Why Are Violent Killers Almost Always Men?

[Music] last year there were over 300 mass shootings in the United States that’s almost one mass shooting for every day of the year so there’s something of a daily occurrence now making them about as notable as the rising or setting of the Sun if not for the terrible loss of life it can be hard to find a common thread amongst all the mass shootings motives can be varied and sometimes non-existent they can happen just as easily in a nightclub as an elementary school their timing is random and practically unpredictable but if we can count on anything in almost every case the shooter will be like me a male and if we expand our criteria to include all violent crime not just mass shootings which are comparatively rare men are still the number one perpetrators about 90% of all murders are committed by men this is true across cultures throughout history and all over the world we’re living on a planet where 50% of the population is liable to go nuts and kill a bunch of people at any moment so what’s going on here why do so many men become violent killers well it might be in our genes or our genes or it could be something much more insidious but first let’s talk about the many scientific benefits of castration in 1927 chemistry professor Fred C Koch had a lot of balls this was the University of Chicago and at the time Chicago was the hog butcher to the world stockyards covered much of its Southside and in addition to hogs they specialized in the dismemberment of all varieties of livestock consequently pretty much anybody could acquire all the animal appendages hides bones or viscera their heart desired given the right motivation as it were professor Koch had a lab full of castrated roosters that in a manner of speaking could use a healthy dose of motivation so he purchased 40 pounds of bull testicles Koch took these testicles and extracted a mysterious substance from them which when administered to a castrated rooster miraculously resurrected some semblance of the fowls former manhood what Koch had distilled from all those testicles was testosterone the primary male sex hormone it’s the catalyst that turns a perfectly good embryo into a potentially murderous male testosterone not only sparks the production of male sexual characteristics it can affect our bee and it is strongly associated with increased aggression that’s why roosters are castrated in the first place besides preventing them from knocking up all the hens in the chicken coop it makes them more docile less likely to start fights with other roosters and therefore less likely to commit the chicken equivalent of mass murder women have testosterone too just at much lower quantities men can have up to 20 times more of it coursing through our bodies and that might make all the difference if we look at a graph of the homicide rate between boys and girls the line is basically flat for both genders up until the age of 14 as it happens not many murders are committed by elementary school children but once we hit junior high something changes homicide rates skyrocket but only with boys the rate hardly changes for girls this is a worldwide phenomenon boys in Canada are just as likely to become violent killers as boys in Cambodia or Connecticut something happens to male children around the age of 14 that makes them more likely to kill this also happens to be around the time both sexes reached puberty but girls bodies aren’t being flooded with a magic murder potion of testosterone this would make violence just as much a male secondary sex characteristic as beards and deeper voices but the link between testosterone and increased aggression isn’t as straightforward as it might seem recent studies have shown that winning a competitive sporting event even one as seemingly restrained as chess can instigate the release of testosterone conversely losing can lower testosterone levels so in either case the level of testosterone is largely dependent on the behaviors men are already engaged not causing the behavior itself much like how our body releases adrenaline whenever we need to deadlift a Chevy Impala we might receive a surge of testosterone whenever we find ourselves in a situation that calls for a little aggression but the male proclivity for violence extends beyond our hormones it even extends beyond being human chimpanzees also exhibit male pattern violence they are the great apes closest to us on the hominid family tree and it’s best to keep their proximity entirely genealogical because adult male chimps are the ones most likely to tear your face off in the wild troops of male chimpanzees will band together and wage chimp sized turf wars with competing groups since we share a common ancestor with chimps there’s a good chance this shared aggressiveness was coated into both our species in the distant past via natural selection from an evolutionary perspective human males have acquired a couple characteristics that make them slightly better killers than our female counterparts for one we’ve got a little more upper-body strength in general which comes in handy if you spend your days cracking skulls with a club and if you look at the numbers men not only commit the most violence men are most often the victims of said violence in this way male humans might have evolved to fight and kill other male humans this is called the male warrior hypothesis which goes like this in prehistory male humans were in constant conflict with other tribes of male humans much like modern chimpanzees rival tribes fought over territory and resources so beating your neighbors to a bloody pulp could mean the difference between life and death so the stronger more violent males would acquire more resources this would in turn give their offspring a better chance of survival upping their reproductive Fitness and passing their extra aggressive male genes on to the next generation after a few thousand cycles of this soon you have an entire population of crackerjack murder machines violence and warfare are so common across the world and throughout history it can be considered a universal human trait like bipedal locomotion and oversharing yet historically wars have been almost exclusively started and fought by those afflicted with a y-chromosome this all kind of makes sense if you’re competing for hunting grounds with the most mammoths or the cave with the most curb appeal but evolution might even explain instances of random even seemingly self-destructive acts of violence like that we see in mass shootings generally evolution is all about reproductive fitness this means the more an organism reproduces the more of its genes will end up in the next generation but Fitness is relative if an organism can somehow reduce the reproductive fitness of its competitors decrease the chances those other genes are passed on his own reproductive fitness will be increased even without having any more offspring and so you can have instances where a single lone individual goes on a killing spree ending the reproductive abilities of anybody within clubs reach even ending his own reproductive future but coming out on top in an evolutionary sense if he has already passed on more of his