Why "Democratic" Socialism Doesn't Work (StevenCrowder Response)

we're coming to the shakaama live issue I am your host shakaama we are dealing with the lofty topic oh why a democratic socialism and doesn't work in 2016 Sanders became a millionaire for the first time largely due to royalties from his book our revolution I'm gonna put this entire script into the information box you can purchase all the books that I mention I have links in the information I'm gonna put the whole script there you can read it while you're actually watching watching the video and if you would be so kind please watch the entire video it is worth to me more than a dollar donation so anytime that you want to donate a dollar and help out the channel why don't you watch one of my whole my one of my longer videos that will do more for me than your dollar donation because after everybody takes takes their piece of pie and this fee and that feet and okay let's get on with the show you understand watch the whole video oh and give it a thumbs up YouTube is I think I turn the corner and then every time I think I turned the corner and the channels back to you know thousands of views what one of you people get triggered and you flag my video you have a mass 104 you people who don't know how internet works there are people on the Left who literally organize to go and mask flag people's videos I'm one of the people that people organized from the very beginning they stole from me one of my videos i fat like the video and say look this person downloaded my video and then uploaded it to their channel and when I flagged that video which what does mine they then organized to destroy my channel because how dare I flag the video they were doing me a favor by downloading my video and uploading it to their channel because then they could spread the word out of who I was but by uploading it to their channel and getting hundreds of thousands of views on their channel they made hundreds of thousands of views off of my work and I got no not a single penny so from the very beginning my channel has been flagged so these are people the people who ascribe to socialism this is all a backdrop for that so this is a video response to steven crowder louder with Crowder who did a whole thing of why democratic socialism doesn't work I felt that I could do a better job than he he can so he has hundreds of thousands of views so let's do a little bit of comparison let's get on with it in 2016 Sanders became a millionaire for the first time largely due to the royalties from his book our Revolution link is in the description the book which shares his personal experiences in the campaign trail and outlines a progressive policy agenda quickly became a New York Times bestseller and involved a 19 stop book tour across of the country along with our revolution the senator also penned a young adult book titled Bernie Sanders guide to political revolution which urged his young voters to participate in progressive little movement now if to break from the script a little bit if you go to his channel and look at him trying to promote that book he literally has people who says I am ready let's go senator Sanders let's go Bernie I'm ready and do you know what I'm not saying I'm not giving the full quote of what they're saying because I will be demonetised how that senator isn't arrested for inciting violence inciting a revolution because they made absolutely no uncertain terms about what they were actually ready for they came right flat out and said it he's still on Twitter although that's completely against Twitter policies Twitter if you're paying attention or somebody share this video on Twitter Twitter you need to investigate Bernie Sanders he's inciting violence that's against your Terms of Service and if Twitter if he violates Twitter's Terms of Service I believe the Secret Service FBI and CIA should also take a look at Bernie Sanders because he's doing that too and other key key members of the Democratic Party I hope that attorney general bar actually does what he's saying he's gonna do then in 2017 Sanders did it again financial disclosure reports filed in May showed that the senator were pocketing a cool 1.06 million dollars most of his income eight hundred eighty-five thousand seven under six seventy sixty seven came from book royalties and advantage as Sanders had another book with Meg militant st. Martin's Press where we go from here by a line two years in the resistance again go to Twitter see you and promoting that one same exact thing he's inciting vitae people are saying I'm ready Bernie I'm ready to go you all need to look into this stuff but before that the democratic socialist senator disclosed his tax returns and behold he was in the one-percent when asked about it he scoffed and said it meant nothing that he was in the one-percent it's another one percent people that are to be hate it Sanders has long rallied against the nation's one percent and has called income inequality a threat to democracy and the great moral issue of our time in quote again on Twitter go read that tweet same exact thing inciting violence people are talking about I'm ready Bernie I got it all I got all the equipment on e Bernie I'm ready to go I'm serious about this he needs to be investigated and if your investigation turns up that he violated not only Terms of Service but perhaps he's vyr violated some federal laws I think you all need to handle this when asked if Sanders increased income undermines his message the Senators campaign manager Jeff Weaver told VT bigger calm that it was a quote pretty ridiculous question and that the lawmaker continues to fight for working-class people across this country in this poem was written by Rudyard Kipling the writer must hated by English socialists in the 40s and an opponent to the interventionist policies implemented by the Labour Party after ww2 I will now try and refer to all instances as ww2 to avoid any D monetization in D carbon norris epoch we were promised abundance for all by robbing a pizza selected pita to pay for collective paul but though we had plenty of money there was nothing our money could buy and the gods of the copybook headings said if you don't work you die this poem is not an exaggeration at the time it was decreed by the control of engagement order that quote no man ages 18 to 50 or woman between the ages of 18 to 40 can change occupations at will the Minister of Labor has the power to direct such workers to the employment he considers best for the national interest this order was abolished only in March of 1952 surreal order Great Britain at the time the consequences of democratic socialism were disastrous no food no housing no clothing no fuel by 1948 rations at falling well before below what they were promised at the same date one can read in a New Statesman which was by no means a violent opponent of planning quote you may have social security but you cannot go into a store and buy two quarts of milk to which an English commentator replied quote you not only cannot buy two quarts of milk you cannot buy one you can only get two ports of milk on your doorstep a week if you try to get more you're apt to