Why Fascists and Communists Should Get Along Better

when you're trying to diagnose the ills of society it's hard to know if you're isolating a symptom or a cause and in the case of what I'm gonna be talking about in this video I think it's both but as a symptom it's extremely concerning and if allowed to continue it could be really hard to pull back from any proliferation of fascism or Nazism is something that most people would find concerning but which would be just as concerning is the growth of socialist or communist extremism which for some reason doesn't carry the same stigma and I think that's one of the first things that we have to confront if we're gonna be honest about facing the problem of extremism we can't denounce just one version of it while being lenient of another I think there are many reasons why communism hasn't been as aggressively denounced as fascism but one that stands out for me is that communism has never had to undergo its own Nuremberg trials now the Nuremberg trials were military tribunals the Allies used to prosecute the leaders of Nazi Germany for crimes against humanity it was an opportunity for the entire world to get a full disclosure of the horrific actions of that pathological ideology it stripped Nazism of the pomp and glamor of its political rallies and reduced it to its core ideals of supremacy oppression imperialism and genocide it was an utter humiliation for the people that installed and enable that political disorder to devastate the lives of untold millions the defeat of the Nazi regime and the subsequent denunciation of its leaders through the Nuremberg trials created such a stigma for this repulsive creed that only the most isolated people would dare to promote it in public but communism hasn't suffered that same stigma for example when I visited Berlin at the site of the Berlin Wall I discovered that you could buy hammer and sickle emblazoned t-shirts at the very spot where innocent people were gunned down trying to escape the oppressive regime that that symbol represents but you would be hard-pressed to find t-shirts with fascist symbols emblazoned on them in shops anywhere let alone at popular tourist destinations communism has never had to face its Nuremberg humiliation but that's not for a lack of evidence that should persuade any reasonable person of goodwill to hold it in similar contempt communist regimes leaders and thinkers are responsible for more deaths either through willful incompetence or deliberate oppression than any other political framework in human history and we celebrate it in tourist shops as if it's a harmless novelty so when so-called anti-fascist groups like an tyfa characterized themselves as being merely opposed to fascism and nothing else I get a little vexed because even a casual glance in their direction reveals that they're actually a militant communist gang presenting themselves as the essential solution to fascism for a little historical context antifoam is founded by the German Communist Party which was running against Hitler's National Socialist Party in the early 1930s now the Nazis employed a gang of thugs who were famously known as the brown shirts to intimidate German voters in order to support them in the election unsurprisingly the German Communist Party employed the same tactics and that's where we get an Tifa from there the communist equivalent of Hitler's brown shirts but if their only mandate is to oppose fascism then what's the problem right well the problem is that they have a very broad and loosely defined understanding of what fascism is that's why they aggressively protested events like ben shapiro speaking at uc-berkeley if they can label someone like ben shapiro an Orthodox Jew as a Nazi fascist then virtually anyone is at risk of similar condemnation Dartmouth visiting scholar Marc Bray who wrote the anti-fascist handbook was recently asked at one of the speaking engagements where he was promoting his book how a person avoids being labeled a fascist so as to avoid the violent reprisals he was defending in his speech and in his book his response was to admit that defining a fascist was really difficult and then he went on to not answer the question will provide any objective criteria that categorizes a person as a fascist it's worth noting too that defenders of antiphon violence like Marc Bray justified their stance based on the premise that fascist activity is now a prolific danger especially in countries like the United States but if that were true you'd think that his speaking tour promoting his ideals of violence against anyone that fits his loose understanding of fascism would have faced some seriously violent opposition from the fascists that are so prevalent but he didn't and in fact I couldn't find any news reports that that said that there was any kind of protest against his violent espousals and yet speakers like jordan peterson and ben shapiro have had to endure constant antagonistic protests from groups like an Tifa so who exactly is it that we should be worried about now this hostility between communists and fascists has always been kind of bewildering to me because even though they will insist that they are diametrically opposed to each other even a cursory understanding of these two political doctrines and the historical implementation of them will poke some pretty big holes in that assertion and that's weird because we've always been taught that they are polar opposites fascism on the extreme right and communism on the extreme left but polar opposites don't tend to agree on as many things as socialism and fascism do like with any other spectrum that we know of if you take whatever exists at opposite ends of that spectrum what you should find is a dichotomy that has absolutely nothing in common so for example take the grayscale spectrum on opposite ends you have black and white and these two colors or intensities of light have nothing in common with each other white reflects all light and black absorbs all light similarly if communism and fascism were truly polar opposites we shouldn't be able to find anything in common between them but what we do find is that they have quite a lot in common including totalitarianism state controlled economies militarism propaganda cult of personality imperialistic expansionism nationalism secret police correct political think state controlled media infringement on liberties concentration or labor camps and a lot of dead people with so much in common you'd think that they'd have more reasons to just get along setting aside the tongue-in-cheek for a second this is actually a serious symptom if you're trying to diagnose the health of a society whenever extremist political ideologies like these have gained momentum historically it has been because of some growing infirmity in society now my guess is the number of people who are turning to extremist political ideologies is still a small minority but what is so alarming is that even with so little support look at the amount of attention they demand and the amount of disruption they can cause and so we're distracted from the things that we should be focusing on and it creates a climate of which exacerbates the reasons that people are becoming so polarized to begin with prosperity of the middle class is what has always kept this kind of thing at the fringe but with growing political corruption and crony capitalism people are starting to get screwed and out of their poverty they are turning to extremism for an answer so what's the solution fix the system create a more just economy restore confidence in the media and other forms of accountability and put your iphone down for long enough to hear your own thoughts rather than this hysterical feedback loop that we all seem to be stuck in go outside have a real conversation with a person or two and look them in the eye when you speak to them and resolve to make whatever personal improvements you need to make to interrupt the advancement of this poisonous disease 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  1. Actually it should have been "why NATIONAL-SOCIALISTS" or "NAZIS" should get along VERY WELL with COMMUNISTS! "Fascism" is something completely different than nazism. As a matter of FACT – NAZIS and COMMIES WENT ALONG VERY WELL for the first two years of World War 2 (HELL! – THEY STARTED IT TOGETHER!) – many people forget that that since the 1st September 1939 until the 22nd june 1941 the commies and the nazis were DE FACTO ALLIES, tied trough the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact (PS. …and PLEASE! – I don't even wanna hear BS that it was "just a mere non-agression pact! NO! – it was much, MUUUUCH MORE!).

