What is PLCnext?

The Internet of Things is dramatically
changing our lives. Smartphones, smart cars, smart homes. All interconnected and all at our fingertips. You can’t imagine living without it. But
on the factory floor, it’s a very different story. The promise of IIoT is
immense; with technology and suppliers promising an amazing new world.
However, anchoring this vision are the paradigms of the past: closed systems
massive historical infrastructure, and hardened institutional memory, all
contributing to what could be considered automation paralysis. But there is hope.
Next-generation engineers are here to unleash the power of digitalization and
break loose this technological gridlock. And you guessed it – Phoenix Contact is
here to help. Customers have trusted Phoenix Contact for nearly a century
with their control cabinet needs. Our agility and passion for innovation have
produced incredible groundbreaking technology, from the original DIN
rail-mounted terminal block, to the six millimeter PLC relay, and so much more. With digitalization ushering in a new world of automation and control, Phoenix
Contact is ready to lead once again. However, when you’re building an exciting
future, you can’t rely on tools from the past. These new digital native engineers
want open systems, collaborative platforms, and powerful new-world
software. Traditional PLC-based systems just ain’t gonna cut it.
At Phoenix Contact, we are proud to announce PLCnext Technology: a
state-of-the-art digital ecosystem that will unlock the door to this promising
new world of automation. Now, this new generation of industrial programmers can
collaborate on a truly open Linux-based platform. PLCnext Technology allows use of open source code and programming in high-level languages like C, Java, and
Python, with HTML5 visualization. The PLCnext environment is revolutionary, making unlimited access to IIoT systems a reality and traditional ladder logic
programming a thing of the past. On the factory floor and
throughout the industrial world, the PLC has been reimagined. Think Open. Think
Phoenix Contact. Think PLCnext Technology.

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