1. Workers are the majority everywhere., appeal any case to them., win them over to that side., playing for that team now, holding the ball presently in that park to score the victory.

  2. Because workers make what the socialists want to steal. Because that's where the best socialist slaves come from.

  3. His analysis of automation is completely wrong.
    It's not the case that we will invent enough new jobs.
    I don't know how you can make that argument.

  4. Workers' power gets completely eroded by two factors: 1 – endless inflow of cheaper labor , legal or ILLEGAL, 2 – employers suffer no negative consequences from moving his business offshore.

  5. I definitely agree with some of this. We definitely need stronger labor bargaining power. But does this guy not get that (at least in populous areas) workers, while still employed, can look for other jobs that pay more?

  6. Simply awesome. I'm a brazilian young historian and now i'm taking my masters degree studying public policies for popular education, i really enjoyed the language and the way you could bring de concepts to material reality. Vivek is great. I didnt knew him before.

  7. My problem with the viewpoint presented here is that the symptoms are regarded as the causal factor. At the 23 minute mark he talks about the cancer of the system and says "that's why we need a new system", but every system that's been in existence has done essentially the same thing: take advantage of the weakness of the individual. The weakness isn't the cause either, but the problem, and the various systems are the symptoms. We need to stand outside the whole mess, look at the individual and recognize the initial causal factor that creates this weakness. The weakness itself is a reflection of diminished awareness from less than optimal health and divided energy due to an inner conflict, both with a physical cause and a physical fix. A strong, positive and aware individual is one who makes his or her own way in life. The state of the individual decides the state of society.

    A very small example of weakness: take a long term smoker, pack a day, and have them quit cold turkey. Their thinking goes from 2D to 3 dimensional (of course, nothing is 100% but in a lot of cases) because of increased flow of blood to the brain, less poisons in the system and the inner struggle between the ego and the health awareness is gone. Now look at the greater effect of bad food: plugged veins and overloaded kidneys and liver, constipation and acidity, and who would say this doesn't weaken the individual?

    This is the real evil and not the system of feudalism, fascism or capitalism currently in vogue. Address this problem and the symptoms fade away. Better still, go from a problem solving mindset to a prevention approach.

  8. Let's say that we are to take the proposed idea of justice as being true: that people have a right to a basic living standard which includes food, water, shelter, etc, and that it is immoral that they should have to work for and worry about these things. If we are to live in a society which is founded on this premise, how are these basic rights going to be provided for? By that I mean who is going to do the actual work or put forth the capital to provide for everyone's basic standard of living? These things (at least with current technology) cannot be merely conjured out of thin air without any human labor involved.

  9. Funny thing is, automation is going to take all of "the workers" jobs anyways 🙂 Capitalism is the moral organization of society giving choice to the way you want to organize your life. Capitalism is also responsible for the advancement of society. Its a great thing that socialism and communism will never be the mode of production ever again 🙂

  10. i dont think Chibber is very clear on the point of automation causing job loss and then new firms sucking up the people who've gotten unemployed, and what i miss is the reflection on the issue of automation changing not just the way the old firms produce, but the new firms as well – which means they won't be able to suck up as much workforce as the old firms let go. i think this is the main issue here, nowadays

  11. Elon Musk and Bill Gates say that worker surplus is coming. Sorry but I think they are right on this point.

  12. Why does he correct the interviewer when he says "Marxists" and says he prefers he use the term "socialists"?

  13. This was too good. Vivek Chibber is on point. I'm going to share this video with my friends and co-workers.

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