and a Buffer Zone
between both sides was created. Greece then rescinded virtually any claim over Cyprus
once Turkey threatened all out war. But since 1974, Turkey hasn’t left Cyprus,
and the country is divided and ruled by different governments. However, ONLY Turkey recognizes
the Turkish-Cypriot territory, also known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
The rest of the world, including the UN and the EU, recognizes Cyprus as just one nation,
called the Republic of Cyprus. Political relations between both territories
remain delicately balanced, but nowadays, fighting has subsided. And in April 2015,
people in Turkish-occupied Cyprus elected a new president who is an advocate for reunification.
The new president promises that his policy will be “focused on reaching a peace settlement”.
He says, “This country cannot tolerate any more wasted time.” Other international leaders
are also hopeful. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, believes that the parties “can make
real and lasting progress in the year 2015.” If you’re interested in learning more about
how powerful Turkey is, make sure you watch our full video here. There’s a link in the
description below. Oh yea, and if you’re not yet subscribed… what are you waiting
for? Thanks for watching!

  1. This is why Turkey should never be part of the EU! The Turks have persecuted Christians for over 400 years! How are Christians treated in Islamic Countries? Turkey is an Islamic Country, read the Quran and you will know what that means! Islam isn't the religion of peace but thank God most Islamic people are people of peace! But Turkey should never be part of the EU as it culture isn't comparable with Christianity; do unto others as you would have done unto you! Forgiveness, turn the other cheek, who am I to cast the first stone! Hatred is an evil, look at Sri Lanka when an Islamic family of wealth and the father sent his own daughter into a Catholic Church and she, on the instructions of he father went into the area where these Christian, Catholics had sent their children and this devil from Islam instructed his own daughter who was 11 years of age to blow herself up in the aim of Killing Christian Children; what sort of God is that Mohammad ? Go Greece!

  2. "If you see 2 fishes fighting in the water, you can be sure; there's a walking long legs british men arround."

  3. Behind all war’s are the british royal family behied!
    And also zionis u.s And israel!
    Greece need to learn to make friends, if they keep treat Türkiye than they lose a powerfeull neigbor!
    Thats how it go. We don’t need europe, europe need us.

  4. Why didnt you talk about sacrifice or genocide ? (Bloody Christmas,eoaka ?)
    What didn’t you talk about that “why UN refused greece’s enosis ?
    (Due to Turks was %30 of island and Turks didn’t want to be with Greece).
    Why didn’t talk about there was a civil war ?
    Northern Cyprus is Turks.
    Taksim plan’s applied.
    Don’t fool the people.
    Any leader do not give up then Cyprus in Turkey so Turkey never give up …
    you are hypocritical because of Above.
    Turkey didnt invade causeless .

  5. Such a "professional" video!
    Island gained independence in 1960 and then some infighting and then coup d'etat in 1974 and then Turkey occupied the island. Is that it?

    First of all, you must mention EOKA, first coup d'etat of Greeks in 1967 and Turkish solution seeking in diplomacy for years, until to the operations. Turkey always announced, since the hustle started, "Turkey is going to intervene to island". Greek EOKA and EOKA-B militants were killing Turks and we were unable to send weapons to Turks for defence. Everytime when Turkey said this "intervene" thing, our "allies" stopped us and convinced us for diplomatic solution. Everytime when we tried diplomatic solution, some more Turks died on the island. EOKA also killed Greeks who don't work for EOKA's ideal.

    And yes EU recognizes Cyprus State (founded in 1960 and Turkey accepted it too) but Greeks want to be a part of Greece, not an independence state.

    Turkey named these military movement as "Cyprus Peace Operation" and until to operations people were dying on the island. Turkish Army brought peace to the island, and for more than 50 years, nobody could dare to kill other one. When Turkish Army step inside somewhere, the hustle ends. But when Greeks sent troops to island in 1967 coup d'etat, the hustle started.

