1. There you go all you university professors!!!!

    If you thumbs down this vid, you are the problem, you are the murderers.

  2. This video should be played in every school in the World. But we all know that will never happen.

  3. Reading these posts here prove what I always say, the Lefty's are so blind and Indoctrinated that they would say Thank You if a Communist/Socialist/Lib Progressive kicked them in the crotch or killed one of their family members. I've written all you nuts off, thank Gawd your in the Minority and there is some thinking people left in the World.

  4. Since the fall of communism the World poverty and starvation records have fallen through the floor. Countries are so rich with food they have as much as 1/3rd obese .

    The only places where there is extreme poverty is like Zimbabwe but that is due to mugabe kicking all the whites out and turning the land into an uninhabitable shithole.

    You see people on state benefits and dole, but the economy can support that ( until swathes of migrant invade and take over ) It would be like if everyone was on benefits, no one would do anything there would be no incentive to. There was a shop in russia with 50 people waiting for food and no one was servin or doing anything coz why should they bother feeding everyone?

  5. Look at all those brain dead Chinese labor slaves. They remind me of North Koreans. China is only a growing economic power because it adopted a capitalistic market. Too bad it's still run by criminal, stubborn, Communist dictators. 

  6. "Worker of the world Unite; you have nothing to lose except for toilet paper, iphones, house, money, xbox, playstation, MacPro, PC, 50 inch plasma TV, your car, health, family, friends, job, Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Cinema, all episodes of the walking dead, movies, wealthy Liberal hypocritical celebrity, Internet, Google, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, Ebay, Books, Unions, Bill Gates, Smart phones, Call of duty, Battlefield, Halo, Fifa, xbox/playstation services, PornHub, Huffington poo, CNN, MSNBC, rich ass hypocritical Russell Brand, that nice haircut shop down the street, Tesco, wall mart, expensive Marxist private Universities (your dying to go to), no fast foods at weekends or on holidays (no fast food at all), no more high pay checks from a job hard working brain skilled job and everything that has bought to you by the private sector. Oh and I was only joking about the chains they're staying with you of course"- Karl Marx really meant in reality!

  7. The main problem I see with communism and the reason so many communist countries have been dictatorships is that communism seems to be the type of system that in order for it to "work" it and the communist party has to be the only game in town. Communist policies need to be the dominate policies in a country. But if you allow for a multi-party democracy too many voters may vote against these communist policies. This complicates things for communist.

    This explains why the Chinese gov't will only allow the communist party to be the only party because they know too many voters will vote them out if they are given the option. If Cuba had allowed for a multi-party system Castro knows that him and his party would have been voted out years ago in Cuba. So again,democracy or multi-party democracy will complicate things for communism and this explains why so many communist countries have ended up being authoritarian.

  8. All totalitarian ideologies are evil and dangerous: communism, fascism. islamism; any form of total government. Today the biggest growing threat is islamism.

  9. I prefer to marginalize the bourgeois to the point they can't be super wealthy so they won't be a threat to the govt but of course they won't go down without a fight and will start a propaganda war against the socialist using private news channels and start airing Stalin/Hitler videos, there is no peace with Bourgeois they are careless greedy people who don't care only profits not lives but they paint themselves as good guys and socialist have to come stop them but then they will look bad

  10. You probably idealized the man so much you completely ignored his aspirations, views & agreement toward pure communism where everyone is equal.. that means he does not agree with you or with modern-day socialism where the bourgeois & the proletariat still exists & where such socialists states have no need to abolish them to make everyone equal.

    By agreeing to modern-day socialism you'd prefer the bourgeois & the proletariat status quo.. that means, you've actually been lying to yourself.

  11. You probably idealized the man so much you completely ignored his aspirations, views & agreement toward pure communism where everyone is equal.. that means he does not agree with you or with modern-day socialism where the bourgeois & the proletariat still exists & where such socialists states have no need to abolish them to make everyone equal.

    By agreeing to modern-day socialism you'd prefer the bourgeois & the proletariat status quo.. that means, you've actually been lying to yourself.

  12. how was I pretending? my argument was about you don't know anything about communism I never said I was communist. and the about the assertions well you can just research it if don't believe me its that easy you will find it if you try and no im not a Centrist im a Socialist

  13. Yeah I don't know anything about communism & the history books & the museums & sources of info were all just just western conspiracy. I'd like to see you prove these assertions.

    You only asserted things without any evidence.. Mine were recorded in history & inside fucking textbooks. You're against US government, not against all forms of capitalism & you're an advocate for socialist-capitalism so why are you even pretending like you even agree with the Marxist form of pure communism nonsense.

  14. my argument is that you don't know anything about Communism
    and Im a socialist yes it has a hint of capitalism and is democratic compare to Communism and USgovt don't care they see them both the same way a threat to their business nothing to do with freedom
    USgovt spread "neocolonialism" as empire of old was military this modern form uses economy and puppets and cultural influence on the population
    USgovt still have a empire but its hidden with IMF and World Bank

  15. Then you're not arguing for marxist communism but arguing for socialism with slight hint of capitalism.. You're arguing for nothing since your socialist-democrat views don't even support your arguments to defend pure marxist communism.

    You're a real contradictory guy. & don't even try the "Nirvana Fallacy" there's no such thing as a perfect system, I'm only stating the existence of better systems.

    I already said there's nothing wrong with capitalist-socialism.

  16. I never seen a country that practice true Free-Market without price fixing and without govt involvement

    you should read what is the cause of famine in those times instead of just throwing out there like a stooge and giving vague explanation and again why are you keep bringing up USSR history? it was communism but it was a corrupt form of it
    Im socialist I believe small business should be in private hands

  17. I have never seen a country who practices planned economy with much success for obvious reasons.. It only takes a miscalculation to draw a terrible famine & kill millions of people..

