White Party – A Lesson in Cultural Appropriation | Akilah Obviously

It’s the time of year again It’s always that time of year where allegedly
well-meaning albeit totally naïve humansdecide to throw “theme parties” at the
expense of entire races. Sometimes they’re shrouded in language like “pimps and hoes
party” or “fiesta party” or “enchanted forest” party, but guess what? We all realize
that what you actually mean is “come dressed as the most offensive stereotypes
of Black People, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans Indians etc., that you can
muster…” AKA cultural appropriation, or when you hijack
part of a culture for personal use without permission, not out of respect or tribute,
but because OMG Native American headdresses are SOOO cute!
So what might it look like if a bunch of people of color threw a White party?
Imagine your surprise and dismay to see a brotha standing at the snack table eating a mayonnaise
sandwich saying things like “well that’s just how things are in John Boehner’s America…”
or “don’t clean that up, we can get our maid to clean it for way below what we’d
pay our kids to clean it!” or “if White people can say cracker, why can’t I?”
Would it be okay with you if an Asian girl stood in the corner taking pictures mocking the
shape of your eyes? How about a bunch of party-goers joking loudly about how “ GIRL! Jenny Lewis
dropped an album in the middle of the night and white twitter is going nuts!”
Check out Maria and Jesus doing the step-and-clap on the dance floor! You can tell how much
they love Bastille by how much further from the beat their claps become as the song goes
on… How would you feel if someone came up to you
and asked, “hey! Would you like to play Edward Chardonnay hands?” while burning
a bunch of money because they don’t know that all White people aren’t rich like how
all Black people aren’t poor or all Asian people aren’t Chinese or how all Mexican
people don’t drive low-riders. What if Tre forgot to dress like a White person
at the party and then everyone just stood next to him and opened up a hip donut shop
until the cost of just standing there was too much and he was forced to move?
Gentrification: 1. Tre: 0. What if while you were expressing how the
imagery made you uncomfortable Jerome brought his friend Brad over and explained that Brad
says the party is fine and not offensive, and that Brad’s individual white feelings
about it trump everyone else’s full stop. Plus Jerome studied abroad in England for
3 months, so he has a deep understanding of the complex cultural traditions of that area
and omfg he wants to adopt a white baby. Would any of that make you uncomfortable?
Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Because then maybe, JUST MAYBE, next time
you won’t wear a culture as a costume, okay? Because it sucks. It’s tacky. And like most
parties, it makes me wish it was socially acceptable to stay home and watch Netflix
instead. …Also, if I’m still invited, can you have
Brittany make that guacamole she made last time? I think she got the recipe from Pinterest.
But…it was really on point.

  1. Whats funny is, in Korea and Japan girls will actually widen their eyes, as it is a way to look cuter, so I mean, its not really making fun of anything, this is just kind of childish.

  2. Akilah I watched a couple of your YouTube vids cause I wanted to be open minded , but the more I watch the more I realize you hate white people or you hate white people with different opinions.
    Now I know what your thinking here we go a snowflake white person but aren't you being a hypocrite you say you hate white racism but yet you promote all these white stereotypes that we white people spend our entire day to see how "racist" we can be or how "oppresive" we can make out whites lives be that's not the case at all and I wish you wouldn't rush to judgment so quickly and actually get to know some of us white people .

  3. White here!! I completely get what you are saying! I was so shocked to see how many people this year decided they could dress up as BlackFace then wondered why they got back lash What the hell is going on with our world I love social media for this reason! People need to be waken up already! Very embarrassed to see how white america also writes history in a way that they are painted as the just ones ! Thanksgiving is perfect example I went to school called Indian Run as a child our cities lands were once home to many tribes and we were taught in school that the feast of Thanksgiving was a peace offering! LIES It was a military strategy from the English to keep all Indians close and feel safe only to be slaughtered!

  4. How do you think I feel as an American seeing my cultural appropriated by denim wearing individuals in this video? It's just so horrific. I'm so triggered. However, I do apologize for using a Hula Hoop as a kid. That could have been so heartbreakingly painful if a person of Hawaiian descent witnessed that.

  5. I’m not gonna lie, that actually sounds like a really fun party theme. At no point whatsoever was I even remotely inclined to be somewhat offended. I actually REALLY want to do this now…

  6. Wait is that African woman speaking english and wearing clothes like a jacket and shirt using a phone and uploading videos to the internet alll things a white male invented ???

  7. what is funny is how intelligent she thinks she is just have a good laugh at that watching her talk like she knows something.

