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When you look into the pools of the 9/11 memorial at the World Trade Center, you start to ask yourself questions. Why is the world bad? What did all these people die for? Well, for freedom, I guess. And, like, American values? But what are those values? What kind of freedom is it that we have? The 9/11 memorial shares the World Trade Center site with the largest shopping mall in Manhattan. There’s a Forever 21, an Under Armour, a Kate Spade, and a pair of shoes that I want But they’re too expensive and my feet are too big and I’m too tall to wear high heels anyway ugh fucking neoliberalism What even goes on in these big buildings? I’ve been looking at them all my life, but I’ve never been inside one. Are these the towers where the ruling lizards gather? Drinking human blood? Licking whipped cream off the interns? What the hell even is this country? Just the same terrible shit copy-pasted all over the goddamn place: Longhorn Steakhouse, Golden Corral, Staples, the Red Lobster, Petsmart, Chipotle, Fridays, Dave & Buster’s… I guess it’s not so bad, as long as you kick things up a notch… Yes, I want to add the lava cakes to my order, Domino’s, of course I want the fucking lava cakes. (What’s wrong with capitalism) I’m gonna put the cake on the pizza, put it all in me, fill me up Oh, god damn it, it was so good,
but I ate so much, I think I’m gonna die Look what capitalism made me do ~ …vast parts of territory all across the Middle East, they put– Political dissent begins with the vaguest feeling that something is wrong and a lot of people have that feeling but the problem with vague feelings is they can be channeled in any direction. The same vague angst can drive people to communism or fascism or anything in between. There’s a general sense today among young people that we have been lied to and that sense is perhaps the most acute among middle class white men, who apparently were promised that they could be millionaires or movie gods or rock stars. The term “special snowflake” is used today as a slur against queer teenagers but it comes from the movie Fight Club where it refers to a generation of white guys who have become Adults only to find that they’re worse off than their fathers, that they don’t have glamorous jobs, they don’t have girlfriends, and, more recently, that even in the escapist world of video games, their absolute sovereignty is being challenged. I’ve devoted half my channel to chronicling the deranged consequences of this situation: anti-feminism, alpha males, pickup artists, the surreal surge and support for a white ethnic homeland. But till now, I haven’t talked about the underlying causes and it’s important to do that because, the thing is, the white men aren’t even wrong that society is screwing them in some way. It’s just that it’s screwing everyone else even more. So the masculinist alt-right analysis of society is exactly upside-down. Guys, you are not under the thumb of a Jewish feminist plot to turn you into girly soy boy cucks. Cultural Marxism did not turn you into placid IKEA consumers, capitalism did. So what you need to do is stop scapegoating non-whites, feminists and trans people and unite with the rest of us to actually do something about the real enemy: the blood sucking goddamn reptiles Chapter 1 Capitalism and Spirit–oh god I sound like a philosopher, someone shoot me Remember that Nazi propaganda video where Richard Spencer says that “a nation based on freedom is just another place to go shopping” A leftist could easily have said that. We think of leftist analysis as being very materialistic but there’s a spiritual dimension to it too. Much of Karl Marx’s early writings are primarily concerned with the state of the human soul under capitalism: with the alienation of working not for yourself, but for an employer who appropriates the value of your work; with the fetishism of commodities: the investment of inanimate objects with transcendent properties beyond their usefulness; with the system of lies and delusions by which capitalism understands and justifies itself: with fucking Comcast increasing my bill to $70 a month for no fucking reason No, I don’t want a landline. No one under the age of 60 wants a landli– Of course, it’s not just Marxists who complain about a capitalist malaise. Fascists and conservatives notice it too, only they think the solution is to seek collective meaning and ancient customs, racial chauvinism, or fight clubs and that shit’s not really my scene I’m really more of a pursuit of individual happiness person but, I think that capitalism as we know it is pretty bad at fostering individual happiness, and here’s why: Chapter two Alienated labor Ugh, this Marxist jargon sucks. Let’s come up with something new Chapter two shitty jobs Why is your job so shitty? Well, probably it’s because you work at the Comcast customer service call center and you spend your day dealing with whiny and titled white bitches who don’t understand that you’re just a lackey without any actual power and the system is organized so that people with no power just have to pointlessly shout at each other. You don’t have any stake in the profit of Comcast as a company so you don’t really have any reason to give a shit about the success of the corporate machine in which you are a gear. The CEO makes 36 million dollars a year while you make $14 an hour, which means that a lot of the value of the work you’re doing doesn’t get paid to you, but goes straight up the chain of command and into the pockets of the chief lizards. The ruthless hierarchical structure of the company means that you’re competing against your fellow employees for a promotion, or even to not be laid off and if that happens, you’ll end up competing against other unemployed people for another shitty job as a concrete lifter, or a mud mule, or maybe even a coffee-shop Macbook person. This means it’s difficult to even experience companionship with the other people in your shitty situation, because you’re all being pitted against each other by the goddamn reptiles. And