"What We're Fighting Is Capitalism": Arn Menconi, Green Party Candidate For Senate

I am armed men Kony I'm a US Senate candidate in the state of Colorado I tell me about about your campaigning I launched it in January and then in March when the Democratic convention took place in the state of Colorado 63 percent of the delegates there were for Bernie Sanders and Mike the guy I'm running against Michael Bennett is this was a super delegate for Hillary Clinton so he got shouted in booed offstage he's also for fast-track C voted for fast-track C voted for the Keystone pipeline he's against the referendum in Colorado for universal health care so all those people immediately started to come up over to my side without me practically launching or raising any kind of money so that's great it feels like I have 10 15 % I feel as though Colorado is probably much higher for Jill Stein than most states we had 73% of the state vote in favor of legalizing marijuana we have a very independent state most of the people registered 1.4 million a registered unaffiliated it's our largest base and let's just talk about a little bit just in general about third party movement building obviously you know you're going to do your best to win in November but you know regardless of what happens in November we need to keep building this momentum so what does that look like to you well the thing that I've learned since I came into this as an anti-war activist and a social justice activist and then I picked up and learned because as a statewide office you're driving around and you're hearing everybody's concerns in Colorado people are number one against Frank king banning fracking against the TPP for raising the minimum wage and for universal health care so on a national level the movements that I'm connected – and have been in and assisted our free Palestine black life matters anti-war with code pink I've worked very very closely with both ping so trying to create that intersectionality I think the thing that we have to think about it right now is we've got roughly 95 days between now and the election and the Bernie Kratz are sort of divided and where they're going obviously the systemics it over to the Green Party and want to finish the political revolution I don't have a crystal ball broke it in the shower this morning but I would predict afterwards after November 8th there's going to be some kind of huddling and rethinking about what to do I think my advice to people is to get involved with top-shelf political movements the code Pink's of the world the three three fifty.org the black life matters and really continue and that anti or the boycott divestment and sanction movement those are four key areas where we need to keep leaning really really hard on before the next congressional election because what greens get criticized for a lot of times is that once that elections over they just kind of dissipate until the next major election don't let the happens and you think those movements can be brought more under the green umbrella I don't have a quick answer for that one because I've noticed there's sort of a balkanization or you have the younger vert the people are just coming into movement you have older people my my pushback would be for those who've been in the movements longer than I have and have a platform look really this is a time not to be thinking about you know your corner of the world but let's move up to the big one that what we're fighting right now is capitalism this isn't about reform this is about overthrowing with endless war we have global warming we have fast inequality and we have racial injustice it's all due to the the capitalist system that we are that's being run by the corporation's let's go after that and let's get the people out of office if it's on a statewide level on a national level let's go after the mainstream media and bug the heck out of them let's use our Twitter accounts and every single day let's go to the town hall meetings with do not write your Congressman I have this is my advice to writing your Congressman is like sticking a note in a dog's butt okay so you'll remember that one but you can go to code pink and you can go into a Senate hearing they need 1224 citizens like me getting arrested in a cemetery that shuts down a cemetery but also wakes people up to why the media is not covering a mess war

  1. Sir, if your ideas were given the weight of law, within 10 years, the general population of the United States would be living in shack communities starving or smashing rocks in the Gulag. Your blatant disregard for truth or reason, is quite frankly, stunning. The fact that you are anywhere near young minds, in the capacity of a teacher is sickening.

  2. "Writing your congressman is like sticking a note in your dog's but" ……. Wow. Great job. You are definitely ready for the national stage. You make trump look eloquent .

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