When Free Speech Gets You Arrested: Kellogg Community College | ADF Case Story

– This is the story of an American college student, Michelle, and her two pals, Nathan and Isaac. At first glance, Michelle,
Nathan, and Isaac seem like ordinary people. They work hard, they study, and they hangout with their friends. But, Michelle, Nathan, and
Isaac aren’t ordinary people. Because ordinary people
haven’t been arrested and hauled off to jail.
Michelle, Nathan, and Isaac have. By whom? By Kellogg Community College, a small school in Battle Creek, Michigan. For what? Well, like many in the clink, their alleged crime involved distribution. Not of drugs, but of
little pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution. That’s right, Michelle,
Nathan, and Isaac’s life of crime began like most do, because they love 18th
Century American history, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence. To help other young Americans
learn about this history, Michelle decided to start a Young Americans for
Liberty club at Kellogg, to educate students
about the constitution. To let people know about this new club, Michelle and her friends stood on a large, public walkway at Kellogg, a public college, and handed out their
copies of the Constitution, a public document. Some students accepted
the free Constitutions, others ignored them and kept walking. After a while, a friendly
campus administrator walked by. His name was Drew Hutchinson,
the Manager of Student Life. Mr. Hutchinson informed
Michelle, Nathan, and Isaac that they had to stop what
they were doing right away. “Why?”, the students asked. They weren’t obstructing anyone’s path or interfering with any nearby events. “Because,” Mr. Hutchinson explained, “of the school’s speech permit policy which prohibits free speech
in any outdoor location, and requires students to
get the school’s permission before engaging in any
expressive activity.” Mr. Hutchinson said it was his job to protect Kellogg students, many of whom, and he really said this, “Are from rural areas where
they are taught to be polite “and don’t have the internet
and so may not feel comfortable ignoring Michelle, Nathan, and Isaac.” Michelle, Nathan, and Isaac couldn’t quite follow
Mr. Hutchinson’s logic. After all, they thought, in
America, no school or person has the right to limit freedom of speech. It says so right in the little
pocket-sized Constitution. So, they continued
handing out the document to students passing by. This made Mr. Hutchinson less friendly, much less friendly. He called the campus police chief who threatened to arrest
Michelle, Nathan, and Isaac if they didn’t stop at once. At this point, Michelle, Nathan, and Isaac reminded Mr. Hutchinson
and the police chief that as long as they
were on a public walkway at a public college they
had something called rights. Specifically, they had the
rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. In fact, you could say the
only permit they needed to assemble and speak
freely on a public campus is the Constitution itself. Unfortunately, Mr. Hutchinson couldn’t quite follow the students’ logic. Neither could the police chief whose only actual authority rests in the very pocket-sized
Constitution they were handing out. So, he arrested Michelle,
Nathan, and Isaac and threw them in the
slammer for over seven hours. Guess what? If you pay taxes in Michigan, you helped pay to arrest
Michelle, Nathan, and Isaac. If you pay taxes anywhere, you also help pay for the
many public universities across the country that
have policies similar to those at Kellogg Community College. Policies that forbid students from exercising their God-given, constitutionally protected rights. But most students won’t even know
what they’re missing out on, because if these schools have it their way, they’ll never teach the
Constitution in the first place.

  1. Stop making up stories! Fox News would have been all over this if it happened! Sean Hannity would be foaming at the mouth!

  2. Did you know collages are private property so they could be charged for trespassing. Why do people like this want to distort the reputation of the police it's sick I live in a country like this that people bash the thing that keeps them safe.

  3. Pls stop disliking this video. I love it so much and it makes me laugh so hard in the first thirty seconds. This video fucking rocks. It's clearly a satire.

  4. With activism being highly political motivated and funded it is hard to take stories like this seriously I will be contacting the college which is fairly close to where I live to find out the full details because this video seems just a tad bit misleading.

  5. ok so I looked up this case, and the reason these people were arrested wasn't beccause they were distributing copies of the Constitution, it's because they were trespassing on campus. these people weren't KCC students, they were from an outside organization and they went on campus grounds without permission. a quick Google search can undo 4 minutes of complete bullshit it's not that hard people

  6. That's a damn shame, and shouldn't have happened, but the problem I think in America, is that people will watch this video, and generally use it as another reason the American education system should be torn down.

    edit: ok, well, I've learned a few things then. I guess that's NOT the whole story then. Freedom of speech gets barred unfairly sometimes, sure, but this was not a good example.

