What Is Marxism? (3/3) - Socialism

in the last two videos in this series we discussed the marxist understandings of philosophy and the economic mechanisms of capitalism in this video we'll be exploring what Marx and Marxist throughout history have proposes the next historical stage in the development of society socialism and why this is not only a desirable proposal but a necessary one after the collapse of the old system and the construction of the new capitalist system the capitalist class was liberated from the shackles of feudal domination allowing for unrestricted trade in the acceleration of technological development these advancements led to a socialization of labour as opposed to the labor of single small producers such as that of the feudal blacksmith or the peasant farmer the birth of factories increased efficiency but with this came shackles forced upon the new exploited class the industrial proletariat longer working days the extraction of surplus value from the worker and the domination of the many by the few constitutes the current capitalist system the oppressive nature of the new capitalist system was obvious leading to the development of a utopian ideology opposed to the harsh and alienating conditions of the system of wage slavery this utopian socialism formulated by theorists such as a Robert Owen of the co-operative movement was in opposition to capitalism but couldn't provide any concrete analysis of the exact nature of capitalist oppression nor could it foresee a way to overcome it it was Marx's observations and analysis of the capitis revolutions and of the Paris Commune which led him to understand that it was the working class itself the industrial proletariat that must lead the revolution to take power if there was to be any kind of socialism this is Marxism scientific socialism as opposed to the old utopianism what's so great about this socialism then and what exactly does it look like in essence socialism involves the revolutionary overthrow the old capitalist order and the rise of the proletariat to the position of ruling class like class society today it'll be democracy for one class dictatorship over or another but instead of the democracy for the few and dictatorship for the many it'll be democracy for the many and dictatorship for the few a dictatorship of the proletariat if you like instead of people's hard work falling into the hands of wealthy exploiters it'll contribute to society better infrastructure truly universal health care and education guaranteed employment and housing for all incomes each according to their work not according to their wealth in a 21st century it's hard to think the world hasn't achieved this yet but such is the strength of capitalist oppression and such is the task we have before us as mentioned in our discussion of the base and superstructure people's own individual view of the world is shaped and informed by a capitalist culture bourgeois society gives the workers of watered-down socialism of social democracy the ideology of the Labour Party or the Democratic Party in order to deceive the proletariat into continuing its own exploitation effectively we've been fooled into voting for different factions of a single party dictatorship the party of capitalism in which socialist reform is impossible as socialism is inherently altogether different and antagonistic to the system of capitalism it can only be established by way of revolution just as capitalism had done before it divide and rule has always been capitalism's favor tactic dividing us between races sexualities genders between liberals and conservatives to get us to turn in on ourselves instead of uniting against the common enemy the capitalists we've seen in the past decade since the last major financial crisis and increased interest in Marxism and the growth in anti-capitalist organizations across the globe this rising anger against the economic conditions of the working class show us that Marxism did not die in the early 1990s with a collapse of the Soviet Union and that more than ever workers are trying to find the path to their liberation as capitalism is thrown deeper and deeper into crisis our sustained depression the hands of a small number of parasitic capitalists is compelling us to face the real conditions of our lives and the necessity for the revolutionary overthrow of capitalist class society it is up to us to build a new socialist system free from all exploitation false ideology and unnecessary cruelty thank you for watching please remember to check out the other videos in this series we're currently working on another short series taking a closer look at the Marxist understanding of class and analyzing their class contradictions in today's society but if there's anything you'd like us to explore in the future please let us know down in the comments and finally remember to share this video out to help spread the word thank you

  1. If people knew what socialism/communism actually waa they'd support it. That's why the bourgeoisie keep the working people ignorant

  2. Good luck with your channel. Hoping to see longer videos in the future but these are the right length to get people, especially the uninitiated, interested. Well done.

  3. How many more people have to die under the hammer and sickle. I look at that flag the same way I do a swastika

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