What’s Killing the American Dream?

What do you call it when people have a great
idea and risk everything they have — time, money, energy — to make that idea a reality? I call it the American Dream. Ritu Shah-Burnham had an idea. She dreamed of opening a pizza franchise in
Seattle, Washington. It wasn’t easy – it never is – but she
made it happen. Richard Clark had an idea. Office buildings in fast growing Northern
Florida needed janitorial services. He was bound and determined to see that they
got it. He grew his business to over 200 employees. Kenneth Jarosch oversees a bakery in Chicago
started in 1959 by his father and grandfather. The neighborhood has seen a lot of changes
over the decades, but there’s always been one thing you could count on: delicious bread
and pastries fresh from the Jarosch ovens. Ritu’s, Richard’s, and Kenneth’s stories
are played out every day across America: a million variations on the same theme — starting
a business, running a business, keeping a business going. In fact, America leads the world in small
business creation, with over 28 million small businesses. They generate over 64% of all new private
sector jobs. And, let’s not miss the obvious: Every big
business with thousands of employees started out as a small business. Bernie Marcus opened two hardware stores in
Georgia and Phil Knight sold running shoes out of the back of his car in Oregon. Thus were The Home Depot and Nike born. Given the importance of small businesses to
the American economy, you would think the government on all levels — city, state and
federal — would do everything it could to encourage their formation and growth. In other words, you’d think the government’s
attitude would be, “How can we help you?” But, sadly, this is not the case. In fact, it’s the opposite. The government is killing small businesses
— killing them with excessive taxes, over-regulation and complicated compliance. One such burden is the push to hike
federal, state and city minimum wage rates from about $7.25 an hour to as much as $15. Ritu Shah-Burnham found this out the hard
way. So did her employees. When the city of Seattle raised their minimum
wage to $15 an hour, all the profit went out of Ritu’s pizza parlor. She couldn’t raise prices high enough to
cover her new costs. She lost her business and her employees lost
their jobs. Instead of their wages going up to $15, they
went down to zero. Then there’s the Affordable Care Act, which
requires businesses with at least 50 full-time employees to provide health insurance for
all of them. The law’s definition of “full-time”? Just 30 hours a week. To survive all the added costs, many small
companies have reduced their workers’ hours to below 30 per week. They’ve also become wary of expanding beyond
50 full time employees. That’s the dilemma Richard Clark faced. His workforce of 200 people, 50% of whom were
full-time, is now down to 150 people with only 20% full-time. The rest are part time. Sure, it would be great to provide everyone
with health insurance, but Richard wouldn’t be able to keep his business if he did, and,
obviously, his employees wouldn’t have jobs. Kenneth Jarosch wonders if his bakery can
survive the bans on partially hydrogenated oil and transfats, key ingredients in making
his baked goods. He’ll have to reformulate his recipes. That will cost him a lot of time and money,
and he worries about the taste and texture of his baked goods. If you’re a bakery and your customers don’t
like your bread, well . . . you’re toast. And so are your employees. There are over 175,000 pages of regulations
like these from the federal government alone – countless more from cities and states. Small businesses have to deal with them every
day. Some of these regulations are necessary, but
many are not. Some sound good on the campaign trail, but
create serious practical problems in real life. They sap the resources of going concerns and
discourage people from starting new ones. They’re freezing American economic growth. They’re like a giant iceberg. And the American dream is headed straight
for it. I’m Elaine Parker of the Job Creators Network,
for Prager University.

  1. A local bakery shouldn't be using trans fats. It just increases the shelf life of packaged goods. Otherwise, I agree with a lot on this video.

  2. I prefer free market healthcare. It does the same thing at a tenth of the cost. Go to the Oklahoma surgery centers website and see for yourself.

  3. Why do you remove my comments. They speak the truth. You are selling fiction through a $5 dollar book you can get for free at hotels. The bible is the most printed book in the world and the least read.

  4. Tax me 70%, 80% with no minimum wage, compliance, or regulations, and I'll figure it out somehow. Tax me 32% with excessive minimum wage, compliance, and regulation, and I'll die on the vine.

  5. we now have a president that has actually run a business & earned a living in the private sector. The left can't admit it but the regulations Trump has cut are a major reason for our thriving economy. the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen, kiddies!

  6. I own a small business I pay my employees over $15 an hour I don't make nearly as much money is a fortune 500 company that pays their employees 7.25 an hr. Small businesses already pay over the desired minimum wage the big business is need to start Paying people . Small businesses can do it then fortune 500 companies can to no excuses.

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  9. What is killing the American dream…people not fighting for it !!! FIGHT for your dreams !!! Don't get butthurt if you have setbacks or get your feelings hurt because you did not see eye-to-eye with someone else. Enjoy the ride getting to your dreams. Live life while you are reaching for them. Grow up in the process as well.