it gets even worse You could be employed by New Age reptiles, who force you to participate in team-building exercises, company scavenger hunts, mandatory fun, which means that not only do you have a shitty oppressive job, but you’re not even allowed the basic pleasure of openly hating your life. You have to constantly pretend that you’re having “fun”, all for the sake of maintaining the overlord’s comfortable delusion that he’s not your overlord. These lizards are smart and they keep coming up with more elaborate ways to lie to you. If you work for Uber, they won’t even be honest about the fact that you’re their employee. They’ll call you an “independent contractor”. You get to be your own boss and set your own hours. You only have to take out the initial loan, buy the car, pay the insurance, pay for the cleaning, take on all the risk, and give Uber 25% without getting a guaranteed wage, benefits, paid leave, or pension. So much better than being an old-fashioned employee, right? No, PLEASE don’t transfer me to the billing department. They already transferred me here– Chapter 3 Advertising Is it pretentious to use chapters in a YouTube video? What if each section is named after an episode in the Odyssey– If you’ve lived your life in America, you’ve spent every day since birth assailed from all directions by propaganda campaigns for cereals and cigarettes and sugar snacks, and now you can’t get no satisfaction. Jesus! People have been complaining about advertising so long, it’s come to seem like a basic feature of the human condition. But it’s not a basic feature of the human condition. It’s a situation particular to life under capitalism. I mean, North Korea is a dystopian shithole, but at least the train station isn’t cluttered up with advertisements for– Oh. So many fan– Contrapoints is a tankie confirmed. A neoliberal tankie The purpose of advertising is to manufacture desires, which brands across the world spend nearly five hundred billion dollars a year doing. The ubiquity and apparent effectiveness of advertising seems to contradict one of the fundamental assumptions of capitalist society; namely, there were all autonomous individuals making rational choices in pursuit of our own well-being. Advertising uses a lot of rhetorical strategies that are not very rational. For instance, randomly correlating the product with sexual desire generating new insecurities the product promises to alleviate associating the product with social status associating the product with random famous people associating the product with degenerate decadence associating the product with progressive social movements associating the product with communist revolution gazing longingly at dreamy Argentinean philosophy professor join the clone army completely original lighting gay orgies love cannot survive without diamonds Is this rational? Does it help people make genuine decisions about their own best interests? Of course not. The goal of advertising is not to satisfy the pre-existing needs that people have, it’s to endlessly create new needs. And that’s a lot to keep up with and it takes a lot of stamina, which is why it’s a good thing I discovered Vitalimax Plus! Every evening, before I start writing or shooting a video, I insert two Vitalimax Plus suppositories for a sustainable blast of power! With all-natural ginseng and opium extracts, Vitalimax Plus gives me the reckless euphoria and indifference to pain that I need to – get – it – in I start with a couple dozen oysters, eat some molly, maybe hit a couple almonds, then I take my Vitalimax Plus, and I’m ready to rip – it – open Vitalimax, for bottoms! Consumer society is all about goddamn lizards inventing desires which they implant in your brain through advertising. Then, they sell you the product that fulfills the desire that they invented, irrespective of whether the fulfillment of the desire actually contributes to your well-being in any way. So what we have is a society built not around meeting basic human needs or maximizing human happiness, but around the extravagant profits of powerful reptiles who tell you what to want and then sell it to you. and this would be a grim state of affairs in any circumstances, but it’s especially egregious in a country where many of the basic needs are not met. On the one hand, we have 40 million people living in this country with medical debt, spiraling tuition costs leading college students to take out loans they may never escape, more than half a million homeless people and 13 million children who have to go to school hungry. and on the other hand, we apparently have the resources to mass produce $400 juice-packet-squeezing machines
and $300 luxury ice cubes and there are apparently Americans who are willing to spend 50 million dollars on Barnett Newman paintings. I mean, it’s a fine painting, It’s got a lot of great red on it, but is it really worth the cost of feeding every homeless person in America for two weeks? Is this what an efficient economy looks like? If GDP is your only measure of efficiency, then maybe. But shouldn’t the economy serve humanity rather than the other way around? If millions of people are struggling under the weight of student debt, underemployment, and outrageous medical costs, then who gives a shit how many golden doughnuts we can produce What do I do with the gold on my fingers? Canto 4 Message to the Rich Alright you filthy goddamn reptiles, listen up. I have a pretty good barometer for internet politics, which is to say, politics. I mean, I noticed the alt-right thing pretty early and you can assign as much or as little significance to that as you choose. But what I’m picking up at the moment is that people are getting fuckin’ mad and they’re starting to get mad specifically at you, the rich. and you don’t just have to trust my intuitions here. Recent polling data shows that a majority of adults under the age of 30 do not support capitalism and almost a third support socialism. This is not the 80s anymore, you can’t continue to get richer and richer while the rest of the country is underemployed, in debt, and unable to afford health care. What you’re doing has been tried before
