Why Am I an Anarchist

  1. depresyondayım, bu yeni bir şey değil her zaman olan bir şey gerçi ve gelip bunu dinliyorum hahah çevremde ölesiye yaşamı seven insanlar varken kendimin neden böyle olduğunu düşünmek, intihar ettiğimi öğrendiğinde ailemin yüzünü düşlemek hepsi gerçekten mükemmel hahah ve anarşizm beni bu hale sistemin getirdiğini söyleyip beynimi kandırmamı sağlıyor teşekkürler anarşizm

  2. Well isn't it the same if there is a government or not? For the problem is that human characteristics will be there no matter what the system is. Abiding by whoever dies with the most toys wins.

  3. i am an anarchist because to this day not one person has been able to justify the existence of the state.

  4. The people itself the army, by armed citizen-soldiers, as in Switzerland (pueblo en armas in Cuba, Venezuela and by the spanish anrachists), and itself the governement by direct parliamentarism.

  5. It is your right as a living being to be free and your obligation to maintain the balance of the world so as no other being is lesser than you and is not free. Capitalism and capital are illusions of power

  6. Property and Capitalism is the essence of freedom. It is your right as a human being to acquire property and capital.

  7. Well, "landless" sort of explains it all there. Not hard to expect a bunch of people with no power to start with, to be largely left alone. Particularly if they don't own or control anything to start with, which of course also makes them irrelevant. As far as "Zapatistas" who the hell are they? I think I made my point, but thanks for helping me make it.

  8. blah, blah, blah. The landless workers' movement has had a massive egalitarian movement since 1984, still no one has "taken command" and power. The Zapatistas have had an egalitarian structure since 1994. Still no one's taken over.

  9. (part 2) You would be better off grasping the old Roman Imperial philosophies, with all it's flaws it worked with few changes for many hundreds of years. This anarchy you are talking about will only last until someone figures out how to command ANY degree of power over the people around them. Then your concept instantly begins to fall apart. You are up against human nature pal, and all the social engineering in the world hasn't been able to change human nature. So good luck.

  10. I am not saying the concept hasn't been formed into a political theory, clearly it has otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. What I am saying is it is a foolish, and not entirely honest political theory, concocted by myopic, self-serving, biased, quasi-revolutionaries that would probably be ok with it if this country turned into ANYTHING except what it is today. It is a poor substitute for having a legitimately time tested, and proven philosophy that has been shown to work over time

  11. You are being so ridiculous. It is it really that hard to grasp that anarchism is a political theory? And that people's ignorance of this theory does not mean it cannot be used in such a way? That being said there's plenty of people that use anarchism appropriately. If you can't see this you are delusional.

  12. I have no ignorance of anarchy, and I am completely familiar with it's definition. What I am saying to you is your "political" differential definition of the term is nothing more than a disingenuous "cover" for leftist extremism. In short, it is little more than propaganda. Probably why I have never heard any REAL people refer to anarchy in any other way than lawlessness and chaos. The only people who embrace the political concept are disenfranchised liberal socialists and communists.

  13. Don't project your own ignorance of anarchy and anarchism unto society at large. You can readily find extensive explanations of anarchism. It first attained a political-theoretical meaning in Proudhon's What is Property? And was further developed by the likes of Bakunin and Kropotkin.
    Anarchy as a political theory advocates free association and egalitarianism. Anarchy as 'apolitical' describes a situation of lawlessness and chaos.
    Now someone's explained it to you, no excuses.

  14. Anarchists do not believe in the loss of all personal property, just private property. An-caps are retards.

  15. Well, whatever that means. Funny I have never once read anything about, or had anyone attempt to explain to me precisely what this "political" meaning is, and/or how it differs from it's traditionally understood apolitical definition.

