Why Capitalism and Socialism Need Each Other ❤️

you do not need to be an enlightened centrist to see the merits of both capitalism and socialism I think when people argue against either system usually the argument starts with well it only works on paper well it only works you know under perfect circumstances and nothing is perfect and it just kind of goes from there so the foundation of any argument against either system is that it has its merits like it always starts with that so why then is it such a debate why do we have people on either side screaming you have one side that's all like Venezuela oh dude and then you have another side that you know I'm not really sure what the Socialists do late-stage capitalism I have to work and it's slavery whatever so what's wrong with capitalism the system that we have mostly what's going on why is why does everybody say it's falling apart except for some of the people who don't say that well if you've been paying attention which you probably haven't profit margins are through the roof and you know what I want to take it I want to take a little aside here every article I tried to read about this talked about how capitalism is dying because technology is going to kill it there's automation there's robot workers gonna take all our jobs probably not gonna happen vastly overblown you know as much as I love hash tag yang gang my boy my dude we're probably not going to get to a point where it's just supplementary income and having dopamine and nutrients kind of just pumped into your body through a tube probably that aside if technology isn't gonna kill capitalism what's gonna kill capitalism the answer may surprise you it's capitalism the socialist types like to talk about how capitalism is just innately immoral or you know it's it's slavery it's whatever they're not talking about why it's not working necessarily as far as I've seen granted I follow idiots on Twitter but as far as I've seen the arguments are about the morality of capitalism and not the sustainability of capitalism or we can actually do to fix it and from a capitalists perspective they just believe that nothing is wrong and everything is should be in socialism is evil whatever and everybody's wrong and it pains me and nobody wants to out a goddamn I've complained enough here it's time for solutions I'm here to give you solutions me the important man who knows all the things and doesn't have a college degree on the surface if you look at a socialist policy something like you know funding public education or will say more relevantly funding higher education for your workers or supplementing income for families with new child births or whatever basically handouts pookie government handouts that the Conservatives talk about being so bad when you have any of those things it's not necessarily a bad thing or detriment to an economy because although it does increase the tax load on other people or maybe on you know the top 1% or whatever if we're lucky you know it gives us liquidity it gives people who don't have anything a chance to work to have something because you can work every person basically works you know the percentage of people who are on welfare not working it's really low everybody's pretty much out there working as much as they hate it God capitalism is slavery but everybody's working so it stands to reason that everybody should be buying things but there are certain thresholds that you can or cannot cross you know right now I personally I met a threshold where I'm making money I'm insured I can feed myself I Drive my car whatever but I just can't afford to move out like I'm almost there but I'm not there if I had a degree and I was a little more employable I could get there if I had you know any number of other things up you know national health care so I didn't have to have the job that gives me health care you know it would push me over that threshold and then suddenly I would go from being this guy who just sits around and drinks day-old starbucks Frappuccino off his desk to being the guy who is either making a payment on the house or paying rent or any of the other things that come with home ownership and you see where I'm going with this when people have money they spend money and the cycle continues and it's very popular among conservatives and Republicans and whatever and I used to believe this kind of thinking that when you do that that also burns out that's also unsustainable and that's true to an extent but only in this hyperbolic world where we are all living for the government and we just go get our government paychecks and whatever you know that doesn't exist right now we have too much capitalism and not enough socialism and it would only take just a little bit just a little tiny bit to push so many of us especially in our generation over that threshold to where we can really get a foothold in the world and we can just start spending money and preferably making more money you know that's a whole other side of the dispute you know but social programs and socialism as a whole in moderation are a great way to keep capitalism which is a great system from burning itself out they're not the antithesis they are not the antithesis of for fuck's sake at the end of the day capitalism and socialism aren't these opposites that can't exist with each other they're not mutually exclusive and in fact they really need each other to keep each other from burning out and right now we just need a little bit more socialism we don't need to be in a situation where we're frolicking in the streets collecting our government paycheck every week you know we're not going to be in the world that you know Fox News thinks we'll be in if we go to a system with more socialism we're just going to enable the working class to produce more increase that liquidity and just make some progress we're stagnant right now as an economy and it's all coming down and we're all gonna die which is why you should be saving as much money as possible with I don't have sponsor what the you think I did I do use honey though it's it's pretty good honestly like personally I I'm damaged so more specifically about socialism I think the things that would help most with getting the economy moving would be either universal health care my finger did you hear that that that cracked a real good universal health care and either supplemented or free college with maybe some loan forgiveness or something like that because those are the two things that are keeping our generation and maybe a generation before us down the most you take those burdens off and it's not necessarily that they are so burdensome that we can't afford to go live our lives it's that we're afraid to commit to something like a baby or home ownership because if if the rug gets ripped out from underneath us if we lose our job that gives us insurance if we lose our job that is paying for our student loans it's over at that point especially with student loans that follow you until death you know it's like it's over at that point and if you just take that stress out of the equation consumer confidence goes through the ceiling and that's really really really important so basically those two changes would probably make the biggest impact on our economy right now I think possibly I'm not an economist I'm just a guy who uh I'm a janitor I'm gonna clean up capitalism

  1. The argument that it is falling apart is because half the country makes 30k a year or less. Not much you can do to get ahead with that kind of money. 10% of the population owns 80% of the stock market. I'm not a socialism purity advocate but the current system is pretty fucked up.

  2. Joke or not
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