What ‘To each according to their need’ Means

from each according to their ability to each according to their need it’s a lovely quote isn’t it the problem is so many in recent times have grown apprehensions as to what the logistics of it are this tests come along with quite a bit of absolutist tendencies we need to provide everybody with their needs first well what is a need why do you need a house why not a Hut why not a tent you could dig yourself a hole in the ground put a piece of plywood over it feed yourself free servings of soil into each day 8 cups of water give yourself some toxic checks and you’d be fine it wouldn’t be a great life but you know it’s a need yeah it wouldn’t be a great life at all and the thing is when communism was first theorized tea tin was never meant for their survival when Marx and later several others looked at the capitalist system it was late into the Industrial Revolution and what they found was quite interesting in previous societies it was a trial to get your needs met nearly all work had to be done by hand labor you had some inventions to help the work load like the plough the spinning wheel of the printing press though all of these were created over a thousand years stretch and still didn’t change the overall structure as to how work was managed but 19th century England was different in a relatively short period of time machines were being built that were rapidly transforming the structure of society it was the handing over of manual labor to mechanization the staple of this revolution a steam engine that actually works how has trains boats and most importantly the factories which would held all of these great inventions no longer would you be confined to the bank of a river factories could now be placed anywhere you have fuel agriculture used to require 90% of the population and by the end of the century it at half did I even mention the revolutionary steel processes buildings could now be built cheaper and faster and where the elevator came along you could build them taller all of these creations reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to make things of all variety socialists do not hate these inventions not even the Luddites these things are your saviors but the problem that socialists found was that people could just get thrown into the garbage bin when the owner of these things saw it good for him and because they’re all owned by a small few and sold the rants and that’s by the way what the price tag is these people would go without these machines that could make everybody’s lives equally easier we’re instead being used to increase the wealth of a small elite the land heating does not mean let’s just make for base survival what was implied was simply a different way of doing things doing things not for profit first as done in the capitalist system but doing things for needs first we needn’t worry ourselves as to what counts as in the rather we just need to simply look at the structure that we live in and see if we can do it differently today we make enough food for about 12 billion people yet four billion of this as I have a wasted or dumped each year and 1 billion people around the world go hungry you’d probably think that if those billion were in control of the food production they probably steam a good half UCAR hamburger steamed hands do this but because the profit motive is in place instead of the leads motive people with property will fend for themselves because of greed if you are curious however we can come to some rough calculation of what is more of a need if there’s lead in your water what is more important your Bouton’s or clean water if you’re hungry what is more important a Ferrari or a sandwich if there’s a shortage of clothing what is more important diamond rings or you get the idea those three former things I said are all products of khakis they most probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for capitalism and unlike what some might say that’s not necessarily a good thing when the diamond industry is worth 13 billion dollars but African children only have one pair of clothes we’ve got a problem when the car industry is worth one trillion dollars but most people can’t do anything but walk we’ve got a problem and where the clothing industries were free trillion dollars but Flint residents can’t even get clean water we’ve got a problem all of that wealth all of that production that industry could provide these things for everyone even though they’re completely unrelated to each other but the middle-class of the world is suckered into this with huge marketing campaigns themselves costing a pretty penny fuck’s sake 40% of Batman and Superman budget was spent on getting people to watch it so no what do you think would grant more opportunities innovation a four hundred million dollar movie that we knew was going to suck or thousands of people who wanted to make budget films but can’t because they got bills to pay all things considered if we got rid of all the in our lives and shared time equally working hours would shrink massively this isn’t even a pipe dream during Kropotkin z’ time that may have been around 25 to 30 hours a week but we don’t live in the post-industrial revolution we live in the information age where knowledge is cheap and readily available and work is even less of a necessity today with modern inventions like the computer internet autos and robots my best estimates are anywhere between four to fifteen hours of work a week imagine that all you need to survive and thrive and only a few hours of quality time cooperatively work capitalism already overproduces in its corporate profit driven hierarchical neurotic neurotic state if we that’s us everybody who works for these places could harness those machines we’d be doing pretty damn good for ourselves that’s what teaching means not a scramble for definitions a transforming of society from these guys to us

  1. These arguments are ridiculous and require people to give their labor away or be thrown in jail.

    "A 2000 square foot house is a human right."
    Well, great, now we have to force up to 10 people to build a house for someone just because they were born. That won't cause them to become bitter and hate "breeders" or anything. "Don't drain our resources for your own selfish desire to own a home and have kids!"