land in jail planned chaos was the logical outcome of the foolish socialist policies implemented by the bearded British government JT flem the great libertarian the journalist in his book the road of head the ridden in 1949 noticed of the devastating effects of government intervention in housing he wrote the bombs and guided missiles that destroyed 300,000 British dwellings in ww2 were not the worst enemies of British home ownership that honor is reserved for the persons who advocated laws for low-cost public housing and for cooperation between government and private enterprises in housing for low-income groups Great Britain quote Great Britain is spending a large a proportion of its income in housing as it did before the war but it is getting barely half of the numbers of homes during four years of ww2 only three hundred and sixty-seven 761 permanent houses were built compared with a total of two million five hundred thousand in the eight years before the war of which 1 million eight hundred and eighty eight thousand were built by private enterprise owing to the greater need for housing and three hundred thousand dwellings haven't been made uninhabitable but Lee by ww2 various types of housing and control acts were passed but inevitably the more controlled the less housing in quote in January of 1947 a great plan for affordable free housing was announced by the government it was supposed to furnish 250,000 houses in the year keep in mind I just said that 2.5 million were built by private enterprises the previous eight years the government went on with the plans and mobilized all sorts of resources plaster cement plumbing nails bricks and other materials necessary were ordered and produced but after some times it was discovered that lumber could not be supplied for more than 60,000 houses the great plan failed miserably falling short of by 190,000 houses in the meantime all the other materials were being furiously produced and it was also discovered that there was not enough labor to produce them bricks plaster and other things produced were piling up a wasted for lack of buyers so you understand what's going on right they ordered all of these materials to be produced but because they didn't have planning they didn't have foresight they didn't have labor when one of the things fail it over produced all the other things which individual people were not in the market for the plan was a pathetic fiasco whether it is Sanders or Korn the policies they support will fail for the same reason of socialism failed in the post ww2 United Kingdom one does not have to think much to understand the parallel between the affordable housing policies of the English Labor Party and the request for free education or health care it will fail because government cannot operate rational allocation of resources because markets are necessary to the good function of an economy and just to explain that though and to accept into venture off to when there is a storm and people need generators right people travel from all over the country to deliver generators in the storm area at a higher cost well of course the Democrats all cry foul foul foul now the Democrats are calling fund they were even arresting people confiscating the generators what was the end result of that the people who needed generators did not get their generators but wait there's more the government ordered what generators the government got what generators what happened to the generators how did the people not get the generators the government did not distribute the generators why did the government not distribute the generators because the distributor's the people with trucks did not go and distribute the generators but shakaama why did the people with the trucks who were supposed to distribute the generators not distribute the generators because the people who with the trucks who were supposed to distribute the generators did not get to be paid to distribute the generators but shakaama it was a national emergency they should distribute the generators for free no no silly person the people with the trucks worked in the national emergency they were from their own home wherever that may be they volunteered their time to come down but they needed to be paid to put gas into their trucks to go and distribute the generators but shakaama they were there was a billion dollars allocated to the national emergency so they should have paid the people with the trucks to distribute the generators no no silly person don't you remember they lost two billion dollars what do you mean they lost him they lost him oh they didn't lose him but that was the official that was the official report but the government lost the two billion dollars which was to go to pay all the people assisting with the national emergency we're not a national honours the local emergency actually right and so they confiscated all the generators from the private people they threw some of the private people in jail for daring to come down to sell generators so the people ended up with no generators and that is how government works right can't finally in fact democratic socialism was such a failure in post ww2 England that a longtime member of the Labour Party Alfred Edwards had to admit quote I have spent years dis coercing on the deaf effects of the capitalist system I do not withdraw those criticisms but we have seen the two systems side by side and the man who would still argue for socialism as the means for ridding our society of the defects of capitalism blind indeed socialism just does not work in quote thank you all for watching it if you watch the whole video type in the name Alfred Edwards so I know that you watch the whole video thank you all so much Oh make sure you put the thumbs up the video

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  2. Don't be suckered by the euphemisms of the left. There is no such thing as "democratic" socialism any more than there is "democratic" conservatism. Socialism itself is mythology therefore it is regressive in nature not "progressive". They lie to you, they rely on people's stupidity.

  3. These are stunning facts, do you think you could post these sources? I could win arguments with these facts, but only if I can cite sources.

  4. You have to say "watch my whole video INCLUDING the ads!"… By the way, TOO MANY adds make people hit the "Skip Ads" button.

  5. After a heavy campaign of complaints and requests, demands and pleas, compares and contrasts, the video in the title begins at 3:41.

    Shakaama, If you want people to listen to whole length of your video, you can not rub the listeners for 3:41 minutes with antagonism before the video subject arrives and expects positive results. You stretch the patience span to the limits before you get to the meat of it.

    Take it as a constructive criticism although you sure you always right and know it all.

  6. Next to nothing progressives promote works. Alfredo Eduardo. Only lazy underachieving bums support socialism

  7. Isn't the method of knowing if someone watched the whole video flawed? They can just reapeat every one else's comment

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