What's Education For?

  1. Exactly! In fact, modern education is not modern at all: it is still a very archaic form that has shown very little advancement.

  2. Very meaningful video, can I reprint it to my WeChat public account?

    It belongs to a non-profit organization.

  3. If you have lots of experience, little education, no money but you know something the educated professionals don’t; it is impossible to get them to listen, publish or care.

  4. To briefly answer the question, education is so that all of us as a humanity can learn from our mistakes and have a better comprehension of the vast universe

    thesaurus.com is great lmao

  5. Thank you for this video. It describes accurately how I feel about the school system we have and how I believe it should be instead.

  6. I still see my bad grades in my room
    Can't take back the essay I gave you
    If I don't get a job I'll be a disgrace to you
    If I don't really please you I cannot succeed through

  7. The thing is if your Asian, You have NO CHANCE Of ever dropping out of school, and finding out the true meaning to life.

  8. One of my life's biggest regrets is not taking my high school education serious. I won't let my kids make that mistake.

  9. Dose anyone has the subtitle of this film, I am a English learner. I can’t figure it out just by listening. I need a official one to correct my version.pls! Thanks!!!

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