genetic legacy than his hapless victims in the grand scheme such self-destructive and diabolically evil survival strategies can be an evolutionary advantage and therefore propagate throughout the species if this hypothesis is Right violence and aggression are hardwired into human males that makes assaults homicide and mass shootings a natural outcome of our evolutionary heritage so if that’s the case no man should ever be allowed to buy a gun I probably shouldn’t even have a driver’s license for the good of society anyone unlucky enough to be born with a Y chromosome should probably be incarcerated before they reach puberty better yet with the exception of a few lucky breeding studs most males should be castrated at birth like coax roosters anyhow if our behavior is so fixed then maybe men should be too but I’d prefer it if we didn’t have to do any of those things especially the last bit so if we aren’t natural-born killers then some outside force must be transforming men into killers so we must be the target of some insidious and underhanded influence campaign in other words we are being taught to be violent and again we can find an example of this in our primate brethren namely baboons baboons are not widely celebrated for their mild manners they have large powerful jaws adorned with exceptionally pronounced canine teeth packs of them have been known to hunt and kill prey as large as goats and sheep but they reserved much of their innate aggression for members of their own species baboon troops have a very hierarchical structure that hierarchy is maintained through systematic acts of intimidation and random violence like us male baboons will fight with each other for dominance or territory or resources even if those resources turn out to be rotten meat 20 years ago a particularly vicious troop of male baboons took control of a garbage dump in Kenya dubbed Forrest troop by researchers these baboons sported a gang of especially nasty alpha males even by baboon standards they maintained their dominance not only by quarreling with each other but by regularly attacking and bullying the younger weaker and lower ranking baboons in the troop they were real jerks if a lower ranking baboon was motivated enough he could fight and bully his way up the social ladder but he’d have to be just as mean as all the other alpha jerks so Forrest troop was perpetually in the grip of a rotating cast of abusive male thugs that was their system and had been that way ever since researchers had begun studying them they’re exceptionally aggressive behavior eventually one them control of a cornucopia of free food a human garbage dump of course the alpha males got first dibs on anything they found so when they came across a trove of leftover meat they gorged themselves leaving nothing for the rest of the troop unfortunately or fortunately depending on your place on the social ladder that meat had been infected with tuberculosis thus each and every one of those alpha jerks became sick and died without these uber aggressive baboons and power anymore a new social order was established in forest troop baboons are inherently aggressive animals so it wasn’t like they stopped beating up on each other but when members of the troop did engage in fights it was between individuals of equal standing the strong did not prey on the weak bullies weren’t allowed anymore this new code of conduct had been transmitted throughout the troop and maintained to this day even baboons who didn’t grow up in forest troop and were admitted into the hierarchy later in life adopted these comparatively hospitable customs in other words they were being taught they just needed the right role models this all suggests that male aggression and violence might be at least as much a product of our culture as our biology because in the right circumstances women could be just as violent as men female athletes exhibit just as much competitive and aggressive behavior as their male colleagues judges with two X chromosomes don’t dole out sentences less harsh than their male peers in fact they might be harsher female leaders will still go to war against each other and female generals will still drop battle plants and female soldiers will still kill the enemy and even though they are rare women can be mass shooters too in more egalitarian societies where there are more female role models at the top rungs of the social ladder in positions historically associated with aggressive typically masculine behaviors in other words societies with less gender inequality there tends to be less of a disparity in the rate of violent crimes committed by men and women so it’s not just 50% of the population that’s liable to go nuts and murder you it’s everybody male and female all of humanity has the potential to be a violent killer given the right motivation men just might need a little less motivation but that’s exactly what we’re doing strength courage and aggression are traditionally masculine traits our culture actively fosters these characteristics and men and lays them in women emotional vulnerability compassion and thoughtfulness are devalued even systematically discouraged look at the toys marketed to boys you will find a veritable arsenal of weaponry and battalions of muscle-bound action figures we want big strong men with guts who go with their gut men who speak softly and carry a big stick and shoot first and ask questions later these are the kind of men who become presidents and CEOs they are the rich and successful they are the alphas who occupy the upper echelons of the human hierarchy this makes aggression violence and masculinity all intricately tied to social status and power at least that’s what we’ve been taught so when men are fed violence and aggression at the expense of all other qualities masculinity can become just as toxic as that rotten meat that killed all those baboons and if violence is built into us if it’s an innate feature of the male persona then rewarding aggression in the various segments of society most likely to take it to the extreme might not be the greatest idea this is a little like throwing burning matches at a stick of dynamite you shouldn’t be surprised when it explodes but unlike our genes gender stereotypes don’t take millions of years of natural selection to evolve they aren’t fixed we can change what it means to be a man any time we want at any rate masculinity isn’t just about being a bloodthirsty warrior it includes being a protector provider and part-time pickle jar opener so it isn’t all bad in the perpetual turf war of what it means to be a man we can pick and choose which areas of masculinity we will fight for and which we will abandon on the garbage heap of history after all baboons did it so I like to think humans can do it too otherwise there’s always castration special thanks to our patreon patrons without you the good stuff just wouldn’t happen so if you like what we do here go on over to patreon comm slash the good stuff and become a supporter otherwise you can like and subscribe to this channel hit the notification bells so you know when the next video is coming out and I’ll be back in a couple weeks with a new video thanks for watching