  2. Great job – everyone focuses on their differences rather than noticing that they're the same side of the coin.

  3. Most people have zero understanding of what Fascism or National Socialism (a type of Fascism) are, as we have been lied to by a Jewish controlled media and Marxist (a Jew invention). Cultural Thug, whose wonderfully informative channel was recently taken down by JewTube, had many videos explaining the different forms of Fascism and below I provide a link to his video on National Socialism from his bitchute channel. Watch and make up your own mind:

  4. Hitler, Himmler, Hoess (commandant of Auschwitz) and countless other Nazis were raised Catholic.

  5. Equating Socialism with Communism is inaccurate. And there is no worldwide movement toward Communism at this time. This argument is based on false equivalence.

  6. Pretty sure the first quote you posted was by Strasser who was murdered by the other faction within nazi party.

  7. Yeah 5043240 Trilion people died from Communism. Let's just all trust a random graph from someone who believes on a space grandpa. I wonder why you're so afraid of communism. Isn't your god almighty and stuff to protect us all from the 'terror of communism'? Better go back trying to explaing why something that noone ever saw or there is evidence about exists(God) and leave history for people who care about it. PS. If you can't see the difference between communism and fascism then you're uneducated. Even people who are neither can make a conslusion for themselves. Go pray ginger jesus and let us change the world for you. Spoiled brat

  8. 3:20 Nazism's death toll is only 12 million if we're talking about the Holocaust. World War II in general adds tens of more millions.

  9. You don't seem to know what fascism or communism is, if you want to learn what fascism really is you should watch cultured thug's "what is fascist philosophy?"

  10. Interesting but you dont need horseshoe theory (far right curves around to meet far left) because fascism, national socialism, and communism are all far left, not right. They just vary in implimentation and emphasis.
    Far right ideologies are things like anarcho-capitalism (no gov, 100% free market)

  11. And Americans believe they are so righteous that by judging those ideologies that they become free of it.

  12. First of all there’s so much wrong with this video but also your quote you attributed to Adolf Hitler wasn’t Adolf Hitler’s quote

    And whenever Hitler used the term socialism he wasn’t using it the same way that actual socialists use it

    Fascism and communism are so opposed in so many ways. I’m a communist and I know someone who is actually a fascist and we disagree and pretty much almost everything economically and socially

  13. Its unfortunate that people only see this as left vs right, communism vs fascism. What about freedom?

  14. Your first quote in the video is not from Adolf Hitler, it's from Gregor Strasser. Also, comparing nazism to socialism is politically illiterate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUFvG4RpwJI

  15. Fascism and communism are polar opposites because of what is empowered. Hitler had early success because he was backed by Europe ‘s monarchies, wealthy, huge companies that were freighted by communists. Communists were empowered by the lower classes who wanted to destroy all monarchs, church organizations, wealthy, kill all middle class, and take over all means of production. The fact that each in Europe killed lots does not make them similar. Fascist governments does not necessarily involve death of millions. They are just oppressive. Spain had fascist but if out of line you die. Fascism was in vented in Italy in 1923 . Ten years before hitler copied Mussolini. Killings by Mussolini did not begin until Mussolini was kidnapped and Almost killed but then rescued by hitler. This was way into wwii. Then at urging of nazis Mussolini started his death purge.

  16. Uninformed rambling. Yes, the two systems seem similar if you're going by your 9th-grade understanding of what communism actually is. I think literally everything you said in this video was wrong.

