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patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership moral authority social privilege and control of property in the domain of the family father's or father figures holdeth or 'ti over women and children some patriarchal societies are also patrilineal meaning that property and title are inherited by the male lineage historically patriarchy has manifested itself in the social legal political and economic organization of a range of different cultures even if not explicitly defined to be by their own constitutions and laws virtually all societies today are in practice patriarchal patriarchy literally means the rule of the Father and comes from the greek patriarch has father of a race or chief of the race patriarch which is a compound of patria lineage descent from Pater father and Arkell I rule historically the term patriarchy was used to refer to autocratic rule by the male head of the family however in modern times it more generally refers to social systems in which power is primarily held by adult men one example definition of patriarchy by Sylvia Welby is a system of interrelated social structures which allow men to exploit women according to April a Gordon Wall B's definition allows for the variability and changes in women's roles and in the order of their priority under different patriarchal systems it also recognizes that it is the institutionalized subordination and exploitation of women by men that is the crux of patriarchy this can take many forms it is even theoretically possible that patriarchy could express itself toward the emphasis on motherhood and faith of women as wage earners or some other role terms with similar etymology are also used in various social sciences and humanities to describe patriarchal or patron logical aspects of social cultural and political processes adjectives patriarchal is derived from the noun patreon G that comes from two Greek words Pateras Father and logos teaching about the term patreon Jia written ated in theological studies as a designation for particular theological discipline that studies the person and works of God the Father see patreon G Christianity in modern times the term was borrowed by social sciences and humanities and its meaning was widened in order to describe and define particular male-dominated and male centered aspects of cultural and social life the female alternative for patriarchy is Maitri ology feminist theory defines patriarchy as an unjust social system that enforces gender roles and is oppressive to both men and women it often includes any social political or economic mechanism that evokes male dominance over women feminist theory typically characterizes patriarchy as a social construction which can be overcome by revealing and critically analyzing its manifestations many feminists especially scholars and activists have called for culture repositioning as a method for deconstructing patriarchy culture repositioning relates to culture change it involves the reconstruction of the cultural concept of a society prior to the widespread use of patriarchy feminists used the terms male chauvinism and sexism to refer roughly to the same phenomenon author bell hooks argues that the new term identifies the ideological system itself that men are inherently dominant or superior to women that can be believed and acted upon by either men or women whereas the earlier terms imply only men act as a presence of women

  1. Like the modern definitions of Racism and White Supremacy, "Patriarchy" is another term that has been redefined and weaponized by leftist academics. The problem and the built in divisiveness it creates is a by product of the way it's defined as a critique of power relationships in society (both perceived and real). It is meant to be overbroad and vague so that random examples with little very precise understanding of their true causation is required. Once the label is established all of the original negative meanings of the words and baggage are attached by implication and connotation. The Left structured these new definitions through the concept of Gramscian hegemony. But ultimately it's a simple parlor trick.1) choose a cause and make a claim about it. Ex., the claim that the "patriarchy' is responsible for the “oppression of women.” Notice how you have two questionable assertions there.

    2) anyone who challenges the claim being made is automatically painted as being against reforming or helping with the problem(s) identified. In this example the cause is fighting oppression of women by patriarchy, so if you oppose the claim made on behalf of feminism that the patriarchy is defined the way they have characterized it, or is responsible for the oppression of women, you are automatically against women and against ending oppression.
    3) those who challenge the claim that was made are now to be shunned and called names, like “a misogynist” in this case. Others who are part of the cause, feminism, are encouraged to dog-pile the one who had challenged the original claim(s) made in order to silence them. Reason and rationality are thus rendered useless or even painted as evil. This allows the one who made the claim feel justified, empowered, and eager to perform their parlor trick on others who challenge their claim. [The same trick is used with "racism" "white supremacy" and Transgender issues.] Try it yourselves!

  2. Patriarchy is nothing more than women realizing how fucking difficult the world actually is once freed from true oppression and allowed to play the game that men have been playing for centuries.

  3. Face it women you have the responsibility to bare children and nurse them because men cannot. Very soon we're gonna see these wonderful women launch a jihad against biology and issue a fatwa on errections off with their head!

  4. They are unable to use their brain they need stimulation from outside and need care for 24 hours and love penis and simulare fake pregnancy

  5. patriarchal aspects of society exist as much as matriarchal ones. i love how property was mentioned so early on because then i knew the agenda of this video.
    i truly understand the argument cucs and feminists are putting across, i just think it is total bullshit born out of self hatred and hatred towards men from people who want to live in an anti male society.

  6. Patriarchy and Matriarchy exist and they are real, the only thing is, does one have power over you? Most likely one or the other does. Since most people are subjected to some form of control and influence in society with or without being conscious of it. We are all subjects. And given that few families govern the world, you can bet they are deciding constantly how your future is going to look without your consent, approval or permission, let alone your awareness that is even happening. And at the head of these families there will be a male or female, determining whether you are being ruled by patriarchy or matriarchy. Either way, they both suck, because they are treating all people like expendable cattle.

  7. This is a good presentation, defining fairly precisely what is understood by patriarchy in feminist circles and elsewhere in recent decades.
    However, one might add that this does not mean that "patriarchy" exists and has the described character.
    For instance, when it says "Feminist theory defines patriarchy as an unjust social system that enforces gender roles and is oppressive to both men and women", I would note: 1) so-called sex roles are to a great extent due to the effect of sex hormones, especially during the fetus stage; sex roles may become enforced and exaggerated by culture, but they are not in the first instance created by culture. 2) Feminism is more oppressive to men than are traditional gender roles. If men, due to the pressure from feminists, deliberately change their behavior to become less competitive, less focused on career, more focused on feelings and care, etc. etc., then most often such men well get a worse life, not a better life, partly because they will become poorer, and especially because they will be less likely to obtain the love of a woman.
    So, patriarchy is a theory, and nothing more than a theory, and there is much to indicate that this theory is probably wrong.

  8. Are women in westren societies considered as property?
    Are they forced to live by the rule of the father?
    Is education limited for women?
    What career oratonities are unavailable for women?

    There is a lot of sexsim to deal with for men and women
    but this is no patriarchal society

  9. Men always thinking patriarchal society doesn't exists lol just because u chose to ignore it doesn't mean it doesn't exists. Just because 1 or 2 women are CEOs doesn't mean it's no longer a problem. There's still a lot of fixing to do and a lot of sexism to fight in everyday life.

  10. The patriarchy is like the "Big Foot" of the feminist world.
    They claim it exists with absolutely no evidence to support it. Just mass hysteria.

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