  1. I'd been thinking about this video for a long time now. I'm pretty sure a mass shooting sparked my interest in the subject but there have been too many in the time since for me to remember exactly which one.

    But the biggest impetus to make this video came from the fact that I could not find a comprehensive overview of this issue. Sure, there are a handful of articles that tackle this subject but they mostly focus on one or two aspects of male aggression – usually testosterone or some bit of evolutionary theory. Nothing that summarized the whole subject.

    After all there are plenty of 10 minute videos about quantum mechanics or relativity. Why not one about male aggression?

    To be fair, it's a huge subject. Male aggression is probably the most studied human behavior in psychology. There is a lot of information out there about it. But it's spread across a dozen wikipedia pages and separated into an innumerable amount of psychology articles.
    For this, I wanted to gather up as much information as I could and try to fit it into a 10 minute video. A mostly impossible task.
    I had to leave a few things out. The neurological differences between men and women was one. Brain scans tend to show some slight differences between men and women but it's hard to tell if those differences in neural architecture are due to innate physiological differences or a result of divergent upbringing.

    The Male Warrior Hypothesis and the evolutionary origins of mass killings come from a field of psychology called Evolutionary Psychology – which I find endlessly interesting. It investigates how natural selection might have influenced our behavior. But it's a controversial field. Usually when you're studying evolution, you look for evidence in the fossil record but behavior doesn't fossilize. So there's the argument that some theories in Evolutionary Psychology are too speculative and lack true scientific evidence. Others argue that human psychology is too malleable to be influenced by evolutionary forces that might have happened hundreds of thousands, even millions of years ago. And sometimes it can seem as though Evolutionary Psychology is excusing certain types of gross behaviors by making them just as natural to the human makeup as eye color and handedness.

