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socialism it's starting to get more popular in America and it's making Fox News more afraid than Mike Pence at a screening of Bohemian Rhapsody the rise of socialism has never been more clear now you have a OC and you have a hundred of these members of Congress openly embracing this socialism is not only dangerous but it is also evil this green New Deal this is sugar-coated socialism it's like sugarcoating poison suite at the front deadly at the end whew sweet at the front deadly at the end joking about socialism or Willy Wonka's chocolate factory what are you talking about yeah that was deadly at the end you know many kids died we don't talk about that there's not a children's story it's a horror movie with fun music for more on the rise of socialism in America we turn to a man who always makes me pay for dinner my friend Neal Brennan everybody hey buddy we should grab dinner soon no thanks so Neal armed who's responsible for socialism's popularity right now is it Bernie Sanders is it Elizabeth Warren or Cascio Cortez no I'll tell you who's responsible rich people rich people have done more for socialism than Bernie aoc and Elizabeth Warren combined which by the way would be a very unpleasant looking person take that away take that away okay but Neal I don't understand how how can rich people be responsible for socialism if they hate it because they keep rubbing their money in people's faces with their tax dodging and well flaunting and financial corruption when it comes to socialism I don't blame uncle Bernie I blame Aunt Becky it wasn't enough that she's a TV star and married to a millionaire she still had to scam her daughter's way into college you had everything why'd she it's like if the Hulk got caught doing steroids for what Hulk no steroids redundant also Holt ball shrink mrs. Hulk no happy so when people see that admission scandal and then Bernie comes along and says we should tax the rich and make College free I get why Americans would think yeah college should be free I agree with what Yoda so you think socialism is just a natural reaction to capitalism that's run amok it's basically like putting up speed bumps because people are driving too fast yep because rich people are out here Tokyo drifting with their dicks out look at Amazon they wanted a new home for their corporate headquarters so Jeff Bezos made cities audition for him like a spoiled king Pittsburgh entertained me Birmingham my feet are sore rubbed them cute but I'm going with New York and Amazon pick New York partly because New York offer them three billion dollars so if more New Yorkers are going socialist don't blame a hace blame Jeff Bezos he's worth a hundred and forty four billion dollars you know how rich that is even if you started earning 50 million dollars a year guess how long it would take for you to reach Jeff Bezos level 2880 years now man didn't being that rich and still being like y'all come to your city but you got to give me money sweet load that is super rich I know to get that money LeBron would have to stay on the Lakers until the year 48 99 and they probably still won't make the playoffs the next one either by the way having super rich people in charge doesn't help either last week our billionaire president proposed cuts to Medicaid the program that gives health insurance to the port this is a guy who can afford the best doctors in the world and he still wants to take health care away from poor people my god that asshole Larry it's not enough you're already in the VIP section sipping Cristal you also want to walk around the club slapping Bud Lights out of other people's hands and yes Bud Light is the Medicaid of bierce daily do it so when people see budget cuts like that then here Elizabeth Warren pitching Medicare for all you can't be shocked when 57% of them are like yeah I'm with Senator librarian on this so if I understand you you're actually warning rich people that they're creating the socialism that's gonna bring them down yeah or to quote the ancient philosopher Ice Cube you better check yourself before you wreck yourself because the best salesman for socialism aren't the lefty politicians it's the ultra-wealthy forget che guevara we should put the real heroes of socialism on t-shirts rich dick Neal Brennan everyone [Applause] you

  1. I don't think college should be free but the cost should definitely be reduced. Free healthcare is a bit iffy cause yes there many who cause they can't afford it. However I don't think we should save the retard who played with fireworks and got his hand blown off nor the lady who on welfare yet keeps having kids. These are rare but they should be considered

  2. Socialism will never work the way most people imagine it. Most people just imagine themselves getting a check from the government and spending the money as they please. This will collapse as some people won't buy food because they want to buy a Range Rover with their free money. Just like the welfare system the government will have to hand out food stamps and rent checks that can only be used to pay for certain items. Then there's the option of companies who may not like being taxed and decide to move to say, Mexico. In three years Americans will be crossing the border into Mexico looking for work.
    Poeple are blinded by the idea of getting stuff for free. There is just no free lunch on this planet.

  3. You would take them seriously if you were educated about communism which keeps the poor poor and rich people at the top pushing them down.

  4. whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord , and He will reward them for what they have done- proverbs 19:17.
    The generous will themselves be blessed for they share their food with the poor -proverbs 22:9

  5. U bullshit people, democracy and socialism both are evil… absolute use of it will definitely lead to chaos…both has it's ill effects.

  6. why are you keep commenting on right wing rupert murdoch propaganda?
    is it bcs otherwise you would need to come up with original content?

  7. You are just echoing their propaganda , I mean you are just helping Fox News in their false claims anytime you show a portion of their false claims

  8. Human beings need to take short-term action to curb climate change, environmental pollution, the use of fossil fuels, single-use plastics, the overexploitation of our natural resources and the extinction of our marine and terrestrial flora and fauna.

    If the interests of corporations are for the governments of countries more important than life on our planet, then it is justified that they fall by not taking timely action in this regard.

    We are not in the Middle Ages for country governments to represent a few. In this Age, governments must represent the population.

    This is not a romantic or utopian declaration, it is a declaration of indignation and a sense of urgency for the conservation of life on our planet.

  9. Alot of this is total BS.
    It doesn't really matter what system you have we all live in Oligarchies because the rich clearly have power no matter where you look. And to get power you need money anywhere in the world so its all corrupted.

    Stop following like sheep and figure out a point of view that is your own

  10. When you look at history….complete socialism stinks. Capitalism has allowed you guys to have stupid conversations on Capitalist owned YouTube about why socialism is better 🤣🤣🤣…..fuckin rookies….

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