and it doesn’t end well You can’t just stroll around town dressed like this and live in houses like this when there are millions of peasants who don’t have enough to eat. They will eventually try to cut your heads off,
and judging by the mood I’m picking up on social media right now, if you don’t fix some shit and make life better for the masses, they are gonna cut your fucking heads off., I mean they won’t actually cut your heads off, but they will try, and you’ll have to deploy militarized police and you will crush them ruthlessly, but it’s gonna be a whole thing. bad for profits, and just all-around a real inconvenience for you. Nosey humanitarians will butt their heads in and they’re gonna make things awkward. The point is, shit cannot continue the way it’s going; something is gonna have to change. We can do this the easy way or the hard way: the choice is up to you. L1: Well, are you going to answer the phone? L2: There is no phone. There is only the side of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, the soul of a soulless condition. It’s best to just try and ignore it. Episode 5 Message to the Youth Alright kids, so you’re angry.
Well, good! The world sucks! There’s a lot to be angry about. What we have to do next is decide what to do with that anger. I don’t think tweeting aggressively is gonna cut it, so what do we do? Smash? Tabby, get in here! Sit down! Look, I know I’ve been kind of hard on you. Harsh words have been exchanged. But I need young radicals like you in my life.
The minute I stop listening to people like you is the minute I become irrelevant, so I apologize.
I never meant to hurt you. Baby, I’m sorry! I mean, look, I get it. Smashing is fun, but we also need to have a real plan, that’s all I’m saying. So what’s the plan? Revolution. Okay, yeah! Revolution! I mean, you’re right! Donald Trump is president. Fuck it! Revolution! We’ve gotta get better people in office. We’ve gotta vote in a whole different kind of politician, right? No, revolution. Ye- yes, I know revolution, but what kind of revolution? Like Project Mayhem? Gather your muskets ye militiamen and water the tree of liberty, what? No, I mean direct action. Okay, so like a general strike? No, end capitalism. Tabby, I’m not trying to say I have all the answers here, because I really don’t, but I think we should at least try to come up with something a little more substantive than just saying the word “revolution”. Like, I’m in support of radical movements: Occupy Wall Street, 1960’s uprisings. I think these kinds of movements can generate a lot of energy. They shift the Overton Window to the left, and they can have a big cultural impact. But none of them so far has ended capitalism and capitalism needs the state to maintain its power And we can change the state through electoral politics So why not direct some serious energy toward that? Well, revolutions have worked in Russia and China But no elected politician has ever even come close to ending capitalism in the U.S., So why do YOU think that will work? What’s to stop whoever you elect from getting absorbed by the same corrupt-finance backed system that every politician eventually has to swear allegiance to? Well, you’re not entirely wrong, but on the other hand, Chinese and Soviet Communism were not exactly super great. and in any case, I’m having a little bit of trouble imagining a 1917-style revolutionary army marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in 2018. Shouldn’t we focus on protecting abortion and getting affordable health care and education and ending mass incarceration and other achievable goals? What if the 2020 election is postponed? Well, then I WILL transition into you and become you unironically. Why not just be honest about your political stance? Are you a Democratic Socialist? Or would you actually support a revolution? Well, I prefer to just describe my positions and let others decide on the labels. Now, for you, Contrapoints, I mean, you’re still a heretic and an enemy of the Imperium and you are a daemonette of Slaanesh and everything like that, but I still like you. But what exactly are your positions? Um… Well… Kill everyone now, condone first degree murder Advocate cannibalism, eat shit Filth are my politics? Eat reptiles? Why do you keep saying reptiles when you mean capitalists? Oh because Marxist analysis is boring and it’s more interesting if the capitalists are reptiles But you sound like a conspiracy theorist. Aren’t you discrediting yourself by using David Icke’s vocabulary? Well, David Icke is selling a lot of books Can the same be said of Horkheimer? Have you read Horkheimer? Yes. Have you read Kropotkin? Yes. Have you read Bakunin? … No. You really can’t understand these issues until you’ve read Bakunin. Have you read Plekhanov? Have you read Goldman? Have you read Zetkin? Have you read Gramsci? Have you read Grindelwald? Have you read Slobodan Zarthusian? Have you read Sexus Arcanis? Have you read Slutsgonarevski? Tabby! I have half a PhD in reading tedious blowhards, and I’m telling you right now I ain’t reading any of that shit. and if being an encyclopedia of long-winded Eastern Bloc gibberish is a prerequisite for talking to you, then no one is going to listen to what you have to say. I think I’m just gonna go, this isn’t really working out. Wait, Tabby– Before you go, let me say one more thing. If you ever change your mind About leaving, leaving me behind Woah, baby, bring it to me Bring your sweet loving
Bring it on home to me I know I laughed when you left
But now I only, I only hurt myself Oh, baby, bring it to me Bring your sweet lovs
Bring it on home to me I’ll bring you jewelry and money too
Bu that ain’t all, that ain’t all I’ll do for you Oh baby, bring it to me,
bring your sweet love Bring it on home to me I know I’ll always be your slave
Until I’m buried, buried in my grave Tabby, bring it to me, bring your sweet love
Bring it on home to me Bring it on home, cat girl. Unsubscribed. It’s fuckin’ 2018, man.