    Anyway, whenever I tried to investigate this subject, I found myself searching for an article that didn't really exist. Something that gave a broad overview of the current state of knowledge on this topic. After a while, I realized I'd have to be the one to create it. So I did.

  2. Just because 90% of a crime is committed by men does not mean we are free to go berserk at any time and kill a bunch of people as you straight up told everyone
    Edit: time stamp 0:50

  3. From the beginning with the bit on testostorone I thought you were implying that I was going to possibly be a killer. Because as a woman I have had extra T through my puberty and formative years. Which I would get pissed easier, but I never thought about killing anyone. But I think it was important to take it from the aspect then of psychology. There's a reason more men have ASPD than women, how they grow up often determines their behaviours, how they are socialized.

  4. If male aggression, fortitude, and ambition wasn’t a thing we would still be living in thatch topped huts.

  5. Red pill people or alt-right people said they want to take off the women rights to vote or be in politics they're don't understand they contradict themselves if some gander needs to take off the right to vote is the men not women by using the same facts biological…so shut the fuck up and be grateful

  6. It's coded via natural selection and in humans the combination of concealed estrus and hegemonic mate selection (usually after watching the males compete), makes women the genetic Vanguards of the species. They rather effectively I might add, selected for the men who could protect them and the children when they were most vulnerable — and who could create the infrastructure (the creche, the society) within which procreation could succeed.
    Chemically it's the testosterone that we "see".
    Psychologically it's what's called Trait-Agreeableness. It's the character dimension of caring, compassion, going with the flow, capitulation, not rocking the boat. Women as a group factor high in it — all in response to the rigors of the prolonged care necessary for human children while their very large brain (which women also selected for) finishes developing. Women's bodies have already reached the limit of pelvic arch size without compromising their ability to run away from predators. And even then the baby's skull needs to be to some degree collapsible to fit — which then leaves a prolonged period of physical brain/skull development and complex cognitive development. Women needed men who could build a safe place for this to happen, and deal with the Huns if they came a-pillaging in the middle of supper.
    Men as a group factor low in Trait-Agreeableness which makes them more likely to be assertive, competitive, physically aggressive, less likely to back down, more likely to rock the boat. And this lapses far more easily into what our society now classifies as crime.

    But another dynamic to consider of late. Toxic feminism has for a lot of years pushed a theory of inherent male toxicity. Even as young as grade-school boys are told their base nature (selected for by eons of women) is now suddenly "broken" or "toxic" and their only redemption is in going against their base nature and "feminizing".
    You can only be told your base state is to be toxic so many times before you withdraw and start to believe it. There is also genetic pre-disposition in males to please the females (for reasons that become more obvious after puberty). So the poor young boy is caught in a conundrum: To fulfill one aspect of their genetic programming (please the women) they have to deny another aspect of their base nature. They are essentially told (by teachers at our expense, and more militant fem mothers) that they must be duplicitous. And this wears on a boy.
    And then comes the rush of testosterone and all that that entails. They are still told by the overbearing women that aggressive sports are barbaric, that competition is unfair unless everyone receives a trophy, that violent video games are neanderthal . . . and in a very small percentage of young men it is too much and they just snap.

    Which is NOT saying they should not bear some responsibility for their actions. But the "compassion" side of feminism is not doing it's job to ask how the boys might have ended up with an automatic weapon in their hands, a deep sense of frustration, no male competency in dealing with their raging hormones, and a pile of bodies in front of them.
    Because there's equal or perhaps even greater responsibility there in totally botching the way boys were traditionally raised to deal with the reality that were persistent for the past, say, 190 million years of evolution?

    So what caused all of this to change in just the past 60 years or so?? (That's another story that "liberated" animus-possessed women don't want to hear!)

  7. It's disappointing that the video tends to not mention the female role/responsibility in natural selection that produced today's classic male traits.

  8. Toxic Masculinity.I think males are raised to be tough give a fake gun as opposed to a baby doll which girls are taught to take care of.

