1. National Socialism is true Socialism and it was for all(99%) citizens of Germany! Also Socialism worked in Nordic countries until the jewish instigated and controlled eussr.

  2. 100% You need public space t shirts JF, I was thinking the exact thing when that dude said it, get some shirts JF!

  3. IF… as you say…. those who push for socialism are actually out to line their own pockets…..
    YOU DUMB FUCK>>>>>>
    They're CAPITALISTS parading as socialists
    Which only goes to prove that Capitalism is EVIL

    TRUE socialism WORKS
    It has always WORKED
    It is only when capitalist greed merchants attack socialism and poison it
    that it doesn't work.

    If any of you dumb illiterate fucks ever studied History, you would see that every successful socialist state was ruined by CAPITALISM, and capitalist war profiteers.
    Not by SOCIALISM.

    Take the totalitarian dictatorship of the old USSR>

    Socialist COMMUNE LIVING which was turned into an epithet labeling jewish murdering thugs
    called 'communists' who were actually JEWS who hated non-jews
    Went around Russia massacring every Russians living in COMMUNAL VILLAGES
    and forcing them into slave camps
    and then called the slave farms 'communes'.

    The Jew Bolsheviks destroyed communistic living in Russia.
    Communistic living is decentralized
    it is NOT centralized planning.

    Totalitarian oppressive govts are the opposite of communist morals ethics and ethos.

    Human communities have been destroyed all over the world for centuries by capitalist war mongers and war profiteers.
    Human communities have been systematically destroyed by Greed and Consumerism.
    Wal-mart destroyed the small communistic communal towns of middle America.
    Big cities destroyed the small towns and villages…
    Industrial manufacturing destroyed human communities…
    The industrial revolution destroyed human communities….
    JEWS destroyed all the decent European communal cultures of Europe and North America.
    Jewish owned mass media destroyed community life.
    ALL community organizations have been destroyed.
    You ignorant turds have been brainwashed into believing in bullshit because you do not study History.

  4. or why do Socialists want Democratic Socialism when Democracy doesn't work in the long term and instead opt for National Socialism?

  5. This guy need to take a pause and breathe. I have zero doubt that he makes kickass written reports laying out every detail and angle in every topic he covers, but in speech you need to be more concise. If you can't get the words out, take a couple of breaths and realx before continuing. Perhaps have a written piece of paper with bullet points to give some structure.

  6. I don't interact with these nefarious and low achieving socialists you categorize them all to be in. Mostly, I'm around grad students or their parents eho have alreay succeeded in life and are wealthy and have elite children. However, they see socialist programs as beneficial to all. For example, environmental laws, safety; workplace; and health regulations, and welfare programs to increase the quality of life of all and in turn them. They believe that universal healthcare is superior and cheaper. They believe that having environmental laws makes their water cleaner. They believe that some unemployment offers people a chance to rebound into the market. I find it narrow-minded to ig ore that segment. It's a fantasy.

  7. I recently found your channel from Sargon mentioning you. I'm stunned at how perfect this channel is.

  8. This man
    a) can’t speak clearly
    b) cannot form a valid argument
    c) doesn’t understand when someone is telling him his argument is invalid

  9. The guy had good points but he definitely has autism, as his username states. He just needs to work on his presentation

  10. Couldn't listen to this fool, he is too interested in his own ego saying the student is going to be the teacher. His definition of "Socialism" at the very beginning wasn't even correct. He defined Communism, not Socialism. Choose your guests a little more carefully.

  11. @ JFG : Connaissez-vous Boris Le Lay et Démocratie Participative, et pourquoi ne produisez vous rien en français?

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