What Is The Ancient Religion Zoroastrianism?

Saudi Arabia and Iran are bitter rivals, clashing
politically and ideologically for decades. In September 2016, Iran’s Ayatollah blamed
Saudi authorities for the deaths of hundreds of Muslims during a stampede at the previous
year’s Hajj Pilgrimage. In his response, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti
[Muff-tea] said he was “not surprised” by the accusation as it came from the descendants
of Zoroastrians, who are not Muslim. Iran was indeed originally made up of followers
of Zoroastrianism, and we wanted to know: what exactly is this unique religion? Well, Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s
oldest monotheistic religions, predating Christianity, Islam and even Judaism. It was founded by the Prophet Zoroaster roughly
3500 years ago, in what is today Iran. Zoroastrianism was the official religion of
pre-islamic Iranian empires from roughly 650-600 BC, and was, at one point, one of the most
dominant faiths in the world. However today, it is rare to find. Most recent estimates place the number of
followers at about 200,000,with most living in India and Iran. Zoroastrians believe in one God, called Ahura
Mazda [A-hoo-rah Maz-dah], or “Wise Lord”. They believe that he created the world, and
designed it to exist and evolve in a way that is “perfect” and “righteous”. This so-called “law of Asha” [Ah-sha]
is what Zoroastrians see as the ideal way that life should be, and every day, they affirm
this goal in their most basic prayer, called “Ashem Vohu” [Ah-shem Voh-hoo]. As one of the early pioneers of dualism, Zoroastrians
believe that everything in the world exists within moral opposites, such as good and evil
or heaven and hell.. They believe in free will, and that “good
thoughts, good words, and good deeds” will repel evil forces and, thus, bring them closer
to the perfect, divine life. After death, humans purportedly confront these
choices before a heavenly tribunal, who then deliver them to Zoroastrianism’s own version
of heaven or hell, translated as the Excellent Abode and the Worst Existence, respectively. It’s no coincidence that these ideas are
also pillars of succeeding monotheistic faiths. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all said
to be influenced by Zoroastrian beliefs of a single deity, a dualistic universe and a
final judgement day. That said, Zoroastrians are unique in a number
of ways. For instance, they are known for their fascination
with fire, which they see as a symbol of the divine because of its warmth and light. The religion also emphasizes individual rather
than group worship, so most adherents choose to pray at home rather than at a place of
worship like a church or temple. When they do gather, it’s usually for holidays
or coming of age ceremonies, which some compare to a Jewish bar and bat mitzvah. And although Zoroastrianism promotes good
behavior; unlike other religions, it doesn’t prescribe a moral code of conduct or a long
list of rules. Over the last few centuries, the number of
zoroastrians has dropped dramatically as a result of oppression, forced conversions and
migration. India, which is home to the majority of followers,
sees roughly 10 percent fewer zoroastrians every decade, according to a report by UNESCO
 What’s more, the religion has been struggling to adapt to modern times without losing its
unique cultural identity. If the religion continues to decline at its
current rate, zoroastrianism may soon be something we only read about in history books. Zoroastrianism’s emphasis on positivity
and non-violence is hardly unique. Many faiths promote peace, and yet countless
people around the world continue to be marginalized, jailed or even killed in the name of religion. So which religions are actually peaceful? Learn more in this video. Thanks for watching Seeker Daily, don’t
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  1. They follow the way of here forfathers…every sect worship the day or fire..and have a vergin son of God..

    Its best to start with the true name of creator..Allah..
    Unless they say Allah..
    Aliluya..they wrong

  2. I cry everytime I found out what Islam has done to many of the followers of this beautiful and wonderful monotheistic religion :'(

  3. Zoroastrianism is basically the Buddhism of the Middle East I wish more Middle Eastern people believed in Zoroastrianism rather then Islam..

  4. The Arabs also had Pre-Islamic culture and beliefs but ruins have been destroyed by Saudi Arabia I believe.

  5. I am sure if Iran was free most Iranian left Islam and became Zoroaster, They introduce themselves muslim because they are afraid of government. Now the population of Zoroastrian is around 200000 people, considering at least one third of Iranian switch to this religion out of 80 million people so we have more zoroastrian in the future I think.