  9. Because society has this weird notion that women aren’t violent and for the longest time poison was undetectable oh and because it’s been a short time since women didn’t employ a man to kill on their behalf without getting called out herself
    that and a few other things like the way the law is structured for a woman killing children

  10. Remember everyone
    Women can hire hitmen
    Poison used to be undetectable and most female serial killers killed children IN THEIR CARE

  11. You forgot to mention that 80% of those mass shootings were done by White American males. Toxic masculinity is bad for everyone involved, but there's issues happening in the white male community no one likes to address

  12. To end violence, castrate men psychologically and/or physically is the message that comes out of this video while it wasn't even only that.
    Go to the point, you can do better

  13. '50% of the population is liable to go nuts and kill a bunch of people at any moment.'

    Really? REALLY? Most men will never kill, rape, assault or otherwise physically harm another individual in their entire lives. The question is not 'why are most violent killers men', the question is 'why are most men not violent killers?' Personally, I think I am a truly remarkable creation of modern civilization and self-will, because I frequently conjure up murderous situations in my mind BUT I DON'T ACT UPON THEM.

    Psychological abuse, however, now that's another thing. It's everywhere. And women are absolutely brilliant at it. As my father once said, 'they put the stiletto in your neck so smoothly that you hardly even notice it until you roll over and capitulate.'

    Perhaps all this talk of male violence is simply one more cunning method of distraction as they sink the stiletto in.

    Think about it.

  14. As a woman I understand this is a very broad generalization. I just hope feminists don't take this video too strongly.

  15. People when women are getting jailed for miscarriages: :p
    People when a person on the internet jokes about castration: >:(((((((((!!!

  16. I'm so tired of humans thinking that because we're "intelligent" that we are exempt from things like gender specific behavior. We are animals, we have instinct and innate behavioral patterns. I once raised a kitten who's mom and siblings were dead all together when I found it, guess what, it still meowed.

  17. Is there a reason for why one of the biggest co factors i.e. poverty and income inequality for violent behaviour was not reviewed in this video? As in if only a very small percentage of the male population in the world commit murder and a significant proportion of them are predominantly from an economically poor background. Why is this item not raised as one of the main cofactors that causes this behaviour more likely to occur? As a result I can only conclude that this is a bit of niche perspective that requires more of the cofactors to be explored before you can come to any conclusions as to what can cause men to become murderers.

  18. I think the problem with the violence and how the majority of killers are men is how men are socialized and brought up . If this was due to biology then all men would run around all day destroying things – but they aren't. The majority of men often have trouble expressing their emotions (except for anger… guess why…) but only a small percentage that is easly influenced and have a bad upringing will turn violent – which then makes up the majority of criminals. It is how they are socialized. Men get taught from the early days to suck up their feelings and that they need to display dominance towards other men – this is also the reason why men are at higher risk to get murdered since they get into fights more often and at a higher risk for suicide (heck, men are even more at risk to get raped by another male than a woman…) Yes – the peoblem IS in fact the thrown around buzzword toxic masculinity. To lower crime rates we need to teach men on how to cope with their problems and emotions in a healthy non-violent way and also give them good and positive male role models in school & kindergarten. TV and Movie shows for men are almost always action centric with a lot of violence because that's what society defines as "manly" which isn't a good role model for young men. There is nothing wrong with the biology of women & men – this is a societal problem on which we need to work on and that is largely rooted in the old fashioned gender roles which harms both genders. Women are brought up completely different than men that is why they moreso often turn their anger inwards toward themselves. There is also the bad coping mechanism of substance abuse (people "drinking away their feelings" or taking drugs to ignore their problems) which both genders perform alike. Ofc there are also men with eating disorders (they are on the rise) and women who turn violent but we are talking about the majority here.

    High testosterone or difference in hormone levels don't mean anything – you are not your hormones and definetly not a violent screeching ape. You are an intelligent human being that has the control of making decisions consciously for himself – but those decisions get influenced by society and your upbringing and this is why we need to change the negative influence to a positive and healthy one.

  19. i haven’t watched the video yet, but i’ve never seen men as the killers, more of what has happened to them. men and boys nowadays can get pushed around by sexism, which some women don’t even realize happen. if they were abused as a kid or something, they will have a higher chance of being violent, and this goes for any gender. imma watch the video now just to make sure this is sometimes relevant.

