Why doctors and medical students should use social media in 2020 to enhance their careers!

Dr. Ty: Are you a med student or a doctor
who uses social media for family and friends, but not really sure if you should bother to
use it professionally? Do you avoid social media altogether for fear of it ruining your
career? Well, I’m Dr. Ty and I’m here to tell you that you are missing out on a great opportunity
to use social media to further your brand. So stay tuned for the five reasons you should
definitely use social media. Now, if you like this content, they’re more free Branding for
Doctors videos coming. So hit subscribe as well as the bell to be notified when I post
a new branding video every week. In addition to working in news for two decades and now
being a branding and media coach, I am also a practicing ER physician.
So trust me, I know the struggle we all have to protect our professionalism and our reputations
or simply the lack of free time we have to manage anything, let alone multiple social
media accounts. So, again, why bother with it besides posting pictures of your dog and
your kids for your family and friends to see? Well, let’s take a look. So reason one, showcase
your niche or your brand. Listen, you’re going to be a brand no matter what. It’s just a
question of whether you’re going to let other folks do it for you or whether you’re going
to put things out there on your own. Now, if you haven’t figured out your niche yet,
check out my video on how to build a brand. But while you’re building that niche, you
want to make sure that you stay up to date on any buzz related to that niche so that
you’re posting, writing, or commenting and being a part of that conversation on social
media. Reason number two, broaden your reach and
educate the public. There is so much wrong health information out there. We can’t just
hide in our offices and wait for patients to come to us to clear up that kind of misinformation.
With all these years of training and knowledge that we have, why limit it to the 40 patients
that you see a day when you could be educating thousands of patients on social media every
day? So, by using some of these tools, including hashtags, you could reach such a broader audience
than you normally would on a given day. Reason number three, attract patients to your practice
or to your venture. And by venture, I mean a product that you’re selling or maybe even
a book that you wrote. So listen, we all know that being a social media expert does not
necessarily mean that you are the best doctor, but there is something to be said for building
your presence. You can use social media to help brand yourself
as an expert and allow patients to feel that you’re a trusted voice in healthcare and someone
that they have access to. So, some clients I’ve worked with will say, “Listen, I haven’t
gotten any patients from social media, so why do I need it?” Then I remind them. So
imagine you have a leak and you need a plumber, right? Horrible. So you call your friend Jane
and ask her, “Hey Jane, do you know a plumber?” And she says, “Call Joe.” What’s the first
thing that you do? You Google Joe, right? You check out his ratings and you see, “Oh
wait, he has social media pages. Oh wow. He’s an expert in this type of leak. Oh, and he
even lectures to other plumbers about this kind of leak. He must be an expert.” But when
you call Joe and he asks, “Hey, how did you hear about me?” You don’t say Instagram or
Facebook or your website. You say, “Jane referred me.”
The point is social media helped influence your view of him, even though he will probably
never know that for sure. And you may never know either, but it doesn’t mean that presence
is not important. So have I convinced you yet? Don’t worry. We have two more reasons
to go. But first, I need you to tell me, what’s your biggest hindrance to consistently using
social media professionally? Let me know in the comments below. Reason number four, to
earn speaking engagements and news interviews. When I was a reporter and editor, I often
looked to social media to see who was trending for a particular topic when I looked for experts.
So you never know. Plus, there’s a ton of great research that never makes it to the
lay public. Social media is absolutely a way to spread your research far and wide.
And now for the last reason, number five, grind your axe or push your passion. You can
also use social media to easily share topics and spark discussion about your buzzworthy
passion, whatever it is, whether short term like raising money for something or part of
your longterm brand. Twitter, for example, is a great platform for discussion, whereas
a Facebook post might be a good way to share awareness about a condition or a charity.
So are you ready to get started? Click the link below to download my free tips on social
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