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– Most scientists agree the Earth is facing a climate change deadline, and some democratic
lawmakers want to take action with the Green New Deal. The phrase goes back to 2007, when the New York Times
columnist, Thomas Friedman, wrote a piece calling
for a Green New Deal. Taking it’s name from the
major government makeover, President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal during the Depression. The Green New Deal
resolution aims to reach net zero human-caused
global emissions by 2050. To reach that, a UN
climate panel report found that emissions would need to fall by about 45% from 2010 levels by 2030. The same report says that
limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius
would require far-reaching and unprecedented changes
in all aspects of society. The 14-page plan focuses on
sustainable farming practices, more training for clean
energy sector jobs, cleaner transportation systems
such as high-speed rail, and technology that will reduce
human’s carbon footprint. Many 2020 democratic candidates
endorse the proposal, but it also has it’s
fair share of critics. “There isn’t a single
serious idea here, not one.” – Senate Republicans
have called the measure expensive and impossible to afford. And though the Green
New Deal lays out a plan for what the future could look like, there isn’t a clear road map
on how to actually pay for it. “And we want it now.”

  1. SHAME to THE PARENTS OF THESE CHILDREN (from a life long psychiatric nurse, trust me!)
    Mothers and teachers send their kids to bed at night believing they have no future, they may burn to death in massive fires, drown in rising seas, suffocate in bad air, in TWELVE YEARS!!!
    Your children should be dreaming of college, marriage, travel.
    They should go to bed safe knowing their parents love and care for them.
    But their parents, teachers, and globalist shill terrify them!!
    Terrorism for these children, not a bomb, not a gun. The rhetoric of the shills!

  2. The green new steal – dictated to us by leftist who fly private jets around the world to tell us we are bad! Also, your road map is 14 pages long?! Wow, you really put some thought and details into this plan.

  3. They sure could afford that military budget AOC signed. Trump got wall money out of it.

    In retrospect, wasn't all of the immigration we supported a part of our carbon emissions?

  4. Governments of the world are holding their peoples hostage. With weather modification techniques. Either submit and pay the ransom, or else!

  5. If the economic outcome of reducing the viability of human life across the earth is a profit, does this video consider it preferable to maintaining the viability of human life? More directly, why is money the only consideration addressed in this video? Have we confused the idea that since most people use money to meet life-related needs that we can regenerate life itself simply by spending money (i.e., numbers in a network of computers)? How are we going to recover what will be lost for the sake of profits if we use money as our only consideration?

  6. AOC; When do you plan to pay your taxes from 2012??? (Failed business) Oh the hypocrisy!!! You haven’t got a pay check yet? They will soon be giving themselves a raise for all the hard work they have been putting in. Lmao; oh the hypocrisy!!! By the way chicken little; the sky is not falling! If Florida was gonna be under water in a few years then why are so many rich ppl buying up oceanfront property and building on it?

  7. Google how many weather stations are out of compliance. You can’t acquire true and legit readings from a station in a city with restaurants next door in a strip mall and pavement all around. Oh course the temperatures are gonna be higher, duh! Scientists can’t be trusted. Wasn’t Florida supposed to be under water already? We are being lied to and manipulated by our precious leaders, media and government paid “puppet scientists”. Not to mention chem trails and weather modification. Google weather mod during the Vietnam war while your at it. Cuz I know some won’t believe it from me.

  8. The green new deal is a monopoly deal A super trust of bankers big business and wall street sold to the public as must do To enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams
    Who is really promoting the Green new deal.

  9. Capitalism will see us all buried and dead before it allows for us to save ourselves, we need to break the system if we want to save the world.

  10. Total propaganda! GREEN NEW TAXES! F*cking @ssclowns buy into this crap, well if you don’t pay into the system, guess it doesn’t matter! How about take your lazy @sses to China, an environmental nightmare, oh what’s that, they will kill you for trying, right!

  11. AOC, I care about the climate and want a healthy environment for all, but your plan directly puts me and everyone I know out of work. We can’t just advertise various Whole Foods products on our live stream like you.

  12. Instead of loosing thousands of jobs they can add 1000s of jobs by mining H3 and implementing Lifi lighting — lights that provide internet

  13. There are 1.5 MILLION compounds made from, petrochemicals. The largest amount of CO2 dumped into the atmosphere comes from decaying plant matter. Mankind is only responsible for about 10% of the total Co2 dumped into the atmosphere yearly. Nearly all Co2 released by decaying plant matter and Co2 manmade emissions is converted into Oxygen through plant respiration. Scientist have not found where the missing .06% is going but they suspect it's going in the ocean. CO2 is NOT an issue for Global warming/Climate change or whatever clever euphemism  is being employed to produce a NON-SPECIFIC outcome in any discussion in trends relating to planetary climate. This is a political issue with Billions of dollars being spent for manipulating people with no clear understanding of science, critical thinking or common sense to scare them into giving more money and power to politicians. Don't be an idiot.

  14. Al gore predicted global warming would melt the ice caps and would cause 20 feet flooding! The Netherlands and, California were suppose to be destroyed by 2013!! Didn't happen! But what did happen is billions if dollars were made off this lie! 80 billion by obama to research climate change! Al Gore bought a expensive multi million dollar home on the California coastline! Oh but i thought we were going to be destroyed! Watch The global warming Swindle full movie by Documentary Film!!

  15. All you need to know about climate change is nowhere to be found in this condescending video. Just look at the fuckwits peddling this shit… They haven't stopped doing anything they demand the rest of us stop doing. So yea.

  16. Isn't it amazing that the nice little wikipedia "climate change" definition pop up doesn't show up on leftist main stream media videos? Boy, us non- leftists must need edjumacation

  17. Useless cut and paste hack job. Ending the amateur video with a patented seeds of doubt saw. Truly lame…like USA Today.

  18. Do I think Global Warming is real?
    Do I want to pay a carbon tax for everything I do?

    Should I believe anything you people say?

    F*ck You

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