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Teresa asked for this the x-ray x-ray home and I hope I hope it'll be visible again okay salad language and as we can see that is the Famer born the femur it is the strongest born on the human body and as we can see it is actually broken ground 11 an already knowledge on that is the law of the lower one delay delay meaning appetizer yeah you know I want to yeah you see it is broken this one is broken there then it can be same and see the brokenness and when we checked like the pass first is coming out of this place so what the doctor said is that there is an infection that is going up this piece and it's a dangerous one and they insist that she had no accident so this is a badly afflicted affected area but really the problem is there Teresa that is x-ray photo again for you it is supposed to be one continual born it's broken and they still maintain that there was no accident boom totally mobile as Mary Pat Roger Neiman are to dangle on the panini foot by wizard of indica evil him away melinda kappa i recoup a tragedy dog Oh Papa tango Vindicator in the fatty layer newcomer indica kabisa Nica cabeza la na europa eddie moton appetizer environment again crazy yeah came every chick I'm asking the mother to tell us whether Alice really had an accident and she says no we're gonna Christopher now can you happy so see given estefania past Bobby oh well again and a quasi candle and dependable Okayama mean dynamic away like a watch anonymity be a toccata okay she's against the amputation didn't your combat be watchin and L'Aquila referee see ma'am now we were to play hockey for a fika and lucky Nia was the end a comma but doctor I work on our noses idea allow me before work from where oh yeah she's completely against amputation she says if her day-to-day has come that she'll die with that walking stick I can never allow an amputation which I'm gonna scandium by June couldn't do minik if we carry on econia day ooh what I pee Magoo CIT Tobaccoville could a mu GUI let a power in a cockamamie booyaka what am I gonna do now a Coppola now when I turn bear welcome hi Lumumba me Julia how I miss Alma Wow anima Daktari namu GUI and a mama corn cutta cutta you got on your makeup as a man I got a minute okay we need to get my education here because the mummy is the impediment and so our hands are tied we came all the way to try to talk to her about it and so we'll continue trying you know we love that Colin a twin denial in a quick jab so she has decided that I should so see you in court we will now not we're in delay when I would you doesn't mind her keep going through all the pain I just say yo to go come and go Quaqua congas a market was away was a bubble Sookie me in welcoming anyway when I were not too much ask wave coming coming acquire Cohen Kazuma card lucky because of ammonium Ottoman Guinea where PT whenever whenever I just thought hmm cuz about being a PTO Chong goes on looking for a great way to cut weight and look great it's time to check out Fenner G available exclusively from Amazon energy is America's top weight loss supplement this elite fat burning formula turns your body into a cow burning furnace helping you target unwanted belly fat love handles and cellulite act now and start burning fat immediately coupled with diet and exercise thinner G is the fastest best way to meet your weight loss goals here is Karen Chen hi everyone this is Olympic figure skater karen chen i'm saying hi to team synergy but yeah if there's one thing i know it is about diet and exercise so stay dedicated to your hard work diet and keep up with a great work so i love you guys so much and good luck with everything Karen fold it I just want to give a big shout out to everyone who is losing weight with energy keep up the great work guys you are all doing so awesome now ways that I continue to stay healthy and be in shape is by always giving myself a minimum of 30 minutes each day to stay active whether it's just going up the stairs instead of using an elevator whether it's going to the gym or doing something fun like ice skating which I love to do I always try to stay active and I know sometimes it can be hard to keep yourself motivated to do that but the ways that I keep motivated is by thinking to myself that if I am physically healthy it also improves my mental health majorly and also fun ways that I stay motivated is by doing different types of exercises whether it's taking a Zumba class or spin class also joining your family and friends with you is a great way to keep yourself encouraged to stay healthy so have fun everyone and good luck

  1. That poor girl. Someone should break the moms leg and do nothing to help her. I'm praying for the girl. I hope you can get her some help!

  2. I Commented on this yesterday as well. Stay in touch with her. The day she turns 18 go and tell her it’s her choice and she will know you will truly take care of her until she fully recovers.
    That HAS TO BE A BAD ACCIDENT that the mother knows about and doesn’t want the truth to come out, period!
    Jim, I’m praying for the truth to come forth. That’s what in the darkness must come into the light in Jesus Name.

  3. I hate to be blunt but someone is lying their butt off that FEMA bone didn't break by it's self I pray that little girl gets help,my God I can't imagine the pain that child has went through the little girl seems to be scared of mother,,,what kind of mother says she doesn't care if her daughter is in pain what is wrong with her daddy why he don't do something for his daughter…Jim their is something that they are hiding I don't know what it is but I tell you one thing God knows and I pray God gives you the knowledge to get to the bottom of this God bless you and your tech's y'all are gonna get your reward one day y'all do a wonderful job with the people and I pray for all the children God bless you and KEEP doing what you do best and that's helping the people !!!

  4. I just watched this video yesterday and I did comment on it also, someone had to have deleted it!!!!
    This mother is so selfish and she doesn't care on bit for her poor daughter is going to die if she doesn't get her leg amputated, I can't believe that anyone would be so cold hearted toward their own [email protected]!

  5. She doesn't love her daughter at all an real mother wouldn't won't her child to suffer anymore. I so glad she not my mother

  6. the mother is crazy y wouldn't she want her daughter 2 get help. The way she looks she probably broke the girls leg…SAD

  7. Is there know chance the father could over rule the mother,who in my opinion is very selfish she does not care her daughter is in pain .We need to do something as someone who has had pain my whole life I feel so sorry for her

  8. Even though I don’t understand your language, I can still get a fair idea about what you are saying. You also have this way of talking that is so fantastic. You talk in different tones and you have this laugh that is so funny because you only use it when you know someone is talking lies or if a situation doesn’t seem right. Keep doing what your doing. Africa is blessed to have you and your team.

  9. It’s almost like someone jumped on her leg purposely… hate to say it but maybe it wasn’t an accident. They are so adamant it wasn’t so maybe they did do it..

  10. This really breaks my heart! That this mother will not allow her daughter this surgery. She seems to not even care about the pain this poor child has been in.
    I am also angered how this mother would say if it’s her time to die then let it be!!! I’m at loss for words. It also seems that these children are clearly terrified of her. They barley even speak for themselves. I see so many issues with this family. So I am asking God to Please you have this women’s heart so she may have a change of heart. So these beautiful children may have a better quality of life and so they may live pain free.
    Thank you Jim and the Rise up team for all your hard work and your loving and caring hearts. May God bless you all. 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾

  11. How sad for the girl. In America, you can go through the courts and have them decide. Does she attend school?

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