What Is Reality? - A Radical Explanation

what is reality wow that's one hell of a question that's the deepest question you're ever gonna ask in life and believe it or not it is possible to answer this question although the answer is so radical that it can't be communicated with words but nevertheless we're gonna try here today I spent about 15 years of my life wracking my mind over this question trying to figure it out through philosophy through science through contemplation through meditation through many different means and really the reason that I want to shoot this episode is for those of you I know that there's a few of you maybe one in a hundred thousand watching and listening that are just innately curious and your whole life you've been trying to figure out what the hell is reality and you've been intuitive if there's something deeper to reality than just what you've been told what your culture or what science or even what religion has told you that there's something deeper something you're missing and you can't quite put your finger on what it is but you know there's something there but you don't know like where to go with it so today I'm gonna tell you exactly what it is which will help you to then pursue it for yourself of course my words will not be enough but nevertheless here we go now of course the answer is extremely threatening to your life and to your sense of reality which is precisely why it's so difficult and so rare to answer this this question so are you sure you want to know are you sure you want to know because this will change your whole life if you understand what I'm about to say here we go hold on to your hat reality is infinite consciousness and reality is infinite imagination but what is consciousness and how could a reality be infinite imagination isn't there a physical reality that's not imaginary isn't that obvious well be careful what you assume what I mean by reality being infinite consciousness is that see when you were born or when you imagined that you were born you had no idea what you were born into you had no idea who you were what you were what the world was what life was what the point of life was who your parents were who other people were time and space none of it you didn't know anything you didn't even know that you were born and you didn't even know that you were gonna die you knew nothing at all you were a blank ignorant slate we might say and then you quickly started learning stuff and you quickly started misunderstanding what reality is so now we have to deal with these misunderstandings which run very very deep in your subconscious mind so that's why this conversation is so tricky this is advanced stuff this is not this is not your average freshman class I'm talking about the most advanced things that a human being can ever possibly understand okay so stay with me here hold your objections I'll try to answer them as we keep going so the key mistake you made when you were born is that you assumed that it's possible for there to be physical objects that exist independently of consciousness you saw rocks you saw trees and cars and people and you just assumed well I was born into this world this universe of people trees cars and rocks and roads and cities and so forth and that that's what I was born into there was like a big bang billions of years ago then billions of years past star dust congealed and eventually stars were formed and then planets were formed one of which was the earth and in millions and billions of years of evolution created life and microbes and then animals mammals and apes and finally me and then my parents had sex one day and there was an egg and a sperm they met and then I was born nine months later I came out then I became conscious a few years after that and so Here I am well that's not possible that's not what reality is objects are not possible only consciousness is possible now you ask well Leo what is consciousness this right here is consciousness this this present moment what you're seeing here right now this is consciousness this is as close as you get to reality you're in reality right now not only are you in reality you are reality but we'll get to that later so so here's what reality is it's consciousness the stuff that's happening right here these are not physical objects this is something that is being imagined by consciousness there cannot be rocks and trees and cars and people and atoms and Earth's and Big Bang's there can only be what is held within consciousness everything that you have ever experienced has been held in your consciousness including you including your physical physical what you call your physical body take out your hand right now and look at your hand this hand is not a physical hand this is consciousness your hand is made out of consciousness cells and atoms this is consciousness it is not possible for there to be atoms and cells and time and space outside of how it is held within consciousness there is no physical reality and no physical universe the Big Bang never happened you are not actually sitting on the planet Earth billion years have never passed there is no space there is no time you are not a biological living creature in fact you were never even born you do not have parents you did not have a childhood you did not grow up you did not plus press play at the beginning of this video you imagined all of that because reality is infinite imagination Dada you're imagining everything including yourself including your physical body including your birth all of your memories your parents all other human beings all animals the entire physical universe science religion spirituality self-improvement money and everything else that you know and love including your emotions the highest ones and the lowest ones pain suffering human history the 21st century you're imagining all of it right fucking now and if you're not imagining it right now it does not exist and what you are your truest nature you are not a biological creature that was born to some mother and father who were hominids that evolved from Billy of years of evolution that is all a backstory that you have imagined what you really are your truest nature that thing that's sitting there right now conscious of this very moment and this finger pointing at it that thing is infinite imagination or what is otherwise known as God I don't mean the Christian God I don't mean the Muslim God I don't mean a bearded man