    Turks offered and accepted bi-zonal, independent federative solution after the operations but Greeks wanted to have all of it. No matter what you call this, operation, occupation, invading etc. This is the result of violation against our people. Every country would do the same for their people and Turkey did what it had to do. It is lawful, legal, and it was "necessary" for both nations.

    Read "Road to Bellapais" written by Pierre Oberling, you will see the real history and law in the this book. Stop making such ignorant and one sided videos.

  6. I find it hilarious that the media and the United Nations keep condemning Israel for "occupying" Fakestinian territories yet they tolerate or simply ignore the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus.

  7. Σε γνορίζω από την κόψη του σπαθιού την τρομερή. Σε γνοριζω από την όψη του μέγα μέτρα η γη. Από τα Κόκκαλα βλαγμενη τον Ελινων τρομερά και σαν ποτά ανδριομενη χερο χερο λευτεριά, και σαν πρόταση σνδριομενη χερο χερο ελευθερία.

    -Greek national Anthem!!!!

  8. – Native americans: `America is our land.
    – Indigenous (Aboriginal): `Australia is our land`
    – Maya peoples: `Mesoamerica is our land`
    – Greeks: `Turkey is our land`

    Mongols: ` we are on the way mthrfckrs`

  9. Because of its strategic location in the Middle East , America wanted a base on the island .Makarios III refused it and …. Kissinger and the CIA sended the turks in

  10. if you want to be friend with us. you say to turks '' master!!'' you were our slave remember to ottoman empire!! your girls was working in palace for sultan.

  11. Ήθος δις του Μακεδονίας τοις ωιδεο ψυχρής σας δεψιδεδ βυ τθρκευ βεψσθσε τηλεθέασης δίδονται άγριες ον ψυχρής Βεκίνη ινφιπεντεντ

  12. The Turks exist by stealing and always have. The stole much of Anatolia from the Greeks, Pontians, Armenians and Assyrians through Genocide and forced emigration. Then they invaded Cyprus on a pretext and have been there ever since, even though numerous UN Resolutions call their continued military occupation illegal.

    Turks steal, it's what they do. They're not capable of building or creating anything that lasts, so they take from those who do. The shame of the west is they have tolerated it, rather than demand Turkey abide by international law and conventions, but that is beginning to change. Turkey's President Erdogan is so massively corrupt that the west can't look the other way anymore, he is headed for a fall. THEN Turkey will leave Cyprus, bag and baggage.

  13. Can you imagine Cyprus is turning in to a rich independen Island country like Qatar who pays $3k salary to every original citizen of it unconditionally. Also providing everything free for its own people and bringing lots of immigrants in to the country to take care of the labor work like buying slaves 😯. How is the conspiracy theory?

  14. It's high time Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots reunited all together. Turkey and Greece should not have any impact on the island. Cyprus belongs to Cyprus.

  15. I think some forget what cruelties turks do when invated cyprus, a cyprus that most people wanted to joined with the mother land, rapes thousands of kills, turks don't have history they have criminal record.

  16. Turks under Turkish invasion? More like Turkish army went there to libarete Turkish minority. Oh sorry you're too greek to understand that.

    The 10 ancient cities of Cyprus were 9 Greek and 1 Phoenics/Sidonian (Israeli, Syrian).
    Turkey occupied Greece for 370 years. The last island that was going to be liberated was Cyprus. But Turkey played smart and donated the island to British. Turkey retracted interest from Cyprus in 1929 and the 1960 agreement of Zurich-London is a BETRAYAL of greek politics! In no way should an island of 80% Greeks – 20% Turkish take a Turkish vice-president.
    The "fake defacto state" that Turkish established in North Cyprus shall we gone and the whole island shall be independent again!
    Don't worry, Cyprus is not going to be reunited with Greece now as Greece has a 340 billion euros debt. Maybe in the future.

  18. You tried to explain a complicated unsolved 45 year old problem in 5 minutes, no wonder this video effort is as much ambitious as it is superficial.

  19. Fighting??? Turkey wont consider Greece as an opponent..They are just lucky that British only agreed to 40% of the island to be taken by Turkey.

