Why Anarcho-Capitalists Aren't Anarchists!

[Applause] so-called anarcho-capitalists are not anarchists even a little bit let me be really clear here I'm not offering that as a criticism of endcaps necessarily burritos corgis steve buscemi none of these things are necessarily anarchist in nature but they're all universally beloved not everything needs to be anarchist all the time that's okay I do think and caps should be criticized and I think their ideology is wack as all hell but that is not the focus of this video I'm just here to explain why they're not anarchists that's all along the way I might make fun of them a little bit because it's hard for me to talk about this toilet ideology without showing my contempt for it part one what do these words mean anarchism is a spectrum of ideologies that are opposed to unjustified hierarchies be they political social economic or any other axis of oppression that people invent the term was coined to describe oneself politically by pierre-joseph poonhound and meaning without Arcos meaning rulers and why meaning make the word sound cooler capitalism is an economic system typify by these three things one private control of the means of production that's a hierarchy two free exchange of goods and services on the market three wage labor that's also a hierarchy it sucks anarcho-capitalism is the belief that the state should be dismantled but capitalism should somehow be maintained which they think would would work they believe everyone should follow the non-aggression principle which basically means you shouldn't initiate or threaten to initiate violence against someone or their property part two how are these things related and caps and real actual anarchists believe that the state is illegitimate and should be dismantled though they share this conclusion they both arrived at it from very different reasoning and those differences make their goals mutually exclusive anarchists believe the state is illegitimate because it's a hierarchy that does not meet the burden of proof required to justify its existence they don't like for example how states are always doing genocides and bound to the needs of a slim minority of rich perverts at the expense of everyone else anarchist praxis tends to revolve around taking shit from rich perverts and giving it to people who need it fighting systems designed to prevent a pressed folk from being in control of their own lives and violating the non-aggression principle all over a Nazis face and caps believe the state is illegitimate because it interferes with the operation of the market the state prevents Adam Smith's invisible hand from guiding us all to laissez faire heaven as it would definitely do if the state just got out of the way even though the state is necessary for capitalism the function also they believe the taxation is theft and boy do they want to tell you about it their praxis tends to revolve around protecting property rights and making absolutely sure that people who own shit get to keep it even if that mad sucks for everybody else you own the only well in town well sucks for all those thirsty chumps that's your property and you earned it fair and square by inheriting it from someone else who built it and maintained it with the help of all the people you now prohibit from using it and caps believe that all rights derive from property rights the reason you have a right to autonomy over your own body is because you own yourself and you're allowed to do whatever you want with yourself even sell yourself which I guess if you sold yourself the money that you get wouldn't belong to you anymore because you don't belong to you following from this position their reasoning is that if property rights are not protected no human rights are possible so while we may share a disdain for the government anarchist and endcap ideologies are not compatible part three but what if they're the real anarchists and you're fake anarchists pretending to be anarchists but they're the real ones remember proud hound the first person to call themselves an anarchist he was rather fond of the saying property is theft anarchists tend to agree because allowing property to be owned privately inevitably results in the accumulation of property by the few at the expense of the many that's an economic hierarchy my dude hierarchies have rulers you can't subscribe to without rules ISM if you want rulers even if you think those rulers deserve to rule it's still ruler Dingling and caps are quick to assure us that in the absence of the state all agreements would be made between voluntary free actors for some reason so while it's a hierarchy it's not coercive like it is when the government wants you to vaccinate your children except like if the alternative to accepting an exploitative agreement is starvation as has been the case for most people whenever unregulated capitalism rears its ugly head that's you know a little coercive maybe you know not all that materially distinguishable from state violence also vaccinate your kids guys it's you're gonna get smallpox and I like I don't agree with with with what you say but I will defend to my death your right not to get smallpox part 4 you sir are biased yes that's true I don't much care for ancap ISM and I do very much like anarchism and I want to kiss Peter Kropotkin in that beautiful broom face of his so let's hear it from Murray Rothbard oh god did I did I say that Murray Rothbard is the libertarian economist who you might recognize from those Six Flags commercials the dude who pretty much invented in Arco capitalism once said we are not anarchists and that those who call us anarchists are not on firm etymological ground and are being completely unhidden something I guess that's pretty gross par 5 I'm not any kind of anarchist why should I care about any of this why'd you click on the video I think it's fair to say I have some misgivings about ancap ISM but my objection to them being called anarchists is not simply because I disagree with them or I don't like them it's because their ideology is not that thing they're more like turn-of-the-century Liberals than anarchists which is probably why they stole the word libertarian because it sounds kind of liberally and liberal was taken well I mean I guess libertarian was taken to by anarchists but who cares about anarchist you can take anarchist words nobody minds probably part of the reason and caps want to co-opt the term is to get into anarchist spaces and drown us out our beliefs present a threat to theirs or I guess they would if anyone took our beliefs seriously and I find that a little galling I don't like the idea that groups who don't like my ideas are trying to make them more difficult to talk about or conceive of but changing the meaning of words to suit their agenda it would be Orwellian if it was being done by the state or by smart people but it's actually being done by supplement chugging econ 101 anime avatars so it's just kind of irritating also by the way you can't have capitalism without the state because that's the state and police in the military there's no way to protect property from the collateral force of the working class in fact hey I got a little I got a little worked up and I'm sorry about that thank you for watching my video I hope you liked it if you did please hit like and subscribe there's another video about political correctness that you can watch that was the other video I did you can watch that one