sitting up in the clouds who judges you who is separate from the universe who created the universe thousands or millions or billions of years ago I mean the actual God you infinite consciousness infinite imagination sitting there the whole time you have been sitting in this spot eternally existing imagining all sorts of dreams and various realms one of which is this physical human thing you call life and you're sitting here imagining it right now and furthermore you are imagining that you are not imagining it but that it is real and because there is no contrast between imagination and reality because reality doesn't exist only imagination exists whatever you imagine becomes real for you to the point where you mistake it for reality so you are God dreaming up this world lost in your own dream until the point where you wake up you see this is very radical you do not want to accept what I am saying here and you have a million excuses for why what I'm saying does it make sense and why it is false and why I'm crazy but what I'm telling you is the absolute truth and deep down you know this deep down all of your excuses and all of your stories and all of your justifications are just something you're imagining in fact your denial is something you're imagining which is precisely how reality gets created you are the creator of the entire universe you have infinite creative power but you don't know how you're doing it you're not conscious of how you're doing it consciousness is a completely empty substance which imagines or holds or conceives of things in the same way that let's use the analogy here of a projector an old-time movie projector which projects light through some transparent film frames which then get gets projected onto a wall and you have some kind of movie for me so that's a pretty good analogy so consciousness is that pure white light which is shining from the projector through various frames to then get you your quote-unquote reality what you are is that pure white light that's what is illuminating this whole scene right here right now that pure white light is formless and infinite and indistinct it has no features or qualities whatsoever you can't grab it in any way but it is pure consciousness so like this movie screen example this movie projector example the consciousness has no form to it or shape to it until it is shined through some sort of medium or object which then gives it distinctions or differences contrasts in color and intensity and so the reason I use this metaphor is because actually it's really good because if you if you think for example as a movie director a movie director can set a movie in any time period that he wants he can shoot a movie in the 21st century he can shoot a movie middie about the medieval times he can shoot a movie about pirates he can shoot a movie set in the Great Depression he can shoot a movie three thousand years into the future some sci-fi thing he can shoot a movie about ancient Egypt now you might wonder but but how could he do that when he's shooting in the 21st century but of course of course what you don't realize that the projector doesn't care what century it is it doesn't know what century it is the projector is indiscriminate pure white light whatever film frame you put in front of it is what sets the scene and creates the sense of a century so right now you're sitting here imagining thinking that you're in the 21st century you're not you're imagining the 21st century and in fact as infinite consciousness you're imagining all centuries all timelines all beings all lifetimes simultaneously of which one of them is this one right now that you're presently conscious of so you see a movie director isn't limited to what he can display on the screen he can literally display anything he can imagine and then of course you know there's technological limitations but the beauty of consciousness infinite consciousness is that it has no technological limitations so the one key difference between our projector analogy and the actual reality that we're talking about what's really going on here right now is that the pure white light is being shined from some sort of physical projector I want you to get rid of that notion because see now you have some question about well Lia but where does consciousness come from how come consciousness comes from some sort of brain or neurons or whatever no that's not what consciousness is you misunderstand what consciousness is consciousness is one of the most misunderstood things that human beings know science completely misunderstands what consciousness is justice is not grounded in any substrate it is the substrate for everything else consciousness not happening in a brain or through neurons or molecules consciousness is not happening in time or space rather time and space are being held or imagined by consciousness molecules and atoms and neurons and brains are being imagined by consciousness your birth is being imagined by consciousness all of your memories of childhood are being imagined by consciousness all other people including your parents and even myself are being imagined by consciousness right now which is why I'm here before your eyes I'm imaginary as are you my body is imaginary as is yours my body and everything physical that you see around me is just like that film frame going past the projector and the projector is you that pure light now you might wonder well Leo where does the light come from what is this light how do you explain the light the light is nothing literally it's nothing it's emptiness it's pure void much like the way that a bowl of rice must be empty to contain the rice likewise the light shining through the frame is empty in order for the frame to fully manifest itself without distortion because you know if the light was not pure white but if it was green or yellow or brown or or whatever that would interfere with the with the frame that we want to display so to speak so consciousness is actually nothing it's completely indistinct it has no differences no contrast within it therefore you cannot pinpoint it or grab it in any way it's not localized it's not in time in space it's pure infinite eternal consciousness that's what's being conscious of this very moment in you right now that's the thing that's been there your entire life so it's nothing but then what consciousness can do is consciousness can create differences within itself how does consciousness create