    You should know if or when Turks step onto a land you wont get them out again.

    This game was over once Turkish army stepped onto the island.

  20. Cyprus belongs to Cyprus and there should be one political govern society only – not Turkish not Greek but an independent country…

  21. GB and UN made Turks and Greek fight. Whole Greece belonged for 400 yrs to the Turks. The Turks let the Greek live in peace with having their language religion churches houses grounds etc. But once the Greek entered Turkey (ww1) they started killing the Turks immediately including children women and the elder! When they got the chance they started killing Turks in Cyprus! I think the Turks are far far more human and humane than the Greek.

  22. In 1974 Turkish Arms tοοk advantage of dictatory in Greece and attacked the Greek island. Greek dictatory as was chess peace,did nothing. They killed,raped kids and ruined the place. Todays i hear Turks saying "we can do it again" . Just do it. You have to do with people fights at wars 6000 years and never did forget what you did in Cyprus. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ 😐

  23. It’s a political issue!! Related to governments!! Citizens of any country have nothing to do! It’s not fair to involve them, I visited Turkey many times & the people there were very nice even after knowing that I’m from different nation & religion, most of them were modern & want to live in peace & enjoy the life

  24. Why the Turks attack the island Did you know? Because the fascist Greek Cypriots tried to slaughter all the Turks on the island (including women, children and babies) because they wanted to make the island 100% Greek and connect it to Greece. Tell the truth to the people !!

  25. I don't wanna get political or anything but I stay in Cyprus, Protarous (However you spell it 😂) ITS BEAUTIFUL! We usually go on a boat trip called the sheerly valentine that goes up to cape greco and Famagusta we've done both and its so so so sad seeing all the apartments and hotels just sitting there waiting for something to happen! But if your gonna take over something use it wisely!!

  26. you have got wrong title of your video//
    Greece never fought for Cyprus read the history my friend//
    if you like to know leave a message and i will reply // it was England with Turkish always fighting the Cypriots and Greece was always a spectator of the distraction of Cyprus //

  27. The Greek cypriots murdered Turkish Cypriots and wanted to join Greece. That’s why Turkey invaded Cyprus. You westerners all think you can rewrite history to suit your needs.

  28. The Greek Cypriot administration must accept and tell the truth of Cyprus to the World Ensios and EOKA
    was the reason why Turkish troops are in Cyprus grantors set from the European council 1960 with England & Greece

  29. Greeks been in Cyprus first since ancient times then some Turks migrated and say it shouldn’t be greek but united like stfu you have no say against the natives there

  30. Turkey was supposed to go back to Greek hands but as usual the English BOLSHEVIC Jew lovers gave Turkey and CONSTANTINOPLE BACK TO THE SATANIC MISLIMS.

  31. Turkey is just a straight up bully.
    I enjoy playing Crusader Kings II and EUIV where I can either prevent or outright reverse their conquest of Byzantium.

  32. GB hired Cyprus from Ottomans for 90 years just like Hong Kong. But later, Brits unilaterally decided to capture and own the Cyprus. GB should have turned it back to Turkey. But as usual western hypocricy, they did not. Where is an English, There is an skirmish. You Anglophones are troublemakers all over the world.

  33. 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷❤❤❤❤❤❤🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  34. There is no such thing as "Ethnically Turkish."

    Anatolian Turks are genetically a mix of Native Anatolian (Anatolian people/branch of the Indo-Europeans), Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, Zazas, Turkic, and more…it's a Nationality.

    They were basically "Turkified."

  35. I support a peaceful , independent, truely secular, sovereign Cyprus as a nation state. India is undoubtedly support Cyprus and Armenia .But Turkish state is a pseudo secular country which acts are detrimental to Indian interests.

  36. Turkish Muslims killed innocent Christians in Armenia. Turkey is doing the same in Cyprus. Killing 6000 Cyprus Innocent people. Now Russia and China should supply weapons to Kurds and Syria who will fight against Turkey.

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