Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector Installation and Review for Galaxy S10+ Full 3D Curved Edge

hi in this video we're taking a look at how you can install the Whitestone don't class for your Samsung Galaxy S 10 class now first off I would like everything else on the table like this so it's easy to install the glass so like there are the pads on the table and make sure you have a flat surface table so here you can see I put my phone on a table make sure it is nice and flat you can test the table by simply putting this round adhesive tube on the table to see if it rolls if it rose then it means your server is not ready make sure you have a nice and flat table otherwise when you put the gel down it will roll to one side now to begin we will clean the phone with an alcohol wipe and then use the microfiber cloth to dry it off so make sure it is nice and clean in no dust you're sticking to the surface you can also use the desk remover stickers and remove any excess dust that is still on the phone now we are ready to put the phone onto the plastic tray like this make sure that the phone is facing in the right directions so the camera should sit this way next a speaker where it says speaker and make sure it sits in the position right there as you can see now I'm just going to put this plastic car stickers protective over the earphone or the speakerphone right there this will protect from the adhesive getting into that speaker at this point you also want to make sure all the dust is clean now we are ready to put plastic plates on top make sure the speaker match up right there and we just put it over the top like that on the side of the tray you can see there is a white absorber pad this pad will helps absorb any adhesive that overspill or to the side so if any liquid spill to the side it will absorb all the adhesive now again if you see any test on your phone make sure you use the stickers to take off how we move any test that is sticking to the surface of the phone now at this stage we want to place this piece of plastic in at the top there and then we will put the bridge on top of the tray and now we move the color or the purple cap right there don't worry about it he simply will not spill over because we will later we move the black cap to release the hasteth so you can just put it on top like that and now this is what it looks like now open the black cap at the top do at least the adhesive and it will come out white for the hazy to come out completely before removing the bridge so now we will remove the bridge next you want to peel off the protective cover on the tempered glass so pure now make sure there's no dust coming in so be very careful would be step and we will pray place the temple glass on top of that plastic piece that you can see it's supposed to sit on top of that plastic piece right there and now you can see the arrow in the center there what we're trying to do now is to make sure that we move the adhesive down to the center so by pushing on one side of the tray down like that so we'll tilt slightly and the adhesive will slowly roll down so make sure to roll down just right next to the arrow at the center of the arrow so that will be at the center of the phone and then quickly pull out the plastic piece on the left-hand side where there and this will allow the tempered glass will come in contact with the adhesive allow this process to spread out so wait for a minute or two and then Haise it will spread out all the way to the edge of the tempered glass it can take up to 30 seconds to a minute so just wait for it to do its job completely do not press the glass down as this will damage the Haysville pushes outwards so just let the process complete by itself you don't need to push it down or do anything at this stage next after that we can use the UV light to cure the adhesive so we will put the UV light at the top for 15 seconds and then you want to move down to the bottom for another 15 seconds so here we will move down to the bottom for another 15 seconds right there now for that we can remove the plastic tray the top part and then you can take out your phone peel off the plastic piece right there and now we can clean off any excess adhesive that my spiel to the side of the glass right there so I'm just using this alcohol wipe to clean out any excess adhesive so just wipe it around your phone and then finish it off with a microfiber cloth now we will complete the cure by placing the UV light over the top of the phone for 60 seconds so for around a minute after a minute you may move to very very UV light down to the bottom of the phone for another 60 seconds so again here we do the bottom for another 60 seconds after that then you will be completing the installation process so that's it there so now you can go through the edge of the tempered glass and make sure that there is no excess adhesive now there are two there are two bottles of adhesive that's one is for the backup so if you mess it up now what you can do is you can pull the glass off and then clean it off you can wipe it off with the cloth oofta alcohol wipes and then clean everything and you can start over again with the second adhesive bottles that is the reason why you have two bottles there does is just as a backup and even you've got the two black stickers right there that is as a backup so in case you mess it up you can try again so do not put the 2-liter bottle onto your glass you only need one bottle the other one is only used as a backup and yesterday is the finishing product you can see you there that's the outline on the camera and the tempered glass seem to be very nice and smooth it's very responsive to touch so I'm just starting up the phone right now now what you may notice is you will have to we register your fingerprint so I'm just testing the glass at the moment the tempered glass and see how well it responds to my touch you can see you can go in here and check your fingerprint you may need you add in a new one so delete your fingerprint and then try to add in a new one you can see here when I try to use my fingerprint it does not recognize my fingerprint with the new temper glass so I will have to we we just had a fingerprint so go into settings and then tap on biometrics and security next tap on fingerprints and then we need to put in the current pin and then tap on add fingerprints and register your new fingerprint and I said so now I will put the case on and see what it looks like we work with the case so the tempered glass the white stone tempered glass give you enough space gap so that when you put on the case it will not touch the tempered glass and hence my force is you go up or my break it so it does have a little bit of gaps right there maybe I've two millimeters gap around the edge of the phone and this will allow you to put on a case of a very protective case that may come in a little bit and cover the glass it is very nice and smooth as you can see right there it is well responsive to my touch as well I really like this type of glass I feel it's going to give me a very good protections in my next videos I will do some scratch tests and see how well it does if you can with this two swatches now I can confident the phone in my pockets so that if my cage don't ice watch it at least I can replace it with another one later on so let's test it while playing games I'm just gonna play quick games here and see how well or how comfortable it is to play games it is actually quite smooth so I can easily slide my finger up and down so that I can run forward or backwards or sideways and it's allowed me to quickly change weapons here because this respond quite well to my touch right there actually I'm quite happy with this tempered glass tempered glass it's yeah I felt it's really good quality it's going to give me a good protection for the s10 so there's someone right there ahead of me so I'm just going to jump and you can see when I tap on the button it jumps straight away it's respond to my touch immediately it's quite smooth to move the guy's side way so yeah where I love this timber class recommend you get one if you haven't got one and so give you a good protection for your phone thank you for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos


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