What Is The World’s Most Peaceful Religion?

Following multiple instances of Islamic extremist
terrorism, non-violent Muslims around the world began a movement to label Islam, “a
religion of peace”. Many say that distinct segments of the Muslim population advocate
violence, but that at its core, Islam encompasses peace and pacifism. Still, although peace
is preached in every religion, the manifestation of belief can sometimes be non-peaceful and
oppressive. So, what are the world’s most peaceful religions? Well, most of the world’s religious population
falls into one of two categories: Western Abrahamic religions, and Eastern Dharmic religions.
Problematically, some scholars argue that all three major Western religions: Christianity,
Islam, and Judaism, are inherently violent. As they are all monotheistic and exclusive,
nonbelievers are directly and implicitly considered at odds with religious doctrine. Despite preaching
peace, numerous acts of violence have been committed in the name of God, Allah, and Yahweh
throughout history. That leaves the Dharmic faiths. These are
predominantly Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jain·ism. Hinduism
has long been identified as non-violent, largely due to the influence of the pacifist Mahatma
Gandhi. However, even within the religion, violence may be used to protect oneself or
one’s country. One Hindu god states that violence is necessary in the defense of justice,
and does not conflict with a spiritual life. And even Gandhi himself was killed by a fellow
Hindu. A similar view is found in Sikhism. Violence is permitted when absolutely necessary;
and historically, Sikhs have been oppressed, forcing them to fight back. After years of
such oppression in India, Sikhs began wearing a small knife called a “ker-paan.” It
is one of five mandatory articles of faith and is symbolically carried to defend themselves
and others. But while Sikhs may have good reason to be occasionally violent, it doesn’t
help make their case for being peaceful. Buddhism has always been pointed to as one
of the world’s most peaceful religions. In order to fulfill one of their three most
important tenets, Buddhists cannot harm any sentient living thing. Historical Buddhist
texts actively condemn violence, and the Buddha himself even states that soldiers who die
in a “killing mindset” will have an unpleasant reincarnation. However, in practice, Buddhists
have not always preferred nonviolence. In Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist population
has been violently oppressing a stateless, Rohingya Muslim minority. Acts of violence
by Buddhists are frequently based on political or cultural differences, and not specifically
religion. This leaves Jainism. Although not as popular
as the other religions mentioned, there are roughly four and a half million Jains , almost
exclusively living in India. Jainism advocates nonviolence and pacifism as a fundamental
ethical principle. All violence is viewed as a form of self-injury, as it prevents one
from reaching spiritual liberation. And unlike other religions, Jains believe nonviolence
applies not only to people, but animals, plants, and even microorganisms. As a result, practitioners
are strictly vegetarian, they walk in a way so as to avoid stepping on insects, and they’ll
even refuse to filter water to keep any bacteria in it alive. These 7 religions are among the largest, but
there are estimated thousands of smaller, newer movements with their own distinct views.
Of the main religions, however, Jainism prioritizes peace and nonviolence more so than any other. The Sikhs may not be the most peaceful, but
they’re definitely among the most interesting. Learn more of the nuances behind the religion
in our video. Are there any peaceful religions we missed? Let us know in the comments! Thanks
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  1. Where there is violence, there is the same religion. When they are a majority, they will not allow you to follow your religion. When they are a minority, they will create fights and would still like to impose their views and ceremonies. If you talk about terrorism, then their name would come up first. They are so capable of inciting violence that the peaceful Buddhist had to come and fight. Why cant these people believe in live and let live.

  2. Peace is an essential part of Hinduism. By examining the core teachings of Hinduism, it is possible to demonstrate the way Hinduism guides individuals in accomplishing inner peace, and also the way in which this religious tradition contributes to world peace through individuals.

    In hinduism there is no fundamentals of religious conversion like others coz we truly believe in one god(33 koti God's just stand for his avatars where koti stand for type not for crores) and every creature is a child of god.
    India before muslim invaders was a majority country of three religion hinduism Buddhism jainism where population was equally divided among these three and we all were living peacefully.
    People have never witnessed of a hindu firing on innocent people, hindu hijacking a plane, hindu heads any terrorist organisations and hindu involve in any forceful religious conversion.
    We believe in अहिंसा परमो धर्मं: means peace is our first duty.