  10. The American dream is not about wealth. It's about what the pilgrims saw when they came numerous vast expanse of land and resources they seen when they came. My grandparents worked as indentured slaves seven years when they came in colonial years. They worked that land to build a life for themselves and future generations. They knew the importance of laboring for themselves. And securing the blessings of liberty defending the blessings of liberty. One who sows his own land will always have food.

  11. The enemy of America are the tax collection escalation and the people that help nepotism spending Moore to get a bigger budget every year !

  12. What is killing the American Dream ? income inequality
    Most Americans don't own there own businesses. Most Americans are employees – 90 % of all workers.
    Technology, automation, globalization, and under-taxation is increasing the gap between the haves and the haves-not.
    Real wages in the USA have only gone up about 10 % since 1980.
    Healthcare and higher education have increased, at least, 600+ %. Housing costs are also much higher.
    Why ?
    Automation does not pay income taxes. Only people do. When a company automates, they decrease the labor pool. Less taxes are collected.
    The high tax brackets are much lower than 50 years ago. Today, the top bracket is 39 %. It used to be 60 % in 1960. It was 90 % in 1950s.
    Not only that, but many of the rich live from investment income only. They only pay a 15 % capital gains tax.
    These higher taxes paid for public support of healthcare, education, and others. They lessen middle-class living expenses.
    It was a form of income redistribution in support of the middle-class.

  13. So the minimum wage should remain low so small busineses could afford payng their employes? But doesn't this also mean that inflation will not be as high, since big businesses will raise their prices to compenscate the "loses" from the minimum wage changes?

  14. Bro everything is just too expensive now these days, back then teens can move out buy a house own a car and still have food without any worries, where as my generation we have to work twice as hard just to pay for our bills for our car and for our parents house, we even have to go to our local pantry just to get food, college is getting ridiculously expensive and every student is brainwashed because going to college = a good paying job, what if you don’t get the job you want? Then you have people in debt for no reason, which involves more crime because people don’t just have any other choice, sure America maybe the “best” country to live in, but through out my life living here, doesn’t seem much like living anymore but surviving

  15. Weaponized Immigrants, minorities, mainstream influential media, including the current education system, fiat currencies, false beliefs that opposition of Feminism and Minority Growth is oppression itself, Amendment 13, 14 not being fixed to a specific dominant group, 15, and 19, and the federal reserve.

  16. No one can survive on $7.00 per hour .  No one can survive on $10.00 per hour .  the break even point of survival is $18.00 per hour .  answer #2 " if an employer cannot provide health care for it's employees .  what happens to that employee if they become sick or injured ?  Public assistance ?  Welfare?  Or, would you put them out in the street with a tin cup to beg ?  What would you do if it was your mother/father, son/daughter or other family member ?  Put them out on the street with a tin cup to beg ?  Or, put them in a government slum or ghetto to die ?  Get real !

  17. Not to mention the Canadian and Australian Dreams, to name the two countries that are the most similar to the US culturally and sizewise.

  18. The American Dream is only being Killed for Americans But if you are a Legal Immigrant They you get Perks like 7 years without taxes or Low Interest Loans !!    The Federal reserve is also Killing the Dream Everyday they Print more Promise Notes  aka the American Dollar !

  19. Bruh you can totally get rid of trans fat… anyways, no small business bakery will use hydrogenated vegetable oil – they’ll just use a Saturated fat!

  20. I Find the $15,- per hour too high to begin with, here in the netherlands the minimum is €9,92, with a 40 hour per week contract. With That you can easily survive and pay all the bills. Start with small jumps. A €15,- per hour in my country you can only get with minimum college degree. Exchange rate is $1,- to €0,85.

  21. Wow, burning the government for banning fats which are harmful to people's health. You've gone too far this time, PragerU.

  22. That woman’s pizza store went out of business because of the minimum wage?? I’m suspicious that was the main/sole reason

  23. Just give tax according to profit and eraze minimum wage and make it slightly less complicated to open and run a business thats all!!

  24. I would go to the root of the problem and say single mother hood. And I was raised by a single mother. Who wasn't around much cuz she had to work. Who's boyfriends didn't care much for her son from another man. I grew up in a shitty neighborhood cuz of that single parent household. Drugs tend to be prevalent in a crappy neighborhood. Etc etc. Thank god I had grandparents who had stayed together to give me a great example.

  25. Synopsis of this video: "We want to be able to use people's labor to become rich; but we don't want to pay them a living wage."

  26. what a lot of bull ! There is no dream when people are focused on money it's more like the american nightmare where everyone steps on other people's feet The whole system is demonic and frankly sad

  27. Government is the problem and not the answer; the truth spoken by President Reagan. Dont vote for Democrats unless you want the U.S. Government ending up like these businesses forced into a position of failure. This is a fact and not my opinion. Actions speak louder than words! Do not vote for liberal/socialist Democrats if you want the United States a chance to survive!

