WHAT IS THE BEST DIET? ► Ex-Vegans, Celery Juice & CBD

it seems like all the vegans have gone ex vegan everyone's high on celery juice and we're all at each other's throats in a flurry of self-righteousness in the current dietary climate I think what's more interesting is not to dissect the details of what's going on but to observe broader themes of human behavior we can look at trends and see how they develop we can think about why we might fall into them and question whether or not our choice to do so is actually serving us one reason we can fall into trends is assumption by association the origin being the conscious or subconscious thought that I'm lacking I'm not a hundred percent mentally or physically and it's because I'm missing this one thing that I don't currently have a trend then comes along oh that there that is something I don't have or I'm not doing it matching a part of how I define the solution to my problems makes it a contender for essentially completing me assumption by association can also be seen with how many people admire the lives of famous celebrities thinking they have it all money and popularity equals happiness I'm not happy and that makes sense because I don't have money in popularity if if I had them then I would be but because I don't I have an excuse to remain unhappy we know from the array of tragic celebrity suicides that that equation is simply not accurate our mind is an expert at making connections writing stories some that are true and some that are erroneous to compound this we are made more vulnerable the more desperate we are we are more likely to do things we might not have otherwise the more scared we are I've been victim to this acting hastily in a dentist's office one time had unanticipated issues that came up and I felt nervous so instead of sourcing other opinions or quotes I just said sure sure just do whatever it takes and it ended up with me having to fit a pretty hefty bill we are more susceptible to influence the greater in need we are it doesn't help our cause that every species of media feeds and preys on our fears perpetuating this deficiency mindset we seek acceptance it's part of natural drive to be in a group increases our chances of survival versus fending for life on our own with social media and general media however we have to remember that the content that is out there and the content that we choose to consume is not necessarily representative of the real whole group the numbers of people on a screen advocating for the new XYZ are disproportionate they are simply the ones claiming stage time or stealing attention maybe because their delivery is sensationalized or maybe because they have an established platform or whatever we don't think though how many people are content at home without XYZ product for example and just not filming themselves about it the need to fit into a group is strong there are so many reported studies that involve a room of planted actors and one deliberately uninformed participant who is unknowingly the focus of the experiment and they end up lying in their answers to the studies questions just because they want to match the group you think how can intelligent people join cults it's possible this a drive can be both why we stay stuck in old mindsets and habits and why we are moved in new directions our community is much more influential than most of us acknowledge to return to the point about desperation sometimes it can be a positive we need a kind of extreme condition to push us out of our dogma and our ego and open us to new options that we would have otherwise been blind to and sometimes it costs us even literally like I mentioned before so I'm not saying trends or bad I'm not saying our natural human inclinations are bad I'm saying what serves us most is to be aware of them for our sake and for others we have these influencers or gurus changing their course and I see how devastated their followers are which absolutely makes sense we can get hostile because on a basic level we sense a threat to our safety anything that acts out of a predictable fashion puts us on alert and can be cause for offensive behavior even though our rational mind can understand it's not personal we do of course seek novelty in life but we also rely heavily on the note as a means of stability this is to be human knowing this about ourselves I encourage us to take pause during our triggers and take inventory of what our attachments are to another's actions we have to be open to people changing we have to be open to change if we want to survive and thrive in this world in addition we must take personal responsibility here yes it's expected that we access others in fact it's smart to learn from others mistakes get support and be exposed to new viewpoints it's actually the most efficient way to proceed in life being informed by others experiences but that shouldn't come at the expense of our own there is no problem wanting seeking receiving support but let's not forget our own agency and our duty to our intuition and our experience and I get it I get the desire to have others make choices for us I work in retail and I see how many customers are basically wanting me to make decisions for them even for small things like clothing purchases it's this attitude they look to me like what should I buy I see how readily we are to outsource our decision-making in the overwhelm of modern world options and the distractions that foster disconnection from our intuition this reality is no surprise because what we're ingesting is a recipe for this behavior if we invite influencers into our lives we have to remember that in doing so we're making ourselves be influenced do we want to be the audience or the participants of our lives you know really I think trends can be neat it's always interesting to see what rises in collective consciousness it can bring things to the forefront that we might not have otherwise considered we're introduced to new practices products and perspectives this is fantastic but there are as always multiple sides so with all this in mind my next step hope for Humanity is more allowing space for others to have their own experience in the same way you would want others to do for you without shame because that is divisive conduct and if we don't learn to unify there's only going to be more and more war in the world harvesting outside information but taking it all with a grain of salt in light of the changes and falls of many gurus let's cultivate arise in individual intuition a connection to ourselves and our spirit as I said before there are always multiple sides so I suppose in summary let's proceed with awareness and seek balance that is painfully cliche but hopefully I've given some depth to those trite expressions but let me know what you think down below thanks for spending this time with me today and I'm sending so much love have a good night

  1. I love your videos, Kat, your content is always spot on! ✨ This one especially just came in the right time for me. I also appreciate the effort you put into the description box texts where you summarize your videos 🙏🏻

  2. I love this so much Kat!! It was like a podcast in video form. Thanks for sharing your perspective, it’s amazing as always!

  3. I love the creation of this video and really connected with the monologue and agree. X 🙏🏼✌🏼❤️

  4. Most of the ex vegans who have done it right but suddenly the lifestyle has stoped working for them all have gut disbiosis. Everybody on this planet including the meat eaters are losing their microbiome (bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses) that are 57% of their cells in their body, at a rapid rate, and this is why more and more vegans can't digest plants anymore, and they have all of these weird symptoms. If you want to know what is killing our microbiome please view Dr. Zach Bush presentation on the microbiome it will blow your mind https://youtu.be/O1aD5NpTLXY?t=602

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