  7. You also ignored the fact that they were given $55k in a settlement and that the courts ruled against the school, which is kind of important to show our government in action…

  8. So what's the status of the lawsuit? This looks like a slam-dunk 42 USC §1983 action. Might throw in kidnapping and seek to get the college's federal funds frozen.

  9. Why didn't they just register to solicit again LIKE THEY DID THE TIME BEFORE? They were not students that the school and were subject to the school regulations on solicitation.

  10. Tldr: Everyone is so eager to jump on the side of an underdog and rally behind a cause, just be sure you try to hear both sides before picking a side, know your narrator.

    people in the comment section are so quickly to jump to the defence of these characters as soon as someone claimed it was "freedom of speech".

    Freedom of speech does not mean you can say anything, anywhere, at any time. If you yelled "Fire" at the entrance of a theater when there wasnt one, you would absolutely be hauled to court.

    The video very clearly isnt telling the complete story. Its providing a provocative narritive, it wont tell you they were asked to simply move 100 ft. Or that they werent students of the school.

    So far, the comments defending the videos bring up "but the school dropped the charges" and translate to that meaning that the school knew they were wrong, when it could simply be that they knew the narrative told to the press would slander the schools name, which, clearly, they didnt want.

    Look at the Mcdonalds "Coffee" lawsuit as an example, After the lawsuit, McDonald's twisted the story and made the old women go from a victim into a schemer.

    They claimed she dropped hot coffee on herself and sued cause "the hot coffee was hot" and a good majority of people took that at face value as what happened, what really happened was the coffee was kept at nearly 100 degrees over what was deemed safe.


  11. I cant believe this is an actual issue…. why is everyone so afraid of a question or a few pieces of paper stapled together

    I wasnt offended in vegas when they forced immigrants to hand me cards of prostitutes… and it was very obvious it was human trafficking via forced labor. This is crazy!!!! Im just amazed at where we are in 2018. Im glad these students went into litigation. They definitely had a case. The fact that people pay these institutions for an education boggles my mind. I grew up just south of battle creek, on a farm, and just because its different… doesnt mean its THAT different. That dude needs to get a grip why are we so afraid as a country of the truth?!

  12. The people handing out the Constitution were not students. The last time they handed them out, they sought the school's permission. This time, they did not. And the college changed its policy and now allows non-commercial demonstrations, as of ten months before you uploaded this video.

    More anti-college propaganda.

  13. I WENT THROUGH THE SAME THING IN THE SAME STATE. MULTIPLE TIMES. Grandville high school is the place. my dark humor ended up getting me suspended several times my senior year AND unable to walk with my class (2018). the dean of students there, Joel B, nearly had me suspended during my junior year because I was assaulted by a girl on my school bus, and he refused to look at the tapes. He actually told me that "Being grabbed by the hair and threatened with violence is not an assault." why was I assaulted? because I yelled a cringeworthy phrase out the window of the bus to my friend who was walking home. (I yelled "oh yeah, daddy!" just for gits and shiggles) I'm not a golden student by any means. but I would NEVER threaten someone seriously with violence, nor would I use physical confrontation to resolve my disputes. I am strongly against such primitive acts. yet still, they punished me and allowed students who were really bad get off scott-free.

  14. I attend kcc. This is not what happened. Stop pushing an agenda and jump off a bridge, maybe one in bridge park or on the penetrator, or by the train yard. Honestly don't care just pick one and get a running start.

  15. Public college is not a public space, so it doesn't mean anyone can go in. The people mentioned in the video are not students of that college. They were trespassing and that's why they were arrested.

  16. the police are only good for oppressing and bullying the peaceful, law-abiding, legitimate citizens. as evident in this video. they are the strong arm of the liberal, leftist faction.

  17. You seemed to have missed the case of Clarke V the Center for Creative Nonviolence, which states public officials are allowed to regulate free speech to a reasonable time place or manner. Not to mention the other plethora of cases which say free speech is not unlimited, as your videos say. Though I doubt you feel like adding that

  18. I went to a career school so I wouldn't know what a campus is like, but even I know what political extremists on BOTH sides of the spectrum are like, and it honestly scares me.

  19. Yo, While it is true that on campus their freedom of speech can be restricted because of the (essentually) contract they sign with the school, either before or during enrollment, why didn't they just leave the copies of the Constitution on the public walkway with a sign that said 'free copy of the Constitution' and then if the 'club' had been approved by the school they could have said that it was 'promoting the club' and 'that they didn't have any involvement with the Constitutions being passed out, simply left them there like the school's newspapers'. Simple solution.

