What is social investment?

Across the UK, charities and social
enterprises like yours are tackling some of society’s biggest problems. Maybe you
set up a coffee business to give people the skills to get back into work. Or are
running a nursery and using the profits to support local parents. Whatever your
mission, you’ll need money to help with cash flow, to grow your organisation or
to buy an asset like a new building. You might even need finance to kick-start
your new venture. And that money could come from traditional grants or
donations or as a loan from your local bank. One option is to get that money
from a social investor. That social investor could be an organisation or an
individual. And you can borrow their money or offer them shares in your
organisation. But what makes a social investor different? Well, they don’t just want to see a return on their investment. They want to see their
money being used for good – helping you to keep delivering your social mission.
Sound good? To see if it’s right for you, check out

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