  16. Anarchy has an 'apolitical' definition of chaos, but since 1850s it has attained a political meaning as well.

  17. Well, I am no statist. i believe people should be free to choose for themselves WHICH system they would like to live under WITHOUT being forced one way or the other. However, people cannot simply redefine words whenever they feel like it so they can be in control of all the debate of a given issue. In this case the concept of anarchy. Anarchy is chaos by commonly accepted definition. It is society without law or order. I think if you want to live like that fine. Forcing others to is wrong.

  18. All these statists THINK they want a government…. sounds a bit condescending huh.
    Anarchism is not contrary to law, it's not chaos. An anarchist system would be very similar to the governing system of the Zapatistas in Mexico or the Landless Workers' Movement in Brazil: egalitarian, mediation between conflicting parties, grassroots, customary law.

  19. I am a Socialist and agree with most, only I have a passion for cars. I like busses and Trams too but i disagree with banishing the cars. We can also runn them of other things than crude oil and we can build electric cars out of conventional ones for our own needs.

  20. They have not done a good job at maintaining anything, besides themselves. the day the system falls is the day we really start to live.

  21. All these anarchists THINK they want anarchy. They THINK the government is the ultimate bad guy. And they THINK that life would be better without all the people telling other people what to do. Unfortunately, what little bit of freedom and comfort we DO have, is precisely because we have a government, that for the most part, if nothing else, has done a good job of maintaining order. Most of these pro-anarchy folks wouldn't last a week in the barbarism that would ensue, should the system fall.

  22. I personally am a communist, which is the other way of achieving equality and liberty, capitolism is the system that creates the most rebellious kids, Che Guevara was born into a wealthy middle class familyAll great revolutionaries have been inspired by breaking the chains (the chains are situations mostly in capitolist countries) cuba russia france america even was fought by communists socialists and anarchists, why? all 3 are equality based systems where the only control on the 99% is the 99%

  23. Anarchy is defined as a society system, or rather lack of system, people would claim thuings like shelter and food and all that just because there is no government doesnt mean it would be fallout 3 if the grid shut off and the system dissolved yes, there would be some rioting and looting, but it wont last people would either die playing madmax or settle a ranch and some crop farms we band together and its the greed does this you will get more food if you help grow more, simple survival instinct

  24. You people love you're titles uh? Wonder how much time the world has burned on debating simply what to title something?

  25. If you define anarchy as absence of property, then left-anarchy is anarchy. If you define anarchy as absence of government, then both systems are anarchy. If you define anarchy as a system of property without government, then ancapitalism is anarchy. If you start with three, add four, and subtract two, then you get five.

  26. Because monopoly or exclusive property requires violence to be maintained. Capitalism has always required violence to be enforce. Despite it's claims. Hence it is a scam.

    Viva y salud!

  27. Except that in the normative sense, anarchism is anti-markets. If 'anarchism' describes anything it is workers; unions opposed to markets. The overwhelming majority of anarchist organisations have been anti-market. Organisation such as Spanish CNT/CGT, the Australian IWW, the Bolivian FOL, the Mexican CGT, the Uruguayan FAU/OPR-33, the South African ISL/IWA, the Hunan Workers' Association, the Eastern Anarchist League, the Black Flag Alliance, Ghadr , the Bulgarian FAKB, etc…

    Viva y salud!

  28. Or it will. Care to explain why stateless socialism, AKA anarchism will not deal with the problems described?

    Viva y salud!

  29. This would depend on whether we think contracts are ever binding (factually they are not, however in the name of order we know authoritarian principles are often adopted). I am recently seeing anarchism as self government through use of reason: not no government at all. The only legit "rules" are those we set on ourselves. Help each mind become autonomous and critical thinking, and no rules from others are needed. Nothing wrong with guidelines if people want to make a plan for something though.

  30. The only anarchist thing in anarcho capitalism is its name, because
    – it doesn't comes from socialism and does not aim for the interest of the poors
    – it refuses the very basic of anarchism, which is the abolition of property.

    That's not socialist, that believes in property. That is against the very essence of anarchism, therefore that is not anarchist. Simple as that.

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