1. this just in wolf check it out i love it will the real two guys who had sex with mrs ford please stand up oh there you are enjoy

  2. At 2:51 you stated that Disney recognizes that. Then went on to explain that Disney themselves has subliminal messages in there artwork and movies. My question to you D'Wolf is why do you think they are so harsh on someone that has their own beliefs and point of views? Why do they "eat" their own? Why do they not live what they attempt to "preach"Thank you in advance for your answer… Have an awesome day.

  3. Very well thought out synopsis with a current example of why capitalism is the superior economic model. The only problem is that you assume the majority of consumers are informed buyers but the sad truth is that most people are stupid lazy buyers who buy as much as they can afford of what they’re told to.

  4. You know I was wondering if he was still fired I haven’t looked into it but somebody said people were trying to ask for his job back and I was thinking these are some sick freaking people all of them

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