Who are the anarchist arsonists from Bristol? | Channel 4 News

we're the lost kids angry and disappointed by porks promises the uncontrollable youth unsatisfied with a paltry futures offered to us after every anarchist attack in the Bristol area over the last five years a wordy communique posted online the numbers are pretty chunky to an estimated 20 million pounds worth of damage there are just two words in the police response operation Rouen is being headed up by this man I'm linking over a hundred offences that date back to 2010 so over the last four years is that right a hundred offences over a hundred yes so what happened here well the early hours of the 26th of November so about Hoppus 3:00 in the morning we had two cars set on fire on these driveways and as you can see the damage is gone Elm through the garage and even up the side of the house there so you know it's a miracle ready but the people sleeping inside when injured as a result of that this was their last attack a month ago other headline incidents last year even in Somerset police firearms training centre the Bristol Air Cadets minibus a fleet of vehicles at the UKBA Depot just a handful the group is called the informal anarchist Federation there's no formal membership but the network extends into Greece and Italy they've pulled off bomb and gun attacks on the continent and every time a statement is released to this magazine 3:00 to 5:00 the last attack here in the beating heart of the establishment was blackcurrant drive long Ashton after each attack the anarchist post up online their rationale if torrid prose was a criminal offense presumably the police would be after them for that too here's a taster of what they said about the attack on the two log two cars in this driveway we burned an audacious 4×4 to luxury sports cars we set the night on fire because standing aside was never enough to address our miserable situation within a faltering biocidal Empire it was signed the informal anarchist Federation towards the end of our interview with the police the woman who owned one of the audacious cars came up excuse me on was this your car how did you feel about what happened my car was over time I present to myself I'm a retired teacher a fireman so they're not picking on people with lots and lots of money so this was this was a retirement present to yourself after years of teaching so far the main lead the police are chasing in connection with two different attacks is this man Hugh badger Norfolk he disappeared from a squat in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol four years ago he's 27 from a wealthy family has a tattoo of the anarchist band cross on his left arm in 2011 Reston's anarchists seen for starving the squats and rd Street it all started here in telepathic fight a heady mix of antique tesco sentiment and a backlash against his squaw religion led to rioting on the streets of Bristol it was after this that the current spate of arson attacks started in earnest anarchism is a broad Church when it comes to tactics it's not all about burning stuff in other words the Bristol era Coast Federation for example recently organized this Christmassy anti cots demo they're based in this community centre what's anarchism anarchism is a political philosophy that says that people and communities know best how to run their lives rather than putting that trust into bosses and politicians so we fight for a world where we do away with the unnecessary hierarchy and oppression of the state they don't condone targeting personal property here yes but it took them a while to get there if they were we're in a period of mass uprising where people were taking control of their communities in their workplaces were weird but the things out there because in the politicians they're not doing that in Bristol at the moment are there no not yet so does that make that action illegitimate I guess it's hard to define legitimate an illegitimate in those terms I didn't think okay let alone the road let me help you on the road then is it legitimate to set a teachers car on fire outside your house as den I think that's quite a loaded question um well it's not really is it fair game from an anarchist worldview to a down to a little village outside Bristol instead of teachers care and fire at the moment like we said it's not something we think we can see any positive things come in of that particular action so for the people here that's a no playing around with interesting ideas is of course part of the cut and thrust of any democracy playing with matches and with other people's lives is not you

  1. Look crime is bad. Its just whos committing crime and not getting punished for it…..hmmmm let me think…..

  2. false statement never sent journalists faked that …. jhalf of the attacks also carried out by channel 4 for this deocumentary

  3. I'm an anarchist and think burning people's cars and endangering lives is fucking stupid and nothing to do with anarchism. Oh and that journo's a snide

  4. Maybe I have a completely different idea of what anarchy is. I always thought anarchy was a total lack of government structure and laws of man or god.

    These dumb fucks describe a government at a local level. And the reasoning for burning someone's personal property is because the lazy stupid selfish communist claiming to be anarchist are complaining about a banker in another city who has a bunch of money from actually WORKING. these dumb fucks are not anarchists or even small local government libertarians but violent lazy power hungry communists who don't care about personal property or harming other people.

  5. Middle class anarchists, burning shops people have poured the life savings in to, destroying property people have worked long and hard for…bet they haven't got a hard days work in them

  6. As much as i do not condone burning teachers property, I think the oversight here is that government are the real problem , they are the ones whose punitive and dispassionate highly coercive policies are having a 'terrorising' effect of the vulnerable and the poor. But much of the population fail see this because of all the propaganda and media bias/ blackout around this subject.  All they get is reports like this one, which never address head on the underlying issues I address above.

  7. I expect this "anarchist group" are Jihadi Islamist freaks or Brand Fans. 

    Anarchy is one of the more "stupid" socialist ideas…..

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