  3. Rohingya MUSLIMS increased their population by 700% in 100 years … then what can …..Buddhist Do ….
    They exiled
    Even India…also suffering from ROHINGYA …

  4. Fake media posting inappropriate things …Islam is the only one religion who always stand with peace …See the result who were turted in Burma /palastine /kashmir /. Muslims were being killed by some extremist religions but still we are silent .

  5. All of the dharmic philosophy is nonviolent not only for human but also for animal but when majority of India become Buddhist & nonviolent then the Islamic murderer invaders are come & attack us. then Adi Sankaracharya again rises the philosophy of Mahabharat & krisna to protect dharma from adharma. Later Sikhism also rises for the protection of dharma. Maybe because of this reason our civilization still able to survive when persian, Egyptian & Babylonian can't . Yes its true in 4 dharmic religion janism is most peaceful but everyone can't do it.Its vry hard to maintain Jainik philosophy at the same time if everyone become jain then its vry hard to survive in today's nation bcz in world everyone is not like u.

  6. Hinduism(Sanatan Dharma) , Jainism(tiranthkar rishabhnath ,parshavnath,Mahavir Jain), Buddhism (Buddha Sanga Dhamma) 🙏

  7. School me padne wala baccha aeroplane uda sakta hai par madarse me padne wala baccha
    Akeley puri airport 😂😂😂

  8. No you're wrong
    Islam is the most peaceful religion in the entire universe


  9. The Jehovah's Witnesses are without doubt the most peaceful, unless you consider a knock on the door an act of violence ;).
    Thousands were killed by Hitler, Stalin because they refused to take up arms or even support the war effort. If somebody drops a bomb on your house you can rule them out.

  10. Terror groups like Al Queda, Taliban and Isis are not muslims and have nothing to do with islam. They go really really much against islam and the Quran! But the west overlook this and try to find a excuse to make Islam look bad!

  11. The only true religion is islam….that is the symbol of peace….come to success come to islam….islam is not about that we are better than u but its about that let show something which is better for u….thanks almighty in the recent era islam is inreasing rapidly and increasing rate is on num 1 although every one is speeading rumours about islam and muslim….God is with muslim….let enter to islam for the bettermnt of urslf

  12. Christianity if followed correctly is the most peaceful religion. Even our Lord Jesus said to love our enemies and I don't think any other religious text or figure ever taught or teaches to love one's enemy. Unfortunately it's so difficult a commandment that even us Christians don't follow it. Christianity is the world's most peaceful religion but sadly most Christians are not.😔😔😔😔

  13. Buddhism applies non-violence to all living beings not just human – no wonder sentient being" is a very important term in Buddhism. Buddhist are not as strick as covering their mouth with a wet cloth etc. Buddhist believe that all animals have been in the past life could have at one our mother so Buddhist prayer begins like this "Mother sentient beings……….".

  14. For making islam rest in peace. I am sending new pigamber🐷🐽🐖 he will be named Facebook messenger. Welcome your new pigamber🐖🐽🐷💩.

  15. "Treat others the way you wish to be treated"-Mahavira..
    We consider all living beings as equal .. The difference is just in the spiritual awakening…
    Live and Let Live
    Jai Jinendra🙏

  16. The Dharmic Religions only seem more peaceful than they Abrahamic because they don’t really make any claims for being the Truth. If I’m looking for the Ultimate Truth, I wouldn’t go to their religion for an answer. I respect all you though. ❤️

  17. I just wanna know when people would finally understand that Isis has nothing to do with Islam..
    Ok they know many things about Islam, but they are using what they know just to make people hate us more… We have no relation with such a dirty sect like them…
    Why won't search juuust a little bit and look about that for yourselves, instead on relying on what you hear only?
    Stop judging us since you know nothing about us..

    I know that people know that Islam is a peaceful religion, but you guys just don't want to accept the truth and deal with it.. And actually, Islam is the most peaceful religion in this entire world, no matter what haters say. Wether you accept that or not…Put that on you minds.

  18. Wicca is the most peaceful one. And the only religion that cherished women and hold them on a high pedestal. The rest is male centred and women oppressing encouragement. All religions are trash except Paganism and Wicca.

  19. This is the problem with education, it's leaves people more confused. It's not the religion that teaches violence, it is people who are violent. Also learnt Muslims will tell you, there is only Islam and everyone else. This means people who worship one creator and those who do not. The people who do worship one creator are divided, Jews, Christians and Muslims. In Arabic this is Islam (translation, those who worship one Creator)

  20. Vedas are the oldest surviving religious texts and one with profound knowledge and wisdom including, but not limited to, rituals, astrology, mathematics, ayurveda, magic tricks, songs, poem, religious hymms etc.

