WHAT’S AT STAKE: The other side wants us to be a nation of worms

D’Souza: In the early years of the
Civil War when the Union armies began to deploy black soldiers, the
Confederates adopted a policy that said any black soldier captured by
the Confederacy would be shot. This was not the
case with white soldiers. It was such an affront
that the Confederates decided to do this. When this came to
the attention of Lincoln, he issued an executive order. It is not very well known, but, in
my opinion, it is the most severe order to come out of the
northern side during the war: for every black Union soldier
executed by the Confederacy, one Confederate captive will be shot. Why would a moderate man
do such a barbaric thing? The answer is that Lincoln
realized that you have to do to them what they are doing to you if you ever want them to stop. You have to do it. [Audience applause] D’Sozua: In fact, the
Confederates did stop, and the order was withdrawn. Where this leaves us, and
I want to close with this, is we have to recognize what’s at stake. What’s at stake is not
just that the other side wants Medicare for all,
free giveaways, and socialism. They actually want to establish
a nation of conformity. They want to turn us into worms. You would think they’d
be happy that they have the media, that they have academia, that they have Hollywood. No, they want the NFL. They want a bunch of
guys running with a ball. They want the Boy Scouts, and
they pretty much have them. They want the Christian baker in Colorado. Even if he goes to the
Supreme Court and wins, sue him again. Why? Not because of him, but because we have to terrify
everybody else who’s thinking about being like him and standing up for their principles. [Audience applause] D’Souza: This is why we have to
realize that we need to hold them accountable. There are all these people
who say, “Oh, the Mueller report, what a relief. Let’s move on.” No, let’s not move on. Let’s hold those people
accountable, then we can move on. [Audience applause] D’Souza: The American Dream
hangs in the balance. It’s not just a dream,
as you all know, of economic prosperity. It is a dream of the good
life in both its senses. It’s the dream of the prosperous life,
but it’s also the dream of a decent society and a
good society that holds to its moral principles and
recognizes that the line between good and evil runs
through every human heart. We are the custodians of that
dream, and we need to fight for it as though it
matters because it does. Thank you very much.
[Audience applause]

  1. Musician, never a politician, I was. However a BAN on a music band performing at the local state fair by progressive governor of "Land of Lincoln" is how I got here.

  2. Equal treatment gets equal results, that's been a way of life for as long as humans have been trying to build civil society's, we see the results of the lefts so called compassion living on our streets every day. Obama said it during his first run for president, mandate everyone has a home then we would have no homelessness, even he understood such a crazy law would not work but leftist still think their agenda will fix everything.

  3. That's right … fight fire with fire.  these people (liberals progressive, commies, socialist, white traitors) will not stop EVER until we organize, protest on MASS scales!  no violence of course and keep your eyes out for infiltrators trying to make us look bad. we have to start organizing and get everyone to the polls, door to door registration for the  elderly since we have their numbers  soon they will be gone …that's my rant for the day

  4. Most Americans don’t know their history! Dinesh is outstanding. This man knows the history of America and he knows what he’s talking about. He is a proud American!

  5. It all starts in our schools where kids are taught liberal values, not Christian, just anti-American values. And it is also in our colleges. I see it every day.

  6. Democracy only works if you have the graceful consent of the losers.  That's a fact.  If you want to read something funny, I found a liberal Vox article (pre-2016 election results) where they talked about the same thing…Only, of course, they were expecting Trump to be the sore loser.  @t

  7. We need to start attacking Democrat voters and attack them where they feel safe, at their houses, in their cars, in the grocery stores, just like they do to us.

  8. The leftist socialists are wannabe bullies. When you stand up to bullies by going ballistic on them in response to their immature tantrums, they have to take what they dish out. That's what they can't do. If more people grow backbones, we will reveal them for the hot air childish balloons they are. This is as nicely as I can put it.

  9. So far, all we see is EMPTY accusations WITH NO ACTIONS! DOJ needs to take ACTIONS against those who broke the law!
    Fox News as well as people like D'Souza, instead of repeating the accusations day in day out, they need to spend their time to FIND OUT as to WHY DOJ and the Republicans refuse or avoid to take actions?!


  11. Do what i say but not what i do, and next Obama is investing is a 15 milion dollar house…….near the sea and on sea level. What about his prediction the sealevel will rise substantially?

