Why Don’t Democrats Take Religion Seriously?

Many religious voters feel alienated from the Democratic party. Donald Trump overwhelmingly won Christian voters, including 81% of White Evangelicals and 60% of White Catholics. The obvious reason is that Donald Trump offered these voters more of what they wanted like overturning Roe vs. Wade and appointing conservative Supreme Court justices, but there’s something bigger going on. Democrats often have trouble speaking in moral or religious language, and they’re part of a broader culture that doesn’t take religion seriously. Democrats don’t know how to talk to a lot of these people that go to church, people of value. I mean the Democratic party has become a secular party. So is the Democratic party really secular? To a large extent, yes. 28% of Democrats don’t identify with any particular religion compared to just 14% of Republicans. And only one third of Democrats say they go to religious services at least once a week. Just 10% of Democrats weren’t religious in 1996. That number has tripled over the last two decades, and the trend is only likely to continue as more young people join the party. Pop culture can also be pretty hostile to religion. Some comedians, journalists and artists actively antagonize people of faith. It worries me that people are running my country who believe in a talking snake. You don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate though. Partly as a response, Christians and other groups have formed their own subcultures of movies and music and news. For instance, Trump voters really love the movie God’s Not Dead, which is a movie about religious liberty that a lot of progressives have probably never heard of. Something wrong? I can’t do what you want. I’m a Christian. If you cannot bring yourself to admit that God’s not dead, then you will need to defend the antithesis. Of course, a lot of Democrats are religious. Black Protestants for example have consistently supported the Democratic party, even though a lot of these voters are conservative on issues like same sex marriage and abortion. But their views aren’t always reflected in the party. Roughly one third of Democrats identify as pro-life, but only a handful of Democratic politicians share their views. Democratic leaders can also be uncomfortable with the language of morality and religion. Sometimes, this has resulted in wipeouts that are insulting. They get bitter, and they cling to guns or religion. Other times, it’s just embarrassing. One White House staffer recently reported that a former colleague kept deleting the phrase “The Least of These” from the title of a memo wondering whether the famous teaching from Jesus was a typo. This is a shift from the past. Progressive achievements like the Civil Rights Movement relied heavily on religious rhetoric. But I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the Promised Land. Leaders from Martin Luther King to Jimmy Carter framed their ideals in explicitly religious terms. Audiences were receptive to those messages. Some progressive leaders do this today. Reverend William Barber, the head of the North Carolina NAACP has successfully led a Moral Mondays protest movement against the racist policies of the state legislature. I’m a preacher, and I’m a theologically conservative liberal evangelical biblicist. You could also argue that Bernie Sanders fired up millions of young Americans with his explicitly moral language about economic inequality. But both of these men are outsiders in the Democratic party. If Democrats really want to be the party of inclusion, it can’t just be about skin tone and sexuality, it has to be about belief, too. This is Unpresidented, a weekly series in which Atlantic writers explore what’s going on in this new era of American politics. Let us know what topics you’d like us to explore in the comments. I’m Emma Green. Thanks for watching!

  1. The democrat party has become the party of lucifer…you can't be friends of God and hang out with the devil at the same time….it doesn't work!

  2. You have to understand that religion is not supposed to be part of the political process, even though the freedom to practice religion is granted under the First Amendment.

  3. As a Christian I act in the Christian Fashion. No voting for Abortion supporters, For Homosexual Supporters, For Anti GUN people. I trust the Truth of the Bible – I’m ARMED..

  4. It's the fucking Republicans who can't seem to grasp the concept of separation of church & state & we're all getting sick to death of it

  5. It’s a common symptom of leftism. Because “progressive” ideology is so ideological — almost religious in nature — they naturally polarize against “other” religions. From the French revolution on, radical leftism has sought to banish religious belief from the body politick as it threatens the”new” belief they seek to impose.

    There is also a kind of intellectual arrogance that sees itself as being above the simple beliefs of “the little people.” They literally see religious belief as going hand in hand with Walmart shoppers and rodeos (caricature and hyperbole intended).

  6. Democrats are coddling to Muslims and its slavery ?? Negros love it cause it offers camaraderie and violence under the book ??