    And the oldest of the 4 Vedas is Rig Veda, which says:
    "All names refer to one god."
    "Like how many different rivers meet at the ocean, there can be multiple ways to achieve God, none superior than other."

    This is a text from 5000 BCE and I'm proud to say this is my religion (although many Hindus won't even count it as religion, and call it a way of life, and that's actually what Hinduism is all about, a lifestyle) 🙏 Namaste

  21. Jainism, Buddhism or Sikhism all are part of Sanatan Dharma. All have Indian origins and that is what make them Incredible.

  22. Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Etc, I thinks they all the same… oh look at those racist comments, why can't we have peace for once??

  23. Buddhism come from hindu religion…hindu is the parents of buddha religion… because the founder of Buddhism the prince Siddharth was hindu ..

  24. Hold on I’m a Sikh Sikhs used violence because the Mughal empire tried to kill poor people Sikhs were knives to say look we protects people and we wear this to remember bravery and the gurus path we never ever kill people with our kirpan so get ur facts right miss

  25. I am god of my life and I choice nurture religion
    Only peaceful religion in world are trees 🌲
    They are calm and stable
    So I worship life and love 💕 only
    This is peaceful
    No religion is peaceful if eat animal meat 🍖
    Because the religion kill animal life for stomach when they can eat vegetables 🌶 instead are selfish and killer

  26. claim la sebanyak mana agama kamu y benar… y pasti, Allah tuhanku… Muhammad Nabiku… Alquran kitabku… Islam Jalanku… Syurga Tujuanku… kedamaian Hidupku… Peace from Malaysia..

  27. All religion are peaceful and tells to respect other religion.But the followers of the respective religion concentrates on the rituals and prayers but not the good teaching of Jesus or Mohammad.
    BTW, i am an atheist.

  28. Islam is peaceful religion that ahead science.Most Christians scientists became muslim after see Islam. If you want see Islam . you need study life of prophet p.b.u.h and you need watch umer series. That great folllow of islam

  29. Jain Saints – Practice Celibacy and keep the mind and body at the purest .
    They also eat just once in a day at the maximum, many saints keep fast ( Only Boiled Water) for days and even months. They are the true protectors or Environment.

    1. Dress only in white (unstitched) at the minimal usage
    2. Don't use electricity at any point of life. No Light , Fan , Mobile , any sort of electrical work
    3. Don't use slippers , shoes . Even the most oldest saint uses socks only at the most necessary stage
    4. They don't harm any living Micro Organism as well
    5. They don't speak without a necessity and if they do speak they keep a kerchief
    6. They don't bath and don't use bathroom. Thus saving water . One flush wastes around 15 Litres of Water. Just imagine how much is wasted in one house , city , state and country ! !
    7. They Leave up everything before taking sainthood house , property, wealth, relations and even their names.
    8. This is definitely world's most peaceful religion. We believe Soul is the true form of ourselves, body is permanent. We aim at controlling all the Five senses , the worst of their usage leads to self destruction. The most disciplined religion .

  30. The religion itself is peace. What is making the religion violence is the it's people. People change. People kill. But the religion doesn't say to kill. Every human is the same. Most of them make mistakes. What matters is what you do about those mistakes. Religions are never violence.

  31. Sikhism itself evolved due to Turkish, Arabs, Iranians rulers waging wars in India in name of Islam. India might not have been Hindu majority or Buddhist if Sikhism was not founded by Guru Nanak Ji.

  32. Hinduism is not a religion, it is way of living life. You can make your own God. Even the books that give you knowledge are considered a manifestation of God. The musical instruments also enjoy respect because using those instruments you can be an artist…..
    Can someone guess the opposite of this(not peaceful)?

  33. When the World will be full of war, hate, on the verge of extinction, Hinduism way of life can only save life on Earth…
    "Hind" Is the name of the region that starts from areas of Sindhu(Indus) river until Indian Ocean……

  34. When the world will be crumbling down it's knees, seeking a revival, humans who will embrace Hinduism, will be able to run the cycle of Life on the Earth. After all we humans are the savior who can actually plan to stop any disaster that can end life from the face of our planet..

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