    The ideal communist society would be people ~wanting~ to build houses for others, the problem is that the communists I've met don't ever want to put the crazy effort required to do so, so it would end up with labor camps. How do you incentivize labor (a scarce resource because you need to willingly take on some suffering) in a society where peoples' non-life essential needs are met?

    btw the "profit motive" is really just a way for someone to get the most labor value out of the least amount of their own labor. That's the same as what most communists are arguing for: less labor for them, more labor value (in the form of healthcare, luxury foods, luxury housing, etc.) We live so far above the worst conditions in the United States, the average communist need is a darn fine house and a delicious meal. Those things which require human labor — human labor which isn't necessarily mandatory but also isn't necessarily reciprocated.

  2. I've been blessed by living in a socialist country. Doesn't get me anywhere and it's especially depressing right now when I'm unemployed, but that's better than being dead or forgotten in the US. Though, I would be doing much better in a communist country and that's the tragic fact.

  3. Socialism hence communism only works till you run out of other people's money. Therefore Capitalism is beter because then you can make money and grow the colective. What would the US GDP be with communism? What would the US debt be with coummunism?

  4. A field in England and Primer, brilliant films. We need true art! We need indie cinema! We need COMMUNISM!

  5. "When the diamond industry is worth 13 billion dollars but African children only have one pair of clothes, we've got a problem."

  6. Reminds me of anti-15$ an hour min wage arguments. "Oh yeah, why not 40 bazillion dollars an hour!? Ha! Gotcha!". If anyone's interested, for a wage to be considered a living wage, it must be able to provide enough money for rent and basic necessities like food, clothing, electricity costs and phone and internet etc, and even things like some entertainment as well as disposable income with enough leftover to possibly save. In other words, if 65% or more of your income goes to rent, you aren't earning a living wage.

  7. If I could work in hard rock mining for 20 hours a week and have my needs met I would be the happiest person in the world. Love the Earthbound music at the end too!

  8. Ok but what if someone in that society of people working 4 hours a week decides to work 40 hours a week on something personal and then offers it to other people for some amount of resources and then stashes it so that he has far more than everyone else?

  9. Ok, so Marx did a great job at examining the capitalist system in the industrial age. You said yourself that we are now in the information age. So why are we looking for solutions to an age that we are no longer in? Don't we need a "new Marx" for the age we live in now?

  10. Diamonds aren't even worth that much. They should cost the same as a pencil… Yes a pencil. Both are made of Carbon. They are only expensive because of one greedy man.

  11. And with all that free time we could invest more time in education and people who were working full time at McDonald's could instead go to school and spend time researching innovations to further improve and lesson the time to work- Positive feedback loop. Think about it

  12. I need a brand new iphone like all those spoiled pussy ANTIFA cunts have.
    Maybe they buy iphones to support slave labor in China instead of Capitalist Apple.

  13. So capitalism doesn't work because capitalists are greedy and only care for profits but giving the means of production to the masses would not just be total anarchy due to those same primal forces is silly. If the masses were given these means nothing would get done or someone would still end up in power over these things anyway, the smartest, slickest and brightest would rise to the top similar to how they do in capitalism and use the new system to their gain anyway. By owning the factories just without the same title.

  14. Where did you come up with the 4-15 hours a week. It is not that i doubt you, rather i am just very interested in this statistic and am curious as to how you equated it. Or is it just an estimation?

  15. Marxism and communism and even socialism are proven failures. the main problem is not capitalism but the concentration of wealth at the very top. We actually need more capitalism in the middle and at the bottom. In a sense there's two few small and medium-sized companies and too much wealth in the very large companies.

  16. Correct me if i'm wrong but I think I recall that Keynes predicted we'd have a 15 hour working week by now. And guess what, I think he was right. That's how much work there really is to do, but to divide that work is not the profit maximising solution. Better to have us compete for it, purchase useless degrees in pursuit of it and so on.

  17. I think diamond rings would still exist in a socialist society, they'd just be cheaper and they'd be passion projects for craftsmen.

  18. Stupid video and the guy doesn’t understand the power of value,greed,want and just for the hell of it. He whines about over production but it’s that over production that meets our greed. And did he say price tags hold products for ransom. Like seriously. In that case saying no is holding whatever your saying no for, for ransom.

  19. What about luxury goods for leisure? Not necessarily yachts or gold toilets, but, like, good hardware or psychedelics. How can someone gain access to those under communism?

  20. Start with Marx's foundation document, The Communist Manifesto. Read it it twice. You realize he is actually right….about nothing!

    About as realistic as the bible. Sounds great at first hearing, perhaps, but actually it causes more problems than it cures. Result? Stalin.

  21. Your videos are great, my friend! I just discovered your channel, and I am impressed by it. Keep fighting the good fight! Greetings from Mexico! 🙂

  22. LOL WHAT SHIT ARE YOU SMOKING. 14 hrs a week? Get a fucking job before you speak on such matters. Theres plenty of work to be done. You put that much time just in your videos.