  8. So I guess pimps and hoes are only black. Not white,Latino,NA, or Asian,Indian and M.E.(tho the last three way to smart to be in the ghetto)

  9. Not really like if you want to talk about cultural appropriation why are you wearing white clothes? Using white people values and living in the safest equal countries that were forged by white people . why do Asians and Africans die their hair blond even though it’s impossible for their race, why do asians want a white nose and bigger eyes. Every single race on this planet has been culturally appropriating each other but that’s a good thing in brace difference as it’s the spice of life. I’m not Bagging on anyone I just find it ironic when you culturally appropriate every day hope I didn’t come on to offensive not trying to be rude just trying to state facts

  10. Like as if anyone would want to throw a "white party"
    It's actually not like a party, it's more like a "part" you all "play" everyday trying to be as white and as American as possible.
    Because that's what you really want.
    Want every single thing to be as "American" as possible.
    You want those clothes, that food, that car, that house, that "look". Eqality.
    By being an American you have the same rights as everyone in America. But yet you hate us remember? But Admit it, you are all obsessed with us.
    Love our culture yet????

  11. Just ask the 3Billion Black individuals in the world first, simple respectful manners duh. It's their culture, THEIRS! Get offended or Go home!

  12. Worry about yourself, not what others wear. Or spend your life crying, you ll regret it in the end if you don t, if you eventually grow

  13. Moment you get it that white people do not only live in america ans have their culture and you are just saying white culture wtf

  14. White party? Do it! I That's amazing idea. Stereotypes are so much fun. Mostly because they are true. If I look around… Drinking a lot beer that is cheeper than watter? Sock in sandals? Plastic bag? Pate? Everything is true. And we are sadly kind of proud of the first one. You can guess from which completly white nation I am.

  15. Hahah.. Puerto Rican here and I am thinking I wear Levi's and Western clothes ..I hope I'm not propriating white Western culture..lol..and I have a white name.. not my last name but I have an English first name..oops I better change it to Maria cause that sounds more my culture..I have no business with a white first name then.

  16. Native American here, I’m legit sick of you guys trying to speak for us, If they’re wearing our headdresses clothing or war paint for fun, it’s just fun and as long as it isn’t sacred to them and they aren’t acting like a chief/stolen valour, WE DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU WEAR, STOP TRYING TO SPEAK FOR US, I’ve worn “ white clothing” and acted like a stereotypical white guy before and no one gave a shit, SO SHUT UP, No one cares.

  17. If theme parties are "cultural appropriation" then every black man wearing any else but a leopard loincloth, or, God forbid, drives a car, uses a smartphone or computer or gets penicillin is also cultural appropriation. Are you really that stupid that you want to go down that lane?

  18. you have to really reach to find things to offend you. Know why white are not bothered by this kind of crap. We are to busy working, inventing everything on the planet and making the wheels of industry turn. Now go dress like a hippy, or a mormon, or anything you think is white and watch we are not bothered. I have great idea, go out and pick up the garbage in your hood, pretend you are white.

  19. Yes. Yes I find this hilarious. Please throw a white people party and invite me so I can refine your stereotypes to be more accurate. : )

  20. Every time you turn the lights on or flush the toilet…that is cultural appropriation then…how can people be so stupid and brainwashed with this cultural war

  21. Yup. This woman is dumb. There is no such thing as cultural appropriation, there is just being respectful to other cultures and making fun of cultures. How much she makes fun of white people shows how hypocritical she is. So dumb.

  22. To say that only white people make fun of other cultures is racist against white people.
    Anti racists are so hypocritical because they are almost always racist.

  23. This woman is insane, First of all I never went to a party dressed as a Mexican or a Black person or anyone else for that matter. What I do find interesting about this video though is that this girl has such a hatred for people dressing up as something that they are not and yet she does it every day . See she pretends to be a happy and decent human being. But nothing could be further from the truth. Now I do realize she will just say I am a troll but come on people its pretty clear this woman is full of hate and hate is not a way to find happiness. I mean really have you ever seen anyone say when I grow up I want to be a hateful racist? Or I can't wait to go on a hate filled vacation next week? The fact of the matter is NO…. Noboby who acts like this woman has any happiness in their lives. This girl is a very unfulfilled , useless, unhappy, hate filled racist. She has mental illness because it is not normal to be like her. She will continue to do this until she seeks help and I am fairly sure she will never do that so so will just dwindle on never having a productive happy life.

  24. As a black woman, I had my ex boyfriend (who was white) compare me to Carlton from Fresh Prince. I can say that I would actually enjoy the "white party" more than other types of parties. May I have permission from white people to throw a white party for my upcoming birthday?