differences within itself mmm well this is where the god part comes in you see consciousness is absolutely infinite it's unlimited people don't appreciate what unlimited means an unlimited thing has absolutely no limits to it which means that it can do literally anything it is not constrained by any rules or laws because rules and laws and constraints and limits are what it imagined so the mistake that people make is they think well because I live in this limited physical world and I can't do things like flap my arms and fly or jump and land on the moon and there's other sorts of things that you can't do within this physical reality that they assume that consciousness is also limited in this way and that the whole universe is limited but it isn't this universe that you're in right now is something you're imagining in all of the limitations of it are something you're imagining but pure infinite imagination prior to imagining any limits has no limits whatsoever now why is this the case this is the case because of non-duality because of oneness it's impossible to actually draw a boundary between any two objects in the universe because any boundary or object is imaginary so everything becomes one when everything is one reality being one there's nothing outside of it to limit it or constrain it or to tell it how to be therefore it must be unlimited anything outside of reality is actually inside of reality because that's what reality is reality is everything that is so if you can imagine something outside of everything that is you haven't imagined everything that is because everything that is must include that thing outside which you have left out it's total it's infinite when I say infinite by the way I don't just mean infinite in physical three dimensions that's not what I mean the physical three dimensions are occurring within infinite consciousness infinite is a much broader notion than physical space or time or anything like that it's not just a measure of size when I say that consciousness or reality is infinite I'm not just saying that the universe stretches on forever and it's infinitely big of course that is part of what I'm saying but I'm saying much more I'm saying something more radical than that I'm not just talking about physical infinity I'm talking about actual infinity infinity in in all possible ways so so when you realize that reality must be totally infinite because it's one you realize that nothing constrains it that means it's all-powerful infinitely intelligent and it can manifest immediately anything that it wants you might want to relieve how can it do that that's impossible no remember possible and impossible are something it infinite consciousness is imagining everything you think is impossible is actually imaginary you had to imagine it first for it to exist as an impossibility or a possibility in fact you're imagining the difference between possible and impossible you're also imagining the difference between real and imaginary you're also imagining the difference between how so when you say well you know how can this be possible this seems outlandish and magical and science fictional huh you're making a mistake again how is something you're imagining prior to imagining how there is no how which means that everything is possible without a how as unbelievable as that may sound and of course everything I say here is extremely unbelievable but nevertheless it's absolutely true which makes it all the more amazing reality is no how no where no win no what because how when where and what are all imaginary and they must be imagined first for them to exist so what consciousness does is it imagines differences everything in reality that you know is a difference the fundamental building block of reality contrary to what science has taught you is not molecules or atoms or quarks or strings reality is not a digital computer simulation which is a popular idea that's thrown around these days by philosophers and scientists and techno geeks reality is none of that reality is made out of differences reality is not energy it is not information it is not bits it is none of that it is differences so what is a molecule it's a difference what is a cat it's a difference what is a tree it's a difference what is a string it's a difference what is a bit a 0 and a 1 is a difference everything is difference the only reason you can tell this hand from this hand is because they're different if this wasn't different from this they would actually be one science doesn't understand any of what I'm saying here so we're way beyond science so if you're trying to use science as some sort of reference point for understanding what I'm trying to say you're way off it's not gonna work science is imaginary religion is imaginary everything you know is imaginary now let's address some of your biggest concerns here about imagination because when I say imaginary I'm of course using that word in a much different and broader sense than the way conventionally people think of imagination most people limit imagination to just images in the mind and thoughts now of course that is imagination but that's just a very limited human version of imagination what I'm saying is that right now this hand before my eyes and your eyes is imaginary I'm imagining this hand and so are you now you say well you know how can this possibly be if I was imagining this hand then I could imagine that it's something else and then it should turn into that shouldn't it remember that there's a lot you're not conscious of remember that you are capable of many orders and states of consciousness which are far beyond the state of consciousness that you're in right now so right now in conventional ordinary human consciousness you're right you can't understand this hand to be imaginary but when you become more conscious much more conscious many orders of magnitude more conscious a million times more conscious than you are right now which is possible to do then you will realize that your hand is imaginary no different than the thought of a unicorn in your mind or the thought of your parents or the thought of your birth or the thought of your death all of that is imaginary in fact everything all a physical reality is imaginary so the thing you have to understand about imagination is that there there are layers to it it's not as simple and stupid as you would think like oh well leo if everything is imaginary that means I can just think