  20. It seemed like the first half of the video was intended to be incendiary which really did it a disservice a ton of people I'd wager left a negative comment and a dislike before he started talking about socialization hell since I was only listening (I was driving) I began to question the message of the video until I stopped and looked at the time scrubber and saw the video wasn't even half finished so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and kept listening and I'm glad I did I'm not surprised the point flew over a ton of people's heads but they need to at least listen to something like this in its entirety before passing any judgement on what the creator is trying to say

  21. Has nobody ever noticed that MOST historical events and wars were caused and executed by men? Y’all the real dramas queens

  22. It's always sad to see so many thumbs-down on something well-reasoned and well-researched; I suspect the pink background and mere mention of castration led to a lot of assumptions and immediate judgments as to where this was going. Even the phrase "toxic masculinity" has become a lightning rod, but only due to willful distortion. Your effort to convey thoughtful information despite facing a barrage of "dislikes" and what will surely be a lot of (ironically!!) bloodthirsty comments is to be commended. Thank you!

  23. not in the case of yandere chan. She is a female mass-murderer and her targets are mostly only girls. (unless you switch the gender of the rivals)

  24. Well that's why some of the boys in my classroom have gotten so aggressive. They hit doors, desks, shout😂

  25. 50% of the population isn’t responsible for the majority of crime you retard. It’s only a small percentage of people responsible for the violence. Quit making such hasty generalizations for once, you low-T cuckold.

  26. 0:34 Youtube offices shooting wants to know your location

    Yes, there was a shooting at the Youtube offices. And the shooter was female.

  27. To anyone who is impatient to see the end, it basically says that a reason why this happens is because of culture and how men are raised, the main reason being toxic masculinity. Women are mostly raised to be compassionate and loving so it's harder for them to commit such crimes, but men have it easier because of all the "man up" lessons they're given through life. And we need to change that!

  28. i don’t like the theory that men are biologically wired to be killers. it feels like an excuse for violent behavior that is most definitely learned.

  29. You didnt even study the mass shooters and try to find a link, you just focused on their gender alone and went on some conspiracy-theory rant until you came full circle and just blamed it on the testosterone and society influences.

  30. It worries me how some of you clearly didn’t watch to the end before getting triggered, and never listened properly to what he said before you took it wrong and went on a rant. Let me clear a bit up:
    – he said a majority of killers are male, not that the majority of males are killers. Learn the difference.
    – he did include the female capacity to act the same with violent tendencies, therefore this is not whatever man-hating shit you think it is.
    – the social impact of how we perceive masculinity is explained excellently which actually explains this violence in favour of men, it’s not their fault how they’re raised.

    Watch the video thoroughly before you get triggered.

  31. FALSE, There were NOT 300 mass shootings las year, not even close. Thats an example of political correctness. Let me explain, The media or government or who ever calls everything a mass shooting that includes even accidental gun fire, and includes incidences where no-one was even killed, and then gets politically classified as a mass shooting. This is allowed because there no official definition of a mass shooting, so that word is often thrown around to support a political agenda or get views or make for good or not so good conversation. Let me be clear though however, Im not downing this channel or claiming that The Good Stuff is trying to lie or spread false information, But i thing we can all agree that the term mass shooting is through around in false pretense and used wrong not knowing that there may have been what people actually think is only a few "Mass Shootings".

  32. One thing that would be interesting, if not pertinent, to add to this is trans men. They go from little testosterone to a lot of it. How are their aggressive tenancies?

  33. If a feminist made this video… I'm surprised there isn't any death threats now. A guy did the same thing over a few years ago in Ted x talk. Taking about how he's dad didn't like to hold his wife's hand and male toxic stuff. death threats. nothing but it.

  34. Good video, but that statistic you used in the first ten seconds wasn't a good one. If you look at what that site uses to define a mass shooting it's kinda shaky.

