1. I tried Mastodon… It didn't work on Android… I didn't like the interface… I can't see it overtaking Twitter… I hope it does though

  2. This was a compelling and interesting video. I’m quite excited to find some alternative to twitter as it has been mucking up with their algorithms lately, though I suppose YouTube has been experiencing some backlash on that end as well. I was wondering what your thoughts are about this. I’m no programmer myself, so I’ve been rather interested in what this trend is with social networks running into themselves. Is it, as you mentioned, the balancing of profitability and maintaining their brand image through neural machine regulation, or how should I see this?

    Thank you for your informative videos! Even a complete know-nothing like I could follow the content and develop some thoughts! Also, your children are adorable and your daughter pointed out exactly what I was thinking, “it’s a mammoth with a phone, guhooo” I agree!

  3. your system has wonderful functionality and inuitive UX, but "Mastodon" is an objectively bad name for a service, or for any product that isn't some chunky blunt instrument with no need for finesse or precision. Phonetic Symbolism is a THING, and you need to account for it. I WANT YOUR SYSTEM TO SUCCEED, BUT IT SHOULDN'T HAVE TO FIGHT ITS OWN NAME TO DO SO.

    Rebrand it with something bouncy, catchy, snappy, and trochaic. Most people have forgotten what the fuck I called it before I even finish the sentence after the one I told them "it's called Mastodon". Sometimes even I struggle to remember its name. For celestia's sake change it! Change it before this disastrous branding kills it in its cradle!

  4. I lasted about 20 mins on Mastodon, was attacked by two different racists, and I was banned for racism when I blocked one of the racists for being racist. The explanation given was PoC, trans and women etc are allowed to express their rage on their oppressors here, but the oppressors cannot say anything about it, that's a microaggression and it's racist so you have to go. If you hate white people, it's the place for you, if you hate bigotry and fascism, then even twitter is better than this joke of a place. Don't walk, Ruuuuuuuuuuuuun away from Mastodon

  5. Best social media platform i've joined. The instances make it more useful to me than twitter. Happily using it for almost two years 🙂

  6. I think instead of ostatus, mastodon (and all other platforms in the fediverse) uses activitypub.
    But maybe that has been added after this video was made.

  7. Correction Mastodon is a group of butt hurt fanny bandit cry babyies who do not allow freedom of speech and they hate the President of USA so much they are willing to slow down technological human advancement in order to perpetuate their hatred of basic freedoms and the fundamental ideas that makes America the best country in the world.

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