Why Did The Communist Regimes Fail In Eastern Europe?

  1. For people who lived in a communist regime – do you miss it? Were there any good sides to living in those times? Do you think you're living a better life today?

  2. Did you know that Marx told Engel about his ideas to implement in his factory and after implementing in Engel’s factory, went broke in few months.

  3. Just a thing to say, lenin created the gulag system, and his early writings of the collectivisation, it was clear that he was ready to let any number of people die so he ccan usher in his utopia.
    Plus, Lenin's henchman was Stalin,…. That's enough on it's own

  4. Communist capitalism exists most big corporations and companies are. You've been lied to communist have won and rule clandestinely.
    They won in Zimbabwe DRC Mozambique and most of Africa. Asia and they use the Muslim countries as a tool. Who do you think put Trump in power ? Putin is considered a hero internationally. Communism is so alive .

  5. my parents lived in communism and I live in capitalism in the UK. I can say that it was better with communism

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