  23. Once again, this does not tally with reality. Most countries that have attempted to abide by this principle have failed. Somehow, I suspect that the people of North Korea need bread more than nuclear weapons, and I suspect the same could have been said for the citizens of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

  24. The problem is that Communists have a long history of neglecting to build up their own infrastructure and limit themselves to "seize the means of production".. If you guys would go build your own factories and the like, I wouldn't care… Marx and his followers are obsessed with the idea of violent revolution and plunder. Under Capitalism, if you and your folks want to go off and create cooperative endeavors… you are welcome to. Go off and make your own worker owned companies, collectives and communes and nobody will bat an eye. Under communism / socialism, deadly force is always used to prohibit a capitalist alternative. I the Capitalist would gladly let you keep your collective farm. Would you allow me to keep my machine shop I built? Marx even made clear his hatred of the petty bourgeoisie… Workers who had the audacity to get ahead and own their own tools and shops.

  25. status symbol (and diamonds) have high value only because of controlled supply and the fact they have status in a hierarchical society. they are probably not necessarily much more wasteful than the alternative.

  26. There was a recent study that shows a 21 hour work week is the optimal week. That's when you start getting diminishing returns on production.

    On an unrelated note, would you rather work 1 21 hour day or 5 8 hour days for the same pay

  27. Bloody commie apologist. Your sentiments are lovely, bu the things is, the lives of said Africans are rapidly improving – and the only economic system that has ever worked has been based on the free market (obviously not true capitalism, but a Western-style system). Socialism has only led to stagnation. All the products that allow life to improve are from a capitalist-based origin.

  28. Lofty ideas. I have a question: How?
    With capitalism I can at least tell you the how: Let everybody choose for themselves and the market, as the aggregate of all human decision making will decide.
    But with your ideas, giving the people the means of production… Who will make the machines? Who will program them? Who will maintain them? Who will invent more? And Why?

    Communism failed and will always fail because it robs people of incentives. There is no free will to help one another, humans simply react to incentives

  29. The problem is Muslims don't want your pork, & vegans don't want your meat…🙄
    In other words the "All Powerful State" dictates what you can have, & what you can't.
    It would seem to be an unpopular method, being as communist state must build walls to keep their people in, not to keep other people out.
    Capitalism which isn't perfect has been viable & has achieved much in the many countries that it has been instituted.
    Even in Mao's communist China limited capitalism has elevated the lot of the inhabitants greatly.

  30. Ahh godless communism! May the Lord smite thy communists! Capitalism can be reformed with progressive taxes that pay for welfare. Actual socialism would be dystopian because of that people wouldn’t have anything to strive for

  31. This video offers nothing but vapid rhetoric, founded on the discredited notion that the wealth of the world is fixed. One person's wealth does not, ipso facto, stem from another person's poverty. The wealth of a society is not determined by the amount of resources it accumulates, but by its productivity. The causes of poverty in the world are complex and multifaceted, ranging from the historical and geographic to the institutional. Luckily, the data shows that the global economy is improving: global poverty is falling, along with malnutrition and the likelihood of a given person dying in combat as conflicts are resolved. Although inequality has risen in the West, global inequality is actually falling.

  32. So let me get this straight… You wish for people to harness means of production to produce for everyone in order to equalise living standards? If so, then what happens when someone gets the bright idea to innovate and now wants something in return for the newer and possibly better goods? Do you suppress the trade and require the goods to be placed at the same value as generation 1 of said product to keep the equal living standard and or allow it to be ransomed at an increased value and allow capitalism to be born out of communism? Perhaps capitalism only feeds the people in its system, but a system relying on people to innovate without a gratification and a government that needs to increase its control to survive cannot be much better, can it? And to elaborate on my last point, if communism were self sustaining in practice, then the USSR never would have had to expand to stay powerful and a country idle in expansion wouldn't crash within a decade of the institution of communism. If communism gains control of the world, where will it go then? Will it be like Ceasar's Legion in Fallout New Vegas and consume itself in the end or will it follow the USSR and China and become a post communism capitalist society?

  33. And if the trillions of dollars wasted on politicians and over sized governments where used poverty could virtually be eliminated …..

  34. good video, I was just wondering, where did you get the "we make enough food for 12 billion people" figure? When I google annual food production, I just get articles about how we aren't producing enough food.

  35. Can you explain yopur Calculation, i would really like to understand it, because if we overproduce about a quarter how can we minimise our working time to more than a half. i know not everyone is working and soem jobs in the service sektor are unnescessary but I wouldnt estimate it that low

  36. you can't just add up all the created value of capitalism and just say its the last part, how the money is distributed, that justifies its entire elimination.