  6. Are they really incestuous. I am playing ck2 and trying to uh…. spread zoroastrianism to the world lol but my sister don't have my baby. I don't know what's wrong with her

  7. This sounds like an introvert antisocial religion…perfect for me. But of course it doesn't exist, just like my luck. 😟

  8. Whenever there is a focus on preserving the "cultural identity" of something so Universal- there is bound to be a decline in goodness. What a shame.
    However, all is not lost. It is up to us who desire to embody such ways of goodness to revive it again.

  9. Funny that a saudi would look down on the descendants of zoroastrians, when he is a descendant of pagans. We all are…

  10. Islam is the final religion of God and the Furqan is the final revelation! Muhammad is the final messenger. May Allah Guide you all

  11. All I can say is this, if only Persia/Sassanaid and the Eastern Roman Empire(Byzantine) didn't fought each and continued the "Eternal Peace" then perhaps Zoroastrianism would have a stronger footing in Iran.

  12. Which is they oldest religion? Off course hinduism. Because there is so many proofs like rama setu and kalpa vigraha statue. These artifacts specially rama setu, scientists are not giving satisfying answers. Rama setu looks like its man made. Which is 1.7m years old.

  13. Zoroastrianism was belief of great rich & developed Persian Civilization. Even Golden age of Islam is based on this civilization.
    And irony is that Islam is also responsible for persecution of Zoro people & decline of this civilization.

  14. Persian ban Slavery and allow jews to live prosper and safe. Until..
    Islam Come. now look at them

  15. Monotheist zorastrian Iranians were eagerly waiting for the coming of last Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh and when they found the predictions in the Avestas regarding the Signs of the ProphetMuhammad pbuh , they voluntarily and deep heartedly accepted Islam in masses.

    That's the reason for monotheistic zorastrian iran converting into monotheistic Islamic Iran when at the time of Arabs reached Iranians with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

    Arabs didn't and can't convert iranian to Islam through war. Wars oppression atrocities cannot change the nature of nation example are crusaders, Mongols, Spain Portugal Dutch France Russian British colonial regimes, Hitler massolini, saddam etc but Islam is still dominant in iran and fastest growing religion in the world.

    Salman Farsi was born in a zartosht priest family but he was a truth seeker, he travelled in search of the promised Prophet in avestas and met converted lived with Jews , soon his intellectuals acted and he left Jews and traveled again until he met converted lived with Christians, and after studying , his intellectuals rejected Christianity like Jewish .

    He continued his truth seeking journey until he heard that a man in Arabia, claims to be a messenger of Allah, preaching monotheism and rejecting all forms of idolatry etc.

    He moved towards Arabia and visualised, monitored , tested , compared the Signs of Avestas to Him , had questions sessions, than he became a firm believer in Islam and one of the greatest companions of Prophet Muhammad pbuh and later awarded the title of Ahlulbait and through him Iranians found their Seal of Prophets, Muhammad pbuh

    IRAN is a brave nation and always had brave courageous intelligent religious modest Iranians.

    Iranians were always Muslims , monotheistic, believing in One Allah, one may call god ahuramazda jehovah bhagwan .

    There are clear signs of the coming of Prophet Muhammad pbuh in every religious scriptures including zorastrian avestas and Christians bible.

    Proud to be an Iranian Turkish Muslim

  16. No religion anywhere is older than Christianity. This religion was started in 300 ad… um that's after Jesus's death and resurrection, most definitely not influenced by any other religiond.

  17. Its fake religion , they believe god holds the sky to not falls in earth .. And they believe the eternal punishment in fire for bad people ,, they worship many gods like mithra , and worship fire .. All of this you can read in yasna .

  18. Parsi are great example of how religion of peace behave
    Ban islam in all non muslim countries
    Love for my indian parsi community

  19. No, the origins of Zoroastrianism are clearly pagan and polytheistic like every other religion too. And I’m not a Muslim, I’m an Atheist and can handle this topics from a neutral point of view. I have looked this up several years ago. Even classical Zoroastrianism and it’s belief system were changed many times in Persian history. From time to time other gods besides Ahura Mazda and Ahriman were added or removed. Furthermore it’s also a dualistic religion. Good (Ahura Mazda) and evil (Ahriman) are equally strong. This is not monotheistic. The claim that it’s monotheistic arose in modern times for two different reasons. Firstly to make it suitable for Islam or secondly to have a wide range of potential believers. The same was made with the so called Tengrism and Islam in my country Turkey. Some people claimed that Tengrism is a monotheistic religion to make the people believe "Look guys we Turks always believed in one god". But everyone who has some knowledge about old Turkish mythology knows this is not right.