  12. in order to win, you have to do to them what they are doing to you….
    the world of islam.
    then let the "moderates" police themselves.
    the coalition of marxist muslims have to be attacked at that level too.
    the UN

  13. Dinesh is such an awesome and inspirational speaker. He is a great role model for young people that think socialism is the way to go.

  14. Sadly, CNN, MSNBC, and all the other individuals that pushed the trump Russia bs, will never be held to the standards of regular people that slander, and hurt a persons reputation/income.

  15. I believe u r India a Trump supporter
    Why do India vote for Kamala Harris half jamaican half india but she will mess india America people around with taxes medical for illegals and the green new deal plus 70 percent taxes. Although Kamala is half India that is not a good idea for india people to vote for her with her policies. Can u talk with ur India Americans about thinking fully on voting for her. Not just because she is India but for her policies do u have the influence to convince them that with her policies that may Not be the correct choice plus she is a socialist and do India Americans want to go through socialism. So they should understand that they r not just voting for a half india American but for socialism as well

  16. If they take our guns and rights then that's all we will be.
    And how can we hold them accountable when no one is willing to prosecute them? They've already broken enough laws and committed treason so many times the entire democratic party should be put to death. That's what I'm waiting for.
    The purge. Let's go already.

  17. Correction, Mr D'Souza. What's at stake is the existence of our nation and any other nation in the world. The other side believes that borders shouldn't exist. Without borders there is no such thing as a nation. The other side believes in tyranny because without a nation there is no such thing as sovereignty and who do you think they believe should be dictating control over the nationless world? Everyone should be afraid wherever they come from.

  18. "You have to do to them, what they are doing to you, if you ever want them to stop"
    Things are totally outta order.
    Gotta fight fire with fire.

  19. Your closing words strike to the heart of the matter. God bless you Dinesh – God bless us all and may we take the fight into the pusillanimous heart of those who manifest their weakness of spirit by totalitarian thinking and performance.

  20. Fast forward to 2019 and blks shoot one another no matter their age. How barbaric. Blk lives dont seem to matter to blks, but white taxpayers who are forced to support such lazy trash are supposed to care about trash that doesn't care for themselves ? Bawhahahaha

  21. I like this man is a man on who is the truth teller and this is a fine example of what the true Americans are like and like the Democrats who only wish to promote the light and the deceit and the downfall of the Constitution of America the evolution of freedom of speech liberty and Democracy in their country this is why they have used it to undermine every decent American in their country

  22. Thank you Lord God for Dinesh,lead guide and protect him and his family,and open the eyes of the blind in Christ's name amen,thank you

  23. And 29 Leftists, NOT Liberals big difference, disagree with this video.
    As a Fiscal Constitutionalist Conservative I approve this video!

  24. Afghan war. Very very Very longest war. If Taliban knew the USA would obliterate them, how long do you think they would continue with their barbarism? Show these bastards the USA means “business”! See how they run!

  25. How, exactly, do we hold them accountable? The Justice Department just let Comey off the hook against AG Barr's recommendation. No one has been brought to justice yet, and all we keep hearing is, "we need to hold them accoutable." How do we hold them accountable? All of our leaders seem to be completely impotent, and it would be illegal for us to take matters into our own hands.

  26. Every word of Dinesh is worth its weight in gold. Those who oppose carries the weight of helium. They just float away into the ether.

  27. The people who are for guns are also against abortion. So if they are for life why are you afraid of those people having guns?????

    If guns should be illegal to anyone it should be Democrats who are for killing babies, if you can kill a baby; you could kill anyone without flinching.

  28. The Left are in such a feeding frenzy when it comes to tearing down the POTUS and the Conservative voter that God forbid that they regain power, you watch they will start eating their own because their vindictive behavior has no end to it

  29. If the world economy collapses before the next Presidential election which it well might do, then Trump is in trouble and may not get re-elected and then you get a Dem as President. Thats the problem with electing personalities over policy, Obama had nothing, Trump hasnt done nearly enough mainly through inexperience. Conservatives keep voting for RINOs and dont hold their reps accountable. Its most likely too late, if recession or worse comes it wont just be a economic devastation it will be coupled with a socialist President and I can see it esculating into bloodshed, banning guns, free healthcare the nation cant afford will mean the effects of a crash will linger longer in the US than in other countries. The armed forces will be crippled and the US's place in the world will not be number 1, or even number 2, it may not even be in the top 5 if it isnt careful.
    A concerned Aussie.
    P.S. we are going to get hit hard in OZ too, it isnt going to be pretty, good luck all.

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