  20. This video is made for those who don't understand the Constitution's intent to be fluid.

    Universities have the precedence to do this, as time and time again history has shown us that free speech has been regulated at college, but also protected, when its non-disruptive. Colleges and universities are legally allowed to regulate this. It says so inside their pocket sized constitutions they were handing out. The supreme court has defined it legal to restrict this as to ensure no disruption occurs. The first article allows that Legislature override with federal mandate as necessary as it may be, and this is its current application. It is appalling to see that political activists seem to be more and more ignorant as to our government's process, whether intentional or not, just to make revenue or push agenda.

    As for these select individuals, you could say they weren't disrupting the campus, but that's where you falter as well. They did more than fail to just get a "permit for speech" on campus grounds, they weren't students at that university anymore, they weren't within legal bounds to distribute, which you blatantly lied about in your video, and even if any of these were accounted for, they were still trespassing as non-students, asked to leave, and then rejected to. They had the right to reject, but that is unlawful to trespass as we all know. Also, they weren't wanting to educate the public, as their bigoted agenda inspired their "own copy of the constitution", as you guys state in the video, to recruit for this organization with such a backwards agenda. You guys do the very thing you blame "left media" for: Cherry picking information to make you look good and the enemy look bad. This is a whole deconstruction of free speech you utilize and our political process as a nation.

    As for your statement in saying that the Universities, if they so choose, wouldn't talk about the Constitution: First, its necessary when Poly Sci students are learning government, here intranationally or even internationally (as it was a very important document), It's needed to understand where everything comes from, and that it, most importantly, is FLUID, as our founding fathers wanted. Its ironic as to where you ignore this fact, and other imperative facts about the constitution, like how most of its reach is implied; making me think you need to revisit those classes that teaches American Government. Speaking of that kick ass segway, the freaking government requires ALL PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES TO TEACH ABOUT AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. All I see is a bigoted group complaining that the government didn't like and went against their views, which again is extremely hypocritical of you guys when concerning your claims to your opposition, especially in this video.

    Again. Made for those that only see surface level. Maybe you guys weren't the ones to understand this situation, as opposed to the Student Life coordinator or the police officer. Have fun educating yourselves with this.

  21. This channel reminds me of PragerU. Bloated with lies, biased to the base, and filled to the brim with conjecture and rumor. A statement that comes across so kindly, so understandably, that you almost forget it's harshly conservative and as such, does not bear any kind of actual progressiveness or opposite-understanding logic.

    I have not researched this topic myself, but I'll bring to point the many comments I've read. (Some of which had links that I will not distribute. Seek the comments yourself if that is what you wish.)

    One user states that the constitution does not work this way, constitution prevents the government's ability to take free speech. Another points out that the people handing it out were not students, and they actually did this without repercussion last time as they asked for permission. The bias is also evident. The "students" were not sent to prison for "promoting free speech." Apparently, if you read the report, they were charged with trespassing upon campus.

    I would like to credit John Fox, Tom Haflinger, and Baserocklove, alongside many other people who pointed out similar things but not as prominently or evidently.

  22. I have one major gripe with this ad, the rights given by the constitution were not given by a deity, in fact the first amendment contradicts 8/10 of the ten commandment. Stop attributing the freedoms of our nation to a god that shall have no say in our government.

  23. I’m missing too much information to make a proper opinion. Eh. Typical controversy-mongers spouting out post-truth bullshit. I’m ashamed that it almost convinced me midway through. Anyone know additional information regarding this case?

  24. Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. last I checked college isn't congress.

  25. Let's say all of this is true. They must follow the colors policy. They agreed to do so. They signed away any "rights" willing to do this as they did. Is it an are stable offense? As this story goes, no.

  26. When you agree to attend those types of colleges, you sign an agreement to follow their guild lines.  If you didn't read them fully and they did say that in a hand book given to you when you entered into the contract to attend school there and you failed to read all of the rules.  Then they are not at fault for enforcing them,  you are at fault for not full reading handed material about the conduct allowed on the campus that is to be followed by all students.

  27. Aren’t y’all the same people who defend police officers shooting people who don’t comply?
    Or is innocent people being jailed only bad when white people are incarcerated?

  28. I really think this video needs to be preserved. Teachers need to use this in classes, and students should study it hard, because this kind of thing is the perfect example… Of a shady organization telling a story that purposely omits information in order to drive its own one sided agenda. I don't think I have to back this up, the rest of the comments already have. This video contributes to the repeated misunderstanding of freedom of speech. It is true that you can assemble in any public forum, and say whatever you want. It's also true that if you're on someone else's property, (and a community college is not public property as while it may be connected to the state, it still collects funds from customers to support their program.) and the person who owns that property decides for whatever reason that they want you to leave their property, and they ask you, and you refuse, this means you are trespassing, which is a crime. Freedom of speech is also not being violated, contrary to popular belief, when someone disagrees with you on the internet, or removes you from a private forum. Your freedom of speech is being violated if a government official tells you to stop saying something through public communication, as in, either through a forum that will allow your message or a forum of your own design. (a forum being anything from a newspaper, website, book, city street, your own property, ect.) and thankfully, we haven't seen that happen often. What you really need to look out for are people like this who will mislead the public in order to suppress their opposition, and because we have freedom of speech, they can't do it.

