What Socialism Means Today | David Aaronovitch

David have you been reassured at all by the notes this is not the socialism of the past um well it's not socialism of any kind I mean that's that that that's the problem with it I mean you're now under the situation where socialism means exactly what John or Angela tell you it me has no kind of systemic value in it and and it's really interesting from a from a left point of view John's use of the use of the word state just to kind of recap it used to be a pretty fundamental tenet that the state under capitalists is a capita system was the capitalist state and you wanted to get rid of it and then you would create socialism and you'd have a socialist state which was different now everything that John's talking about is how you get the capitalist state to do the things that you want it to do and in that and in that sense all we're talking about here is where effectively you draw the lines what are the responsibilities of state and government are they a bit more like Sweden are they a bit more like Germany are they a bit more like something else if that's what you're discussing the problem is that a significant number of the people around Jeremy Corbyn grew up and believed that there is something much bigger than that and by the way if there is what you want and I and I go a long way with it I make I make this I make these words John how can it possibly be that you didn't discover green politics till 2015 I mean I know and why and what hold on and why should the young people who now watch you discovering it believe that they're not better off with the Green Party you seem to discover it several decades in other words in other words I'm not I'm not getting at you but in what sense of but in what sense on what center the Greens unsocial astride you in the green party if that's what you're if that's where it's taken you to well I think I'm trying to say is that this this abstraction the use of the word socialism in this context it's not it's not really very helpful and it's a way of kind of maintaining links with the past which wit which is very important for the two people on my left here and so on which actually are increasingly not important to other people for more debates talks and interviews subscribe today to the Institute's of Arts and ideas at IAI TV you

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