  37. I'm sorry to say this because I was a marxist myself but the thougt that you present in this video is the thought of a dictator. You could be trying to tell people what they should want but what you are saying is telling them what they have to want. You talk a lot a about the people, here is a question, why don't you let them think for themselves, have free decisions and have responsibilities for those decisions?

  38. YOU EVER SEEN THEM ROBOTS RUN!!! ??????????????? FUCK YOU MATE! It all still runs off late 90's tek and it sucks……… If it ever stops sucking be afraid, cause they will just turn us out on the street……

  39. Ideas of communism, in a sense are quite reasonable. It’s just the management, and finding a balance of what to do and not to do, implement or not to implement in a government system. It’s the idea of extreme anything is going to fail or is bad. Management is also a main problem, for leaders like Stalin and that of Venezuela took ideas of communism to the extreme. Communism or any government will fail if ideas are taken to the extreme and managed by weak governments.

  40. It’s the profit motive that makes things better. Without it well you’ve seen the results. No one wants that.

  41. This video demonstrates pure economic illiteracy.
    You focus on money, yes, it is Socialists who focus on money not Capitalists, oh what irony. You think throwing 200 million dollars in paper is gonna bring people food huh?
    That's so stupid. Money itself DOES NOT create ANYTHING. Do you understand that?
    What you need are incentives, economic calculation and freedom, which, for your information, is the key to understanding world absolute poverty since economic freedom and poverty are invertedly correlated.
    If you want to think about the economy think about the REALWIRTSCHAFT, don't just look at a few numbers.
    Why is it liberal Capitalists who have to point that out to YOU?
    Aren't you the one critizising people for focusing on money?

  42. But everytime communisim/socialisim always leads to everyone becoming poor and starving and capitalisim has brought most people into the middel class too, capitalism doesn't make people poor and the rich richer, and communism does makes everyone economically equal yes, but if by that you mean everyone is poor and starving under a totalitarian government that shuts down speech that inconveniences it then yes, by makes everyone well off then no.

  43. Holy Moly this is oversimplified non specific generalizations concerning massively complex problems. But the communists have a plan right? No, they don't, just ideas and failed results. Just listen to the empty rhetoric in this discussion. This man attempts to go up the stairs and barely gets one foot up in the air. "There's a problem" over and over as he attempts to insinuate that their is a definition of need that is universal. Which is fine, I can understand why that could be argued. However, attempt to get people to live under that, or any other, premise and you'll find amazing reasons that people come up with in order to exert their own will.
    I defy communism. So there, what are you going to do with me in your system? I'll have to be dealt with. And now we see where the numbers of the dead that communism has stacked up come from.

  44. John Smith you are so right I agree with you completely. Disregard the rest of my comment. says:

    The whole reason there's starving African children to begin with is because dumb fucks like you keep sending them AID.
    They breed like cockroaches, and you keep shovelling scraps into their countries to sustain them, and hence support the creation of more starving children.

  45. Socialism seems good in concept but inevitably fails, I'm a capitalist who supports highly compedetive economies and low taxes.

    High Taxes lead to poverty, Also dosent socialism advocate for higher taxes?

    Monopolies harm capitalism honestly which is why I'm against them

  46. You never answered the question of what’s a need. A need can vary depending on person. To be quite honest, you tipped toed around the argument.

  47. tl;dw:
    "let's halt any kind of technological and scientific progress and restructure society so that i can be a lazy fucker that i am without consequences"

  48. Why wouldn't people strive to work as little as possible to get as much as possibly? It should rather be "from each according to their need, to each according to their ability", because that's the real economic effect of the quote.

  49. 3:25 you know what else was a product of capitalism? Mass transportation, lighting, central heating, modern medicine, and the software and hardware created so you can spread your message on why ‘communism is superior’. And why did capitalism provide us with all these incredible goods if people are just naturally greedy? Because what you might call greed can also be called incentive for entrepreneurs to identify a need in society and fulfill it with the rare chance of success and turning a profit. It’s thanks to free markets that these inventions have gone from luxury goods to common commodities because a society in support of free enterprise is a society that supports the elevation of quality of life for the community

  50. He manages to get through this whole thing, without mentioning the FACT that the phrase comes from the Bible, specifically The Acts Of The Apostles According To Saint Luke aka The Book Of Acts or simply Acts, which spends a lot of time describing the Early Church as a Confederation of AnCom/LibSoc communes. That's right kids, Christ and his earliest followers were a bunch of Kibbutzniks. #AllPowerToTheSoviets

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