  20. That's so funny
    Religions all is lie.
    it's just update and update and update, the first religion Ezidi 2- Jew 3- Christian 4- Islam and more all is update of one

  21. Western religions, including Islam, are so afraid to include their prehistory. It's a fact. Get over it. It doesn't take away from the faith.

  22. It wasn't "Monotheistic" in the way Abrahamics were. It was more Monist and allowed for other Gods and Aspects of God (like lesser deities / angels / Gods)……

  23. Zoroastrians or Parsis are apparently India's second richest community with high amount of assets and low debt

  24. Ok, there are some errors in the video. Scholars suggest Zoroastrianism was probably founded about 2000 BCE by the prophet Zoroaster not 558 AD as stated in the video. Yes, it was finally formally written down in about 700 to 650 BCE, probably in Babylon. This makes sense because we know the Torah was written in about 600 to 550 BCE, during the Babylonian exile. We also know that this marks the partial adoption of aspects of Zoroastrian theology by Jews, i.e., the replacement of earlier polytheist beliefs (tribal religions?) with Zoroastrian monotheism, etc.

  25. So the Jewish religion we know today is not that old compared to other Asian religions, probably less than 2500 years.

  26. Zoroastrianism is already exist in iraqi-kurdistan zoriasterians practice their religion peacefully like any other religions across my country.I'm muslim and i respect other religions we are all human
    In the end.

  27. No problem here, both Judaism and Christianity have always acknowledged the influence of Persian culture and religion on the Babylonian Talmud and the exile community when the Kingdom of Judah was destroyed.
    So to make it easy:
    a) The ancient Israelite religion was influenced by Zoroastrianism while in captivity in Babylon.
    b) The following developed Israelite religion (Pharisee, Sadducee, Essen, Zealots) was further influenced by Greek philosophy (Septuagint) and culture (Alexandros III from Macedon == Alexander The Great).
    c) Finally Christianity received all this cultural philosophical heritage and further developed its Greek portion (particularly Plato and later Aristotle).
    That's why Christianity (Western and Eastern), in my humble opinion, has the distilled best of both east and west…
    I sure don't mind having Zoroastrians and Jews around me (neither wishes to kill me, or subjugate me, for being an "unbeliever", nor does their god state in their scriptures many times that he hates me for being an "unbeliever")

  28. "Judaism and Christianity are influenced by the Zoroastrianism " , really? Who can listen this. Islam is for sure influenced, I agree, But Judaism and Christianity? That's modern education. Brainwash. When people talk about silly things with smart face, looks pretty funny.

  29. I'm a Proud Christian and I am just surprised with Zoroastrianism. I wish to learn about more cause I also study world religions. As I can see Zoroastrianism has contributed a lot to the 3 major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Yes, there are only One God. For us Christians he is called Yahweh (All praise and glory to Lord God Yahweh now and forever. Amen) he is the heavenly father (Some Christian sects calls him Jehovah which is also correct.) We may call different names of God, but the truth is that there is only ONE. Good to see another monotheistic faith. I respect your religion 🙂

  30. im hindu.. but i want to say that… they are very peacful , intelligent , nd kind people ..nd very respctable community in india ..

  31. Zoroastrianism will eventually die off unless they have a much higher birthrate; they don't allow converts, you have to be born into it.

  32. In India 🇮🇳 we called them parsi.they are very innocent peaceful well educated people.they are more successful.parsi community more respected in india.we govt make a scheme to increase Zoroastrian population.we all Indian people love Zoroastrian

  33. The truth is that Iran is not a Muslim country. Sadly, it is occupied by Shia Muslims. We do not call them government, We call them occupiers. Shia is not real Islam. It is a political religion which is created for political purposes about 500 years ago ….Most of Iranians are NOT Muslim nor Shia….

  34. I would love to see Iran become Persia again and de-islamise their society for good. Its so sad to see a civilisation that was one of the greatest in history fall ill to a backwards, hateful religion that turned them into an awful theocracy for centuries.

    Persians, return to your roots! Just like here in Europe, a lot of us are returning to our native, European religions and dropping Christianity. Remember your ancestors <3

    My love and respect to the world. I hope and pray the future is bright for us all.

  35. I am quite interested in Zoroastrianism. I don't know much about the other half of the Iranian culture since I was born in Thailand of Iranian Father and Thai Mother.

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