  7. Soon the gays and jews will depart the democrats because the party is being taken over by islam ??

  8. leftists have no problem with religion. Just Christianity. Which is why they are relentlessly mocked for their beliefs while the other religions with equally (or sometimes more) ridiculous beliefs get a pass.

  9. Christians are the dominant religious belief in the US and yet The Idiot lost the popular vote by over 3M. That means there were plenty of Christians who did vote Dem. Republicans may like to think themselves as the party of faith, but they are far dominate. It is true the more fervent ones faith the more reich leaning one becomes. Which is fine. Dems are into reality, not fantasy, lies, and deliberate misleading that this administration is infamous for.

  10. I’ve been saying this since forever, yes separation of church and state, but that doesn’t mean I will (as a Christian) vote against my conscience.

  11. If you think REPUBLICANS are for GOD, you need to think again. That is a total bunch of BULL . Republicans are NOT representing God , read your bibles and don't be fooled. POLITICS PERIOD is NOT of God in most cases yet people that believe in GOD and read his word are persecuted and disliked because of what they do in the name of God.

  12. I am not A Democrat but all religions are going to become obsolete. They are all based on superstition.

  13. "The cure for Christianity, is to read the bible."
    -Mark Twain
    Why don't churches have wifi?
    They don't want to compete with an invisible power that actually works.
    Republicans are delusional zombies.

  14. Religion is a man-made brain-washing tool. I haven't met a Christian yet to live up to the standards of the book they claim to follow. The Romans invented Jesus, if there was such a person, he's getting more credit than he deserves.

  15. Emma and folks. You need to visit the "Flee from Christian Fundamentalism" blog: https://faith17983.wordpress.com/ At that blog, they are liberal and progressive—-but they are also Christian. If anything this blog will show you just how nonChristian many so-called Conservative and Republican Christians really area in this country. These people want the famous "Jesus Salvation Benefits Package," but they do not care one flip about following and doing the words of Jesus in their own lives or in the lives of their fellow men, women, and children. All they really care about when they step up to Jesus is asking him a famous question from the 1960s: "What's in it for me?" This is why they do not care about and turn a blind eye to millions of poor people who are sick and without health insurance coverage. There is nothing in it for them. Their lives are all about consumption. greed, avarice, and taking whatever they can without ever giving anything back to "the least of these" in the name of Jesus. Most of these Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical miscreants live in the Great Lakes States, the American South, and in California. Collectively, such people are ruining the Christian faith in the United States—-just plain stabbing it in the back and ruining it. Their haste to serve at the feet of Satan's only begotten son, President Donald J. Trump, is really all you need to understand these so-called Conservative Christians—people so simple and so stupid in their own lives that they actually think Trump is "The Anointed One of the Lord." He is the anointed one all right—"The Anointed One of Under Lord Satan." This blog has 420+ articles that reveal plenty about these people who claim to be Christians and vote Republican in every election—-no matter what. Be sure and read the "About" and "My Profile" sections to learn an awful lot. The safe link is: https://faith17983.wordpress.com/. God Bless You All—and follow Jesus in both word and deed. Truly care about your neighbors in both heart and an extended hand of help.

  16. Democrats only hate Christians but you'll usually find them practicing other religions such as Kabalah Jewish mysticism, Buddhism, and Witch craft.

  17. They don't take God seriously – because their religion is filling their own bellies.
    They serve satan – not Jesus Christ.
    God makes it clear in His Holy Written Word when He tells us that if we are not
    serving Him – then we are serving satan.
    It might interest you to know – the phrase 'separation of church and state" is not found in
    our Constitution.

  18. Why?Because believing in a non existent Soul Santa is ridiculous. Based upon myth and lies.Religion breeds irrationality, ignorance and hate. What awaste of time and energy.Don't freakin' pray about it. DO SOMETHING!

  19. Finally some one I can agree with these secular democratics are ruining religion and alienating Christians Catholics and jews.

  20. Because they do not know God they heard of Him but they do not know Him…..Some l fear are of their father the 😈!!!!!!