whatever I want I can just go jump off a cliff and I'll be able to fly because it's just imaginary don't strawman me like that I'm telling you something extremely sophisticated I'm telling you that imagination is creating all of physical reality this is not a simple mechanism this is extremely complicated and nuanced and there are many layers of self-deception within your own mind that you are imagining right now that you can't even understand what I'm saying that's how powerful imagination is it'll take you decades of work to be able to understand the things that I'm saying here for now you can just take my word for it but with work you can you can directly realize the things I'm saying are true you know we got to start somewhere here so give me a little bit of room give me a little leeway here a little breathing room to explain this stuff it's so radical I you see it's so radical because your whole sense of self is wrapped up in being able to understand or reality is see conventionally we think of like reality is over here this separate thing and then my sense of self is over here and you just assume that the sense of self is a given you assume that you're a biological leading creature and that your physical and that you are the body and that the you know reality that that's some separate thing from you which you don't realize that all of this is deeply intertwined like this in your mind and in fact there is no boundary between your mind and physical reality these are intimately interconnected if you would just question them deeply enough so here I want to introduce a little explanatory metaphor that will help you understand why it's so difficult under stand these things because you see if you weren't physically born which was my claim if you imagined yourself into existence that means that you have to maintain that image or that imagination otherwise if you stop imagining it you'll go poof what will be left of you so you see imagine a slope like this this is the slope we're gonna call the slope of reality when you're born you start at the very bottom of this slope there is no reality when you're born you're born as nothing into nothing like I said earlier you don't even know you were born you don't even know you're a human you don't even know who your parents are you know nothing but then quickly because you need to keep surviving you start to learn you learn about yourself you look in the mirror you you you realize you have a face and your body you learn about pain and suffering and you learn about your parents and you learn about friends in school and popov line quickly you learn a lot of stuff as you're doing that what you're doing is you think that what you're doing is that you're just exploring the physical world as it's given to you as it was before you were born that is not what's actually happening what's actually happening is that you're inventing the entire universe including and of course starting with your self your physical self your psychological self your biological cell all of this you had to invent there is no biology or psychology or physics you invented them and all the science that backs it up so see what you have in your mind is you have elaborate networks and webs of explanation for what reality is and they're woven together like a tapestry like this each one reinforcing the other creating a sense of solidity and so now what I'm helping you to do is to to to pull those threads of the tapestry apart it's very difficult to do though because as we're pulling on one the other one constricts it and tries to pull it back it's a tight web so we have to question it from all sides simultaneously and of course you have to be very open-minded to this questioning otherwise forget it you will never understand what I'm trying to say here so what's happening through your childhood and teenage years is that you're rolling your way up like a snowball like a reverse snowball going uphill you're accumulating more and more snow and getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger growing your sense of self and reality you're imagining this entire process this is all a work of god's imagination but you don't know that you think you're actually in a physical world as a physical self but still you suspect that something weird is going on because reality still seems mysterious and the explanations that signs and religion gives you still never quite make sense that's right because you're noticing glitches in your own tapestry and understanding of the world because it's it's all imaginary you're starting to suspect it but you don't just know how deep it goes yet so the problem is that now by this point in your life that I'm speaking to you you've already built up so much stuff you have so much to lose you have a career you have a business you have a religion you have a money situation you have a relationship you have a family have children you have blah blah blah blah blah right you have a whole worldview you have a scientific view whatever you have a so much stuff that now to undo all that to question that that's very difficult and you're very attached to that and in truth you don't care about what reality is what you care about is the survival of this giant ball of imagination that you created so now as we're starting to question well starting to happen is that this process is getting reversed the ball is starting to roll back down the hill and this slope you start to quickly realize as you start to question your whole existence is very very slippery and very dangerous and it's precisely for this reason that's so few people ever question their existence or reality very deeply if you haven't noticed most people just accept what society tells them except what science or religion tells them and they just think that's it they've got it figured out it never occurs to them to question but the metaphysics of what they think reality is so as you start to do that you start to slide down the slippery slope and quickly your slippage accelerates to the point where now you hit a certain point where you get a little scared now it gets a little too real because as you start to seriously entertain the things that I'm saying here for example that your birth is imaginary or that your memories are imaginary or that your parents are imaginary and so forth now it's no longer a philosophical exercise this is not a piece of entertainment this is not just you browsing through