    Where are the workers rights when they want to speak-up against the majority of their peers or against their government? Where are the rights when they die of miscalculation induced famine? Where are the rights when they are forced by govt to comply to forced labor in mines & farms? Your idea is contradictory.

  18. That's a nice idea.. but how in the hell would you even implement that in the real word?

    You can't use purely idealism as a means to itself without any real form of real-world application. You may be arguing for a mere utopian dream.. Last time I checked most communist governments aren't exactly 1st-world countries, neither do they seem to honor the dignity of human rights. Any successful country where workers rights are respected falls into mixed "capitalist-socialist" systems of govt.

  19. That's not what I said. In fact what I said implies that there could be petty bureaucrats who might try to set themselves up against the people. What I said is that a real communist MOVEMENT of the workers would have to be vigilant to keep itself in control and keep it's own government in check.

    The idea we would want to give "all aspect of control in the economy" to the govt is stupid and frankly economically impossible. Communists want the means of production to be under workers control.

  20. pff and yet no mention about right-wing dictators like Hitler and Mussolini and Ante Pavelić Genocide right? you know Hitler imprisoned German Communist Leader Ernst Thälmann? and
    govt control economy it brings a stable economy if planned correctly this angers capitalists because they no opportunity to make money thats why they start wars but if Capitalist in power they fix the markets and eventually control the govt themselves and what conspiracy are you talking about?

  21. Death squad? Are you kidding? ..those things pale in comparison to what a commie dictator is even capable of doing. What the fuck do you think happens when govt can control all economy & coerce many people to be farmers & miners?

    You can't even give me a communist dictator who was "good and successful" ..instead you give me a socialist leader who was overthrown & then you present a conspiracy theory that history books & museums are all lying & Pinochet was funded to overthrow this & that.

  22. You guys are assuming all "true commie leaders" are eventually going to honor your system w/out a tyrant eventually taking over who you empower by giving ll aspects of production.

    A simple rendition of your fallacy would be:

    Person A: "No Communist leader would take advantage."
    Person B: "I am a Commie, and I am a tyrant"
    Person A: "Then you are not a true Commie"

    What is a true commie? Is it more likely than tyrants? Is is worth risking genocide by giving everything to the govt?

  23. you disregarding the death squads of RIght-wing dictators committed? and they rarely get any mention in the US world history books
    your are brainwashed
    but anyway im not a communist
    I always been a Socialist but your view on communism is 100% brainwashed
    if people choose to have Autocrat it doesn't make him a dictator like Salvador Allende who was democratically elected Socialist and was overthrown by Pinochet funded by USA
    where is the freedom and liberty there?

  24. Yeah.. a "real communist" wouldn't betray the people. A real communism wouldn't do this.. wouldn't do that.. keep dreaming

    Can you give me an example of this "real communism" in the real world? Why the fuck would it be a good idea to give the government all aspect of control in the economy? What kind of an idiot would even risk something like that? You take away people's right by giving away everything to an all-powerful government & thus empowers greatly those who seek to take advantage.

  25. Are you crazy? psychopath? You're actually justifying Stalin's killing of 25% of their population? ..There's no reasoning with you since apparently, you only care about your idea of "true communism" regardless of the fact that it has never worked & you want to include everyone's lives in such a risk, even if a good communist leader (there has never been a commie leader whose "good" and successful) He can easily be replaced by a tyrant who can control all aspects of production.. shame on you

  26. yeah.. because Bush & Obama are really good presidents right?

    Are you forgetting the fact that most of the other progressive countries are a mix of capitalism-socialism?

    I'd like to you to go to Cuba, shout "Fidel Castro sucks ass" in front of a police or soldier.. let's see if you're even free enough to get away with your life uninjured or not imprisoned.

  27. …It should be pointed out that the US has becoming increasingly undemocratic over the past decades, especially under Bush and then Obama, as it has adopted more and more measures giving free reign to the market.

  28. …A real communist, ie working class, movement would have to be vigilant in ensuring the defence of social equality, it's democratic rights(as is also required under the current society) and enforcing it's control over the governmental structures it itself ends up forming. Moreover the forces tending towards dictatorship would be far less under socialism. Under capitalism, as a small minority monopolizes economic control, they monopolize political control as well.

  29. If you applied the logic used to analyse Stalinist regimes so as to arrive at a 100 million death toll to the capitalist system(including of course the Nazis that you mention), it would likely be far more than a billion lives.

    Of course actual communists are acutely aware of the betrayals and actions of various bureaucratic leaderships masquerading as "communist" or "socialist" so I don't know who you think you're convincing.


  30. mao and stalin never killed that many that is an overestimate by western sources, a more accurate figure is from USSR archives its no more than 1.1million mostly from Gulags labor prison camp not from "planned economy" that's just stupid. the starvation in 30's was not in all of USSR its was in Ukraine and it was punishment as they try to rise up against Stalin from taking their crops to collectives and starvation in China was due to Natural disaster Flood


    Don't you get it? ..under their regime, have any of those guys even killed up to 5 million? how about 10 million? how about 15?

    Oh yeah.. Mao & Stalin alone have killed over 30 million through "planned economy" induced famines, concentration/torture camps, etc.

    I wonder what would happen if another dictator comes along? ..Maybe if the dictator was able to control all aspects of production, that would be great!!

  32. lets all blame communism for dictators and let those Right-wing Dictators off easy because they are simply anti-communist and have little or no mention in US version of world history
    so we can brainwash people like you

  33. 21Boxhead Can you fucking add me as a contact already? ..I can't send you message replies because your youtube profile is on "contact lock"

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