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC1yHLp9bWA Look here if there are other skin colors than white in the fight club meeting. If so, what you said is wrong and again, postmodern-neomarxist bs 😉

  3. A distinction needs to be made between two confusing definitions for the word "capitalism." Otherwise we will just talk past each other. I'd like to propose that there is a big difference between "crony capitalism" and "the free market." Yet people call each of these two things capitalism. Under a true free market, big corps and the rich can not buy special influence and power and advantages from politicians.

  4. Hello, great video. However you left out one of the most important aspects of economic systems: Taxes. I’d appreciate it if you could include this topic when you feel like making a video about the economy again. Thank you.

    Taxes: how do they currently work, how did they come to be, what they could be for the human species.

  5. The rich are evil… God, this is so simplistic. It's an evil conspiracy!!!!!!!!! It's funny, because you appear to briefly notice this fact, and then just waltz on past it. There's no doubt that some rich people attempt to do such things, but it is not the rich as a class that are the issue, it is corrupt individuals…

  6. 5:39 wait people make $14?!?! Here in Texas we get paid $7.25 at best $10 in like 70% of jobs you can get

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  8. This is magnificent. I can't compliment this enough. I have been explaining and exploring the explanations of others about what is wrong with capitalism for over 40 years. This is the most succinct, intelligent and understandable job I have ever seen. I will be sharing it a lot. Great work.

  9. People trying to sell you something you don't need thru advertising isn't really a problem with capitalism, its a widespread attitude problem with whats acceptable: from the platforms to the consumers. Its easier to make capitalism better than to replace it with… whatever we are supposed to replace it with. The subset of the population who are making business decisions are failing the rest of us in many ways. We need to find out why, try to correct them, or replace them…. because freedom and capitalism allows us to replace them.

  10. How is it someone so, both intelligent and educated, can be so embarrassingly dead wrong about 911? Because to blame it on anything, ANYTHING but religion is on par with something Ben fucking Shapiro would say. When ivy league educated engineers, engineers who had no experience with western oppression or colonization, fly planes into buildings, I tends to assume (foolish, I know) that that ivy league education made them articulate enough to accurately describe why they did it. It's not nuanced or even complex. The only connection they had with western civilization was, months before the attacks, they took a trip to Dubai (and their titty bars) felt an enormous amount of guilt due to their bronze age religion and felt there was only one path to redemption.
    How many more engineers need to fly planes into buildings before we start taking their word for it?

  11. Question: Why do companies act like their employees are kindergartners? I mean.. does any adult actually like to "scavenger hunt" at work rather than be home with their families?

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  14. Antifeminism is a valid movement in a country where women have so many privileges (longer life, being happier, better grades, less suicidal, less likely to be homeless, less punishment for the same crime, winning 90% of custodies and divorces) but a Lot of them still believe their oppressed. They arent.

