Why Capitalism Works

反映了人类内在的自我关注。 但只有资本主义创造了一个群体
人,被称为企业家, 谁别无选择,只关心自己
他人的需要和欲望。 这些是其他人。 。 。他们的客户。 然而,很少有经济学家真正研究过
这些企业家的行为,创意 资本主义企业的领导者。如果他们
他们会发现企业家 他们所做的事情本质上必须避免
贪婪。 首先,回应他人是
与贪婪完全相反。 其次,在经济领域,贪婪是
通常表示为即时消费 商品和服务。我抓住了我可以没有的东西
关心他人。但企业家必须 从保存开始,定义为放弃
消费实现长期目标。 通常需要数月,有时需要数年
向市场推出的新产品或服务。 此外,企业家必须合作
与他人一起,建立团队以实现他们的目标。 在设计他们的商品和服务时,
他们必须 – 再次 – 不要专注于他们的 自己的需要,但他人的需要。这个,
也是,与贪婪相反。 那么,企业家在寻求利润时会做些什么
远远超过自身利益。 相反,利润是衡量公司服务他人的程度的指标。在资本主义制度下,企业繁荣昌盛 只有客户自愿进行交易
输出。 而且只有改善其服务才能实现
其他企业可以蓬勃发展和成长。 如果企业家追求自己的利益
第一,他的客户利益第二, 他的生意会失败。迟早
一个利他主义的企业家将超越他。 因此,资本主义本质上是一场竞争
给予。当然,涉及自身利益。 但资本主义的天才,只有资本主义,
是它将自身利益引入利他主义。 企业家只能自助
帮助他人。 所有开始创业的人,以及
为此做出了巨大的牺牲,了解了这部剧 第一天:世界是否想要什么
我要给?是否是移民 开美容院或史蒂夫乔布斯卖
苹果电脑,成功远未得到保证。 事实上,恰恰相反。
那些勇敢的灵魂,企业家 谁是资本主义的心脏,谁
为我们带来我们享受的无尽物质利益 从ATM机到救生药
– 应该被钦佩,不要被拆除。 利他主义是资本主义存在的原因 为什么它仍然是文明的希望。 我是普拉格大学的乔治吉尔德。

  1. Venezuela did everything in Marx's communist manifesto, far better than any other socialist country, but it still failed. Capitalism is far from perfect, but it's the most effective system so far. Until we find a better way to do this, we're best off sticking with what works best.

  2. I started my first business as soon as I had my driver license. I retired decades before I was old enough for Socialism Insecurity. Capitalism and Free Enterprise is the only way to live free.

  3. Why socialism doesn't work? Because it strives and forces capitalists to be socialists inside it's system.

    Why capitalism works? Because it strives to vomit socialists for the parasitic baggages they are out of its system. Once outside its system, capitalists don't care whether it self destruct or get be utopian successful.

    Socialists can realize their utopia faster and in their lifetime if they just confine themselves to recruit people wired and just as fncked up as themselves. Is there a freakin scenario I'll be a socialist? Over my dead body. So in the event socialists rise to power, I'll be the first to be murdered in their ubiquitous purges after each of their power grabs.

  4. It does work! At least for Europe and North America. I think third world countries struggling to keep up and being exploited for their cheap labor in Asia, Africa, and South America love capitalism!

  5. How is this the only video that I googled which actually explains why capitalism works? Every other video just explains alternatives for capitalism which obviously doesn’t work.

  6. In which an old man confuses deferred gratification with altruism and immediate gratification with greed, and proceeds to build an entire argument based on this misunderstanding.

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