  25. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh as a white person white is not a culture. Just like how black isn’t a culture. And how am I able to get a “okay” from a whole freaking culture if I just wanna wear a Moana costume. I mean it’s not my choice is I’m white or not. And your acting like only white people appropriating cultures.

  26. But all of those people just looked like they were having fun, none of that stuff would offend me at all

    Also about the baby thing are you really going to get mad at someone for adopting a child just because it’s not the same race. This is what’s wrong with the world

  27. 'Meze' is a dish and a part of Greek and Turkish culture (and maybe other cultures). I do not know who invented that, but thank goodness Meze is such cultural richness and I am grateful for every culture that contributed to hot and cold dishes, the songs played along with the food, and the drinks!
    Wanna try Meze? Help yourself, you do not need permission of any time. Hope you enjoy the Meze table. And if you figure out new recipes, do not forget to share!

  28. Did you ask whites if you could make this video? I mean white culture invented the internet and cameras and YouTube

  29. So far, all the comments I've seen seem very defensive. No one is engaging with the host's argument, you're all just whitesplaining (or in some cases brownsplaining) to her why she's wrong, instead of considering where she (and the other people of color in this video) are feeling about this issue.

  30. Wow! 5.5 years and she has a whopping 311,264 view, plus mine. Last comment was 3 years ago. By today's standard not popular. I lasted 30 seconds of this nonsense. 'Cultural appropriation' is to hammer with which she chooses to bash white people because she IS RACIST. Enjoy your victim-hood. It suites you well! BTW the counter for Likes and Dislikes is off-I wonder why…

  31. Joke’s on you, just because you went to college doesn’t mean any white people wanna associate with u.

  32. meanwhile in Slav district

    -hardbass & synthwave.
    -beer-vodka-moonshine + white wine for the girls.
    -Stalker/Metro exo-suit for dramatic effect.
    -bottles, suckle and hammer for political cuckolds, sjws, white apologists and everyone who is not heterosexual.
    -always ready.

  33. I respect all cultures but you seem to me to be segregating us surely we all should respect each other and as a white westerner people seem to love wearing clothes and hair of my culture and I don't give a hoot!! Shame on you

  34. All the examples she gives would be totally ok with me, I would even laugh at some of them cause they are funny, like the asian opening her eyes to look like white people. This is actually a very good way to connect with different people, by gently and respectfully mocking our differences.

  35. Lets think about this for a minute… A cultural appropriation party!!! the rule is you are not allowed to dress something from your own culture… i would love it… an asian dressed as white american, a white american as a latino, a black as an asian and a latino as black … perfect!!!

  36. "Would it be ok with you if an Asian makes fun of the shape of YOUR eyes??" Yes, I'd be so angry and offended that I'd go into the bathroom and hang myself from the shower curtain rod. 🙄 Give me a fucking break!!! No, honey. None of this is making me uncomfortable. Unlike you, I can take a fucking joke.

  37. As a white person I can't tell you how many times I've gotten together with my white friends and had us all stretch our eyes out to mock Asians. Good times.

  38. I actually thought this was a video mocking cultural appropriation because none of those white stereotypes are even slightly incorrect or off-key. I agree with the other comments that while trying not to be a racist arse is commendable goal, taking it too far like this actually gives birth to all manner of conformist thinking, policing and bad stuff that eventually fuels shit like police states. And the real kicker….this comes from the land of cultural appropriation, the USA. Nothing in American culture is actually American.

  39. Akilah is too much and really just needs a dose of xanax for her constant. B1tching. Over nothing. Can we just permanently duct tape her up?

    Lol she thinks it's so hard being black in a first world country. I bet any Congolese or Zambian seeing her whine over this (feigning-not feigning humour) would gladly trade places. They'd probably contribute to society better too!

  40. As a white person, I would fucking love being around ppl making fun of white ppl’s culture…bc I’d know they aren’t uptight asshole snowflakes.

  41. cultural appropriation does not exist, and I wonder if your rule applies to other races, if it's just you saying only white people can't do that then that's racism.

  42. 0:40 also LOL what white people do you live with cause I or my family certainly don't act like that 😂

    Sure you can go ahead and act like a that idk.

  43. straight people celebrating gay people seems to be okay, so why is it a big deal if someone from a race celebrates another race?

  44. You do realise your perpetuating the myth that White People have no culture, um the clothes your wearing were made by white people and inspired by western culture also enchanted forests are more linked to white culture than whatever your on about, wizards, knights and many other things related to that time period involving those things are from western or white culture stop acting like white culture is barely a thing and that we whites have more culture than those shitty examples you gave and btw I'm not offended my culture is open to be used just as an anime fan I will use Japanese culture without being dictated to by you

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