some YouTube videos or through some podcasts and listening to cool stuff or science fiction now you start to see that your sense of reality has been intimately interconnected with your entire sense of existence itself and you start to feel yourself unravel and of course all of your emotions kick in to overdrive to warn you you know red warning alarms are sounding in your mind telling you do not listen to this anymore turn it off turn away go do something else distract yourself forget about it but that fear is precisely the thing that tells you that what I'm saying is true you can't deny that fear that fear of self annihilation that fear of losing your whole life in reality the fear of admitting that everything in your entire life has always been imagination this is way too radical for you to accept if you were to fully accept what I'm saying here and not just to accept it but to become fully conscious of it you would have a mental collapse some people would call this a psychotic collapse to the point where you would not be able to distinguish anymore what is real from what is fantasy you literally would not know that your hand is real anymore you literally would look into your mother's eyes and you would not be able to distinguish yourself from your mother this is where it gets really real and by this point you know long before people get to this point they have already stopped the inquiry they have no desire to go this far because they weren't seriously interested in knowing what reality is they just were screwing around but a few of us were interested enough that we're willing to go all the way and so we do and eventually when we question deeply enough we realize that we are inventing ourselves you have been sitting here right here for eternity imagining stuff I'm not saying that you imagined your birth back when you were a toddler or that you imagined your parents back then I'm saying something more radical than that you are imagining your entire childhood right now none of it ever happened other than in your imagination you know of course they leo no that's crazy that can't be possible I know it happened I feel it I you know I know my parents are real what do you what kind of nonsense are you trying to pull over my eyes yeah you're imagining that right now you are imagining right now that your memories and your parents are not imaginary but that they're actually real are you getting this all of your denials are themselves imaginary that is the power of infinite imagination see you might wonder well Leo if if I have infinite imagination why can't I just imagine some new world right now I can't do that I don't have the power to do that what are you talking about but you see that's because you're so busy imagining this physical world so to imagine a new physical world you'd have to stop imagining this one but if you stopped imagining this one and you stop imagining that you were human what would happen to you you would be dead you've labeled that death so see your own imagination is interfering with your own imagination that's the problem there like I said are deep deeper and deeper layers of imagination so right now while you might be able to imagine a unicorn that's at a sort of a shallow surface level of imagination there are deeper layers of imagination at the subconscious level which are operating right now which are actually creating this entire physical room that you're sitting in you can't just stop imagining that because you would where would you fucking be you would think you've gone insane if you could do that you would be dead actually dead so be careful what you wish for you have to see how your own ideas and expectations are interfering or creating conflicts between themselves you see infinite imaginations a hell of a thing what infinite imagination means is that you can imagine absolutely anything without any limitations but once you imagine it that's what is real for you what this means is that it's possible for you to imagine that you are in a room somewhere on some planet in some galaxies in some universe at some particular time and then you will be there but you will be locked into that if you imagine that what you're imagining is not imaginary but that it's real which is exactly what you're doing right now you see don't underestimate the power of imagination it's absolutely total you're just not conscious yet of all the deeper layers you can become conscious of them make sure that you don't misunderstand me I'm not playing word games with you this is not merely some semantic differences of me calling a hand imaginary rather than physical and that all it is is to working no no no no I'm talking about something very radical here I'm talking about realizing that this room is imaginary to the point where the floor under your feet will melt and you will fall through it if you still have a body left at this point see if you were to suddenly understand everything that I'm talking about you would think you've had a psychotic breakdown and in many people would react that way so of course there's a fine line between Awakening and a psychotic breakdown so they're not quite the same thing but hey you know it's easy to conflate the two because literally what happens is that you stop being able to distinct distinguish reality from imagination and this scares people this is very scary it's it's just fun and interesting we're just listening to it but when you actually are unable to tell the difference between what's real and imaginary when you are no longer able to trust your own memories and you're not even able to to trust your own parents as being real that's when stuff gets difficult that's when you start to encounter what they call the dark night of the soul so you start to re-evaluate everything you start to question everything because as it turns out your entire life was a fiction and you've been misunderstanding and misinterpreting your very own life since the very beginning so like I said you have existed here as that pure white light as consciousness as empty consciousness for eternity not for a decade not for a hundred years not for a thousand years not for a million years off for a billion years not for a trillion years for ever you've been sitting here forever imagining life after life after life after life after life without beginning and without end that's what infinite consciousness means there cannot be anything outside of consciousness you might