1. I don't know what they are talking about, there is way more homework than they said. Most of the stuff only really applies to elementary and somewhat middle school. Highschool is very different from the things they said. One thing we do have is fairly diverse school days and periods.

  2. I am from the Netherlands, they told me that the highest level of middle school (what I did before dropping one level because of personal problems that caused me to have bad work flow and all) have an average of 3 HOURS of homework… PAR DAY…

    I am now in special ed (don't worry, most of the people at my school are pretty normal, they just have a manual with them) and I now have an average of 1,5 hours of homework per day, and to me, it feels actually way less and most of it, I am able to actually finish in class during work for yourself after the explanation of the matter. I must say, the work pressure is WAY lower, but when I finally started putting in effort to actually properly do it, it became WAY easier and less of a chore to actually DO the homework. It's still not FUN, but it's actually not THAT bad anymore. I have enough free time and still enough WORK to not feel like I'm doing nothing and being meaningless and useless.

  3. Well it does indeed feel unfair to have childhood until you become self-aware (4 years old) and then be put into a building to pay attention to something specific for give or take 8 hours a day…

  4. I am from India..and honestly the Indian education system really sucks…I really really really wanna go to get educated and understand what education really means

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