  17. 3:25 wrong, capitalism is. It kills 20 million a year and causes mass poverty in third world countries like Venezuela and North Korea via economic terrorism. Beyond that, the deaths under fascism can be attributed to Germanic Dialecticals focused on race and believing all progress occurs as a result of race. They believed jews were culturally bolshevik and declared communism the strongest tool of international jewry. Whereas, almost all of the deaths under socialism, were due to uncontrollable famine and economic terrorism on the part of countries like the U.S, japan, and Germany. Things like the the cold war led to the rise of anti-communist sentiment amongst politicians. Not only that, but the German invasion severely damaged the U.S.S.R only a decade after the bolshevik revolution happened. The country was already off balance and trying to industrialize. The Ukrainian famines were uncontrollable and due to long term droughts. Even if stalin hadn't taken their grain, they still would've starved so what was the point of wasting the food. Bombing campaigns by the U.S during the Korean war which lead to the build up of silt in reservoirs and canals in north Korea lead to the widespread inability to grow crops on a land that was already 20% untenable, droughts and massive floodings. Not to mention the economic blockade the U.S has on north Korea which prevent them from trading for fossil fuels and resources such as food. The U.S also has a strong military presence on the north Korean border where they practice invasion drills annually. This causes North Korea to militarize to avoid invasion and the destruction of their country, which also leads to the relocation of resources that should be used for farming to the military. Most of the deaths attributed to China are the result of the imperialism of japan which lead to mass destabilization of the economy, mass famine, and q spike in poverty rates. Stalin only killed 700000-800000 political prisoners which is much less than the nazis. Beyond that Communism is based off of modernist dialecticals originating from slavic and Asian countries, whereas Nazism is based off of primarily Germanic dialecticals. The two ideologies could not be more different beyond basic authoritarianism, and even then, that's only in authoritarian socialism which has a much better theoretical basis. Quite frankly, as a stalinist it has become obvious to me that you are a historical revisionist who doesn't know shit about political philosophy.

  18. Errors: (1) Antifa contains waaaay more self-identified anarchists and libertarians than self-identified socialists and communists. (2) Hitler was NOT a socialist or communist. He & the Nazis only sought to co-opt the enormously-popular socialist label, because the social democracy movement (including Luxemburg, Bernstein, et al) in early 20th-century Germany was vibrant and gigantic. This is the ONLY reason why the words "socialism" and "socialist," and some of the rhetoric of the socialist left, were deployed by Hitler and the "National Socialist" party. Of course, their substitution of the word "national" for "democratic" was telling, and the Nazis did not implement socialism or ally with socialists. Instead, the Nazis executed all the leftist leaders and activists they could find. (3) Socialism is not communism; these terms are NOT synonyms. (4) Neither socialism nor communism should be conflated with any state or country which has called itself "socialist" or "communist."

    In regard to the latter error, would you seek to define and understand democracy by looking at the practices and policies of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DAR)? Of course not.

    Whether or not we have actually read any classical theorists of democracy, most all of us do define and understand democracy according to the theory and ideals of democracy as defined by Montesquieu, Mill, Jefferson, Paine, et al, and NOT by fallaciously equating "democracy" with anything that a self-described "democratic" government or society does.

    After all, I doubt you would define the history of slavery in America, or Jim Crow laws, or the internment of Japanese-Americans, (or Bush v Gore? or Citizens United v FEC?) as democratic even though it happened in the democratic republic of the United States. Yet according to the logic you present in this video, democracy could and should be defined by slavery, systematic disenfranchisement, etc. (In most of the 330 years that the United States of America has existed, most Americans have NOT been able to vote.)

    Thankfully, American democracy has progressed (or America has progressed closer to the democratic ideal) thanks to the critical thinking and commitment to democratic ideals exemplified by abolitionists, advocates for universal male suffrage, women's suffragists, labor unionists, civil rights activists, and others.

    Those progressive activists did not presume that anything government does in the U.S. is democratic simply because the U.S. describes itself as democratic.

    Likewise, nobody should presume that anything done by a self-described 'socialist' or 'communist' government is itself socialist or communist. Instead, one should read Marx and the best of contemporary marxists to understand socialist and communist theory and ideals. Helpful texts by Marx include On Feuerbach, Theses on Feuerbach, The Grundrisse (at least intro chapter), and Capital (start with chap 2 if necessary). And be sure to read the best of contemporary marxism, including Mioshe Postone's readable & magisterial book, 'Time, Labor, and Social Domination: A Reinterpretation of Marx's Critical Theory' (1993); the work of Jason Read, including his book, 'The Micro-Politics of Capital: Marx and the Prehistory of the Present' (2003) and his free article "A Genealogy of Homo-Economicus: Neoliberalism and the Production of Subjectivity;" plus the journals 'Rethinking Marxism' and 'Historical Materialism' and the past issues of 'Endnotes.'

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