question this you might say well leo no that's wrong shouldn't we be open-minded that there might be something beyond consciousness I mean I guess you leo sure maybe maybe maybe consciousness is a very important aspect of reality I'll grant you that leo but what if there's something beyond consciousness let's leave our minds open to that no if you're thinking this way then you're not actually conscious of what consciousness is there is absolutely nothing outside of consciousness anything that can be has to be conceived by consciousness now you might say Leo this what's the argument for that Leo this this sounds like a tautology it sounds like it's only true by definition yeah that's exactly right it's true by definition truth is true by definition truth is inevitable reality is inevitable it has no opposite and has no alternative it's absolute consciousness is an absolute and there is nothing outside of consciousness anything you can imagine outside of consciousness is actually within consciousness but you have to be conscious that nothing in your life has ever occurred outside of consciousness notice that anything you imagine that's outside of consciousness is actually inside of your consciousness right now you're just misunderstanding what it is even non-existence is occurring within consciousness you might think non-existence is something that's beyond consciousness No non-existence doesn't actually exist non-existence is something you're imagining within consciousness right now consciousness itself is eternal it can't die it was never born and it can't go anywhere why can't consciousness go anywhere because places and aware is something that consciousness is imagining consciousness imagines all locations in space and time so it can't be anywhere else but where it is therefore it has nowhere to go making it eternal you can't destroy consciousness because it's already nothing destruction is actually something that consciousness imagines all forms can be destroyed but the formless cannot be destroyed which is what consciousness is it's the formless if you still insist that there could be something outside of consciousness understand this inside and outside are something that consciousness conceives something you imagine there is no inside or outside if you imagine there is consciousness is primary consciousness is fundamental consciousness is what imagines everything which explains why you are at the center of reality have you noticed that yet isn't it weird haven't you been puzzled by this that no matter where you go you're at the very center of wherever you are why is it that the whole universe seems to revolve around you it's not because you're a biological creature and that this is like your visual field generated by your brain no you're imagining all that the real reason that you are at the center of the universe is because you're God and because you're imagining everything around you you see now you might object but Leo what do you would nonsense are you talking about what about like if you go and walk off a cliff and then you're gonna die that's not imaginary that's actually gonna hurt you and kill you how can you say that death is imaginary we've seen people die nothing imaginary about it that's you imagining right now death we shall leo sure yeah I'm imagining death right now but what about actual death I'm not imagining that yes you are you're imagining it right now nobly Oh what about like if you literally step off a cliff aren't you gonna die I mean you're not gonna be alive after that are you you're imagining that and if you actually do go up to a cliff let's say the Grand Canyon and you step off sure you're gonna fall and you're gonna splat your skull on the rocks and there will be not much left of you but goo that's right but that whole process is imagination within imagination you see the cliff you're standing on when you're at the edge of the cliff the cliff is imaginary your body and feet are imaginary your sense of self your biological psychological self that you think you are that went to school and had parents and was born that whole thing is imaginary you now falling through the sky towards the rocks that's all imaginary and the moment that your your skull hits the rocks and gets cracked open and you experience excruciating pain and suffering all of that will be imaginary and then when you hit get lights out all of that will be imaginary just like in a dream none of this should be impossible for you because you do it in your dreams every night now of course there's one little extra wrinkle about that that you don't yet understand is that sleeping is imaginary – you've never actually slept a day in your life you've only imagined that you have you're doing all of it right now right now but this is all so radical and goes so completely against your direct experience of life that you can't accept it nor should you just blindly believe me that's not my objective here my objective here is to make you aware of how you're tricking your own your own self your own mind is deceiving you your current state of consciousness is deceiving you see there is nothing in reality but states of consciousness one of which is the one you're in right now you're in a rather limited state of consciousness right now there are much more advanced elevated expanded states of consciousness in which you can realize all the things that I'm saying but you're not in those states of consciousness right now nor have you probably ever been in your whole life or maybe you have maybe you've had a mystical experience here or there through meditation through psychedelics or something like that in which case you're a little bit more open to the things I'm talking about and the things I'm talking about are helping you to make sense of various kinds of mystical things you experienced various spiritual phenomena that maybe left you scratching your head unable to explain that's right because you were trying to explain them from a materialist paradigm which is a pure pure fantasy so you can't explain it through materialism you can't explain it as brain states make sure you don't misunderstand me when I say infinite consciousness there is no brain you don't have a brain you imagine your brain consciousness does not need a brain you might say well Leo how could it be possible for there be consciousness without a brain remember possible and impossible is something you're imagining this imagines