  21. Ever hear about a thing called separation of Church and State? I mean it’s just America’s founding principle…

  22. No such thing as a “Christian Democrat”. NO Christian would accept abortion, Communism, illegal immigrantion, open borders, high taxes, welfare, taking from people who work to give it to people who refuse to work, anti-gun laws, anti-self defense laws, racism, racial pandering, embezzlement, money laundering, identity politics, anti-free speech…

  23. Question: has churches become like banks, too big to fail? Predator Preachers , like Predator Lenders, gambling on a illegitimate idiot aka stable genius. Mark my words, there will be consequences.

  24. Obviously, the reason that the percentage of non-religious people in the Democratic Party has grown is because the number of non-religious people in the country has grown, and the Republican Party is hostile to non-religious people. Whereas the gist of this video is that Democrats have “trouble“ dealing with religious voters, the corollary is that the Republican Party is entirely hostile to anyone other than Christians and other religious conservatives.

  25. I’m so glad the comments section isn’t full of “becuz christains r idiots lol”. That doesn’t prove anything.

  26. Democrats are on an unreversible path towards DAP (Democrat Atheist Party). It was expected when they welcome all kinds of evil ideologies to nest within its ranks:

    The whole array of Homosexuals, Atheists, Feminists, Muslims, Socialists, Marxists to name some of them. Even though these groups might have found a common den to thrive in America, for sure they are not cohabitating happily after; each of them are after their own agenda and the group that cunningly manage to drag the populous after them, mostly young people, will cause great damage to this country.

    The first step it's been taken already; they managed to erase important Biblical references from public display: The 10 Commandments and all Biblical references from public schools.

  27. The US is the only developed country with such insane religious beliefs. It's more like a third world nation religiously. Turkey is the only developed country with less belief in Evolution.

  28. Yeah, I’m a Christian and that movies not about religious liberty. It’s about the false narrative that Christians are being unjustly persecuted in the United States. People easily forget the Republican Party wasn’t always so religious. Jerry Falwell, evangelical leaders and the right got in bed together in the 80’s and have been an item ever since. There are plenty of Christians on the left but unlike those on the right, they don’t use their faith as a marketing tool. “Vote for me I’m a Christian like you”. Jesus overturned the tables of greedy peddlers in outrage. He didn’t stop for a photo op and say, “Hey maybe we can work out a deal to sell your goods!” Evangelicals voted for Trump because even though his behavior is appalling & very against Christian values (greed, adultery, porn stars, suing people, racism, vulgarity & obscenity etc) he told them what they wanted to hear. They sacrificed & went against their Christian morals & “made a deal with the devil” (no I’m not calling Trump the devil) in order to get what they wanted. That’s it.

  29. Hahaha she said progressive civil rights? Hahaha the blacks and whites matching were republicans and the democrats were holding the dogs and hoses. Moron.

  30. Religion is not to be taken seriously by anybody. Roll on the year 5000 when they'll look at us as cavemen, if we make it that is. Right now, it's looking bleak.

  31. I know a Mormon kid who liked a post that makes him seem leftwing. Oh if only he knew what he was siding with🤪😑🥴

  32. You have more chance of seeing an alien than seeing a god…….any ones god. We are all creatures of the Cosmos and without a doubt there must be thousands of life forms (some probably way beyond our intellect) living in our Galaxy alone. Considering the billions of Galaxies in our known universe then it goes without saying. However God is a leftover from a time when we didn't understand the world we lived in, so we made it up as we went along. Sadly there are still people today hanging on to this comfort blanket, that's ok if they want to live in that world, but don't shove it into everyone else's heads, especially vulnerable children, that's child abuse.

  33. The Civil Rights movement was actually more aligned with Conservatives, while many Democrats were against it. It was Progressive, but not “Progressive” Progressive, if you catch my drift.

  34. Hahahaha "new era" fuckin' entitled much?!?! This progressive bullshit has been around forever. None of this craziness is new, if you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that. From ancient Greece to Rome all the way up till now. They all had tranies, all had dumbass minorities and very powerful whites. This is not new!