  35. This story of the baboons was not told accurately. After the old males died from eating the poisoned meat, IT WAS THE FEMALES that took over and ran the tribe. Suddenly all the baboons began to share food and cooperate with each other. When the terrorizing stopped, life under the female baboons became much more pleasant. Whenever a new young male joined the tribe and tried to become boss, he was made to understand that this tribe did not work that way. New young males were socialized to treat other baboons with kindness.

  36. Everyone is categorized into three category.
    Aggressive, neutral and passive. Passive one just has better tolerance against anger and find it hard to go violent route.

  37. This is a very simplistic, misleading and aggressive approach to a very important and complex issue. Thumbs down.

  38. tl;dr Forest Troop ate soy, started to lactate, and failed to thrive. They're now extinct due to beta maleness.

  39. Men were not so nearly so violent against each other and governments had balanced budgets before the sexual revolution. The fruits of the sexual revolution are coming home to roost.
    Most incels want love and appreciation more that sex. Incels exist because they have no social confidence, they have no social confidence because they can not confide in their ability to meet their long term pre-socio-sexual survival needs(safety, food, water, shelter), and they are not able to meet those survival needs because they are paying the taxes for all of the poor sexual choices of average degenerate woman and bad boys. By removing this unfair burden from incels and placing it rightfully back on the shoulders of those legitinately privileged individuals who create such societal liabilities, it would allow incels to quickly become confident and attractive men that can find love, which is a good thing because as more and more men identify as incels and are unable to find love, they will certainly find hate. Then they become suicidal, homicidal, and eventually macro-political genocidal.

    Show me a man who takes by force what he wants from women and I'll show you 10 women who vote to take by force what they want from men. Show me a grave created by patriarchy and Ill show you an entire graveyard created by feminism/communism.
    "Any society that negates the role of the father in the voluntarily marriage contract from decent civilization building men and replaces it with a involuntary centralized welfare state will not remain civilized for long."

    “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. “Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does.” They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.”
    ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Women don't let their kids vote in their house,
    But we let women vote in ours?
    Women like stupid "bad boys",
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
    The West is doomed.
    Enjoy the decline…

  40. That's a lot of talk about castration bud, so who's gonna give that a try and not get smoked in the first five minutes?
    Anyone who thinks to castrate human males would be a good practice needs some time on the cross.

    I think it's idiotic for people to tell boys they can't cry or show emotion, to be strong, don't hit "girls", that boys will be boys, because it's unfair and horrible to teach boys those behaviors at such a young age and their parents, are like "WHY IS MY KID SO BAD?" BECAUSE YOU'RE TRYING TO TEACH THEM TO BE EMOTIONLESS JERKS!

    Sorry for getting extremely worked up about that but, my parents do that with my little brother and I think it's important for guys to be who they want without being obsessed with being manly and strong because people would tell them these things! DX

  42. Now do Why the greatest geniuses are Almost Always Men? Einstein ,Copernic , Michelangelo , Ford ,Tesla ,Edison. without them no electricity , no light , no cars, no planes ,no hot water or cold water in house , no toilet etc… all the comfort we got today is because of men .Think about it .

  43. Toxic Masculinity doesn't exist or may be in gender studies for soy boy and feminazi. George Orwell : We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. Men can only be highly civilized while other men, inevitably “rough men”, are there to guard and feed them.

  44. You notice it in male dogs and horses when they are castrated, they are so much better. There are so many male prisons, rather than female. We do need to discuss why this is happening.


  46. the humorous hyperbole throughout this video is hilarious 😂😂😂
    "like bipedalism and oversharing"

  47. the real reason why men are more likely to commit crimes is because men are treated worse than women! and have less freedom!
    taking away more freedoms would make it worse don't you people understand!also castrating men would kill all humans even women!balls also make sperm which is used to make babies!like if you agree.

  48. Maybe men are better equipped for combat (and tend to using violence more often), because if a tribe looses a bunch of men, the tribe can still produce as many children as before, and this is not the case for loosing a bunch of women.
    So men do most of the stuff that can get you killed, like fighting of lions and opening jars.

  49. Good video but next time you gotta get to the point and use less sarcasm cuz people aren’t going to get it lmao.

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