  1. I feel like there are two types of An-Caps. Naive ones who don't realize capital is a representation of heirarchy, and the ones who just want Social-Darwinism to be able to starve the poor to death

  2. Anarchism in origin was socialist, the ancaps are just johnny come lately's who are not rooted to anarchism.

  3. So you think if some dude has more than other dudes, than those other dudes are justified in taking that one dudes stuff in order to balance it out?

    You don't actually believe this. The fact you have a computer and internet to make and post this video proves you believe your property should be protected from people who have much less than you. Some homeless dude out there is dying from lack of food because you have not sold your computer and bought him food, you greedy capitalist pig.

    But aside from the hypocritical nature of this video even existing.

    The thing you are missing is if you believe groups of people should be able to 'redistribute' property however they see fit, this essentially turns it into a physical dominance hierarchy. In absence of a police force to enforce the NAP and defend peoples property, what is to stop the largest alpha male from barging in, beating down all the men, raping all the women and stealing all the resources? That is the way things were for thousands of years when we were tribal. Statistics show that up 60% of men were murdered by other men in our tribal eras. Other statistics showed that in a village of 100 people, on average it was only about 4 men who fathered all children. The truth is, we cannot exist without hierarchy. You have two choices. Either you can have physical dominance hierarchy where everything goes to the strongest alpha male. Or we create an organization that removes physical dominance as a source of merit, AKA the police enforcing the NAP, then let society organize itself via means that don't rest on physical dominance. Which tends to end up moving to an economic hierarchy.

    In the context you define I would say your logic is sound. But the notion humanity can exist without hierarchy is a fantasy. It just is not possible. We have two choices. Physical Dominance Hierarchy or Economic Hierarchy. Ultimately the Economic Hierarchy does empower more people than the physical dominance hierarchy where the biggest baddest alpha male kills all the weaker males and rapes all the women. So in this manner, in terms of the ideal that anarchists in general want, which is individual empowerment, the way in which we can manage to get the most of that is through economic hierarchy. Which I think getting rid of the state entirely is problematic, which is why I defer to a minimal state, and simply Laissez Faire Capitalism. Which is why I say Laissez Faire Capitalism is as anarchist as a nation can possibly get, because it is the form of hierarchy which manages to be the least oppressive to individual freedom, and existing without hierarchy is a fantasy.

  4. Ancaps don't promote slavery as slavery is achieved by force and it thus violates their ancap Non-Aggression-Principle.