  35. Politics has nothing to do with religion. You can be a liberal Christian or a conservative Christian it does not matter. Politics and religion are two totally different subjects! You are sounding like a liberal or leftist that confuses those two terms together! You are also trying to help the democrats become more powerful so that the democrats can defeat our country and our president! That is not going to happen on our watch! The reason why I say democrats is because democrats are all liberals now and not conservatives and liberals love to hate Donald J. Trump no matter if liberals are right or wrong. Liberals and leftists are never going to take down our country and our president! This is the reason why I am a conservative republican!

  36. Very interesting video. One of the examples in the video, however, was misplaced. Yes, MLK used religious language in his civil rights work. And, yes, many Democrats were comfortable with such language. The problem? MLK was a Republican. (A black, Republican, civil rights leader who was persecuted by JFK's and LBJ's DOJ.) So, if the idea was to offer up an example of how Democrats used to us religious language, it may have been better to cite an actual Democrat.

  37. Democrats have surly denounced Christianity, siding with the cannibal, Hilary Clinton. She has kuru which is a symptom of cannibalism. That is what was going on inside the Epstein's temple. It was called pedovore.

  38. If Dems dropped their support for LGBT, secularism and abortion, then the support for them would skyrocket. Dems target minorities, whom tend to be overwhelmingly religious.

  39. Because ALL" RELIGIONS" are LIES, SCI FICTION, DELUSIONS and ultimately DANGEROUS for dividing people when exploited by the FILTHY POLITICIANS !

  40. And by the way, while you still blindly believing religions, specially "Christianity", your "priests" are prying your kids, you FOOLS ! And your "god" won't do NOTHING to protect them, as we have seen it for the last 3 decades !

  41. Religion is evil. Religion has killed more people than the Black Plague. The Vatican supported Mussolini and Hitler.

  42. I'm an Atheist and I love the republican party because they use logic.. DemoKKKrats think there are 58 genders. They say Science like it makes something right.. They love Illegal mexicans to use as slave labor. If you're a DemoKKKrat you're worse than Adolf Hitler.

  43. DemoKKKrats talk about global warming when the natural trend is global cooling. The only reason is because the UN forced them to say global warming because they could control people and I quote.. Until there is no democracy

  44. DemoKKKrats are not even the party of Atheists anymore. They're the party of anti Theists.. basically gays who hate religion because it says not to fuck the same sex.. it's pathetic. They don't know how to logically debate religion they're just angry juvenile people who give atheists and intelligent people bad names.

  45. Now I'm believing everything is true this country was founded by God and in the White House was In God We Trust, I always thought that the Democrats were very violent on the streets taking red caps off of people's head protesting on the street and hate blocking traffic Democrats are bad but you don't see the Republican doing that we just walk down the street with our hats and the Democrats wanted to take out* in God we trust * I'm beginning to think it's true about the Democrat Party and how violent they are and hate and hate is truly of the devil and they have divided our country never in my life have I seen anything like this before because all their hatred has destroyed America and it's time to put God back in our country where it belongs in God we trust God Bless America and I want to never thirst again when I die one day we will meet our maker and it's of good and evil I choose of God

  46. I don't know who put this video together, but it has a kind of ideological Stink to it that is redolent of a Trump supporter! 😂

  47. And once again good old YouTube is profiteering from dummy right wing propaganda designed to trick ignorant Millennials, who are also known as Almost All Millennials, or the cracked empty Vessel generation. Many Democrats are religious, yet another false conflict is being created here. We are for the separation of church and state because we like democracy, which Republicans by and large do not. I think this video is really Butthurt because most Democrats do dislike Evangelicals. They dislike them not because of their religion but because most of these people are far right political extremists who support Trump. We do not like anyone at all who supports Trump, who Democrats find akin to the Antichrist. So please, enough of this stupid double talk. When a person reads between your lines, you are always enraged that we don’t like your orange dictator. We don’t like him and we don’t like you because you are mostly a bunch of stupid obnoxious racists. The end.

  48. Donald trump is atheist or the Antichrist. I'm democratic and I don't take religion seriously because I read the bible, but I don't think the religious right has. If Jesus showed up today in the south and preached the sermon on the mount, he would be hanged from the nearest tree, FACT!!