the brain not the other way around have you had enough yet it's very radical isn't it yeah it's absurdly radical you have to question your entire tapestry of of understanding your entire worldview and this is very difficult to do because like I said each fiber of the tapestry reinforces the others most people are only willing to admit some of these things but not all of them simultaneously at once because like I said you would you would have a mental breakdown if you did it too fast it usually takes years to gradually unravel this tapestry and even then you will have some very difficult times if you've taken some psychedelics then you're a little bit more open mind to the things I'm saying that's because what a psychedelic does is it elevates your state of consciousness to the point where your consciousness becomes fluid enough usually it's in a very crystallized form it becomes more fluid to the point where you start to see that boundary between imagination physicality start to melt away you know you take enough LSD you start to see the walls melting the walls of your house start to melt your hands start to grow eyes on them looking back at you what is that about that's not just hallucination this is a mistake that people make when a materialist take some psychedelics the psychedelics elevate his consciousness was started to make him slide down that slope of a reality but this is so radical and threatening to the ego he gets scared and so what he does is he invents stories now to reground his reality and move back up the the the ramp of reality because he doesn't want to lose himself I've actually seen this happen I've had friends who I've seen trip and I've seen them as their as their sense of reality is dissolving they come back from the trip and they say I remember one friend told me very distinctly he said I'm anali oh that was that was amazing I was experiencing this this infinite love and and it was wonderful but also like it was was lose I was almost about to lose myself I was about to die like I barely hung in there man Wow we were I survive I can't believe it that was crazy I just made it by the skin of my teeth and I'm sitting there laughing to myself because I know that he didn't actually he didn't actually go all the way down he was too scared he tricked himself into thinking that he somehow needed to physically survive this process no you were supposed to die that's the wrong assumption you made see when you take LSD the walls will start to melt and your eye you will see eyes on your fingertips for example you might imagine that there are eyes on your fingertips and you will literally start to see them there you know take out even higher dose of LSD you might look at a car imagine that it's a goat and you might actually start to see it go – rather than a car you need to take a lot of LSD to have it work that way but this is indeed what happens why is it that this happens hallucinations chemicals in the brain know what's really going on is that your consciousness is being elevated to infinite levels to the point where the boundary between reality and imagination is completely dissolving and literally you have control over physical manifestation what you imagine starts to become real the problem though is that you are in such a radically transformed state of consciousness that you don't even recognize that you're a human being anymore at this point you might not be able to see two feet in front of you're in front of your face because that's how radically different your state of consciousness is see there are some psychedelics that are so powerful that they're actually dangerous to take not LSD or mushrooms they're not dangerous per se if you use them responsibly but datura is one example and even though I'm using this example he I want to caution you to never use datura it's a lethal poison it could easily kill you it's also one of the most powerful psychedelics on the planet it's even more powerful than five immuno DMT because datura is is a powerful deliriant and it causes total hallucinations a complete inability to distinguish hallucination from reality usually when you take a psychedelic like LSD or mushrooms or even five Meo DMT you know that you took a psychedelic even when you're at the peak of your trip you know you're tripping you know you'll come back down you know you're a human being still mostly but on datura you don't know you trip so hard you don't even know that you took datura you forget because your memories are imaginary onto Torah you could have conversations with with friends that you knew from high school and you can sit there for two hours having a conversation with this good friend of yours from high school only to realize two hours later that you never even knew this person and that this person never even was in your room you were just talking to the wall but you were hallucinating an entire human being with whom you had an intelligent conversation now people say well Leo that's that's pretty crazy that's pretty far out there but man all that shows is that his hallucinations no you misunderstand I am that hallucination right now for you you are hallucinating my entire body and voice I am just your own mind talking to you you're hallucinating me right now you hallucinate all my videos but see you're just not conscious of it and more importantly you're not willing to admit it because of the ramifications would have for life this would stop your life dead in its tracks if you fully understood what is being said here it's way too radical but nevertheless this is the case you know I warned you that I warned you at the beginning do you really want to know what reality is this is the highest teaching I'm giving you my highest teaching it took me over 15 years of reading studying thousands of hours of contemplation meditation going to retreats doing powerful psychedelics wracking my mind to understand all this to figure it out this is my highest teaching number one you are God and there is nothing but God and you are all alone that's number one number two everything is imaginary there is nothing but imagination God is infinite consciousness it is infinitely intelligent infinitely powerful unlimited also it's infinitely good and it's infinitely loving but those are aspects which I'll leave out at this discussion these are the highest teachings this explains everything now your job is to make it actual not a story not a belief not an ideology