  5. Did you know that Murray Rothbard believed that kids can be bought and sold because the parents own them. I don't rememer the exact quote but it's in that one socialism or barbarism video on ancaps.

  6. "I don't like that our terms are being deliberately confused by our enemies to harm our cause." But in other videos don't you advocate, along with much of the real Left, controlling public opinion and perception via subverting and propagating your preferred narratives? I will not be a shepard.

  7. Why would anyone prioritize an abstract principle of "free market" above the concrete needs of people


    if you profit from the free market.

  8. How can one explicit point out Hoppe in the video but forget to read it long enough to realize that one cannot sell oneself. One's body is inalienable and therefore can't be sold. And moat of the other stuff is so wrong is so many levels, not saying that I know everything, but the arguments can be debunked by simply reading one or two Hoppe/Rothbard books. Saying that force public military is needed to protect peivate property?!

  9. Anarcho-capitalists several years back used to be okay just a little misguided. I don't agree with them but ancaps used to focus a lot on attacking "corporatism" and would criticize big corporations for their collusion with the state. I could stand behind this sentiment even though they didn't understand that the corporations were just doing what capitalists do and could care less of how statist they become as long as their profits are protected. But now I've noticed in recent years an authoritarian shift within anarcho-capitalism in which some ancaps now support outright fascism. You see this now with ancaps praising Pinochet, claiming anarcho-capitalism is only possible in a white population, and attacking anarchists as commies worthy to be killed because "commies are not human". Ancaps were not like this years ago but something within that movement has definitely changed.

  10. "Abolishment of all unjust hierarchies" which is subjective. Sooo just because an-caps have a hierarchy in their system doesn't mean they arent anarchist. Unless ur going on the word brake down thing, then yeah gas em lmao xddd

  11. Two questions:
    1: What is said burden of proof in the justification of a hierarchy? That's a key aspect of the argument that, left undefined, offers an easy counter.
    2: What's the name of the real actual anarchist at 2:00 ?

  12. It's hard not to view people who consider taxation to be theft as a group of people who enjoyed the benefits of taxation throughout their entire lives but now that they're old enough that they have to actually contribute, they don't wanna, they wanna stomp their feet and not pay their dues and gosh dang it they're gonna hold their breath until you let them have that new Barbie doll MOM.

  13. Someone explained in this simple but profound way:
    Anarchy is the political result of freedom.
    Capitalism is the economical result of freedom.
    Far from being an oxymoron, Anarcho-Capitalism is a redundancy.

  14. Anarchy just means No Rulers. Just like monarchy means ruled by one person, Anarchy means ruled by no one.

  15. 6:31 that is a fake quote. It was made to be a joke just like every other fake quote floating around the internet.

  16. Unregulated capitalism has never happened. Starvation happens under pure communism. Communism is evil. WHAT THE F*CK DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS?!

  17. “The state is necessary for capitalism to function”
    Capitalism existed before government so ur argument is invalid. Also the state is actually required for communism to function so you have basically disproved yourself.


    Rick himself is an ancap.
    Also i will respond to your r&m reference with another one.
    *talking to ancoms and to the state *
    “You’re both pieces of sh*t and i can prove it mathamatically”

  19. Ancaps are the ONLY real anarchists. Capitalism is the only societal structure that does not require a state.

    Also anarchism does not mean no heirarchies or no rules. It is derived from the greek words an (no) and archon (rulers). The direct definition is no rulers. Therefore ancaps are still anarchists.

  20. Random question but when it comes to punching nazi's, this ii as far as it goes right. Im a left leaning liberal so i just finding out if anarchist plan on sensoring more than just fascists.

  21. You leftists are hilarious.
    "someone owning something means government!"
    "btw my utopia is anarchy, no government, just a bunch of people forcing others to give their stuff to other people!"

  22. One of my friends is an ancap. He's actually a really smart person, I think he's just naive about how much humans like being above other humans.

  23. Its funny that this is explained by such a retared non fresh looking character. He would be eliminated in an-cap very early on

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