  49. I have an moral, but it's not Christian. As gay I refuse to follow a moral principles that say Thai I'm ill to be cured (and maybe cover the pedophiles priests), a person that would be take away from kids for various reasons.

  50. Do you have to have an opinion? I feel if we had a religious dominance I would be like "Why do i have to believe this?" If we had atheist dominance I would be like "Why cant we believe this" I want someone who says "Ehh I don't know but we have a lot of things wrong right now"

  51. the demonrats r the party of the godless..the black community and large parts of the Mexican American community vote party and race over Christian values..legalized abortion, gay marriage and pot legalization ,smoking pot is aform of witch craft, which the biblically iliterate r iqnorant of. the welfare system was never intended as a way of life, now the dems want to give away everything free, the bible says a man don't work a man don't eat.give a man an inch he will take amile we all know this, it makes people slothful and lazy..transgenderism was called by the ama a few yrs back as a mental disorder..only demonrats support  all this,,HOW CAN YOU WALK WITH GOD IF YOU ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH HIM..i serious question any socalled Christian who votes demonrat..yes god is love but hes also judgement..my people perish for lack of knowledge

  52. I am a liberal Christian who is concerned that liberal Christianity may soon disappear from public discourse leaving behind only the religious right and the secular left. For instance who will continue the discussion that Jesus took up about the needs of the least among us? Or will all discussion be dominated by soulless secular leftusts and mean spirited people from the Christian right?

  53. Some aren't "religious" but sure know Jesus when they see Him in others. And Don Trump sure isn't one of them. I am a Christian Democrat who is pro-life. But I will not support Republicans or Trump and their hatred of God. Yes, hatred. Liars come from Satan. Think carefully and pray.

  54. I honestly love Bernie Sanders I don’t like the Democratic Party I’m sorry but what Bernie wants for America is way better I wish Mike Pence or Bernie Sanders where President ( I don’t wish any harm to Donald Trump but mike pence would be an amazing president )

  55. Democrats, and the left in general, are dead set against religion, staunch enemies of God and country. Religious people who vote for Democrats are profoundly stupid or delusional. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgfzx8x61m4

  56. Why have dems abandoned religion? I'll tell you why. They want to hang on to the votes of Americans of other religions and of no religion. Dems will sell their souls to the devil for a vote. They have already totally lost the votes of Latin Americans, they are losing the votes of African Americans and their middle class support is almost gone. They are trying desperately through lies and deceit to gain every vote they can to maintain power. But it appears that the American people are not as stupid as dems think they are. These traitors have been selling out this country for years. I think its about time for a change.

  57. Really?? Democrats are the liberals you Conservatives always damn, right??

    Facts anyone??

    Liberalism: a movement in (contemporary) modern Protestantism that emphasizes intellectual liberty and the spiritual and ethical content of Christianity
    Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary 1949-1958-1967-1977-1991-1997

  58. "Ultimately, America's answer to the intolerant man is diversity, the very diversity which our heritage of religious freedom has inspired." – Robert F. Kennedy.

  59. How about making a video about why religious people (the so called moral people) keep shoving their bullshit on our face
    PS , the movie God's not dead is the most ridiculous movie ever , the arguments war nothing but fallacies , the story was unrealistic , everyone who didn't agree with cristianity was portrait as evil and morons , even christians hate it

  60. The Lord is presently separating the sheep from the goats – just as in his day, the religious folks are generally leaning to their own understanding and scared stiff of the Holy Spirit. This happens when one doesn't love others as Christ first loved us.

  61. not giving a damn about what religion a person practices couldn´t be more inclusive. Hardcore republicans don´t like people with different religions, hence the war on Christmas. Liberals don´t give a shit about religion so in order to be inclusive, in order to share with all different beliefs you call it happy holidays, which ones? whatever holiday your religion has.

    People who just hate democrats always argue that democrats or liberals hate god and are against religion. No, liberals don´t give a dusty fuck about god and don´t hate religion because it is religion but because of the shit,it enables. "What kind of shit?" you may ask, watch the video of senator Inhofe arguing that climate change is false because he´s holding a snowball and because the bible says that as long as there´s a god there will be springtime. Now THAT is horseshit.

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