not some new-age cult philosophy make it actual become conscious of it you can and the reason you can is because consciousness is all there is and consciousness is at infinite and you are God so if you can't do it who can you see how does God realize that he is God there needs to be some moment of Epiphany even for God to realize oh yeah I'm God I'm all-powerful I'm pure imagination I'm infinite that moment for God is precisely that moment for you when you become conscious of it God will become conscious of it because well you are God yeah you know truth is a difficult thing which helps to explain why people generally don't care very much about truth they don't pursue truth they don't teach truth people are engaged in fictions stories lies manipulations deceptions why because the truth is very very radical and you have much to lose but don't get depressed because even though it might sound like what I'm saying here is nihilistic and solipsistic and negative and terrible it only seems that way to your ego you're only imagining that it's terrible the most remarkable thing you'll discover at the end of this whole journey when you slide off this slope all the way to the bottom what you will discover is that you go into a freefall where you keep falling and falling and falling expecting to hit the ground but what you discover is that there is no ground so you're just keep falling forever and to fall forever in an infinite space with no bottom and no top and no end and no beginning is to be stationary it's to be eternal and this is the discovery of Nirvana or paradise when you fall off this slope completely and you surrender your entire life and you realize that everything is imaginary what you also discover is that all of your problems are imaginary death is imaginary pain is imaginary suffering is imaginary all emotions are imaginary and so when you realize all this you literally enter paradise paradise actual literal paradise this is not a physical realm with palm trees and coconuts and pina coladas and big breasted women waving at you with with palm fronds and feeding you grapes with their hands this is not this is not paradise paradise is right here right now this very present moment but realizing it to be eternal infinite absolutely good good with no opposite why is it good with no opposite why isn't it evil or bad when there is no death and there is no pain and there is no suffering and there is no fear because you're so conscious that you realize that you're imagining all those what can possibly hurt you what can possibly bother you what can possibly make you upset what can possibly make you disturbed you are at this point in infinite peace you're dead and in this death you realize immortality and you literally become immortal God is eternal and immortal and in this you discover infinite love and infinite goodness and you become so omniscient that you become conscious of how you have designed the entire universe and you realize the beauty and the goodness behind your own creation and you have infinite love for yourself and for all of creation that is what reality is and I wish that at least one of you watching this or listening to this will one day one in a million of you will go all the way to the very bottom and realize the truth of everything that's been said here but also understand that win if and when you ever get there you will be all alone as God you will not be able to come to me for advice or for support because you will know that I am you that I'm just a projection and imagination of your own mind so you will bask in your own beauty and infinitude in that Nirvana by yourself and you will just have to sit there and bask in your own infinite beauty and that will be my wish for you fulfilled that will be full awakening and then you will finally understand what reality is the magnitude of what reality is the magnitude of infinite consciousness and how all of it got created wow that's a hell of a thing to understand I hope one day you do that's it I'm done here please click the like button for me and come check out actualize that already that's my website you'll find my blog my book list for life purpose course and the forum the last thing I'll say is that my teachings have to change after some of the things I've realized recently you know I can't really go back to teaching the old material as much as I still want to cover a lot of old stuff a central part of my teaching is going to be that everything is imaginary this will be too radical with teaching for many people most people are not ready to hear such a teaching but nevertheless this is the most powerful teaching that there is and in fact this teaching cuts through a lot of even spiritual bullshit that you hear out there and get from gurus and so forth many of these grooves are still stuck in imagination they still don't fully understand that everything is imaginary so yeah I'm understanding this is this is the most radical stuff that can be talked about so I empathize with you if you think that I'm crazy or deluded or you know if this is too much for you or if this seems impractical for you I understand I understand cuz I wouldn't have I wouldn't have believed or understood any of this even just a few years ago it's extremely radical and I've reached levels of consciousness at this point that I don't know how many human beings have ever reached and so I'm just you know I'm just sharing with you what I discovered and and of course we'll be covering more practical topics in the future as well but um but but this is this is a very important episode make sure you wash this one a couple of times and you really think through it and go through all of your objections and and doubts and concerns and make sure you you realize that they're all imaginary because because you know I'll be referencing this this point about imagination and the fact that you are God imagining everything many many times in the future it's sort of the Archimedean point that we will be using to leverage all of our future work and of course as always stay tuned for more because there's much more to say you

  1. I hope that one day you guys going to break the spell that is called dualism! u need to undetstand that Leo has made a cult and you are his faithfull followers. All i see when i reading your text is a mindless zombie who dont want to see reality as it really is! its really sad😕

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