  28. The American dream isn't only about small businesses. It's also about getting a good job and starting a family etc. which is impossible on $7.25 an hour

  29. Don't people, who trade the time of their life for work deserve to be paid reasonable wage? Rent in Seattle is very high. Do they just need to make enough to wake up and go to work again? How is Australia manage to survive even thou their min wage is even higher. Is it better to pay restaurant workers $2 in hour as East Coast does? Not an objective video.

  30. Deregulating the economy as much as possible is the best way to go hands down. The freer the markets, the more prosperous they are. This isn't some conservative concept; it's a proven verifiable fact. Now you can't completely deregulate it, because that would be economic anarchy. I think the gov't should aim for about 10-15% regulation to avoid monopolies and abuse of workers and things like that, but the rest they need to take their hands off completely. The economy is like a flower that blooms more the less you mess with it, and right now our gov't is only a few steps away from completely tearing out by the roots.

  31. The problem with the democrat party is that they have conflated Health Insurance and Health Care. Two totally separate things, but combined by them to mean the same thing. Yes, health CARE is a right. No one wants someone to be denied the ability to see a doctor or go to a hospital. At the same time, no one wants to have to pay for someone to do that. The difference is that when you conflate the two you end up having to steal money from a few to pay for things of others. You also have to enslave doctors to perform work for free or for a price below what it costs them to perform said service. If you take your car for the shop to get brake work done and the parts are $75, do you think you can get that work done for $70 or $80 dollars, or even $75. The doctor has to pay employees, lab fees, equipment fees, rent, utilities and taxes for all those employees and the cost of the experience that he has.

  32. 3:42 I know that shouldn't be that funny but damn it I almost choked on my coffee I was laughing so hard.

  33. While I avoid partially hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup like the plague, it shouldn't be banned. Let the idiots cook with it. All the better to let bakers who use wholesome ingredients to prevail–as the nation is looking for healthier options. Capitalism is awesome…except when politicians are in bed with many of the major corporations. I KNOW green energy sources would prevail if the market was left to follow the whims of the people instead of being manipulated by wall street execs and such.

  34. Big Gov = Death of Capitalism. And without capital, you go hungry. Get Governments greedy fingers out of everything non-essential.

  35. I urge my people (Karen) and peer in Minnesota to reconsider and reexamine the $15 minimum wage before it vote because if it pass it will hurt the second generation when they are trying to find a part time job or a job on the matter. Karen ppls are new in this country and only few handful have reach white-collar work force so to help next generation setting their foot in entry-level workforce, they need a employer who is willing to employ them. Sure they can go to college but graduate with debts and no experience is much much worst position to start off you life.

  36. endless war, crumbling infrastructure, small business that are crushed by huge monopolies stagnate wages at the time productivity increases you name it.

  37. The American Dream. You have to be asleep to believe it. 🇺🇸💵💰💎💤

    There's a famous saying. Don't give up yours cards.

    I do have a full-time permanent job, paid holiday, paid vacation, benefits, retired benefits, health benefits. And its non- union! 🇺🇸💰💵😂

    To all you "christian conservatives" small businesses owners who lost your jobs. BOO FREAKIN WHOO!!!! No bailouts!!!

    LEYKIS 101🇺🇸

    Remember they call it The American Dream. Because you have to be asleep to believe it. 🇺🇸😉💸

  38. “The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.”

    -Abraham Lincoln

  39. This how they want it, they are forcing us to fight against each other causing a civil war and due to that war then they'll bring in THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!

  40. enters politically heated area If I may say that minimum wage in Scandinavia is pretty high and that together with insurance, etc. Almost if not more than half of your income goes straight away to state. Still the economy still works fine. We still have small businesses and still have jobs.
    Thx byeeee

  41. In the 1970s , a wave of young liberals. Bill Clinton among them, destroyed the populist Democratic Party they had inherited from the New Dealers of the 1930s. The contours of this ideological fight were complex, but the gist was: Before the 70s, the Democrats were suspicious of big business. They used anti-monopoly policies to fight oligarchy and financial manipulation. Creating competition in open markets, breaking up concentrations of private power, and protecting labor and farmer rights were understood as the essence of ensuring that our commercial society was democratic and protected from big money. FDR got the idea of a REGULATORY POLICY SYSTEM AND INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAM AND UPGRADING EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM FROM A CIVIL ERA REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN AS DESCRIBED IN COMPLETE DETAIL BY LYNDON LAROUCHE BUT REMEMBER THAT REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN IS A PRO-CONSTITUTIONALISTIC PRESIDENT AND ADHERES STRICTLY TO ALL U.S CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS, ESPECIALLY WHICH IMMIGRANTS ARE NOT TO BE ALLOWED INTO THE COUNTRY FOR THEY ALL WILL JUST COST TROUBLE AND MISERY FOR AMERICA WHO IN TURN WILL BE FORCED TO USE FORCE WHEN THEY HAD TOO MUCH ALREADY!

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