  29. here is the problem, if they follow the simple rules, they would not get in jail. you would say, its getting rid of freedome of speech, i would say, to even the teacher, he gave a bad example. What would really be the reason is of distribution of drugs. I can make a bunch of bible copies, cut out the center, and have some nice opioids in them, I could make it to sell the bibles, and then guess what, my dealing would be succesful if your rules were in place. Realize this, if it is something so simple as to just go and ask permisson, on a public place, that is owned by different peope that set out rules for THEIR property, then you listen to them. If you feel the need to neglect the simple rules that are extreamly easy to do, then there you go, its a system that works, but if you a lazy ideot who decides to think its some stupid teacher I don't need to listen to him of what I can or cant do on owned property of the school, then you deserve that time in jail, just to reflect on how easily this could have been avoided.

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  31. If the college required the students (which by reading other comments, it seems these particular people weren't even students) to seek permission before doing what they did (1:50 in the vid) than they should have requested permission. They were on the school's property where school rules and regulations apply. If they did not comply, then I understand why the police were brought in.

  32. I was gonna say this is your only video that’s not completely dumb as shit, mindless anti-college propaganda but a couple comments and actual sources makes me think twice thanks everybody

  33. What is this about not being taught the Constitution? U.S. History is practically required in most high schools, at least from what I know, where you cover the Constitution, and if you somehow manage to bypass that, there's still Civics/Econ or Government. And if, somehow, you've graduated without learning it, there are college courses, in both community colleges and universities, that cover the Constitution. I took Political Science at a community college, where our professor went over the whole thing in detail. You'd have to be making a serious, active effort to bypass American history entirely to not be taught about the Constitution, which then that falls on you and not the college you go to.

  34. Checkmate motherfuckers private institutions CAN limit free speech this is up to them the constitution only stops the government

  35. Yeah like I actually thought that I'd be funding people like them to be arrested. Thanks for making everyone in America sound like dicks.

  36. Hmm, I knew I smelled BS. A quick trip through the comments and credible sources that have been posted, it seems these students weren't students of this college, hadn't asked permission to "sell" their "wares" to the other students, and deliberately tresspassed on to school grounds. Open and shut to me.


  38. Funny, the campus rule that got them arrested, was setup by a conservative group as an anti-protest measure for when their wingnuts come in to spread lies like this. Ironic that one of their backers are sponsors of that rule. Guess they think they're special and above the law and constitution..

  39. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. Unless y’all make a similar argument for students organizing for, say, leftist policies that actually argue against the “traditional values” of the US, y’all need to stop pretending like conservative neo liberal views of government are actually at risk of being violated

  40. What?! I WENT TO JAIL FOR AN ACTUAL OFFENSE! Giving out the bill of rights and the constitution should be admired! I'm so tired of these pinko commie fucks running our schools and media. Great message, keep it up

  41. So why is free speech so dammed important anyway?

    Because without it there is no way of preventing lies and deception from destroying societies.

    The very heart of the scientific method includes the ability to critique others' ideas in order to weed out those ideas that are incorrect. The same method works for social and political ideas as well. If individuals are not allowed to freely critique political, social and even religious ideologies those that are detrimental cannot be exposed and prevented.

    Preventing the critique of possibly destructive ideologies simply because they might hurt someones feelings could result in the complete and total collapse of civilizations.

    What I find even more disturbing is that there are some who are using this as a tool to undermine our own societee for their own purposes.

  42. I'm pretty conservative in my beliefs, but come on. You have got to be kidding me. The holes in this story are ridiculous. As others have said, They were not even students at the school. Campuses are private property, and you can be kicked off. This video is uneducated, and really badly made.

  43. But wearing a cross or a head scarf or a yarmulke expressing your religion or ethnicity would be free speech as well so nobody can know what religion you are you have to hide it

  44. Rolling through the comments and I'm seeing lots of Statist slaves trying to smear the students and the channel. No one has the right to limit my right to free speech on public property, EVER. The only culture worth living in is one where freedom is maximized. #FreedomMatters #CultureMatters

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