When Did David First Question His Sexuality?

Okay. We do have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David p two
one nine two. David p. Here’s an interesting and completely sincere
question from a viewer. Take a listen to this. Hey David. I’m wondering, um, when is the first time
you really, uh, questioned his sexuality and uh, how did that come out? Um, you know, uh, to, uh, to to I guess pat. I mean, we’ll be the first option. Um, how did he take that and we’ll see responsible
or was he a sort of immature? Um, thanks. Yeah, so have good, completely sincere question. It’s funny, by the way, obviously what they’re
saying is, when did I start to question my sexual orientation? The answer being never. When I was like five, I knew I liked girls,
but a lot of people say sexuality, which is not sexual orientation. The sex, if you actually look at the definition
of sexuality, it’s something else. And it’s almost like a Freud Ian slip in a
sense where it’s like you’re not even really asking me about what you think you’re asking
me about. Um, but in any case, pat took it all very
professionally. I disclosed to pat during the hiring process
that, um, I am exclusively, uh, dating women and Pat said that that was completely fine
and he was completely responsible and, and professional in every way and we’ve had no
problems whatsoever. Thank you so much. Uh, shockingly, now this is, I, I hesitate
to even say this because I don’t want to offend people. We, uh, we got back from vacation and I had
several hundred voicemails to go through to see what could I use on today’s show. That was the best thing. In terms of you, when I listened to the voicemails
I’m listening to, is there a funny or interesting point, what’s the caller’s connection? Like how long is the voicemail? Some people leave a three minute voicemail
and then it maxes out. That’s the Max and then they call back and
say they need to add onto it. Like have we ever played a five minute voicemail
on the show? No. Once I eliminated bad audio people that are
droning on and on and on, things that just aren’t interesting. Unfortunately. Some people who seem to maybe not be totally
well who call in regularly, I actually didn’t have that many short pithy interesting ones. So you know that that’s what we ended up with. It’s disappointing, but uh, alas, uh, such
as life and that’s a, we’re working with what we’ve got. That’s all I can really do. And yes, I know ag man, you sent a couple,
your audio was disastrous during them and it was completely unusable in every way. On today’s bonus show, we will be talking
about my vacation to Aruba. I will talk about the culture, I will talk
about the cuisine, I will talk about the geography. I will talk about all sorts of other things
from my trip. On today’s bonus show, we will also hear from
producer Pat who went on. I’ve deliberately not asked him anything about
it yet. Pat was on, uh, another one of these road
trip extravaganzas. This one, ideally short circuiting the car
trouble thing because instead of doing the entire trip in a partially already broken
down van, um, he flew out and rented a car for the beginning of the entire thing, national
parks, Vegas, all sorts of other stuff. So I, I’ve heard nothing about it and we’re
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  1. Anyone that still thinks it’s an insult to be called LGBTQ in 2019 is sorely mistaken. Society has been flipped and they’re the ones that look stupid now 😂🏳️‍🌈

  2. As a gay man I couldn't care less what David does between his bedroom sheets, if he's gay so what, his mind is more potent than what's between his legs,

  3. Lol what a question. Just love your response to it!
    Personally I really don't understand what the fascination is with what other people do behind closed doors… what 2 consenting adults do with each other shouldn't matter to anyone else. What another person's sexual preferences are shouldn't matter in not only the "business" world or in general daily life. Unless you're are asking someone because you yourself are interested/attracted to them, then it should have absolutely zero bearing on anything.

  4. A totally inappropriate and irrelevant question by this caller … just being over-familiar. Someone else's sexuality is none of your business!

  5. I despise questions like this. None of your damn business caller. You do you, whatever that is to make yourself happy.

  6. Considering the work Mr. Pakman does, giving political commentaries, who he sleeps with is a matter of supreme indifference to me and I cannot begin to understand whose business it is or why they would want to know.

  7. I never questioned David's sexuality because I don't care what it is. I just appreciate his intelligent and insightful commentary.

  8. Obsession with what is in peoples pants and what they choose to do with other consenting adults… Yeah republicans hate big government right? But big government that supports your (religious) ideology, now that's different, that's just normal, that's just status quo. Now everyone pull down your pants so the sexuality police can judge you and tell you what your sexual orientation is.

  9. Destiny was on the edge of his seat when he clicked on this video. Adding David to his harem would be a dream come true

  10. Several people have "accused" him of being gay. I say it that way, because they use it in a derogatory, dismissive way. Like, "well your gay so what you say doesn't matter anyway. They're convinced he's in a relationship with Pat.