  15. Unfortunately, the scapegoating you mentioned early on seems to be the chief diversion tactic here. Create an alt-right that wants to fight the entire rest of humanity and the other side will be forced to grapple with them too long to notice the many palaces of Versailles and bastilles waiting to be stormed.

  16. True true but it beats being sent to the fucking gulags. I see no easy solution. It's going to have to be a slow one. Even Marx said real communism could only develop out of capitalism. Maybe if we stopped buying pointless shit they'd have to stop making it.

  17. Very very interesting video! Although I would say that I lean to the right but there's no denying the progressives' creativity!

    Just on a few points about criticism of capitalism though, I hear this being mentioned time and time again, I believe it to be factually wrong, please correct me if you guys have any thoughts.

    1. Workers being stripped with any autonomy and the value of their work is basically just being handed to the "lizards" that does nothing. I believe this is the image you are trying to paint, and I believe this to be inaccurate.

    Any student of commerce would know profit comes with risks. The "lizards" of the companies generally face a lot more risks and stress, most of them work longer hours, have less of a personal life because of their responsibility towards, if all else disregarded, their own interests and stake within the company. In most circumstances, employees are free of responsibility, stress and risks. Any employee who are severely mistreated, underpaid by their employer, could see his/her talent realised by a competing firm. This is generally the case. While there are certainly exceptions to the rule, it seems to me a mistake to paint all workers contributions flowing up to the "lizards" and only able to maintain the bare minimum.

    2. Market creating desires. Sure advertising does create some desires but nothing could be further from the entire truth in my view. In marketing there is a terminology called latent need. Which describes a need that the consumers might not have been aware but is catered for by a innovative product. A random example could be a smartphone. Before the smart phone, people might have been satisfied with going to the web via computer and call via a tedious phone book and a traditional phone. But the introduction of a smartphone made it easier and satisfied the latent needs of consumers. Once they realise how convenient the smartphone is they decide to consume the product. Whilst it is true this product is simply created, you could say, but does it not also satisfy the basic desire for things to be as convenient as possible? Surely it's just human nature to want to quality content such as contrapoint on a convenient smartphone without the need to carry a massive computer everywhere they go?

    Anyway these are my thoughts. Just to clarify, there are many problems in our society and many of them stems from capitalism. However, some criticism of the systems that stemmed from Marxism are simply not correct in my opinion or at the very least very outdated.

    Lastly, thank you for addressing the Communist Russia and China problem. As a Chinese, I assure you the those Communist regimes are not something you would like to experience.

  18. why don't we start by boycotting our credit cards for a weekend? one small step? go after the banks who use our money to invest for themselves. Don't allow them to hit their projections (the use of our money via credit usage) and expand. build, expand, build expand. more and more people not using credit cards for a few days…it will make an impact…you have the power contrapoints!!!

  19. I don't think capitalism itself is the problem. We just need some common sense regulation. Just some sanity. Except healthcare. Healthcare should be totally socialized.

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  24. You really think with socialism you'd have iphones? Mac books? Youtube? Microsoft windows? No, none of those things would be invented because entrepreneurs like Bill gates and Steve jobs wouldn't have access to a free market where they could profit and invent. They'd be working in thier government appointed jobs being janitors or factory floor operators.

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    They claim to be censored by YouTube because they get age restrictions for posting about mass terror attacks and other harsh things but they are some of the most prevalent advertising channels on the platform

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    The truth hurts. You guys are really dumb.

  30. Capitalism "as we know it"? Nope, maybe capitalism as you know it.

    USA is not the only capitalist country in the world, and if you look at the European capitalism you might learn a thing or two.

    Capitalism is not the problem. US capitalism might be the problem.

  31. "lizard people" are an antisemitic and fascist dogwhistle, is this the audience you want to speak to?

    What the hell are you doing girl..?

  32. I'm watching this and the fact that the first chapter is like 3 minutes long and doesn't explain the opposite views makes me think that this piece of video is made just as a bookmark of "vague feelings" for people who already agree with what is presented, who know beforehand what they are gonna find in the video. You can do a better job 🙂

  33. The problem I have with you calling the capitalists lizard people is not one of you discrediting yourself, rather one of you dehumanizing your enemy, consciously or unconsciously, to make it easier to justify doing harm to them. If we are going to become a credible movement we need to not shy away from our problems, such as what to do with the rich if we do get our way, and I for one won’t advocate for killing them

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