Which Countries Are Still Truly Communist?

  1. You somewhat correctly defined communism in the beginning of the video, but then abandoned the deifinition immediately?


  2. As a Vietnamese, I disagree about "human rights and freedom of speech are limited". We are not as censored as China.
    (And I'm not paid or forced by the government to say these words)

  3. "Okay so all countries that are run by evil dictators we count as communist.
    – Do we also count the democracies run by a communist party ?
    – Nah those are not REAL communists."

    And they say the commies use the no true scotsman fallacy…

  4. Im too used to the way i live that i cant even imagine living in a communist state. Like whats the meaning of life if you dont have to work for your money?

  5. What is Capitalism? Never heard of it. Right now I live in the states. The states are communist. Every country is “truly communist”. This is just a fake video made by those filthy non loyalists.

  6. The real communism doesn't exist at all! because the real communism is the total exclusion of money, property and power and all are Equal! Nothing more, Nothing less.

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