  11. Yeah, not gay, he’s just clean cut and elegant, there’s a bit of a feminine air to him tho but that might just be his upbringing probably very nurturing, or his astrology, some signs or elements can give certain type of feel or energy to a person, very masculine (say Taurus) or feminine a Water sign such as Cancer, depending on the position .

  12. I don't know if you read these David but I'd love to hear your thoughts on Boris Johnson proroguing the UK parliament and Trump's support of that (he sent out a tweet applauding Johnson for it). Some of the behaviour of politicians in the west right now has a very authoritarian feel to it at the moment and I would be interested to hear what you'd have to say on the subject.

  13. Why do people just assume he's gay??? Don't get it. So for some people being progressive or "liberal" is a synonym of homosexuality???

  14. The caller was about 14 years old, so he was asking "for a friend." A word of advice to the caller: Don't worry what other people think of you. Free your mind, and the rest will follow.

  15. "atrocious audio quality" Knowing David the sound quality probably isn't terrible, and maybe he is sparring us from terrible commentary

  16. Who cares what his sexual orientation is anyway?! He has an interesting show, is professional, intelligent, and a likable person. Enough said.

  17. That's a really lame backhanded insult by someone who thinks being gay is a bad thing. Like everyone here pretty much knows , anyone who has an issue with homosexuality to the point they're aggressively anti, probably has issues with their own sexuality. I know a couple guys who hate gay people so much, it's pretty obvious they would love to be gay but they can't bring themselves to actually trying it. They are always the last ones to Know. The right wingers in particular

  18. Who asks this kind of question? Cut to the chase and just ask David if he's gay if that's what you want to know. Shheesshh! BTW, he's not, LOL!

  19. I'm Bisexual, I didn't say anything to close friends and family until about 1-2 years ago and I'm now 41. I don't think I've never questioned it, I've always known 🤷🏽‍♀

  20. Do you realize your sarcastic answer strongly suggests that producer Pat hit on you during the hiring process?

  21. Just because a guy is dresses well and is well groomed doesn’t mean they’re gay. My gaydar registered nothing on David.

  22. On of the definitions for sexuality is sexual orientation. But it’s true it’s not the main definition. It’s more referring to the capacity for sexual feelings.

  23. next clickbait video: Why did David get involved with the KKK?
    first statement in video
    "Well, a really good question, and the answer is. I have never been involved with the KKK"

  24. DARN! I’ve always had a huge crush on you. Seriously. But I’ll always be a huge follower! I’m not gonna say “keep it up” lolol oil

  25. David! You fooled me/click baited me!!! Here I was, thinking, “Really? David???” And, of course, I just HAD TO WATCH!! I see what ya did there…

  26. Excellent point about the difference between sexual orientation and sexuality. I think I recognized I was gay by 3rd grade (8yrs old). My issue then was if I was the only boy who liked boys then I was in big trouble.

    My father used to tell me that he didn't have all the answers when encouraging us to use the library.

    At about 10 I discovered books on homosexuality. Once I learned that there were other boys who like boys (and girls who like girls) then I was cool with it. Others might not be but I was.

    I came out at 16 and also fell in love with a school mate and became sexual active. I realized that those who rejected me (family and friends) never really cared about me in the first place so, nothing lost.

    I married a man at 18 (back on 1984 it wasn't legally recognized) and acted as if it were the most natural thing, because it was natural to me.

    (Sorry for going on but I did my best to to tell the "Reader's Digest" version of my coming out story.) 😀

  27. The world's on fire, the environment is moving away from being able to support us and fascism is well armed and moving among us. Thus a "sexuality" question, really?

  28. 🤣 Classic David Pakman response.
    So far I've only dated women. But who knows 🤷‍♂️ maybe I haven't met the right man yet.

  29. "When did you first question your sexuality?"

    "Well, when I was a kid I started suspecting I was sexual the first time I had a wet dream. Are you sexual too?"

    "Sexual? Me?! Of course not!"

    "Oh…I'm sorry for your loss."

  30. David grew up in Northampton, MA—the unofficial lesbian capital of the US. Maybe the caller thought coming out as straight would be an issue there somehow?

  31. I think a lot of normal people probably question their sexual orientation at some point, but most don’t experiment when dating and exclusively date aligned to their sexual orientation.

  32. Pay a premium subscription to hear about somebody’s vacation? Sure! I’d pay to hear about my coworkers’ holidays, too!

  33. Umm, according the Oxford Dictionary, "sexuality" can indeed be used as a synonym for "sexual orientation" … your caller wasn't wrong on that count. Billy Bragg even had a decent song called Sexuality some years ago… Look it up

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